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Chapter 576 - Deities Descend

Lower realm, flood region.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the sky. All types of symbols appeared, colliding with the bloody light that rushed into the heavens.

The space shattered, and streak after streak of black lightning appeared. This was not normal lightning, and instead a true heavenly tribulation. It represented the wrath of heaven. 

A scarlet redness flowed down from the sky. When this irregular scene appeared, it could be called ‘heaven’s tears’!

“What happened? There is blood flowing between heaven and earth, this… someone has incurred a great deathly tribulation! This is the legendary… heaven’s tears!”

Even the cultivators that were secluded deep in the mountains or waters raised their heads. They were all startled and revealed shocked expressions. As for the outside world, everyone knew that this had something to do with the disappearance of the people. 

It was today that vast numbers of lives had disappeared from the flood region. Enormous cities became empty one after another, its residents captured. Did this mean that they were all dead? Even something as terrifying as heaven’s tears occurred. 


An enormous sound rang out. Heaven and earth split apart. Black lightning that carried bloody light shot through the sky. An enormous beast that was incomparably large rushed down. It was even more imposing than an archaic mountain and possessed a terrifying aura. It struggled free from the black lightning and descended onto the great earth.

Light shone resplendently behind it. Countless streaks of lightning hacked downwards, chasing after it to carry out heavenly punishment. This was a world destroying lightning tribulation. 

“Heavens! It’s a void beast, one that is so large! Something like this is unheard of. Are they trying to defy the heavens?” The experts in the flood region cried out in alarm. They were stupefied and incomparably shaken. 

Void Beasts were extremely rare and hard to grow. Even after one matured, they wouldn’t be this large. They had long gone extinct, so who had ever seen one that was this large?

It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of zhang that enormous monster was. It possessed unmatched power as it swooped down!

Some chaotic light suddenly scattered down from the higher realms, landing on its body, setting it aflame. It began to move violently and seemed like it was going to break apart. 

This scene shocked every single person. This was the wrath of heaven!

However, there seemed to be some wills that were opposing it, interfering with the heavenly punishment, distorting heaven and earth and destroying the natural laws. That chaotic light became weaker and then disappeared.

“This… fighting the will of heaven, there are people who are defying the heavens!”


A final enormous sound rumbled through the air. That streak of lightning disappeared and the lightning punishment scattered. All of the irregular scenes vanished. 

In the higher realms, the ancient palace turned into ruins. A few of the figures that were surrounded by primal chaos staggered backwards, coughing out blood from their mouths. 

“Fighting heaven’s will truly has great consequences. We can never do something like this again. This was the only opportunity, but fortunately, even though we paid an extraordinary price, we still succeeded.”

A few people wiped away the blood from the corners of their lips and stood up. They were like demonic gods that had existed since the beginning of time. Their eyes were without expression and releasing burning electricity. Mist continuously surged around them. 

In the lower realm, the void beast swooped down towards that altar. 


The chaotic light on its body suddenly turned into symbols. They covered it densely, and at this moment, they exploded, making the enormous beast body shine. 

The entire beast skin immediately began to burn, and then it formed a furnace. Powerful divine might scattered outwards, illuminating the horizon. It was as if a comet from outer space was smashing into the great earth. 

The void beast broke into components, blasting apart under the dazzling light. Not only did the divine skin burn up into ashes, even its skeleton was destroyed, breaking apart inch by inch before blasting in all directions. 

Inside its head, there was a fist-sized divine furnace that shone. It became one with the void and forcefully defended against this powerful shockwave. 

However, it was still affected. Rumbling sounds rang through the air. The ancient and mysterious symbols of the divine furnace began to protect itself, and it quickly enlarged. 

Void furnace!

It turned into the size of a mountain, but its surface was already greatly damaged with many areas caving in. It suffered great damage. It rushed towards the great earth like a streak of fiery light. 

A heaven shaking, world quaking explosion sounded. It descended onto the ground, making contact with the altar in the middle of the swamp. It smashed down like a falling star, releasing endless radiance as it did so. 

The altar was immediately destroyed. Countless souls cried out in anguish, disintegrating under the holy light and forever disappearing. Meanwhile, the bones and blood on the ground even more so began to burn, drying up and becoming ashes. 

In the horizon, several powerful individuals were shaking. Even though the blood sacrifice was a success, were the deities that crossed realms still alive? What happened at the final moment seemed to have ruined everything. 

On the ground, smoke and dust overflowed into the heavens. The water in the swamp had long dried up. 

Cracks appeared everywhere, extending for hundreds of li. It was incomparably terrifying. The altar disappeared, and a great valley appeared on the ground. One could see a ruined divine furnace there. 

The void furnace was definitely a sect protecting precious artifact. It was extremely precious, something that was hard to refine even for the great deities. It was known as an exceptionally rare divine and rare object, yet it was now destroyed. 

The symbols on it were shattered. Even though the furnace body was still there, it would never display its power again. It was practically an ordinary object. 

The smoke and dust scattered, and soon after, there were no longer any sounds there. 

Another hour passed. A dang metallic sound rang through the air, ending the deathly stillness. There were experts who were still alive inside. They now tried to break out. 


A heavy object struck against the cover of the furnace, releasing precious light. A wave of powerful fluctuations diffused outwards, and the sand and stone nearby shot everywhere. It was extremely terrifying. 

It was because the furnace began to deform that the cap was tightly fastened. It was hard to remove it right now. Even though the furnace had been damaged, it was still a sect protecting precious artifact in the end and was difficult to break through. 


