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Chapter 568 - Who Dares to Fight?

The Flame Sparrow danced about in the air, southern li flames accompanying it as it swooped downwards with astonishing power. With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, great yin energy surged. He pointed towards the Flame Sparrow’s head, causing symbols to immediately erupt between the two. Hundreds of thousands of them illuminated this world.

The Golden Crow cried out. It regarded itself as the celestial emperor. Golden wings hacked down like heavenly blades, and its three feet were even more ridiculously sharp. They clawed towards Shi Hao’s head in a cruel and vicious manner. Solar essence flame swirled about it. 

Shi Hao’s right hand trembled. Golden symbols flickered within his palm, blasting apart this solar essence flame and simultaneously striking towards the air. The Peng palm was great, and when it collided with the Golden Crow’s wings and claws, keng qiang sounds rang out.

The True Phoenix descended, carrying with it a life and death profound mystery. It had undergone nirvana, and now it rushed towards Shi Hao with murderous intent. Its wings moved, throwing heaven and earth into chaos. Shi Hao opened his mouth, and with a roar, a stream of spiritual essence rushed out. Yin and yang energies rushed out together to kill this True Phoenix. 

This place was chaotic. All types of heavenly flames descended.

Heavenly flames descended and divine birds were struck down. How tyrannical was this? Who could contend against this? The Firegold Race was known as one of the greatest races of the olden days. They combined the profound mysteries of different races to establish a sect protecting divine ability that was incomparable in power. 

Of course, they only obtained a portion of these race’s true profound mysteries, or else this precious technique would be truly heaven defying and be number one in the world!

Even though it was like this, once this precious vase emerged, it could still sweep through the world. There weren’t many precious techniques that could take it on. It was created from many different race’s techniques and took a different approach to seize the natural force of the world. 

Only Shi Hao could obtain the complete Kun Peng precious technique. This was the inheritance of an ancient great vicious existence, the world’s most ferocious vicious bird, an that was why it could resist this world-shaking powerful technique. 

At this moment, they began to viciously tear at each other. The two divine birds cried out, their bodies erupting with endless precious light as they flew everywhere. This was a true confrontation between those at the peak. 

Since his battle against the dual-pupiled individual, Shi Hao rarely had an experience like this. He used up everything he had and fought with his full strength. He had already soared into the air, forming the Kun Peng imprint and striking down on Teng Yi inside the great sun.


Immediately after, a great sun swayed back and forth. It continuously rumbled with noise, becoming more and more intense. Teng Yi that was sitting inside suddenly trembled, and his entire body surged with fiery light. 

He never expected Shi Hao to be so powerful either. He unexpectedly rushed over to fight him at such a close distance! He originally wanted to catch this vicious existence and have him guard their mountain gate, but now it seemed like it would be quite difficult.

A loud explosion sounded. The previous vase he carried in his hands became larger and larger. It was scarlet red and glowing with radiance. It was translucent and dazzling. Even more brilliant fiery light surged outwards. 

“Yi…” Shi Hao slaughtered his way over. He felt as if something wasn’t right. The Vermilion Bird, Golden Crow, True Phoenix and the others were all damaged, and that meant that the respective parts of these races’ profound mysteries weren’t complete either, and this was revealed now. 

This should be a secret, something that shouldn’t be revealed. Why did Teng Yi display the damaged techniques from various races for his opponent to see?

He understood immediately afterwards. The Flame Sparrow, Golden Crow, and True Phoenix smashed into each other. The fiery light that resulted immediately submerged everything, sending Shi Hao flying outwards. 

This was just too violent and tyrannical! Several divine birds destroyed themselves, releasing a power that caused blood to flow from the corner of Shi Hao’s lips, inflicting serious injuries onto him. 

Meanwhile, the fiery light in front of those fallen divine birds changed. They were first pitch-black, and then they turned a deep purple. They ultimately became like blood, becoming incredibly sinister looking. 

