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Chapter 619 - Higher Realms

Once he walked on this path, it would be hard to go back. All connections with the lower realm would be cut off!

This road was extremely long, piercing through space. A hazy expanse laid in front of him. When he walked inside of it, it was as if he was crossing the rivers of time. 

Within the vagueness, stars would flicker from time to time. Silver streams would swirl about. The scene was hazy and left others feeling incomparably bewildered. 


Suddenly, this road violently trembled. Those starry streams and irregular scenes disappeared. All types of symbols flickered about. It was extremely chaotic. 

"Not good!" The divine striking stone cried out strangely. It had a feeling that things weren't going well. This road was unexpectedly about to break apart. The 'realm walls' around them were like chinaware. Many cracks appeared. 

A wave of spatial power surged over, brushing past his temples and cutting off a segment of his pitch-black long hair. It almost struck his head. 

Wuwu… Strange whistling sounds rang through the air. This was the effects of the wall between realms cracking apart and crazy energy surging. 

Shi Hao began to run with everything he had. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared behind him, and as they moved, they increased his speed to the peak as he traveled on this broken road.


A streak of light flew over, carrying chaotic energy with it. Symbols flickered about brilliantly. 

Shi Hao dodged, but these symbols were too concentrated. Even as he twisted his body about and moved with inconceivable flexibility, his shoulder was still scraped. 

A pu sounded. Blood blossomed into the air in that area. With the power of his flesh, normal magical artifacts couldn't do anything to him, but now, he was injured. 

"Hurry and escape! We have to rush out, or else we will be consigned to eternal damnation!" The divine striking stone cried out. 

The cracks in the void passageway became more and more numerous, as if it was going to collapse. It was incredibly dangerous. 

This was definitely the result of the lower realm's transport formation being destroyed. Ever since the giants of the higher realms fought against heaven's will, an extremely severe result was produced, severing the two realms. Even with a transport formation, there would still be violent recoil. The world's natural laws were interfering, making the transport formation easily destroyed. 

Half a year ago, it was still okay, but recently, it became more and more dangerous. This was the severing of the heavenly road, the fundamental reason why the transport formation broke apart. The great formation, as long as it was used once, would be destroyed. 

And now, they had just started moving, but Shi Hao already encountered danger!


Another streak of light flew past, carrying a hazy mist with it. Those symbols' mysterious force was horrifying. Shi Hao weaved left and right, avoiding the dangers with his astonishing body movement technique. 

However, his neck was still slashed. Blood poured outwards, almost removing his head. It was incredibly dangerous!


The void trembled. A small half of the passageway was broken, and even more energy poured inwards. Countless streams of flowing light rushed in, and threads of chaotic mists curled about. It became even more dangerous. 

Shi Hao leapt up. He ran quickly, the divine wings on his back continuously moving about. He was like a beam of transient light as he rushed forward, charging through the streams of energy, making it through with difficulty. 

Fortunately, the most dangerous chaotic cracks didn't scrape his body, or else it would have been terrible. 

"Almost there. There's only a short distance left from the exit. We are almost in the higher realms!" said the divine striking stone. 

However, right at that moment, an explosion sounded. The void became unstable, and then it quickly split apart. All types of symbols erupted. The situation was now incredibly bad.

How was he supposed to dodge this? The divine striking stone blinked. It directly jumped off of Shi Hao's hair and hid inside of his bosom to escape the dangers. 


Large amounts of symbols rushed over. At the same time, terrifying chaotic light interweaved in the void and hacked over. 

A large crack appeared in the void!

This type of energy was exceptionally terrifying. Once one was hacked by it, forget about supreme experts, even creatures that ignited their divine flames would be immediately hacked apart. 


Shi Hao avoided the large crack's slice. He opened the bronze precious case and quickly entered it. He stirred on the bronze piece to make it through this expanse of symbols. 

Powerful explosions sounded. The void cracked apart and symbol light rushed into the heavens. This road was completely destroyed, forming the most terrifying stream of energy. 

In Western Tomb World, the bronze precious case had already suffered damage. In addition, when Shi Hao exploded his own supreme being bone, it was also damaged. As a result, after this impact, it began to break apart. 

