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Chapter 623 - Immortal Palace's Young Great One

"Yi?" The silver robed youngster stopped moving. A string of beads on her wrist shone. They were beads grinded from golden bones, each of them sparkling. This left her shocked. 

"Stay on alert!" She shouted with a high voice, as if she was facing a great enemy.

Around her, those dark golden armored experts immediately rushed out, protecting her within. They held war spears, bronze pikes, and other precious artifacts as they stood vigilantly. 

A bo sounded. Flowing light danced about. The silver robed woman immediately crushed a talisman. She was using a secret method to send a message.

The arena immediately became chaotic. The leaders of the various tribes that came as well as those youngsters were all startled. They sensed that the woman in that painting might appear!

The string of golden bone beads on the silver robed woman's hands burned brilliantly, protecting her within a barrier of light. It tightly wrapped around her to carry out defense. 

In addition, the golden symbols pointed towards a certain direction, and they continuously spilled out. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This was the same as the direction where he saw that silver flash. In that case, did the bone bracelet the female emissary who came from the prefectural city carry a formidable secret treasure that could sense the individual in the painting?

He secretly brought out the dual pupil and looked around. He discovered that at the end of the horizon, there was a silver streak of divine light that disappeared with a flash. It then completely vanished. 

He sighed lightly. He had to cultivate his own dao heavenly eye. He always used this dual-pupil, making him quite dependent on it. He still needed his own heavenly eye!

Only, any type of heavenly eye was extremely difficult to cultivate. Endless cultivators had risen up, but only a few successfully opened a heavenly eye. 

Meanwhile, the silver robed woman's golden bracelet's light restrained, becoming dim. It could be seen how sensitive it was!

"Great one, are you going to give chase?" The old city master of Scholar Tree City said in a soft voice. 

The silver robed woman was still young, but she possessed great authority. Even the city master's daughter's face became a bit pale at this moment. She understood well how terrifying this mysterious woman was. 

How could they pursue her? They only came to find a few clues and wouldn't try to fight her at all. Even if the other party was seriously injured, this was not someone she could fight. 

The only thing she could rely on was this string of golden bone beads, something Immortal Palace's great one gave her. It could protect her, but if she went out to fight the silver haired woman, she would definitely be in danger.

"Wait here, no one is allowed to act recklessly. Wait for that great one to come!" The silver robed girl's tone was extremely strict.

A few minutes later, thunderous sounds rang through the air. This world was trembling in response, shaking everyone until their blood was surging. A crack appeared in the void, arriving with extreme speed. It was just too terrifying. 

He was too fast, leaving all of the cultivators staring in disbelief. He arrived from the horizon in an instant.


Then, the void blasted open. An indistinct figure appeared that was flowing with endless radiance. He towered in midair like a supreme heavenly deity. Everyone couldn't help but feel an urge to kneel down and kowtow. 

They couldn't see his true body. It was wrapped within resplendent symbols that were mysterious and powerful. However, they could sense that this was a young male. His aura was heaven overflowing.

He was like a True Dragon that had emerged in this world. Everyone felt as if their souls were trembling. The only thing they could see clearly was that pair of eyes. They were incomparably deep. The scene inside was extremely shocking. There were stars moving about one after another. Chaotic energy pervaded the air, as if the heavens was reopening!

This was clearly a pair of eyes, but they displayed such a terrifying scene!

In his hands was a halberd. Glimpse of symbols could be seen. It was terrifying to an intimidating level. It was as if it was going to hide back into nothingness, a weapon that was strange and terrifying to the extreme. 

Void halberd!

Shi Hao's mind jumped. This was a precious artifact that was extremely difficult to find, one that was formed from a void beasts' primordial true bone. That was why he could directly arrive from the distance by piercing through the void. 

A precious artifact that was powerful to this degree was perhaps something only Immortal Palace's young great one could possess. Its value was immeasurable, because it was just too hard to get!

"Where?" His voice was calm. Everyone knew that this was definitely a cool-headed person full of confidence and power. 

"Great one, she went in that direction." The silver robed woman pointed in a direction outside the city. Only now did her expression slightly improve. 

"You do not need to worry. The golden bone bracelet I gave you can completely protect you." Immortal Palace's young great one calmly said. 

"I understand!" The silver robed woman nodded.

In the sky, the young man that held the void halberd was like a divine king. Every inch of his flesh was surging with divine symbols. His long hair scattered about. He closed his eyes and silently sensed his surroundings. A wave of power that seemed to contain both secrecy and power swept through this place, making everyone's minds jump. 

Fortunately, he was just looking for that silver-haired woman and not dealing with the people here. Otherwise, the leaders of the tribes and their youth would have all fallen weak onto the ground. 

"It should be one of her spiritual bodies that purposely led me here." A moment later, Immortal Palace's young great one spoke. He was still calm and not flustered.

"I apologize, great one." The silver robed woman blamed herself and lowered her head in shame. Even though her status was unordinary, compared to this male in front of her, the difference was too great. 

Immortal Palace's young great one would inevitably overlook the upper bound of the higher realms and rule over three thousand provinces. Not many people could be mentioned on equal terms with him. 

The great halberd's power was exceptional. It could pierce through the void and allow him to weave about under the sky. He could go wherever he pleased. 

Suddenly, he stopped again, not walking out. He said to himself, "Perhaps she is still trying to confuse me. It might not be a spiritual body. Her true body might be here too."

His eyes swept over everyone again. Everyone's heart rates accelerated, feeling a tremendous pressure. Their souls were about to explode. 

