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Chapter 617 - Road of Demonic Gods

"Wall of Gods and Devils, death of the archaic." 

Shi Hao softly spoke to himself. He thought of that place. Not only was there a mysterious wall there, there was also an ancient path.

There were shocking words on that wall and a name that was extremely dangerous. However, if one passed through a hundred and eight trials, one could walk on that road and reach the place on the other extreme. 

However, ever since the ancient times, not many people had passed through this road!

Shi Hao had spoken to the divine striking stone before and also searched through all types of bone books, and what he deduced was that this road should lead to the higher realms, perhaps even towards the so-called mysterious region.

The shocking message, as well as the words 'death of the archaic' made one feel great fear. It was definitely not empty words, so he was sure that it was extremely dangerous. 

Shi Hao moved his body again. He headed for Fire Nation and entered the ancient land that was full of magma and scorching heat. Then, he went deep underground before appearing in front of the Ancient Holy Emperor Palace. 

With his current cultivation level, he could naturally enter deeper. The so-called dao flame, symbols, and other tests couldn't stop him. It might as well have been walking on smooth ground for him. 

The ancient palace was quiet and extremely spacious. It was extremely large. Shi Hao walked directly inside and saw that ancient wall again. 

"There are two Walls of Gods and Devils in this world. One is complete with a hundred and eight gates, while the other was a failed product with only the outer shape."

The gates here, for example, the True Dragon, Immortal Phoenix, and others weren't truly there. There were only a few shapes carved on the walls, so one couldn't go inside. There was no arena inside to fight against. 

This wasn't the road he needed.

However, Shi Hao had studied this place before with the divine striking stone. If one wanted to find the true ancient wall, they had to start here. 

This was because they found some indistinct records with a few clues. There was some connection between this place and the true Wall of Gods and Devils. 

"Could it be that this place is like some kind of test, and only by passing through this place would one see the true wall?"

After arriving here, he wanted to find some clues, so he naturally needed to enter the battlefields. This was, without a doubt, going to be a series of intense battles. 

"Fine, let's just treat this like a type of training to sharpen myself. Let's see just how powerful these divine birds and archaic vicious beasts are."

A pair of stone gates was pushed open, and then Shi Hao walked in. It was quite dark inside, and the arena he stepped onto looked like it was covered in blood. This place was a dark red color. 


The sounds of beasts roaring continuously sounded. Lightning interweaved about, causing pi li pa la sounds to sound, submerging this place with its power. 

This was a Suan Ni, an opponent Shi Hao specifically selected. He wanted to sharpen his own lightning precious technique, so he chose this heavenly ranked vicious beast that was proficient in this technique. 


Shi Hao sent out a fist that carried lightning radiance. He didn't use any tricks and instead fought it head on. He displayed the same precious technique to fight against this vicious beast!

"There is no limit to lightning. It is one of the world's most terrifying powers." Shi Hao fought intensely. He sighed inwardly in admiration. If he wasn't powerful enough himself, he would have been killed by this beast immediately. 

Regardless of whether it was heavenly tribulation or divine punishment, they were all lightning, descending to punish the wicked. This proved the awe of this power that was related to the forbidden. 

A purple golden claw reached outwards, bringing with it a great wave of hundred layered lightning. It was incomparably domineering. If it was in the outside world, a mountain peak would have collapsed a long time ago. It was just too tyrannical. 

Shi Hao moved his body sideways. Multicolored light flowed through his body in an instant. His fist surged with lightning, clashing head on against it. Endless lightning erupted. Blinding radiance filled this place. 

"There are a few other divine birds and vicious beasts who excel in lightning. If I can learn from them, my lightning precious technique will definitely break through to the limit, perhaps becoming that of the forbidden dao."

Shi Hao fought while gaining insights. He wasn't in a rush to decide the outcome of this battle, instead using this chance to compare, comprehend, and perfect his own technique and dao a step further. 


After studying it for a long time, he used all of his power and slammed out a palm. Endless lightning wrapped around a Suan Ni formed from lightning. In the surroundings, stars appeared one after another. It was incomparably ferocious. It rushed outwards and collided into the true Suan Ni ancient beast. 

This was a clash of the same precious technique! It was incredibly intense!

Finally, everything vanished like smoke in thin air. That vicious beast turned into a dao symbol and burnt into ashes. 

