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Chapter 616 - Heavenly Path Severed

He was about to leave, and it was unknown just how many years it would be before they could meet again. Perhaps they would never meet again. Shi Hao left. Even though he was reluctant, he still headed into the distance. 

“There are still a few great natural opportunities in the lower realm, it’s just that no one knows when they will reappear.” He told Stone Country everything he knew so that they could look for them in the future. 

However, it would take many years before they would reappear. After all, the great sects of the lower realm had always been searching, but they never found anything. 

The first place he visited was Heavenly Deity Mountain. Unfortunately, this place was completely empty. The celestial race had all left. This former Archaic Divine Mountain had become an abandoned place. 

At that moment, he thought of many people.

Second Baldy was the one that fixed this formation. Then, he left for the higher realms together with the Celestial Race. 

Yun Xi, a purple haired girl with bright eyes and beautiful teeth. She was extremely talented. Back then, she had fought with Shi Hao in the Hundred Shattering Mountains. Both of them had rolled about, wrestling on the ground. The savage child fiercely bit her sparkling ear. 

Shi Hao fetched a pendant from the bronze precious case. Rumor has it that this was what the Celestial Race young women used for betrothal. 

“Fire Emperor and the others left through this place. They should have peacefully entered the higher realms, right?” Shi Hao said softly. The Fire Emperor had treated him kindly before, allowing him to cultivate in Fire Nation’s ancestral land and even giving him pointers in his cultivation. 

Huo Ling’er, is she still alright? When Shi Hao thought of her, he couldn’t help but think to himself. Back then, this young lady had helped him more than once. Meanwhile, the higher realms were so big, a single province being greater than all eight regions added together. Would they be able to smoothly meet each other again?

After standing here for a long time, he left, because he couldn’t enter the higher realms from this place. 

The heavenly paths had been severed. He walked about in the great wastelands, searching through different places one after another, hoping to find an ancient path. 

After attacking Western Sect, Immortal Mountain, Heaven Mending Sect and the other places, Shi Hao understood many secrets. He began to head towards the secret lands recorded within these great sects to try his luck. 


A long and drawn out bell sound rang through the air. This was an old buddhist temple deep in the mountains. It was completely created from copper. Copper roof, copper pillars, copper courtyard walls, the endless passage of time had left its mottled traces on their surfaces. 

The entire ancient temple was covered in green copper stains. Ancient trees surrounded this place. The sounds of apes and tigers crying out could be heard. 

This was one of the secret places recorded by Western Sect. It was originally a temple, but later on, some unfortunate things happened that forced them to abandon this place. From then on, no one came to this place. 

However, rumor has it that there was a heaven defying transport formation here that would allow one to enter the higher realms. 

Shi Hao arrived here based on what was recorded. He carefully looked around. What he found left him shocked. This copper palace that was full of green stains was a bit familiar!

“Isn’t this… Immortal Palace’s curse?” This was the deduction he arrived at from the clues. 

In the ancient times, there were people from Immortal Palace that came into the lower realm, taking action here, turning a temple into a land of death that was full of ominousness. 

“Once I go up, there will inevitably be a battle!” 

Immortal Palace was extremely terrifying. Their numbers never exceeded five, but their power intimidated the higher realms, making the giants and undying inheritances incomparably fearful. 

Rumors had it that the so called bronze immortal palace was an immortal artifact!

“This mysterious inheritance had existed for countless years, existing along with heaven and earth. It stands against Supreme Hall. What a pity, even though I am in the lower realm, I still never found Supreme Hall.”

Shi Hao was quite regretful. He had previously used all of Stone Country’s power to look for it, but he never found that place. He could only hand that task over to Qingfeng and have him search for it in the years to come. 

This generation’s ‘great figure’ of Immortal Palace wasn’t that old, only a few years older than he was. In the eyes of those his age in the higher realms, it was an insurmountable mountain that could not be defeated!