Fifteen minutes later, that cap was blasted off. It flew outwards. This was because it only had its sturdiness and no longer possessed rich magical force, so one could remove it with brute force. 

A hand that was covered in blood held the furnace entrance before reaching out with difficulty. There was a powerful existence that was alive, but was injured. Then, a head stuck out, bending its body as it crawled out. With a teng sound, it leapt up and landed on the ground. 

This was a silver haired youngster with black pupils and pale white face. His arms were dripping with blood. He looked around him, and then, a cold smile appeared at the corners of his lips. “Success! I descended into the lower realm!”

Inside the great valley, the void furnace once again sounded. A body without any flesh but only a skeleton walked out. Its bones would creak with ka ka sounds whenever it moved. 

Its bones were all in perfect shape. They were completely golden and flowing with brilliant luster. There wasn’t a bit of yin energy and it instead looked holy. Meanwhile, there was a pair of wings on its back that was connected to its spine. This was not a pair of bone wings, but had snow white feathers. 

“I didn’t die and successfully entered the lower realm. That Transcendent piece will definitely be obtained. I am going to seize the world’s natural luck!” An enormous beast appeared. It was entirely white, and scales flickered about its body. It was over ten zhang in length. This was after it intentionally shrunk its body, or else it would be as large as a mountain ridge. 

This was a pangolin, and it hadn’t been injured, only momentarily unconscious from the shock. This was because the armor of its skin was tough, known to be able to pierce through all types of divine mountains in this world 

Behind him, a demonic sunflower appeared. It turned into the shape of a male, and behind him, a black sun appeared, surrounding him within. Dark light scattered about, isolating him from the rest of this world. 

Then, an entirely golden human race expert walked out, seemingly unaffected as well. This was because it cultivated the zhang six golden body, vajra and unbreakable, so it was just a bit shaken. 

Behind them, two others other individuals appeared. One was close to nothingness, as if this individual was going to blend into space. The other was an elder with an exceptionally terrifying aura that made the other creatures that came down into the lower realm as well feel great fear, not willing to come close. 

There were seven existences that came out in total. The injuries they received weren’t that great, and all of them were bursting with vitality. They stood together above the great valley. 


An expanse of fiery light surged. Everyone’s bodies shone. This was clearly a group of existences that had lit their divine flames. They were powerful and heroic, all of them incomparably intimidating. 

At this moment, they no longer covered anything up, releasing their divine force and unleashing their symbols to heal their injuries and get a sense of this world to quickly adapt to this realm. 

“The natural laws aren’t complete, and the world does not inhibit cultivators. The power one can display here feels much greater than in the higher realms!”

This was the first feeling they felt. This was also the reason why some people wanted to sharpen themselves down here. Down here, they could experience the power of a higher cultivation realm ahead of time, so when they returned, it would be easier to comprehend the dao and break through. 

The seven figures stood together, their divine flames raging resplendently. They appeared fearless and domineering. Their existences seemed to transcend this world. This realm didn’t have that many powerful creatures, so they couldn’t compare to these seven. 

They stood there under the blood sun, their shadows stretching far into the distance. Their bodies were dyed by the setting sun’s final glow, making them look like seven devils that were overlooking the world!

“Are the others all dead?” Someone spoke with an extremely cold voice. 

With a hong sound, the only elderly individual here brought the void furnace over with a raise of his hand. Then, with a shake, seven or eight corpses dropped out. Some were scorched, others with cracked skulls… The way they died were all different. 

When the furnace was falling, it was struck, causing some places to cave in. Meanwhile, these creatures just happened to be struck, as a result dying miserably.

“They have some divine source on their bodies, and there are a few other things of worth. Let’s divide everything up.” Someone spoke. 

Finally, all of the corpses were collected, and that pangolin was even more direct, devouring the divine corpses it was given. Its entire body shone. 

“Everyone, should we move together or split up here?” The youngster whose hair was entirely silver spoke. His expression was indifferent, but his eyes were burning fiercely. 

“We just descended into the lower realm, so it is best if we do not act on our own initiative yet.” The elder said. 

The golden skeleton opened its mouth and transmitted its divine will, saying, “Everyone, do not forget that Underworld Lord has given the order to have us first end the life of that youth named Shi Hao to prevent him from living another day.”

“There is no rush. The lower realm is quite strange, so let’s not act indiscriminately either. I am going to pay the inheritance my sect left behind in the lower realm a visit and see if I can pick up a weapon.” Someone spoke.

“Fine, let’s all take care of some of our own tasks first and then reconvene!” The Western Sect’s golden body expert nodded.

Several figures tore through the air, scattering behind radiance. Meanwhile the supreme experts that were hiding in the distance were directly swept away by them to be used as guides. 

As for that void furnace, it disappeared as well, collected by someone. 

In that instant, the world calmed down. An enormous crater appeared here with cracks extending several hundred li outwards. Nothing was left behind. 

The world was quiet without any sound. 

That day, news spread to the other great regions. Countless lives from the flood region immediately disappeared, leaving the eight regions shaken. It reached the ears of every great power. 

This was explosive news! It continuously travelled through altars from place to place. 

The entire world was in an uproar!

What accompanied this news was a void beast descending in this world, shooting through a large crack into the flood region. The abnormal scene of the final explosion had been seen by someone as well, and thus spread to all other areas.

This was undoubtedly going to shake the world. The hearts of people everywhere trembled. 

“Fighting the will of heaven, someone defied the great dao and opened up a path to come down from the higher realms!”

This was passed around by a hermit, making all clans feel uneasy. It created a huge commotion, and the entire world was thrown into disorder.

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