Shi Hao searched around this place, looking through every corner. He saw that there was a diagram carved at the very depths of this battlefield. He studied it for a bit before leaving. 

Then, he pushed open the next door. 

Just like that Shi Hao continuously fought against other creatures, entering pairs of gates one after another. After several days of this, he was already riddled with scars and covered in blood. 

It was because these were all ancient giant beasts, and he was fighting without stopping to rest, continuously fighting great battles. Even the areas that weren't breakable were cracked apart. These places could not escape unharmed. 

This was how Shi Hao spent his time during the next half a month. When he was tired, he would close his eyes to rest for a bit, and when his injuries were severe, he would sit down and quietly recover. 

"There were some clues after all. However, it's too scattered." Shi Hao thought. 

He already broke through ten trials in succession, and as a result, discovered a few traces. There were bone texts recorded in a few arenas that spoke about locations where the true Wall of Gods and Devils had appeared before. 

He woke up the divine striking stone and chatted with it to get its opinion on the matter. In the past, the places the Wall of Gods and Devils appeared were all forbidden areas, and now, it should be a similar place. 

The scope of where he had to search was immediately narrowed. Finding this place would take a certain amount of time, but he could definitely find it. 

"Keep fighting. I am going to complete all of these arenas. There should be some more clues."

This time, he pushed open an enormous pair of ancient gates. He found a few corpses inside. 

"En, there were some people who came here, but they were killed." Shi Hao was astonished. There were a few dead remains in the other arenas, but nowhere near this much. 

A fishy smell wafted over from up ahead. A powerful creature appeared, its gaze indistinct. 

This was a Taotie, a creature with a sheep body and human face. Its teeth were snow white, and brilliant scales covered its body. Between the scales, there was also some fur that was long and rough. It looked extremely ferocious. 

This was without a doubt a well-known beast among archaic heavenly ranked beasts, one of the creatures ranked at the forefront. It was known as a creature that could devour and eat all things. 

"This vicious beast is definitely not easy to deal with…" Shi Hao said to himself. Its reputation was extraordinary in the ancient years, shaking all eight regions. A single roar could make the moon fall. 

Fortunately, battles within the arena were of the same cultivation realm.

With a hu sound, an enormous mouth filled the entire arena. Symbols shone brilliantly and mists surged. The Taotie swallowed Shi Hao into a bizarre little world. 

This was how powerful a Taotie was. As soon as it attacked, it made Shi Hao suffer its dao.


Shi Hao released a light shout. He turned into a vermilion bird that was powerful and domineering. His hands tore apart the fog and erupted with endless force to slaughter his way out. 

He treated this opponent seriously, carefully observing it. This battle would bring great benefits to him. It would allow him to understand more about this race and also increase his fighting strength.


The space around them trembled lightly. Large amounts of symbols appeared in the Taotie's surroundings, turning into a sheet of scriptures that engraved itself into the void. Then, they flickered with radiance and suppressed down together. 

"Yi?" Shi Hao was astonished. 

This Taotie mastered its own precious technique to the extreme. It could combine symbols at ease and display the most powerful might. These scripture symbols arranged together and ultimately formed a furnace. 


The Taotie suppressed the world. That furnace seemed to be able to hold all living things. 

This was an extremely intense battle. Shi Hao fought while analyzing his opponent to confirm his own techniques and dao. His benefits from this battle were tremendous. 


The earth quaked and mountains shook. The intense battle continued for a long time. Blood energy surged high into the sky. The Taotie's roar was powerful, enough to blast many opponents at its level to death. If it was other supreme experts that came, they might all have exploded on the spot. 

Even Shi Hao was shaken up. A great pressure pressed down on his mind, and his qi and blood were surging. 

No wonder there was a rumor in the ancient era that stated that under the roar of a Taotie King, even stars would fall. It truly did possess that type of power!

A hong sounded. The Taotie slaughtered over. Its afterimages were everywhere. It devoured Shi Hao in one go. Its power was matchless, leaving others feeling greatly shocked. 

Unfortunately, no one else could see this scene. If the eight regions' people were to learn of this, they would definitely be stupefied. This ancient beast was too formidable. 


A dull sound rang through the air. It was as if thunder rumbled within the Taotie's stomach. Its entire body shone, and countless symbols flickered about. Its abdomen was like a divine furnace, raging about and carrying out a refinement. 

