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Chapter 586 - The Aftermath of Killing a Deity

Shi Hao erupted to the peak of his power. This first attack had not ended yet. He turned into a human-formed Kun peng and rushed upwards. With wings behind him, he displayed the Kun Peng technique. Endless symbols appeared and attacked outwards. 

Meanwhile, at his side, the broken sword, Stone Country’s golden magical sword, country protecting divine halberd and other weapons rushed up together to attack. Divine radiance erupted endlessly. 


Even though the Demonic Sunflower Garden male reacted quickly and backed up, how could he be faster than the Kun Peng technique? Now, equipped with the Deity Realm and Imperishable Golden Body, it became even faster. 

“Ah…” The black clad male screamed. In his surroundings, endless black sunflowers appeared. They grew frantically to block Shi Hao’s attacks. 

Shi Hao’s eyes shone. He grabbed one of the magical artifacts around him. It was the country protecting divine halberd that was dark black to golden in color. It released blazing radiance. It hacked horizontally and vertically, wiping out many of the black sunflowers. 

This place became chaotic. All types of lights flew about in disorder. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. His head of hair stood on end, and his pupils widened angrily. The great halberd in his hands hacked down ferociously. With the Kun Peng’s power, it erupted with the greatest offensive power. 

This male roared angrily. He had also become furious. Countless symbols appeared around him, and a great sun erupted behind his body. The demonic sunflower he refined himself appeared to block the divine halberd. 


The two parties collided. The great black sun swayed back and forth. Some of its leaves withered, turning into black flames that burned viciously. They surrounded towards Shi Hao. 

“Get lost!”

Shi Hao shouted. A pair of Kun Peng wings moved behind him. Endless energy erupted, and both yin and yang energies swirled, scattering the flames. He slaughtered his way forward. The dazzling halberd blade and boundless Kun Peng force erupted at the same time, turning into a lightning of destruction. The powerful electricity surged forward. 


The black clad male coughed out blood and quickly retreated. Under this tyrannical type of power, even he would suffer greatly. 

Shi Hao rushed to face this individual head on, completely going for broke. He didn’t have any route of retreat, and he had to fight and win to break out of this deadly situation. This was the only way to come out alive. 

Meanwhile, under the sudden changes, the Demonic Sunflower Garden male who was originally confident in his victory and acting high and mighty suddenly began to panic. He didn't want to be wounded, or else how was he supposed to contend for supremacy here in the lower realm and obtain the greatest benefits? He was afraid that after he became weak, he would be eliminated by the other deities. 

It was precisely this attitude that made Shi Hao even more confident. Meanwhile, the black clad male continuously backed up in retreat. 


At Shi Hao’s side, the golden divine magical sword flew out. It turned into a streak of divine rainbow light and pierced through that man’s shoulder, causing blood to spill all over the deity’s body. 

“Ah…” The black clad male cried out loudly, revealing a look of anger. He was so powerful, yet he was wounded by this ‘glimmer of light’. He was completely furious now. 

He knew that he had to turn this situation around, or else the results would be unthinkable. His entire body shone and divine flame blazed about. He erupted with the most powerful aura. 

A black sunflower appeared. It turned into a black heavenly sun and surrounded him. He was going to fight a decisive battle against Shi Hao. In addition, hundreds to over a thousand streaks of black light flew towards Shi Hao, putting him in extreme danger. 

They were actually sunflower seeds, every one of them carrying a wave of spiritual essence as they shot out. They then exploded in midair, turning into sword radiance. Injuries appeared on Shi Hao’s face and neck. He had just been brushed by this attack, yet they almost pierced straight through him. 

Meanwhile, the black clad male backed up. He wanted to create a safe enough distance to readjust himself before continuing the fight.

Shi Hao’s eyes shone brilliantly. He was like a shadow following a body, not allowing him to break free from this place. The Kun Peng technique was displayed to its limit. Those divine wings moved about, forming yin and yang energies. They both erupted with the most powerful offensive power. 


With a flap from the two wings, the sunflower seeds that filled the sky were finally shattered, and then they hacked down on the other party like two heavenly blades. 


The black clad male held a sunflower. That was his main body. Black symbols rippled outwards and quickly diffused. The leaves flying about in chaos continuously withered and sparks flew everywhere. 

