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Chapter 574 - Against Heaven’s Will

“What a pity, Lord Huntian! Truly disappointing!” When War King and the others received news about what happened in the Western Border, they were all shocked and helpless. They didn’t say anything for a long period of time. 

Shi Hao placed the emperor seal on the dragon writing desk. Auspicious energy surged, and hundreds of strands of heavenly dragons curled up around this. The precious imprint was unordinary, enough to contain the fate energy of a country within it. Its might was boundless. 

“Your Majesty, are you truly going to leave?” Peng Nine asked. The others opened their mouths as well. They knew that there was no way to convince him to stay. He had already set his mind on leaving. 

“I want to enter the higher realms.” Shi Hao spoke. Then, he bestowed great gifts onto several individuals, asking these supreme experts to supervise the country and assist Qingfeng. 

And if Qingfeng wasn’t suitable, then there wasn’t much else to be said. He asked the War King to then replace him and have Qingfeng abdicate, thus restoring his freedom. 

He believed that with several supreme experts supporting this country, these eight regions shouldn’t have any other powers that could move Stone Country, because most of the experts from each side had been wiped out during the great calamity. 

“Your Majesty, must you really go to the higher realms?” The War King asked. If he left, then it was unknown how many years would pass before they would meet again. It wasn’t odd to say that they might never meet again in this lifetime. 

“No, I will go to Three Life Mountain to cultivate,” said Shi Hao. 

He felt a bit uneasy inside. The deity and Flying Python that descended from Heavenly Country had died, so did this mean the end? Normally speaking, with heaven and earth separated, there was no way there would be other creatures that descended, but who could guarantee something like that?

This time, both that will and python deity descended. After the three sects’ giants paid unimaginably great prices, a crack was opened in the void. 

What if there were still others that were determined to send creatures with their divine flames lit into the lower realm?

Shi Hao didn’t want to avoid this problem by walking away from it. If he sneakily entered the higher realms and hid there while keeping a low profile, he might be able to stay safe. Even if he abdicated now and hid in the lower realms’ great wastelands without emerging, there wouldn’t be any dangers either. 

However, he didn’t want to do things like this. What if an existence that lit its divine flame descended into the lower realm to vent out their anger towards Stone Country on the people he knew? 

A such, he had to let the entire world know that he abdicated on his own accord and would go to Three Life Mountain to live in seclusion and comprehend the great dao. He would cultivate in isolation there. 

If he did this, then if they were truly aiming for him, then they would naturally head straight for Three Life Mountain and settle things there. They wouldn’t involve the people at his side. 

“Your Majesty, if you do this, you’ll be placing yourself in great danger!” When the War King heard this, he showed great worry and advised against it. 

The ones that advised him in staying behind also immediately said that he should either ascend into the heavens or hide in the great wastelands and cultivate in secret. He couldn’t do things like this. 

“How can I just run from the problem?” Shi Hao shook his head. Since he accepted the inheritance, should there be any after effects, he cannot leave behind any danger. If there wasn’t any dangers, then he could enter the heavens. 

Shi Hao left almost everything he had on him behind, only bringing a few things with him. He then walked alone to Three Life Mountain. 

That day, the world was greatly shaken. Stone Emperor abdicated his throne and secluded himself in a daoist mountain to comprehend the great dao and carry out a transcendence of his self, leaving everyone astonished. 

You have to understand that he had only succeeded the throne for a short period of time and only just calmed down various chaos to put Stone Country on the right track, yet he immediately abdicated. This completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. 

Everyone was paying close attention to this matter. Even Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, and the others sent people to confirm whether or not this was true. 

“The little Stone is so stunning. This is a bold and courageous move! He is aiming straight for divinity and is not held back by the desires of the mortal world. His dao heart is firm and steady!”

Quite a few people sighed. They were all in admiration. 

If they were in his place, as the emperor of a country, would they be able to abandon everything? That represented honor and glory, the highest status among humans. How could they give something like that up?

“He killed the undefeated legendary dual-pupils and cut down supreme experts from all sides. Now, the little Stone treads on his own path. He will definitely be even more outstanding and glorious!”

All sides were shaken. The eight regions all began to discuss excitedly, everyone sighing in admiration. 

Three Life Mountain was twenty thousand li or so from Stone Country Imperial Capital and known to be an extremely spiritual area. Beautiful mountain peaks towered towered next to each other, and spiritual essence flowed in abundance. 

Shi Hao chose a small mountain that was relatively isolated and built a grass hut. He then moved over a large bluestone and used it to sit on. Everything was extremely simple. 

He cultivated and comprehended the dao here. He wasn’t purposely waiting for them to come. Unless a great enemy showed up, he wouldn’t pay the outside world much attention. He brought out the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and carefully studied and reviewed it. 

This was his path, as well as his dao. Every time he observed it, he would obtain a different type of comprehension. There were all types of creatures on its surface, including those as powerful as the Kun Peng and as weak as the ants. However, they were all extremely great. 

“Why don’t I see any creatures like those exceptional talents that have innate unique divine abilities?” Shi Hao said to himself. 

He held a sparkling bone piece in his hand, looking over it many times. He gained some insights, but he was also somewhat confused. He began to think and deduce various things. 

Based on what the Willow Deity said, the supreme being bone was extremely powerful, but in the end, it might also be shackles from one’s ultimate transcendence. 

Shi Hao studied the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and combined everything together. He began to contemplate his path from today onward. 

During the following days, he temporarily put down the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and continuously studied his own bone’s profound mysteries. He then began to experiment with them, seeing what would happen if he engraved all of the symbols in his flesh. 

Formation Arrangement Realm was the engraving of all types of formations in one’s flesh. One could continue this process through this realm into the supreme expert realm, and even after one ignited their divine flame. 