"Not good, it's breaking!" The divine striking stone cried out in alarm.

The bronze precious case split apart. One could see a few symbols rushing in with all types of light. It was extremely terrifying. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. He brought out that stone cauldron. Even though it didn't have its three legs left, the cauldron body was still intact. It was a true deity magical artifact with astonishing defensive ability. He covered his body with it. 


Powerful attacks smashed down on the cauldron, forming terrifying multicolored light as if flames were burning. 

Many cracks appeared on this cauldron, and they quickly extended outwards. They seemed like they were on the verge of exploding. Shi Hao was sinking into a critical situation. He fetched the demonfall pestle and used this to protect himself. 

The void trembled, and symbols rushed about chaotically. Dazzling light burned about. The broken cauldron flew out into the damaged passageway, smashing down onto the great earth. 


An enormous sound tore through the air, shaking heaven and earth. A tremendous explosion broke out here. All types of multicolored light surged up. The divine cauldron was crushed apart, sending powerful energy rushing in all directions. 

In the surroundings, a short mountain collapsed and enormous rocks tumbled about. All types of trees snapped apart. An enormous crater appeared in this place. 

On the ground, enormous cracks appeared one after another. They stretched into the distance, appearing incomparably terrifying. It was as if meteors from the outside world were falling here. 

At the base of the hole was a large expanse of blood. Shi Hao laid there, his body twisted about in a somewhat abnormal manner. He had suffered quite the severe injury. Many of his bones were broken. 

Not far away, a mountain had half its body split apart. A bone precious pestle was stuck there, dull and without radiance. 

"I'm going to die from pain…" The divine striking stone cried out miserably. It didn't end up avoiding this disaster and instead ended up protecting Shi Hao's chest from a few void symbol attacks. As a result, there were a few cracks on its body now. 

It was extremely close to breaking apart. 

Shi Hao opened his eyes with difficulty. His entire body was aching. The slightest movement would cause divine force to rush out randomly and send blood gushing out from his body. His injuries were too severe. 

"I survived…" He weakly said. He couldn't care less about everything else right now. Being able to survive was quite good already and worth being glad about. 

Shi Hao wanted to sit down, but he found that it was quite difficult to do so. His bones were broken, and his blood was everywhere on the ground, turning the soil into bloody earth. Even his flesh was unbearably tattered. 

In addition, there were many areas where his broken bones were even exposed. His injuries were even more severe than what he had imagined!


A container fell out from his bosom. It was full of cold air. It was precisely the divine ice container that sealed the Emperor Butterfly in the past. It was actually undamaged! A bit of golden light rushed out, and the Emperor Butterfly appeared. 

"Why am I so unlucky!" The divine striking stone howled in pain when it saw this. 

"Did we end up in the higher realms, or did we fail and land in the lower realm?" Shi Hao asked himself. 

He clenched his teeth, circulating his divine force to recover his body. He pieced together all of his broken bones and stopped the bleeding. Only after completing these tasks did he sit up with difficulty.

He silently sensed his surroundings, discovering that the spiritual essence here was astonishingly rich, continuously pouring into his body. The mountains nearby were beautiful. Waterfalls shone brightly and mists floated about. 

"This should be the higher realms." He reached this conclusion, because there was no way the lower realm had this much spiritual essence. 

"Success, oh!" The divine striking stone cried out. It was also quite excited. After so many hardships, they finally arrived through a heavenly path. 

It was just too dangerous just now. They were so close to dying. However, even though they made it through, the bronze precious case and a divine cauldron were destroyed. 

The feeling of surviving in the end made them feel exhausted, but at the same time, they could finally release a sigh of relief. 

The Emperor Butterfly scattered its bright wings. It wrapped the demonfall pestle in symbols and brought it back. 

Shi Hao grimaced. Whenever he moved even a little bit, blood would pour out from all over his body. The few objects that were stored in his ten heavenly passages all scattered out, and he was momentarily unable to put them back in. 

He could vaguely feel a stifling feeling. An indescribable pressure of natural laws crushed down on him. 