“Ah…” He roared, displaying his great divine ability. His entire figure began to burn; he was going to fight to the death. 

“Go die!”

Shi Hao shouted loudly. He pressed forward, both wings slamming together, merging yin and yang. There was actually some chaotic energy that scattered outwards. Power surged greatly. This was this technique’s greatest offensive skill. 


There was no way for this male to dodge this attack. Both wings struck down on his arms, leaving his entire body greatly shaken. The sunflower in front of him withered up, and his arms immediately exploded. The injuries were quickly worsening as well. 


Half of his body’s bones were broken, and there were large patches of mutilated flesh on him. 

This was precisely the Kun Peng technique, a technique with unmatched offensive power. Even though Shi Hao wasn’t a true deity, he still produced this terrifying result. 

You have to understand that a creature with their divine flame ignited would be completely different. They would possess power far exceeding that of the mortal realms. The king level figures and supreme experts could only look up to them and offer their worship. 

It was also because of the large disparity in strength, the great gap between them, that earned them the title of deities. They were too difficult to defy. 

This was the difference between god and man!

Even though Shi Hao was borrowing the power of the Imperishable Golden Body to increase his strength, his understanding towards the natural laws’ profound mysteries and symbols was still quite lacking. 

Being able to produce this type of result was already extremely astonishing. 

The black clad male flew outwards, blood continuously flying out from his mouth. He steadied himself, and with a terrifying gaze, he ferociously raised his head and said, “You are definitely going to die!”

He tossed aside all other ideas and treated this like a life and death battle. He began to ignite all of his power, disregarding the prices paid to do so. In that instant, a blazing beam of light descended from the heavens. 

The sun in the sky released a terrifying streak of divine light. The black clad male seemed to have blended together with the heavenly sun. He walked over while riding on the raging flames, every inch of his flesh surging with divine flames.

“Go to hell!”

This was the taboo technique of the Demonic Sunflower Garden, one that used oneself as the price. It connected to the heavenly sun, borrowing its powerful might to destroy its enemies. 

At this moment, Shi Hao’s Kun Peng technique displayed its greatest power. It turned into a streak of flowing light and ferociously surrounded this male.

Fiery light surged around this black clad male. Raging flames blazed, and below, the mountain peaks were turned into ashes and directly burned into nothingness. As for the great lake, it quickly disappeared, completely drying up. 

This place flourished with brilliant radiance. Divine light rushed into the heavens. The sun seemed like it would fall down from the sky and merge with the black clad male. Terrifying power erupted. 

This was a shocking great battle that shook all directions. It drew the attention of a few great powers. They were all incredibly shocked. 

“Shi Hao is defying a deity?!”

“He returned alive! Rumor has it that he was being chased by three deities, yet he unexpectedly reappeared and started a battle against a demonic god!”

This battle was incredibly intense. Shi Hao used the most powerful methods from the very start without using any normal techniques at all. He used everything he had to kill this deity. 


When the Kun Peng power was slightly exhausted, Shi Hao displayed his own most powerful technique without any hesitation. The instant the distance between the two of them was closed, he used the reincarnation precious technique. 

His supreme being bone shone. Large amounts of symbols erupted, forming a sheet of scriptures that engraved itself in the void. It then formed a furnace that surrounded the black clad male within. 

Shi Hao was extremely nervous. After all, he still hadn’t ignited his divine flame, so his understanding of symbols and natural laws was far from being comparable to the other party. He feared that this bone’s profound mysteries would lose effectiveness. 


The black clad male screamed loudly. He was struck by the supreme being symbols and wrapped within. His body quickly aged, and his flesh began to wither up. His vitality began to severely exhaust. 

Right now, the unmatched solar essence flame was harming even himself. His skin dried up, and his body had already half collapsed. His head of hair turned gray. It was just too horrible of a sight. 

Shi Hao exalted with joy. Even though he didn’t ignite his divine flame yet and his understanding of of the natural laws was lacking, the supreme being bone grew on its own without needing him to operate it. As long as he had this bone and it accumulated enough divine force, it would be able to display its might!