Shi Hao made his decision. He was going to engrave all of the symbols in his body, making sure that it was in every inch of his blood and flesh instead of only having it on this piece of bone. 

The following half a month was filled a period of great hardships and challenges for Shi Hao. 

He had already clearly seen all of the symbols on the supreme being bone and obtained them all. He was now doing everything he could to carve them all into his body’s bones and flesh. 

He placed quite a bit of importance on this. After experiencing several life and death great battles, he deeply felt that the precious technique in his body was the most powerful one. 

This wasn’t saying that his precious technique was number one under heaven. The Kun Peng technique was extremely powerful and known as one of the archaic vicious ten. Its might shocked the ancients and present, but the Kun Peng Race’s technique, when used by a human, couldn’t necessarily become the most powerful. 

Of course, he recently cultivated the Zhuyan race’s seventy-two transformations and turned himself into a Kun Peng before using this ability. This improved it greatly, making it much more powerful. 

However, he felt that he still hadn’t reached the Kun Peng’s greatest state!

Only his own technique, or the precious technique he produced himself, was most suitable for him. As such, he attached great importance to it, casting away all other distracting thoughts and wholeheartedly devoted his attention into this. 

The purpose of this was to break into the supreme expert realm. He continuously carved symbols, after reaching perfection, he would naturally advance and undergo a transformation. 

He wanted to reach the point where one day, even if he didn’t have the supreme being bone, he would still be able to display this technique. In reality, if he could truly thoroughly comprehend this reincarnation and didn’t need to rely on this bone to display it, he might become even more powerful!

At that time, even if these symbols weren’t on his flesh and bones, they would similarly be produced, and there wouldn’t be any restrictions on its uses. 

“So difficult!” Shi Hao sighed. He discovered that when these symbols were engraved into his flesh and bones, after a few days, most of them would be absorbed by the supreme being bone and land on its surface. 

“There is a bit of resplendent essence blood on this supreme being bone, and it is this blood that is nourishing the bone. What would happen if I guided this blood into the other parts of my body instead of having it purely nourish the bone?”

However, he didn’t dare act recklessly, because this was too dangerous. He needed to carefully study and made deductions before making a decision. 

The next month was an extremely important process for Shi Hao. After deducing and thinking about various matters for a long time, he felt that he had to give it a try!

During this period of time, the Nine-Headed Lion, Xiao Tian, Xiao Youyu, and others came to visit. They were deeply concerned, but they saw that he was just cultivating in isolation, so they didn’t disturb him. 

Now, everyone in the world believed that Shi Hao had given up the imperial throne and wholeheartedly devoted himself to the dao. 

Inside of an ancient palace, chaotic energy pervaded the air, making everything indistinct. This place was hazy and mysterious. 

There were a few praying mats here with figures seated atop. They were not moving, as if they were fossils that had existed throughout time. There wasn’t a trace of life force exuding from their bodies. 

“Everyone, what do you all think?” A figure that was shrouded inside the energy of primal chaos spoke. 

“It will be different from before. We need to send an expert who ignited their divine flame for a long term, not for just a few days, and not just for a few dozen years, but all the way until they successfully find the Transcendence piece and other natural luck. That is why we have to fight the will of heaven and receive the great dao’s approval, and only then can we have them stay for several thousand years, or more than tens of thousands of years!”

“Then let’s take action. Fight the will of heaven, resist the great dao, and send down a few people. That Transcendence piece is too important for me and the others who are at the end of their lives.” Another individual spoke. 

“Regardless of whether we succeed or not, fighting the will of heaven will make us suffer great backlash from the great dao. There is only this single opportunity!” Another individual on a praying mat spoke. The primal chaotic mist around him surged. 

The palace immediately became quiet. No one said anything for a long time.

“Heavenly Country’s blood sacrifice has been prepared. Can everyone offer some contributions, perhaps contacting disciples in the lower realms to help and carry out some blood sacrifices?” This individual was hazy and indistinct like an illusion. 

“My Underworld Earth has a void beast skeleton that is close to supreme being level. We can use it to break through the realm. I have a condition, and that is to kill the youth named Shi Hao.” This individual was roiling in black mist, and there was chaotic light as well. He was terrifyingly powerful. 

“I agree!”

Lower realm, flood region. 

This was a great pond with heavy mists everywhere. It was unknown when an altar had been constructed. It was entirely black in color, and many demonic symbols were carved on its surface. 

One could feel a great pressure even when watching from far away. One would feel as if their soul would be sucked inside. It gave off an extremely dreadful and uncomfortable feeling. 

That day, a few more figures appeared on this altar that originated from different inheritances. None of them revealed their true bodies, and after giving each other a look, they silently nodded before leaving together. 


Flood region, inside of a certain ancient country, evil winds stirred about in all directions and great mists shrouded the heavens. A figure waved his large sleeves, and it was unknown just how many creatures were immediately swept up. Soon after, this region became completely silent. 

In another place that didn’t belong to the human race resided the Wood Clan’s country. It was incomparably flourishing, but today, it similarly suffered a disaster. A shining figure towered high up in the sky with a blood gourd in hand. It devoured everything, sucking all creatures inside. 

Similar events happened in another great earth. 

An expert carried a heaven and earth pouch and began to frantically suck in the creatures below. Among them, there was a silver lion that was extremely powerful and struggling fiercely. It saw the true appearance of the individual that took action. 

“You are… A newly advanced supreme expert from an undying great sect? Why are you doing this?!”

Unfortunately, no one paid him any attention. 

What happened that day would inevitably shake the world. It would be recorded in the annals of history!

Meanwhile, the higher realms were greatly shaken as well. This will perhaps affect the tens of thousands of years and leave long-lasting effects that were difficult to assess!

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