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Chapter 599 - Rebirth Pond

“Child, don’t cry. Uncle will bring you home. We’ve wronged you.” Shi Linhu said with a trembling voice. He was a man that walked out from the great wastelands, a strong and well-built man, but right now, his eyes were red, and he was choking with sobs. 

“Go! Let’s go back!” Shi Feijiao walked up, preparing to lift up Shi Hao. When he saw the blood on his chest, his eyes widened, feeling incomparably sorrowful. 

“Child, you will become well again. Let’s go back to Stone Village. We’ll never come out again and forever spend out days in peace, withdrawing from worldly affairs!” Village Chief Shi Yunfeng said with a trembling voice. His rough hand caressed Shi Hao’s head and face. 

Shi Hao forcefully nodded. Sincere and honest words, simple actions, this made a stream of heat flow from his heart. His nose felt sore, and hot tears rolled down his face.

The villagers didn’t think too much, coming over noisily. Their pain and sorrow were all written over their faces. They were simple and honest people, speaking true words that reflected their state of mind. 

Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou and the others had all become adults already. This group of companions from his childhood surrounded him, tears rushing down from their eyes. They carried him up to go back to Stone Village. 

“Slow down.” The War King walked up. His face carried worry as well. He truly wanted to bring Shi Hao back to the wasteland region as well, but the state of Shi Hao’s body was too terrible and couldn’t handle being tossed from side to side. 

In addition, he always carried that shred of hope of the immortal bone curing Shi Hao. Right now, he explained to Stone Village’s people in a soft voice. 

Shi Yunfeng’s hair was already white. When he heard this, his body trembled lightly and carefully brought out a small jade container. “I have something from undying spring here. Let’s use it first. It will be effective.”

When something like this was brought out, it immediately left many people shocked. Those that stood here were all stupefied. They even had this kind of divine thing? Exactly what kind of background did Stone Village have? Everyone’s mouths were at a loss for words. 

Meanwhile, Immortal Mountain’s Qin Clansmen became even more dumbstruck, not daring to believe all of this. This group of people looked extremely simple, yet they possessed even this type of heaven defying divine liquid. 

“This was something Hao’er risked his life to bring back. He wanted to leave it for the villagers, so we’ve held onto it all this time. Today, we can finally put it to good use.” The old clan chief sobbed. 

Back then, Shi Hao obtained five drops of the Immortal Spring from the Hundred Shattering Mountains. It possessed life prolonging characteristics. He wanted to leave it behind for Stone Village to use. 

“Hao’er has continuously brought back descendant precious blood, spiritual medicines, and many other things back to the village from the outside world, just like an adult who is providing for his loved ones…”

When the clan chief said this, his face that was covered in wrinkles was smiling but also crying. He was deeply touched. 

Several years ago, just how old was Shi Hao? Yet he walked out into the great wastelands, entering the Hundred Shattering Mountains, proceeding into the Kun Peng nest, and encountering many powerful individuals. However, he back everything from the outside world back to the village. 

Everyone could deeply sense this youth’s pure intentions. He wanted the barren village to spend their days better. 

This was the other side of the little Stone. Everyone saw how he rose to power, how his power inspired awe across the world, but they didn’t know that he still had this side to him. 

When they carefully thought about it, those spiritual medicines, spiritual spring, and other things were all exchanged for with his life on the line. At that age, other children were still being protected by their parents and watched over by the clan. 

If he was still in good health, then that was one thing, but now, he fell from his previous splendid and awe-inspiring self to this greatly wounded and dying state. When they thought about this, everyone was greatly moved. 

Every drop from the Immortal Spring was like a small dragon. It possessed incredible spirituality as it moved about in the jade container. When the drop entered Shi Hao’s mouth, his entire body shone. 

This was a divine liquid that was rarely seen in the entire world. It could slow down aging and return youthfulness to a person. It was priceless. 

When the drop of divine liquid entered his body, Shi Hao’s complexion immediately improved a bit. A bit of rosy color returned to his face. The effects were instantaneous, improving his condition greatly. 

“It was effective!” Everyone cried out in astonishment. This Immortal Spring was truly a life prolonging precious liquid. 

“Don’t leave yet. We constructed a rebirth pool, and we already dissolved many spiritual pills into liquid. We will carry out a baptism for His Majesty to fight this illness.” Ming King spoke. 

This time, Stone Country’s kings brought over too many medicinal herbs, and they also had bags of spiritual pills as if they were food. There was so much that it could be made into a large pile. 

The three supreme experts, Shi Ziling, and his wife consulted a few great doctors, and after carefully analyzing the situation, they decided to form a rebirth pond to give it a try. 

Immortal Mountain had a type of rebirth technique that was known as five elements rebirth. 