"Is this the complete heaven and earth natural laws? The lower realm is deficient, its natural laws incomplete. However, this place is different." Shi Hao immediately sensed the transformation. 

After resting for an hour, Shi Hao managed to stand up. He brandished the precious bone pestle, filling in this crater and erasing the other traces that were left behind nearby. 

"I finally arrived in the higher realms… I can be considered an illegal alien, right?" He laughed and said while enduring the pain. 

This place was quite peaceful. There were unexpectedly no wild beasts that could be seen. The smell of blood didn't provoke any trouble, leaving him feeling a bit strange. Suddenly, he felt as if something wasn't right. He smelt quite a unique fragrance, and his body began to feel strange. 

"There is something strange!" Shi Hao staggered about. He lifted the demonfall pestle, wishing to immediately leave this place. 

"These are… mushrooms?" He was quite shocked. When he left this mountain region, he saw large amounts of mushrooms that were extremely huge. Every single one of them was as large as a house. They were brightly colored and flowing with multicolored light. 

Meanwhile, there were many skeletons under the mushrooms, forming a white expanse. This was a dangerous place!

"We have to hurry and leave!" The divine striking stone said in a hurried manner. 

Shi Hao forcefully circulated his divine force. He took to the air, but in the end, he staggered and almost fell onto the ground. This left him feeling quite shocked. 

"The laws of heaven and earth are too formidable!" He was inwardly shaken. He simply couldn't believe that this was all happening in the supreme expert realm. It was as if his cultivation was crippled. 

He noticed that he could only barely fly. The first reason was because he was seriously injured, and the second was because the great dao's suppression was severe. This truly made him fearful. No wonder those noble ladies and geniuses went into the lower to sharpen themselves. That was a feeling of being unrestricted. 

Suddenly, large expanses of symbols shone from the mushrooms. They flowed with brilliant colors and filled the skies. 

"What a strange light! It actually possesses the divine power of corrosion!" Shi Hao's expression changed. He hurriedly operated his symbols, densely covering the outside of his body to prevent something unexpected from happening. 

His injuries were severe. Forcefully activating these symbols immediately made his body break out into cold sweat. Then, the lights of the strange mushrooms below him became even more brilliant. An indistinct mist of light rushed upwards to surround him. 

"I can't bother with you all right now." His body was injured right now, so he didn't want to delay here. Meanwhile, even though these mushrooms were strange, they didn't seem to possess intelligence, so they weren't worth fighting. 

Shi Hao stirred on the demonfall pestle to force his way out. Only after flying for several tens of li outwards did he break free from this strange region. 

"Spatial symbols are strange after all. Even I feel like I can't handle it…" Shi Hao's face was pale. He was injured in the void passage, taking great damage to his foundational energy.

Even now, there were still some symbols in his body that hadn't disappeared, flickering about in his bones and flesh. However, it wasn't a big problem either, because everything would be better after he took some time to recover. 

Then, he flew out another a hundred li. He was just too tired, and descended. 

"There is a path here, so there has to be activity around here." After saying this to himself, he heard someone's voice. 

He saw a mount, unexpectedly an enormous snail. It crawled quickly even with more than twenty people on its back. There were young and old people there who were chatting while laughing. 

Shi Hao's expression was a bit strange. To actually use a snail as a mount, this really was rather unusual.

Apart from these people, there were a lot of prey on this snail. There were wild elephants that were several zhang long, five or six meter long fierce tigers, and several dozen zhang long giant snakes. 

This was a hunting family. Some of them held wolf fang sticks and others carried enormous black bows. They wore beast skin clothes and exposed their upper bodies. They looked extremely primitive. 

Apart from this, there were a few youths as well. They were only in their teens, also following this troop, clearly to gain experience and toughen their courage. 

"There is someone over there who seems to be injured." A child shouted. 

Everyone looked over. Right now, Shi Hao was lying down on a piece of blue stone. There was blood running from every part of his body, making him look rather miserable. 

"His injuries aren't light. Let's bring him back to the village and treat him." A middle aged male jumped off of the snail and quickly ran over.

 Shi Hao was moved. His knowledge towards the higher realms was limited, so perhaps he should follow these people back and slowly understand the situation.

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