There weren’t any divine birds left, only a pure flame the color of blood. It quickly shot towards Shi Hao, releasing an aura that made his heart pound greatly. 

“Karma flame!”

Someone cried out loudly with a deathly pale face. This individual was extremely shocked. 

There was evil in all human hearts. The karma could burn through all sin in the world and purify all evil, returning all evil back into nothingness. 

One couldn’t necessarily say that the karma flame was more powerful than the southern li divine flame or golden crow flame, only that its purpose was too great. When it ignited the evil within one’s heart, there was a chance for one’s body and spirit to immediately disappear. They were the most terrifying things!

The brilliant red light carried a wave of evil influence. There was a strange type of energy fluctuation that immediately surrounded Shi Hao. The world was covered in a deep redness. 

Everyone’s mind trembled. They all knew that this great vicious existence named Hao Tian was finished. Against this type of flame, one had to dodge and could not let it land on their bodies.


However, the result left everyone shocked. That area erupted with chaos, and a terrifying aura pervaded the air. One could see that a supreme demonic god like figure was moving its body. 

Shi Hao’s arms spread out, one hand pointing towards the heavens and one towards the earth, separately producing yin and yang energies. These two energies surrounded his body, forming yin yang divine clothes that wrapped around his body. 

It was just like a great daoist robe, surrounding his body and preventing all techniques from making contact with his body. That karma flame unexpectedly couldn’t draw close or ignite his body and spirit. 

At the same time, Shi Hao shot vertically into the air. His speed was too fast. He formed the Kun Peng imprint and once again sent an attack smashing towards that great golden sun, striking towards this great opponent!

A trembling weng sounded. The great golden sun was directly shattered right there. His movements were lightning fast, his right hand sweeping towards his neck like a heavenly sword towards Teng Yi’s neck while his left hand pointed at the space between his brows to trap his primordial spirit. 

Teng Yi’s entire body was covered in flames. He continued to form the precious vase imprint above his heads. Right now, it quickly smashed downwards to resist Shi Hao’s powerful strike. 


The precious vase blocked in front of his body, releasing a resplendent screen of light to stop the other party’s attack. 


A vibrating sound rang out. Shi Hao’s left hand pointed at that precious vase, causing a clear and sharp sound to ring outwards and through the hearts of everyone instead of through their ears. It shook many people’s souls, as if they were going to open up a hole in their souls. 

That scarlet red precious vase was dim and lusterless. Its divine flame was restrained, and it began to shake intensely. 

Shi Hao’s other hand hacked down, directly blasting apart this vase. It seemed to then press directly against Teng Yi’s neck. Golden light flickered before disappearing. Blood began to fly everywhere!

Teng Yi’s entire body erupted with fiery light, and he began to move quickly. A damaged and shattered great sun surrounded him as he tried to escape hundreds of zhang away. 

Everyone felt great fear and trepidation. Changes were happening too quickly in this battle! The area between the two was filled with symbols and precious techniques continuously appeared between the two of them. The series of clashes left everyone feeling dazzled. 

Exactly who lost? Everyone was holding their breaths. 

Shi Hao stopped in his original spot, the great daoist robe of yin and yang covering him. He wiped away the blood from the corners of his lips. His entire body shone as he tried to cure his injuries. 

On the other side, a golden great sun reappeared. Teng Yi no longer sat and instead stood up. Blood dripped out from his neck. There was a terrifying wound there that almost cut off his head. 

He moved his hand over this injury, and it began to close. That area also shone, recovering right there. 

They were both wounded. It was hard to tell who was weaker and who was stronger right now. 

Shi Hao’s black hair fluttered about. He recovered his calmness as he stood there like an immortal. Yin and yang energies flowed about him. This time, he took the initiative to attack, pressing forward one step after another to cut down the other person and defeat him. 


Lightning radiance overflowed into the heavens. Behind him were over a hundred Suan Nis, all of them like small mountains as they filled this place. 