They had enough medicinal pills now. Qin Yining personally set it up, because she felt that she could make the perfect rebirth pond to cleanse Shi Hao’s flesh and restore his vitality. They were going to try to have him undergo rebirth. 

“Since his condition has improved a bit, he might be truly successful. If we add a few drops of Immortal Spring, then the effects would be even greater.” The War King also spoke. 

In reality, the supreme experts were still hoping that if they had no choice, that they could still use the immortal bone to save Shi Hao. 

That was why they didn’t want him to leave. Otherwise, with how the Qin Clan was acting, the three supreme experts would have acted out a long time ago, fighting a great battle before leaving. 

Stone Village’s people were discontent with the Qin Clan, but when they heard that doing this was beneficial towards Shi Hao, then they naturally decided to try it out. However, they angrily requested the Qin Clansmen’s people to stay away. 

Raising this request in Immortal Mountain was also a type of humiliation towards the Qin Clan. However, Stone Village’s people were just that simple and straightforward. They didn’t have any good impressions of them. They didn’t trust Immortal Mountain at all. 

“Child, we’re only going to stay here for one night and leave tomorrow. Let’s see if this rebirth pond will have any use,” said Village Chief Shi Yunfeng. 

Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao, Ermeng, Pihou, and Qingfeng walked up as well, surrounding Shi Hao and personally looking after him, not letting any more people closer. 

Great powers from all around the world came unendingly, making Immortal Mountain an extremely lively place. However, all of the sect masters and powerful individuals were blocked outside. This was an extremely important night, so no one was allowed close. 

Inside the spiritual pool, auspicious energy rose and multicolored light swirled about. It looked like jade fluid. It was first a milky white, then a grassy green before turning into an earthen yellow. It was continuously changing.

“Grandpa Chief, I want to leave the immortal spring with Stone Village. Don’t waste it on my body anymore.” Shi Hao knew the state of his own body. He really didn’t want them to waste it like this. 

However, how could they agree to this request? They had him bring this drop of divine liquid into the pond of rebirth to carry out the treatment. 

His body was covered in injuries, and the bones in his body were full of cracks. He was submerged in mist as soon as he entered. A large amount of spiritual essence poured into his body to nourish his injured body. 

“It is effective!” Everyone was happy. They saw that Shi Hao’s body was shining. His injuries were wriggling about, and sounds of his bones touching could be heard. They felt like the pond was starting to work. 

The great doctors frowned. They carefully watched without saying anything. 

Shi Hao’s eyes were closed as he sat there, allowing several supreme experts to help him neutralize the medicinal strength and baptize his flesh. It was unknown just how many spiritual pills were dissolved into this pond of medicinal liquid. 

Qin Yining and Zhi Ziling were protecting this place even more carefully, personally guiding the process. They understood the structure and effects of the rebirth pool. Right now, their expressions were incomparably nervous. 

Shi Hao sighed inwardly. He then silently operated the technique. Back then, for the sake of rescuing his parents and searching for his grandfather, he had wreaked havoc here and obtained the five element rebirth secret passage.

He knew that healing here would have its uses, but it wouldn’t be able to change his fate. Other people didn’t know, but he understood clearly. The green rust curse symbols were becoming more and more concentrated, merging into the depths of his bones, making them incredibly difficult to expel. 

During that night, Shi Hao went unconscious several times, and woke up again several times. He was welcomed with the brilliant multicolored clouds of morning. 

Many people stood in the distance, watching the pond of rebirth from afar and waiting for the result. They didn’t sleep the entire night. 

“How is he?!” Finally, they heard sounds from the pond water. Stone Village’s people and Stone Country’s nobility all rushed over to ask together.

The War King shook his head, revealing a grave expression. The five element rebirth pond seemed to improve Shi Hao’s state a bit, but it was still unable to completely eliminate those curse symbols. 

The three supreme experts carefully inspected his body, noticing that as time went on, that green rust became more and more dense. 

“We are going to leave right now!” Shi Linhu said. He didn’t want to stay here any longer. 

“Let’s wait a bit longer. Several great doctors are discussing to see if they could use divine acupuncture to stimulate his body’s vitality. Let’s see their final opinions.” Peng Nine spoke with an unpleasant expression. 

In the little courtyard, Shi Hao welcomed the morning multicolored lights while lying down on a soft chair. His head was lowered, currently focusing his attention on carving a bone. That was the Kun Peng technique. 

He knew that he didn’t have much time left. All of these efforts were futile. There was no way of eliminating the curse power of Immortal Palace’s ‘great figure’.

Ka cha!

The old chief Shi Yunfeng could clearly hear the sound of bones cracking from Shi Hao’s chest, as well as see the strand of blood that flowed out from the corner of his lips. 

