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Chapter 569 - Touring Spirit Realm 

“This is the spirit realm?” Shi Hao stood next to the enormous golden gates and crossed into the other side, entering the region that corresponded with the higher realms. He began to size up this divine earth. 

Stone cliffs towered high into the sky in front of him. It was entirely pitch black, and precious medicines took root within the cracks. Enormous vicious birds set up nests on the barren mountaintops. Fiendish energy could be felt here. 

On the other side, towering and imposing mountains stretched across like enormous dormant beasts. That place was verdant and lush with greenery, and pleasant spiritual sounds could be heard. Trees and vines took root here, winding about the mountains like dragons. There was a silver waterfall several thousand zhang long that cascaded downwards. Waves of energy soared into the air. 

In the distance, ancient trees stretched into the heavens. There were prehistoric enormous beasts roaming about and powerful divine birds flying through the sky. 

Shi Hao was feeling quite conflicted. He could gain some ideas about the higher realms through what he saw here. It would definitely be a place that was even more powerful, even more bursting with vitality, and more filled with immortal aura. It was a place extremely suited towards cultivation. 

A group of people stood in the distance, feeling a bit scared, but even more so amazed. They wanted to know what he was going to do afterwards and began to quietly discuss among themselves. 

“After several tens of thousands of years, a great vicious existence came up again and entered our spirit realm. What kind of storm is he going to stir up?”

“My higher realms is filled with experts, a place where exceptional talents rise and heavenly geniuses stand tall. Once they receive news of this, they will definitely hurry over. He will definitely be subdued and become the mountain protecting beast of some holy land. His flesh will also be brought up afterwards.”

Shi Hao’s spiritual senses were extremely sharp. When he heard these low sounds, he glared out fiercely, sending a pair of light beams through the sky. Those individuals that spoke immediately cried out with an aiya sound before falling weak onto the ground. 

This was a subduing of the soul, a suppression through divine senses!

“So scary! The great vicious existence came! Is he going to destroy everything in this province? How many creatures is he going to eat?” A little girl began to cry from fear. 

Shi Hao was between laughter and tears. He clearly didn’t take the initiative to kill others, and his journey thus far should be a peaceful one, so why did they all treat him like some extremely vicious evil?

“His teeth are so white and brilliant. It really is terrifying! He isn’t going to throw himself over, right? Not even the Firegold Race’s Teng Yi was able to suppress him. We should hurry up and leave the spirit realm and return to the real world.” Two little girls hugged each other in fear. They all cried out with wawa sounds before running. 

Then, a group of experts dispersed in confusion. They all seemed to have been influenced. 

“Don’t leave! Stay behind so we can talk! I won’t eat you!” Shi Hao shouted after them. He tried to maintain as amiable and benevolent expression as possible. 

“He’s going to eat us! Hurry and run!” Those young experts all fled for their lives. From their perspectives, Shi Hao’s ‘compassionate smile’ was like the tears of a crocodile. 

Shi Hao followed behind them, not moving that fast or slow. His speed was quite fast, and soon after, he caught up to these people. He enthusiastically patted a robust man who was holding a wolf fang club and said, “Brother, slow down. I have something to say to you.”

“Ah… Evildoer!” The robust man with sideburns around his face brandished his wolf fang club. In the end, his weapon was blasted apart by Shi Hao’s golden finger. 

Everyone’s expressions changed. The great vicious Hao Tian could fight against exceptional talents, and in the end, he even used the power of reincarnation on them. What could they even do against this kind of method? The disparity between them was just too great. 

Shi Hao rushed over. Once he displayed his power, he would be like a tiger among sheep, absolutely invincible. 

The robust male erupted with power, igniting his potential and fighting with his life on the line. His entire body ended up covered in blood. 

Shi Hao shook his head and said, “Why do you have to do this to yourself? I didn’t even do that much to you…” He gave up on these people. His figure moved and appeared behind a youngster. This time, it was even more direct. The young and delicate looking youth immediately rolled his eyes and went unconscious. 

“Wawawa…” Up ahead, several young ladies cried out loudly, their faces turning pale. 