It seemed like his worrying had been unnecessary. Through the support of the Imperishable Golden Body, he successively dealt serious damage to his opponent. 


The Demonic Sunflower Garden expert released an angry roar. He never expected there to be this kind of result. He was originally at the prime of his life, yet now, he was aging and his vitality was withering away. 

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t waste any time. The recovery force of creatures that ignited their divine flames was astonishing, so this was an opportunity that might disappear soon. With the country suppressing halberd in hand, he moved forward. A pu sounded, and a head dropped directly onto the ground. 

“Ah…” The Demonic Sunflower Garden’s expert roared angrily. Even though his head had been removed, his voice continued to reverberate through the skies. 

Shi Hao didn’t stop here. He threw himself over and hacked down with the broken black sword. With a pu sound, the skull was immediately sliced in half. Blood poured everywhere and divine light illuminated this entire place!

It was a good thing that he was fast as well. As soon as he hacked down, the body, as well as the skull halves returned to their youthful state. Spiritual essence roiled and the Demonic Sunflower Garden expert's vitality surged like an ocean. 

Shi Hao was alarmed. If not for his fast reaction, he might truly not have been able to eliminate this individual. This Demonic Sunflower Garden expert recovered too quickly, worthy of being known as an existence that ignited its divine flame!

Even at this moment, Shi Hao didn’t stop. His body erupted with light, displaying the Suan Ni technique. He brought endless lightning with him and blasted at the skull that had been sliced apart. 

The primordial spirit inside had long been shaken loose. Shi Hao did everything he could to attack, continuously sending lightning downwards to eradicate this spirit and forever get rid of this potential future disaster. 

“I am unwilling to accept this! I actually died under the hands of a little supreme expert!” The black clad male roared. 

A hong sounded. His spirit began to burn, and meanwhile, the body that was accompanied by a black sunflower was also ignited. Then, they exploded together, sending divine force exploding high into the sky!

He self-destructed. This world was brightly lit and resplendent with radiance, lighting up the entire mountain range. The mountain peaks were like paper as they melted away, disappearing from this place. 

“How terrifying! A deity self-destructed!”

“The little Stone is too terrifying! He actually forced a deity to the end of his ropes, causing him to self-destruct!”

Everyone who saw this scene was astonished. They didn’t dare believe what they were seeing. This was just too shocking!

Shi Hao coughed out blood. He used the Kun Peng movement technique to quickly escape during the moment of imminent danger, but he was still caught up in the blast radius and was almost blown apart into pieces. 

He weaved through the skies and backed up over a hundred li. He fell down, dropping down into the mountain region. His entire body was covered in blood. He almost died here. 

The self-destruction of a deity was truly terrifying. If not for Shi Hao being fast enough, fleeing from the center of the storm, he would have undoubtedly died!

Even with the Imperishable Golden Body, his injuries were still severe. Blood was spat out as soon as he opened his mouth. His body laid on the ground just like that. It was extremely difficult for him to even move. 

Only after an entire hour had passed did Shi Hao climb back up with difficulty. He brought out a mouthful of sparkling black jade like sunflower seeds and threw them into his mouth to replenish his divine might. Then, he sat here to recover. 

“So dangerous, I was so close to dying.” Four hours later, Shi Hao stood up. Even a body as powerful as his almost broke apart, and he really did just barely survive. 

He turned into a stream of light and then disappeared into the distance. 

The news seemed to have grown a pair of wings as it travelled throughout all parts of the world, stirring great shock and alarm wherever it went. The little Stone… unexpectedly slaughtered a deity!

“Good! It truly helps us vent a bit of resentment! Those deities, for the sake of coming down into the lower realm, carried out a blood sacrifice in the flood region. Just how many people died miserably as a result?”

“Shi Hao is only fifteen years old, yet he actually killed a deity? This is a heaven defying feat, one great enough to be recorded in the annals of history!”

“This is too great! Little Stone is truly a good person, killing that hateful deity. Hearing this information truly makes me joyous!”

The entire world was clamoring in excitement. 

Everyone couldn’t believe it at first, but once the information was proved, they felt incomparably joyous. The seven deities came down into the lower realms and did such terrible things to the people of this world. They had unleashed too many bloody disasters and deserved punishment!