“Child!” He roared loudly. He was using his life to carve the Kun Peng technique! His supreme being bone was breaking apart. A small piece had chipped off. 

The others rushed over as well to stop him. 

“Qin Clan, how could you all be so shameless, giving this type of suggestion? Hao’er is about to die already, yet you bring up the Kun Peng technique. You all are doing evil!” An uncle roared. 

“Aren’t you forcing Hao’er to die?” Shi Feijiao angrily rebuked. 

Dazhuang, Ermeng, and the others clenched their fists. They truly wanted to tear this place down. 

Shi Hao wiped away the trace of blood and lightly waved his hands, telling them not to be nervous or angry. “This is my own decision. I want to leave this technique behind for Stone Country and Stone Village.”

“We don’t want it! You just need to become better!” Shi Linhu said. 

“If it wasn’t the Qin Clan setting their thoughts on this precious technique, how could it be like this?!” The faces of Stone Village’s people became ugly. They were extremely worried. 

Shi Hao shook his head. He began to earnestly carve down the Kun Peng technique again, pouring all of his attention into this task. 

“Didn’t the Qin Clan just want to play the family card and have Qin Hao inherit the technique? Hao’er’s body won’t be able to handle it! He will exhaust himself to death!”

“Qin Hao has the immortal bone in his body, so why aren’t you all showing any initiative? Of course, Hao’er is someone from Stone Village, so his natural disposition is the same as us either. He will definitely refuse his younger brother’s bone. However, if he really is the younger brother and said something, even if Hao’er didn’t want it, we would at least feel a sense of warmth!” Shi Linhu said quietly. 

“He already said that he would listen to what his parents said. If needed, he would take out his own bone to save his older brother.” Dazhuang’s eyes turned red. “If the sides were swapped, little Hao would have definitely offered to save his little brother. We don’t really want that bone, we wouldn’t ask for it, only, we just feel…” He couldn’t continue speaking. 

Shi Hao shook his head, not letting them speak anymore. “I really don’t need it.”

Several great doctors discussed among themselves. In the end, every single one of them shook their heads, expressing that the final shred of hope wasn’t great either.  

“What are we still waiting for? He can only wait for his death here! We are leaving!” Ermeng said. 

Qingfeng cried. He held Shi Hao’s arm, not letting him carve anymore. He wanted to immediately bring Shi Hao away from here. 

The War King, Ming King, and Peng King’s faces were ugly as they paced back and forth. They were still disappointed in the end. There was no way. 

“We don’t want that bone. Let’s go back and leave this place. We aren’t going to wait for him to die here.” Shi Linhu roared in a low voice. 

When Shi Ziling and Qin Yining heard this, they felt as if a knife was being twisted in their hearts. This was their child. How could they just watch as he died?

“Great doctors, if we exchange the bone, is there any way to increase the chances of success?” The two asked with trembling voices. 

Zhang Zhong had always been observing Shi Hao this entire time. When he heard this, he sighed softly and said, “Stone Emperor looks like he is getting better, but he has always been exhausting his supreme being blood to prolong his own life. He still has unfulfilled wishes and wants to return home.”

“What?!” Everyone cried out in alarm. How could it be like this? Their faces all turned incredibly pale. 

“If we transplant the immortal bone now, it is already a bit late. Stone Emperor’s supreme being blood’s exhaustion is severe, so he is already somewhat below the requirements. It will be difficult for him to nourish that bone.” This was Zhang Zhong’s final conclusion. 

“What?!” This was beyond everyone’s expectations. Their hands and feet felt ice cold. This was the same as wiping out their final hope. 

“We are leaving!” Shi Linhu roared. He didn’t care about anything else anymore. 

“Go, we are leaving. Returning to the wasteland region, returning to Stone Country, returning to our village!” Chief Shi Yunfeng also shouted. Old tears flew left and right uncontrollably. 

“Great doctors, is there truly no way?” Qin Yining felt as if her soul had left her body, as if she was going to go unconscious at any moment. Her face was deathly pale without any color. 

Zhang Zhong shook his head and said, “It’s a bit too late. We have waited too long.”

“Ah…” Shi ZIling howled, his hair flying chaotically everywhere as if he fell into depravity. His eyes were completely red. In his hands was the golden battle spear, unknown as to where he was going to unleash his slaughter. 

He held the spear while kneeling on the ground with one knee. His thick head of hair scattered around, covering his face. A powerful domain appeared around him. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips, as well as the fingers that were gripping the spear. He was going to go mad. 

“Go. We are returning to Stone Country.” The War King said softly, helping Stone Village’s people carry Shi Hao who was already fainted. They silently left this place. 

The altar in the nearest city was activated. A passageway had already been opened. They stepped onto the path home. 

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