“Evil creature, cease your viciousness. I am here to subdue the demon.” Right at this moment, an expert that was entirely golden with eyes of a glaring vajra hurried over. His hair was short, less than an inch long. In his hand was an alms bowl. He smashed it over. 

“This is great! Western Sect’s supreme expert wandered here, so we might be saved,” A youngster shouted. 

Shi Hao roared, and the imperishable golden body covered him. His body underwent a transformation, and at this moment, he actually turned into a Kun Peng. He spread his wings and took to the skies, shaking the mountains with his power!

This was the power of the seventy-two transformations. In that instant, his flesh became like that of a Peng’s. Then, he circulated that race’s precious technique to its limit, making it seem as if a true Kun Peng had reappeared. 

This was the most heaven defying stage Shi Hao had reached after his recent studies into the seventy-two transformations!

At this moment, heaven and earth rumbled. Terrifying fluctuations rippled outwards. The golden light the Kun Peng released was blinding. Black patterns could be seen on its body. It had an unequalled appearance. 


Its claw descended, subduing that precious artifact alms bowl. All of its light retracted, and its killing intent completely vanished. 

Then, the great wings moved, and it was as if heavenly blades sliced apart heaven and earth. Golden multicolored light shone deeply, blasting that supreme expert flying. Blood flowed out from his mouth. 

Everyone was shocked. They all stood there with stupefied expressions, feeling cold from head to toe. 

Immediately after, Shi Hao formed a human body and looked at the ‘glaring vajra’. “Subduing demons, it seems like I should be the one dealing with you.”

“Run! The great vicious Hao Tian slaughtered his way into the higher realms, and even the supreme expert from Western Sect was eaten by him! Only sect masters and the young supreme beings of different sects can resist him!”

In an instant, there were figures fleeing as far as the eye could see. 

Shi Hao followed them. He was ‘chatting’ with the alms bowl supreme expert while chasing after everyone. Whenever he caught up to one, he would ask them about a few things he wanted to know. 

This created a rather strange scene. A single person was chasing away countless cultivators. Eventually, there were more and more people, so many that it was unknown just how many there were. 

After chasing them for five hundred li, these people had already turned into a flood, and even the vicious birds and fierce beasts in the mountains were startled. It created a stampede of beasts, as if there was a great upheaval. 

Inside the spirit realm, one had to leave from the place they entered. As such, many people didn’t want to directly suicide, so they could only run with everything they had. 

“Everyone, don’t be scared. The heavenly talents and great figures will hurry over immediately after hearing the news. He will definitely be suppressed.” There was someone who spoke rather courageously while running. 

However, when Shi Hao caught up, this individual also began to shake uncontrollably. He saw soul shattering needles and a soul shattering pagoda that could kill experts in the spirit realm. 

Eventually, there were creatures from every race fleeing. The world under the heavens was packed with people, creating a huge black expanse. 

“It really has nothing to do with me.” Shi Hao felt helpless. He was quite ‘friendly’ and ‘benevolent’, but when others looked at his sparkling teeth, they looked absolutely menacing. His smile became regarded like the savageness of a fiend. 

“Sinner’s descendant, you dare to act this unbridled and act viciously in the higher realms? Even your ancestors were suppressed, so what kind of storm can you stir up?” A clear and bright sound transmitted over. 

On a great mountain in the distance, a man stood there alone and said these words. A golden great path extended out from the mountain peak and quickly approached, travelling ten li in an instant. It quickly closed in. 

He didn’t move an inch as he stood on that great golden passage. He arrived before Shi Hao and blocked his path. 

His hair was golden and his battle clothes fluttered about. There were golden lotuses embroidered on his sleeves, and there was a lotus imprint between his brows that glistened brightly. 

This person should be quite powerful!

Shi Hao was surprised. He encountered another expert! What race was this? Could it be an exceptional talent? However, that didn’t seem that likely. These individuals were far apart from each other and couldn’t coexist in the same place.

“That’s Qing Xian’s older brother Qing Ge!” Someone cried out in surprise. They stopped moving and revealed excited expressions. They looked forward to how things were going to turn out now. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately knew that this younger sister was formidable, or else why would the younger sister be mentioned before him? She was definitely extraordinary. 