“How powerful is that person exactly?” Shi Hao said to himself. Even though he was confident in himself, he wouldn’t act recklessly. If they ever met, a great life and death battle would inevitably erupt!

He sent a palm flying out. The copper stain separated. The curse power that had affected this place over the years had pretty much disappeared. Unfortunately, the transport formation here had long been destroyed as well. 

The next place he visited was an ancient cave that was recorded in Immortal Mountain. This place also resulted in disappointment. It had long collapsed. 

“You already possess two supreme being bones. Just how powerful are you now?” While standing in front of the ruins recorded in Immortal Mountain, he softly said to himself. He thought of his younger brother. 

After Qin Hao entered the higher realms, he stirred up a great uproar. Many people favored him, believing that he would definitely rise up and become a supreme being.

A few undying inheritances reached out in friendship, willing to have their heavenly ladies connect with Immortal Mountain in marriage all for the sake of roping in this youth. 

Shi Hao left. This time, he headed towards the space region, the great region Heaven Mending Sect was located in. The two ancient paths he found there also left him disappointed. 

Finally, he found a secret land. He revealed a cry of surprise. He found a few clues inside of an ancient mountain range. 

“Goodbye, lower realm!”

These were left behind by Yue Chan, the handwriting exactly the same as hers. These words contained a dao aura, a type of emotion that seemed extremely complicated as she left. 

“It wasn’t left behind by the main body.” Shi Hao was sure of this, because Yue Chan’s main body left through Heaven Mending Sect’s road. That road had long been severed. 

This was left behind by Yue Chan’s second body. After Shi Hao ‘died’, Stone Country’s people let her go. She didn’t return to Heaven Mending Sect and instead chose a mysterious road to enter the higher realms. 

“Knelt down in marriage in the past…”

When Shi Hao thought of the past, he felt a bit absentminded. That fairy who produced irregular phenomenons during birth and had a mysterious soul sealed within her body had an extremely complex relationship with him. 

Soon after, a faint smile appeared at the corners of Shi Hao’s lips. Yue Chan’s second body didn’t return to Heaven Mending Sect and instead chose to secretly enter the higher realms, so she was definitely avoiding her main body. 

“If we meet again, I wonder what kind of attitude she will have when we face each other?” Shi Hao said softly. Was the relationship between Yue Chan’s second body and himself husband and wife, friend, or enemy? He had a feeling that they would still meet again. 

“What a pity…” He said quietly. After being used once, this formation was destroyed as well. 

Shi Hao couldn’t help but frown. Heaven and earth were severed; this wasn’t just rumors. It was now difficult to find a path to enter the higher realms. This was especially true after those higher realm giants fought against heaven’s will, resulting in the immediate destruction of a few formations after they were used. 

A vast green sea with heaven overflowing waves could be seen. From time to time, enormous beasts would emerge on the surface, their bodies who knew how many li long, raising up tremendous waves.

Shi Hao went out to sea. From the reminders of the little pagoda and undying existence, he arrived outside the ocean, looking to see if there were still any ancient paths to take. 

As a result, he entered the ocean depths, finding Flood Dragon Palace, Mermen Hall and other places. However, he was still disappointed, unable to find any ancient paths. 

An enormous palace could be seen in front of him. It released multicolored light. An enormous stele rested on it: Ocean Deity Island. 

Shi Hao’s mind was moved. He got on the island, paying it a visit. This immediately raised a great uproar. His name had already reached the seas, so many Ocean Race experts knew about him. 

“The one that killed the Gray Flood Dragon supreme expert with just a spiritual body?”

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao’s past or his flattening of holy lands after his revival, they all reflected his incomparable power. His might shook the world under the heavens. 

Sea Deity Island, even though their backing is deep, with no deities in the present world, was still extremely nervous and worried. They were scared that he might wipe out the inheritance here. 

Shi Hao visited the island and said, “I just wish to borrow a path.” He told them their purpose in coming, his words extremely frank. 

