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Chapter 618 - Unexpected Path

Shi Hao was exhausted from fighting. His body was covered in blood and wounds. During these past few days, he had continuously fought, unexpectedly suddenly slaughtering his way out just like that. 

"This is…" His mind trembled. Symbols flickered about and specks of light could be seen everywhere. This place was exceptionally brilliant. However, it wasn't some transport formation. 

Why was this wall broken? Shi Hao opened his mouth. The mountain ridge like mountain was still there, but it was cut off. Why was it like this?

He had tried so hard, yet this was the result he ended up seeing. 

The main thing was that this wall was too long. It was like a mountain ridge as it extended outwards. Shi Hao didn't walk through all of it, yet a segment had been broken. 

The broken area was full of patterns. There was a mysterious energy swirling about. Specks of brilliant light shone. 

"My path was cut off again!" Shi Hao clenched his fists, unwilling to accept this result. Why was it like this?

Why did this mysterious ancient road break? Just what kind of power led to this? You have to understand that Shi Hao had tried to break this wall, but he couldn't even make it budge. 

He carefully looked it over. He felt like it was a sharp weapon that cut apart this wall, because the broken part was extremely smooth!

"En, this is…"

He raised his head and suddenly saw something floating within specks of symbols. 

It was because this wall was as vast as a mountain, so the broken surface was also tall. THere was a piece of bone several hundred zhang above that sparkled with radiance. 

Shi Hao jumped into the air. He quickly rushed up, and after sensing it, he discovered that it didn't release any fluctuations. The reason it floated in midair was completely because of the symbols that flowed out from the broken wall. 

"What is this?" He fetched it into his hands and carefully looked it over. 

This bone piece was soft and spotlessly white like fine jade. If was half the size of a palm like a token. There were a few indistinct symbols on its surface. 

It was clear that it had been passed down for an extremely long time. The bone piece had experienced endless years, so that imprint became a bit faint. It was about to disappear. 

SHi Hao tried to identify it. Finally, he saw its patterns. He drew the outline with his hands in the void, and then, he was shocked. Could this be a bone piece from that place?

"It's related to Supreme Hall!" He wa greatly shaken.

He had heard Willow Deity and little pagoda talk about Supreme Hall before, so he understood a bit about it. It was an extremely mysterious place. Meanwhile, the symbol of this inheritance was this imprint!

"Why was this bone piece left behind?" He stroked it with his hand. Unfortunately, the inside of this bone was hollow without any symbols. There was only an imprint on the front without anything else. 

This made his mind rise and fall with emotions. He flew high into the sky to look over this place. He wanted to search this place a bit more thoroughly.

"These symbols are quite special, like those of some super transport formation!" The divine striking stone suddenly spoke. It stared at the broken wall where the specks of light were shining brightly and symbol patterns were flowing out, engraving themselves in the void. 

Shi Hao's gaze was deep. He saw the other end of the broken wall and went over to take a look. Some of the stone gates here were broken, clearly having suffered from some type of powerful impact. 

"I was wondering why I slaughtered my way out so quickly. I haven't completed everything yet after all."

It was because he still hadn't fought a decisive battle against the True Dragon, Immortal Phoenix, Kun Peng and other unmatched races like these before. They were all on that side. Those mountain gates were damaged. It seemed like his wish couldn't be satisfied. 

"There was a powerful energy fluctuation that tore apart the void. There was also chaotic energy here. The powerful divine might broke this Wall of Gods and Devils." The divine striking stone came to this conclusion after observing this place. 

"Why did that happen?" Shi Hao's heart was shaken. He suddenly made an association. 

"Need to look into it a bit more." The divine striking stone rushed into the broken wall on the other side. After studying and thinking it over, it said, "There was an enormous transport formation here, and that was what produced the terrifying fluctuations."

Based on what it said, those fluctuations were equivalent to a great crack from the primal chaos, which hacked apart this wall!

"Then that means I won't be able to enter the higher realms from here?" Shi Hao raised his head towards the sky and sighed. 

"Correct. It is because someone used this place's transport formation. After activating it, the Wall of Gods and Devils was damaged," said the divine striking stone. 

Shi Hao became silent. What kind of expert was that? You have to understand that based on what was recorded in the bone books, the Wall of Gods and Devils was firm and undying. It couldn't be shaken at all. 

Why? Someone ascended the transport formation and unexpectedly made it crack apart!

He and the divine striking stones did things separately. They began to search about again, hoping to discover more clues so they could understand exactly what happened. 

"This grand valley…" Shi Hao was astonished. There was a great valley behind the Wall of Gods and Devils. The bottom was pitch dark, leading into the depths of the earth. 

Then, he noticed a few claw marks. They were incomparably large. A terrifying creature had crawled out from the depths of the earth and appeared here. 

"It's an enormous tortoise!" The divine striking stone saw those claw marks and said with confidence. 

Shi Hao's eyes widened. With a trembling voice, he said, "Could it be… that creature?!" 

Rumor had it that Supreme Hall was situated on an enormous tortoise's back. Could it be that it carried the ancient palace on its back while passing this place?

The divine striking stone was stupefied as well. It looked into the great valley and then at the broken Wall of Gods and Devils. Then, it looked at the bone piece in Shi Hao's hands that had been left here. 

"It used the transport formation here?" Shi Hao looked into the sky. 

"It… secretly left into the higher realms from here?" The divine striking stone was a bit dumbstruck. There was actually something like this that happened. 

If this was true, then everything made sense. Regardless of whether it was that enormous tortoise or Supreme being hall, wishing to leave when the heavenly paths were severed would definitely require an extraordinarily great amount of energy. 

This was most likely the reason why chaotic energy was stirred up, as well as why the ancient wall that was known to be undying cracked apart. 