"Time to end it!" Shi Hao used his most powerful strength, suddenly hacking open the Taotie's belly and rushing out. 


Scarlet multicolored light flickered about. A rain of blood followed him out. He leapt upwards, and then pointed forward. Sword energy surged outwards, piercing the Taotie between his brows, immediately blasting it down. 

He sat down and rested for a bit. Then, he reached the deepest area in the arena. What he found made him release a cry of surprise. He found something important. 

"What pity, I'm not enough… unable to even complete the initial test, so it's impossible to go to the true Wall of Gods and Devils."

There was actually this message here. In addition, there was a skeleton sitting under that stone wall. The skeleton flickered with sparkling luster. This was clearly an ancient heavenly genius. 

As a result, Shi Hao immediately felt as if everything became clear at once. As expected, it was the same as what the bone books vaguely recorded. This place was related to the true Wall of Gods and Devils. He could now proceed there!

Then, Shi Hao broke through several more trials and reached the end. There was nowhere left to go.

Right at that moment, symbols shone brilliantly, lighting up this place. A strange formation appeared, opening up a path towards a mysterious place. 

Shi Hao hesitated for a moment, and then he quickly rushed inside. 

Immediately afterwards, a flash of multicolored light broke out. He walked out from the passage, arriving in a black jungle. This place was extremely quiet. All sounds disappeared. 

"It's this place…"

Shi Hao was astonished. After carefully identifying and looking around, he knew where he was. This was a terrifying place in the wasteland region -- black jungle region. 

Back then, the Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen had been chased after by a Pixiu, and the place he fled to was this place. He avoided a disaster, but he was trapped for many years before he was allowed to leave. 

"There are countless formations here. A single mistake and I might be buried here forever." Shi Hao carefully observed this place as he walked in step by step. 

The divine striking stone woke up as well. The two of them discussed while walking inside, continuously going deeper. With the divine striking stone's knowledge of formations, it became much safer. 

"Yi, there are some ancient caves. It seems like there were some extremely powerful creatures that found this place." The two of them carefully looked about and even found a cave with a ruined inheritance. Unfortunately, it wasn't very useful for Shi Hao. 

"How formidable. There are divine formations here! Even though they are broken, it's still quite dangerous." Shi Hao took precautions. 

Even the divine striking stone began to think carefully. They  couldn't force their way through and had to research these formations. 

"En? A broken cauldron?!" They discovered a cave, and inside was a stone cauldron. Its three legs were all broken, but upon closer inspection, they found that it was originally a divine grade magical artifact. 

Unfortunately, the cauldron's feet had broken off, so it was pretty much the same as a stone pot.

Shi Hao put it away. Even though it was damaged, there still shouldn't be any problems in using it to refine medicine. It was clearly an unordinary medicinal cauldron. 

"It seems like there were some powerful creatures that found this place many, many years ago and took residence here."

They continued to head inside, and eventually, they arrived in the deepest parts of this black jungle. It was incomparably quiet, as if it had been tens of thousands of years since anyone set foot here. There wasn't a single sound. 

"Found it!"

Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised. He found an ancient wall. 

It was tall and wide, as if a mountain ridge stretched out in front of him. It was gray and simple-looking without any bright colors. There was only an ancient feeling to it. There were many lifelike carvings on it, as if they possessed souls. 


Shi Hao surged with fighting intent. This wall wasn't unfamiliar to him, because it was similar to Fire Nation ancestral ground's ruined wall. He directly entered the first gate to start charging through. 

"A bit stronger than the creatures in Fire Nation!" He was shocked. Shi Hao was extremely serious. Even though he was powerful enough, he didn't get distracted. He went all out!

Just like that, an astonishing confrontation was carried out. The battles were crazy and continuous. If news of this got out, it would definitely shock the world and create huge waves. 

He was just a single person, yet he challenged the most powerful divine birds and archaic vicious beasts in succession. This was simply a legend!

Shi Hao fought while covered in blood. The wounds on his body became more and more numerous. He was extremely exhausted. He was now experiencing a test of life and death. These creatures' power were quite a bit stronger than those of Fire Nation's ancestral ground. 

It was unknown just how much time had passed. A flash of multicolored light flickered past. He slaughtered his way out. All types of symbols were flickering, forming an expanse of brilliance. 

"Did I succeed?" His heart was rising and falling. His fighting intent gradually calmed down. He observed his surroundings. 

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