What kind of power was this? Just his gaze alone was difficult to endure!

"All of you, continue your search. If there is anything, immediately report to me." Immortal Palace's young great one held the void halberd, and with a peng, the void was pierced. A great roaring voice sounded. He pierced through the void and rushed outside the city. 

Shi Hao watched him leave. He was quite envious of the halberd. This was a priceless treasure. When could he obtain something like that too? When he was in the lower realm, he knew that Shi Yi also had a similar precious artifact. 

Unfortunately, this type of thing could only be stumbled upon and not begged for. It was hard to find in the entire world. Only those with great luck could own them. 

At the same time, Shi Hao thought of that rumor. He learned from Immortal Mountain when he was in the lower realm that a dual pupils expert appeared in the higher realms as well, his power shaking Heavenfall Province. He was extremely outstanding, and later on, he joined Heavenfall Academy.

"Is it him?" Shi Hao didn't know. He couldn't even ascertain whether Shi Yi was still alive.

After this event, the arena's people's hearts were rising and falling. The tribes' youngsters were all frustrated. Their ages were similar, but compared to the geniuses of the outside world, it was just too great of a difference.

"All of you do not need to feel frustrated. Just now, that individual could overlook all three thousand provinces and has unmatched characteristics. He isn't someone in the same world as you all. Do not think too much of it." The old city master of Scholar Tree City consoled. 

In addition, he told everyone that if their performance in the selection competition was good, they could enter a few sects and improve themselves. This was a rare opportunity.

The disturbance cut the selection competition short. They decided to carry it out tomorrow.

However, in that day alone, many changes happened to Scholar Tree City. There were quite a few mysterious figures that came to the city. They were all looking for something. These individuals possessed outstanding strength. 

"Supreme experts?" Shi Hao's mind jumped. He saw a few people who were all in the supreme expert realm. However, their identities were only eervants. They were only here to collect information.

He became even more careful. The people that were coming were more and more formidable. They roamed about this place. 

It was clear that they came from different powers. They were all looking for the silver haired girl. It was quite an irregular situation. 

"What exactly did she do to make so many people hurry over?" Shi Hao was confused.

The next day, inside the arena. The youth from every tribe were present. The selection competition began. This was the stage where everyone had gathered at. It was extremely important. 

"Our country town selection is simple. There is no need for life and death battles. The main thing is to test your potential."

This time, if there was someone that could rise up, then it would be even better. If they didn't have that type of power, as long as their talent was good enough, they could also be selected by some inheritances. This was an opportunity.

Inside the arena were powerful stone shields. There were extremely heavy bronze cauldrons as well. The first test was one of physical strength.

Vermilion Village's youth all rubbed their fists and wiped their palms. They walked up one after another. The other tribes' people were like this as well. They adjusted their breathing and circulated their bodies' power. 

"Rise!" On the side, a youth immediately raised a six thousand jin copper cauldron. This wasn't bad, drawing others' attention.

"Watch me!" Black Tiger tribe's youth walked out. His upper body was naked, revealing his bronze skin that was flickering with radiance. He released a loud shout, and with a honglong sound, he immediately raised a nine thousand jin great cauldron. 

This was purely the power of his physical body. For normal village youth, it was extremely impressive. Everyone began to cheer. 

"When both his arms move, there is tens of thousands of jin of strength. When he grows up, he will definitely become a powerful man!"

Shi Hao was also inside the arena. He casually raised a millstone before putting it down. He suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance, revealing a look of shock. 

A resplendent golden light illuminated an individual. It was as if a great flame was surging, lighting up half the sky. It was a young man that had a pair of golden wings. He arrived through the sky, his aura covering the world. 

"That person is… Zhen Gu!"

There were quite a few people who came, with no lack of supreme experts among them. When they saw this, they were all shaken. They couldn't help but cry out. 

"Spirit Race's exceptional talent, the young supreme being that held a condensed blood at birth!"

"The heavens has bestowed the condensed blood onto him, turning into a spear. It was an innate power that was rumored to be able to pierce through everything!"

A few experts were shaken. They recognized his identity. 

Shi Hao was shocked. That same day, another 'exceptional talent' came. This was definitely not normal. Did they all come for that silver haired woman?!

"His little brother is already extraordinary. As the older brother, he was born with the congealed spear. Rumor has it that he is several times more powerful than his younger brother, a heavenly genius of this generation." Shi Hao had once ascended in the Void God Realm and fought a great battle against the younger brother on the Bronze Sparrow Altar. That person's strength was quite great. 

Afterwards, everyone cried out in alarm. They saw several figures cover the sky. They stopped above Scholar Tree City and released brilliant light. Then, they disappeared in the distance. 

"Those are 'exceptional talents'! Several of them appeared one after another! It seems like that legend is real!"

Everyone discussed in a low voice. Those old servants that came from various great powers all got up, returning to make a report.

Shi Hao was shocked. This was such a small city, but several 'exceptional talents' appeared one after another. The situation really was strange.

"Witch!" Shi Hao's mind jumped. He hurriedly retracted his aura, not willing to be recognized now or make any contact with her. He never expected her to come as well. 

Then, Scholar Tree City's people were shocked again. They saw that young great one from Immortal Palace again. By his side was a woman in white clothes that had an unmatched style and beauty. 

Shi Hao's mind shook. That woman was Yue Chan, without a doubt her main body.

These two moved together, their bodies shining as they did so. They were searching for something. 

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