The Ocean Deity Race’s creatures released a breath of relief. Then, they explained that the path had been severed. After their clan’s Mo Shang left, it could not be used anymore.

Mo Shang?

Shi Hao remember who that was. Back then, during the battle of the Kun Peng next, that Ocean Race youth left him with quite a deep impression. He was a strong opponent that he had fought an intense battle against before. 

No wonder the Ocean Deity Race was nervous, fearing that he came to settle accounts. 

Then, Shi Hao understood that Han Tian, the Flaming Fish Race demon-like expert that was just as powerful as Mo Shang had also entered the higher realms. After they left, the Ocean Race already didn’t have any other paths. 

When this moment arrived, Shi Hao became somewhat quiet. Could it be that there was truly no way to go up anymore? Were all the paths between the two realms severed?

He returned to land and came back to the wasteland region. He silently thought to himself, reviewing all of the paths that he knew about again before heading to another place. 

“Hundred Race Battlefield, legend has it that if one passes a test, they can enter the higher realms.”

The Hundred Race Battlefield existed in every region. Back then, for his sake, his grandfather killed a Pi Xiu in the Hundred Race Battlefield and ended up encountering a great disaster. 

That was a battlefield where different races fought for supremacy. Shi Hao knew about it a long time ago, but he had never paid it a visit. 

 That day, a youth appeared inside the wasteland regions’ Hundred Race Battlefield. He continuously challenged others and won repeatedly. Quite an uproar was stirred. 

During recent years, after the great calamity, the great Archaic Divine Mountains all declined. The Hundred Race Battlefield was no longer as great as before, lacking many unrivaled creatures. 

After using the seventy-two transformations to change his appearance, Shi Hao fought here. He didn’t draw too much attention, because the entire world was talking about the little Stone and Stone Country. The Hundred Race Battlefield’s battles weren’t even close to being as shocking as Shi Hao sweeping through the world. 

After winning in this battlefield, he walked up onto the altar that transported him into an overgrown land. There weren’t any live opponents here, only puppets and other things. 

He fought fiercely, ultimately winning again. He was then sent into another ancient place. 

This made him rather interested. There were secret lands here one after another, connected through formations. Could it be that he might truly be able to free himself from the lower realm?

He slaughtered his way in. After being transported six times, he saw a few skeletons. Those corpses became more and more ancient, proving that it had been many years since someone entered this place. 

With Shi Hao’s current strength, he naturally tore through this place with irresistible power, rushing forward in an unstoppable manner. 

“Suppressed cultivation realm. The trials after this will require battles at the same cultivation realm…”

Finally, Shi Hao slaughtered into the tenth trial, as well as the final trial. His mind was shaking violently, because he found a perfect transport formation. 

However, he saw an alarming message here. 

“What? The Hundred Race Battlefield’s ultimate destination is a cage? The creatures that ascend from here will be capture and turned into mounts…” Shi Hao became fearful. 

There were creatures that had fled back down after going up and left behind this alarming message. 

“The so-called Hundred Race Battlefield is actually this kind of place. Those undying inheritances of the higher realms truly bully others too far!” Shi Hao said softly. 

If it truly was like this, then it was too lamentable. 

He silently thought to himself. Finally, he turned around and left. Even though this path was still here, the problem was too severe. He definitely didn’t want to be captured and locked up in someone’s sect. Moreover, he couldn’t expose himself right now. Once those of the higher realms learned of his identity, it would be hard for him to survive. 

Shi Hao returned the way he came, sighing along the way. Was heaven cutting off his path? Right now, he had no other paths to try. 

He examined all types of bone books. He began to think to himself, reviewing all possible paths. In the end, he discovered that there was a boundless expanse between the two realms. It had truly been separated. 

Shi Hao looked into the sky. How was he supposed to enter the higher realms? Could it be that there was truly no way left?

Suddenly, he thought of something and said, “There is still one path. It can definitely connect to the higher realms!”

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