When Shi Hao returned to the village, the entire village was extremely happy. When he left, everyone felt extremely nervous, as if their hearts had been raised to their throats. They feared that he might die in the outside world. 

“This is too great! Little Uncle Hao came back safely!” A group of children began to climb all over him like koalas. 

Everyone was smiling. There was no result better than this. 

“Your parents have just left,” said Chief Shi Yunfeng. 

Ever since Shi Hao decided to fight a decisive battle against a deity, Shi Ziling and his wife became filled with worry and uneasiness. They had always chased after his traces, but each time, they would end up empty-handed and a step late. 

For example, this time, after they received information, they immediately hurried towards the mountain range outside Heaven Mending Sect, but they were a step late. They personally saw the remains of the battle, which left them completely stupefied!

“This was caused by Hao’er, he… slaughtered a deity?!” The husband and wife were indescribably shaken. 

That day, the little Stone’s name was transmitted throughout the entire world. This type of magnificent feat had never been heard of since the ancient times. A fifteen year old killing deities; this was something straight out of a fantasy. 

The most important thing was that there were also three deities that went missing before, all of them gone without a trace after chasing after Shi Hao. Because of this, there were many wild speculations going around. 

The little Stone stopped the seven deities, winning the respect of everyone. No matter what, this was an elimination of ‘evil’. Apart from the few great sects, there wasn’t anyone that wasn’t cheering with excitement. 

The little Stone’s name quickly resounded through the eight regions, shaking the world under the sky. Everyone was in admiration!

Shi Hao adjusted his breathing. He ate a few stalks of spiritual medicines and plucked a few leaves from the silver holy peach tree to treat his injuries. He then released a breath of relief. 

Deities really aren’t that easy to kill after all!

“You cannot put yourself at risk anymore. Surviving is more important than anything.” Dazhuang, Pihou, and the others urged. They all returned to the village as well. 

“Child, don’t leave anymore. This truly makes us uneasy…” A few elders said while tugging on Shi Hao’s hand. 

When he looked at his childhood companions that had grown up and then looked at these seniors, Shi Hao felt extremely warm inside. He smiled and nodded, but he didn’t truly make any promises. 

He brought out the bronze precious case and released Yue Chan’s second body. He told Hairy Ball and Little Red that if he didn’t return this time, then they should escort her out from Stone Village. 

Yue Chan was stunned. What was Shi Hao going to do? Soon after, she learned a few things from the village and became extremely shocked. He actually… slaughtered a deity!

It was clear that he still had one final fight. This time, life and death was difficult to say. His actions seemed like funeral arrangements. 

“Are you truly going to go and fight?” Yue Chan asked. She was truly amazed. The little Stone didn’t kill her, and if he was defeated, he would finally leave her with a path of life. 

Her state of mind immediately became extremely complicated. 

Shi Hao didn’t pay her any attention. He called over Qingfeng and told him about a few special places in the lower realm that might contain great natural opportunities. These were were the places deduced by the higher realms’ sect masters, so if the country became powerful enough in the future, they could go and explore those areas. 

“Little big bro, don’t leave again.” Qingfeng shed tears. He couldn’t help but choke with sobs. He knew that this final deity was the most powerful and unrivaled. If Shi Hao went and fought him head on, he would most likely die. 

“Don’t go, there’s no way to win over the last deity. He came from Immortal Palace, an ancient freak that has cultivated for a long time. You aren’t his opponent.” Hairy Ball also sighed and said. 

“If I had a choice, I definitely wouldn’t go.” Shi Hao said. Who wouldn’t cherish their own life and not care about death? He naturally didn’t want to meet death either. 

He was hoping that the old deity would focus on searching for natural opportunities and roam the world instead of dealing with him. That way, they could both live together in harmony. 

“Little Uncle Hao, you aren’t going anymore? Go with us to the mountains to loot some vicious bird nests and catch vicious beasts.” A group of children shouted noisily. 

“Alright, I’ll go with you guys.” In the next few days, Shi Hao roamed about the mountains with them, leaving behind many cries of joy and laughter, as if he had returned to his childhood. 

His smile was extremely brilliant. He truly wanted to stay behind, truly wanted to stop this moment of time. 

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