"This…" Shi Hao was full of regret. He actually missed this opportunity. Finding that ancient palace will probably become even harder now. Will there even be a chance left?

They searched around here. In the end, he had to admit this was most likely the case. 

What was he supposed to do? This road was even cut off. He couldn't even fight against the True Dragon and Immortal Phoenix anymore. The damage that region suffered was too great. Shi Hao raised his head towards the sky and sighed. Why was going into the higher realms so hard?!

If it really was like this, then he didn't have any hope left. He would most likely be trapped in the lower realm. 

"Wait!" The divine striking stone was suddenly moved. It flew towards the side of the broken wall and looked around. It revealed a look of shock and said, "This wall is heaven defying after all… It can close on its own!"

When Shi Hao heard this, he walked forward and felt those formation symbols. It seems like there really was a strange power swirling about. 

Moreover, when he looked at the traces on top of the mountain region, he saw that the distance between these two walls was a bit further apart before, and that it later began to slowly get a bit closer. 

In addition, the damaged stone gates also had symbols flickering and a type of divine might swirling about. Shi Hao brought out the dual-pupil so that he could look at it more carefully. He noticed that it really was slowly recovering. 

"How long will it roughly take before it becomes restored?" Shi Hao asked. 

The divine striking stone was a formation expert. After analyzing it a bit, it reached the conclusion that it needed several days to restore itself. However, the intricate inner components might need even longer to recover. 

This meant that if Shi Hao wanted to leave, he might have to wait for more than ten years, or even more than twenty. 

"That is too long!"

A dozen or so years couldn't be considered a short amount of time… It left him feeling a sense of helplessness. 

In the end, Shi Hao brought the piece of bone with him and left this place. This road was cut off. 

"Void God Realm!"

He entered the Void God Realm and found Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder. He wanted to obtain some clues from them, because he truly had no other way. 

What was rather unexpected was that the two elders were quite cooperative. They didn't try to extort him and instead carefully thought to themselves before giving him a few suggestions. 

In the lower realm, there were a few clans that used to be extremely powerful, but then declined and disappeared. One could try their hands at these methods and visit their ruins. Perhaps Shi Hao could find some ancient transport formations this way. 

Shi Hao had already explored all of the powers that were still powerful and thriving in the current age. Their transport formations had long been used up. 

Perhaps only by exploring the remains of these great clans that declined would he find one or two roads that remained. 

Then, the two elders researched a bit. They noticed that the clans that met these requirements truly weren't many. They mentioned three main ones. 

"En?!" Shi Hao was astonished. The first clan that was mentioned sounded familiar, one called the Cloud Clan. The place they resided was known as the Cloud Sky Palace. 

He recalled a scene from his childhood. There was a pair of young twin sisters that were discussing what type of beast milk tasted the best in the past. Those porcelain like pretty little girls had said that they came from Cloud Sky Palace, a secret family clan. 

"They…" When he thought of that scene, he felt warmth, as well as pain. The Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong QI massacred everything within a circumference of fifty thousand li. They were most likely dead. 

Originally, the clans that the elders mentioned were quite difficult to find, but now, Shi Hao knew the hidden location of one of them, making him sight with sorrow. 

He left and directly headed for Stone Village's old location, searching around this place. 


In this place, he found a city that couldn't be considered that small. This region had been destroyed before, and only recently did it recover its vitality. Who was the one that built this place?

"It's them!"

Shi Hao was astonished. These weren't unfamiliar people. The sect master was unexpectedly Zi Shanhou, and the guardian spirit of the city was a Golden Wolf. 

Back then, there were many powerful clans that opposed Stone Village. In the end, some experts were killed by Willow Deity, and only Zi Shanhou and a guardian spirit -- Golden Wolf, fled in rather sorry states. 

"They actually survived the attacks of the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi, and now, they gathered together, forming a city."

Shi Hao said softly. At that time, he was still a young child. He was far from being Zi Shanhou and Golden Wolf's opponents. 

He watched for a while, but didn't decide to cause trouble for them. It was because their lives most likely wouldn't cross again, so something like that of the past shouldn't happen again. 

Shi Hao went on his way. He looked around this place, and then in the end, he ascended a mountain. He found Cloud Clan's traces. The enormous mountain was vast, and there was unexpectedly snow at its peak. 

The constructs were still perfectly maintained, not looking like they suffered any harm. Only, there wasn't a soul here.

Shi Hao and the divine striking stone took action. In the end, they activated a sealed mysterious underground palace and discovered an enormous transport formation. They actually found it!

If not for them being extremely careful and the divine striking stone being proficient in formations, they wouldn't have noticed this underground palace at all.

In addition, they saw words carved here. They were left by the Cloud Clan. It stated that after learning of the Heaven Swallowing Sparrow and Qiong Qi's slaughter, they were forced to enter the ancient formation and leave this place. 

Then, the Cloud Clan declined. Even though it was much more powerful than Stone Village back then, it was still unknown where the transport formation left behind by their ancestors leads to. They could only stake it all. 

"It should lead to the higher realms." After the divine striking stone studied this formation, it reached this conclusion. 

"Are those twin little sisters still alive?" Shi Hao asked himself. If this was the case, if they went up from this place, there was a chance for him to meet them again.

With a weng sound, the enormous formation was activated. Symbols flickered about. A passageway immediately opened.

"This place shouldn't be too far from Stone Village, right?" Shi Hao felt rather reluctant inside. He wanted to go back and take a look, but in the end, he still endured the urge. His nose felt a bit sore. He silently gazed into the distance, and then he turned around. 

"Goodbye, lower realm!" This was the final words he left behind. He stepped into the passageway, and thus vanished from the lower realm!

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