“Lotus Race’s younger generation’s female supreme being Qing Xian’s older brother came. Could it be that she’s not too far away?” Some of these people’s spirits were raised. 

Of course, even more chose to flee, covering the ground with moving figures. It was like a stampede of beasts as numerous creatures fled into the distance. They didn’t want to stand too close to this great vicious existence. 

The ones that stayed behind were all powerful individuals. They watched the battle from afar. 

“Lotus Race… Were you born a lotus flower?” Shi Hao asked. 

“There is no need for excessive words. I will capture you here.” Qing Ge rushed over. His golden hair shone resplendently, and his pupils also immediately turned a faint golden color. A powerful aura surged. 


In the void, endless flames surged, burning ferociously and rushing towards the heavens. Golden divine lotuses took root one after another. They carried the aura of the great dao. 

“Yi?” Shi Hao was quite surprised. This aura was quite frightening, actually able to pose a threat against him. 

Golden lotuses grew in the raging flames one after another. Soon, they reached ten zhang in height, all of them becoming incomparably large. Regardless of whether it was their stolons, leaves, or flowers, they were all golden.

This Qing Ge was also a genius. This was the only divine ability he cultivated and he didn’t study any other precious techniques. This was the only thing he had, but it was enough to allow him to look down on his peers. 

Golden lotuses took root in the raging flames, condensing the great powers of heaven and earth. He immediately harmonized and inherited the will of the heavens to carry out divine punishment here. 

Normally speaking, only geniuses that had their divine flames lit could touch upon those supreme natural laws and wield the power of divine punishment, but he had already done so. 


All of the golden lotuses swayed about, releasing golden symbols and carrying with them an endless fiery light to suppress Shi Hao. 

In that split second, the pressure Shi Hao felt increased many times over. He felt waves of danger, and without any hesitation, he formed three heads and six arms before producing endless lightning to resist these golden lotuses.

An intense collision happened. Shi Hao clashed several dozen times with them, exchanging attacks with Qing Ge before he finally coughed out blood and flew outwards. 

Even though Qing Ge grasped the ‘divine punishment’, his cultivation still hadn’t reached that level yet. 

Golden lotuses gathered together, forming a single lotus that surrounded Shi Hao. It surged with endless strands of golden mists and released a terrifying fluctuation. 

“Refine!” Qing Ge shouted loudly. 

Everyone cried out in astonishment. He was worthy of being a genius! If not for his younger sister being too dazzling, he would have definitely been the king of his race. He could contend against the most powerful among his peers. 

As time went by, it seemed to have become endless. A raging inferno engulfed this place and the golden lotus shone brilliantly to refine Shi Hao. For him, this was something that had never happened before. He unexpectedly encountered a troublesome opponent. 


Suddenly, Shi Hao rushed out. The golden lotuses smashed apart and a rain of light scattered downwards. Scattered lotus petals continuously fell, and Qing Ge looked dispirited and listless. 

He still came a bit short. He wasn’t Shi Hao’s opponent. Shi Hao’s entire body shone with symbols, and while accompanied by lightning, he grabbed Qing Ge. 

“About time to return.” Shi Hao said to himself. If he dragged this out for too long, something unexpected might happen, and it would be troublesome if the giant golden gates were blocked. 

After all, his flesh was still in the lower realm, and it was only his spirit that came here. If the connection was cut, his flesh would die sooner or later. 

“Don’t commit suicide. I just wanted to chat with you. I won’t force you to do anything.” Shi Hao spoke. He saw that Qing Ge was going to use a secret method to end his own life and stopped him. 


He turned into a Kun Peng and spread his wings into the air. In just a few seconds, he already rushed out from the golden gates with the alms bowl and Qing Ge, arriving at the Copper Sparrow Altar. 

The discussion afterwards didn’t go smoothly at all, however, Shi Hao still learned about a few things that he wanted to know about. 

He wanted to find out which one of those routes into the higher realms was more dependable and safe. 

In the end, he released all of his captives, and with a wave of his sleeves, he walked towards that heavenly path and returned. His true body was going to leave for the higher realms!

Shi Hao didn’t know that after he left the spirit realm, there was a huge uproar that arose by the golden gates. A few supreme experts rushed over, and true exceptional talents personally came!

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