All of the Suan Nis roared, taking in and sending out lightning radiance. In reality, they themselves were made of electricity. Right now, a sea of lightning was produced, as well as heavenly bodies. With whistling sounds, they bombarded this place. 

“Ten thousand techniques, repel!” Teng Yi grunted. 

He walked on the void. A vine appeared behind him that looked like it was formed from golden multicolored light. It was sparkling and resplendent. With a light tremble, endless flames were produced, protecting his body within. 

Meanwhile, the great sun that surrounded his body was formed from the golden flames released by the vine. This precious technique isolated this area with its otherworldly power. 

He was relying on this vine that released fiery light to form a domain against the endless lightning. Symbols flickered intensely between the two of them, and then they were wiped out. This was a great confrontation. 

Meanwhile, Teng Yi’s hands formed an imprint, once again creating that precious vase. However, this time, it wasn’t scarlet colored, but instead radiating platinum light. It was as if sword energy filled the skies and condensed into this vase. 

Firegold Precious Vase Imprint was naturally divided into fire and gold. Before, it only displayed one type of profound mystery, and now, it showed the second true meaning. An everlasting immortal light immediately appeared in this place; it was an immortal sword that appeared. 

Zheng zheng!

Sword energy overflowed into the heavens. That precious vase was like an immortal sword, releasing innumerable sword energies that hacked forward, submerging Shi Hao within. 

Shi Hao’s expression changed. He pointed outwards, turning the swirling yin and yang energies into a shield to block this sea of sword radiance. Meanwhile, he himself pushed this shield while quickly rushing forward. 

“Firegold Precious Vase’s limitless strike!” Teng Yi shouted. His entire body erupted with divine radiance. He held the precious vase in his hands and aimed at Shi Hao. That majestic sword energy poured out like a sea as it slaughtered forward. 


A thunderous sound was released from Shi Hao’s body. The great dao robe shone and protected his body. His hands merged together, fusing the two energies into one before shouting, “Yin Yang Reincarnation!”

At this moment, inside of his arms appeared an astonishing symbol. This was created from the combination of yin and yang energy. It also carried wisps of chaotic energy. 

Everyone gasped when they saw this. The primal chaos was dividing yin and yang and turning everything in reverse back into the primitive. Even though it was just this little bit, it truly was shocking. 

One had to understand that other race’s divine abilities weren’t their own in the end. No matter how far one cultivated, it would still be difficult to exceed that of the original race. 

However, everyone felt as if Shi Hao wasn’t inferior to the true Kun Peng, seemingly completely comprehending this technique and reaching a level of the extreme.


Symbols shot out between Shi Hao’s hands, and bits of chaotic energy could be seen from them. They all landed on that brilliant vase, creating ear-splitting sounds. 

At this moment, the two individuals flew outwards. That precious vase shattered, and the irregular symbols Shi Hao released also gradually disappeared. 

They each occupied a different side, both of them taking precautions against the other. 

Everyone quaked in fear. It was actually this intense. Could it be that not even Teng Yi could suppress this great vicious existence from the lower realm named Hao Tian?

You have to understand that Teng Yi’s might was greatly known throughout all of the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains, being unmatched in this entire province, shaking all with his power. Ever since he was born, he had never been completely defeated, nor were there ever an instance of a draw. 

And today, he actually encountered this type of opponent. It was truly a rare sight. 

Regardless of the result of this battle, just what took place thus far between the great vicious Hao Tian and Teng Yi was already enough to shake the spirit realm. His name would circulate throughout Goddess Province and stir up great waves in Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains province. 

After a moment of stillness, Shi Hao moved out forcefully, once again slaughtering outwards and shouting, “Why don’t you show me your supreme being technique!”

What he wished for was to fight against the opponent’s natural divine ability and see just how powerful the higher realms’ ‘exceptional talents’ are. He could then use this to examine his own true bone. 

In the lower realm, this technique of his was pretty much unmatched, but how would the exceptional talents of the higher realms deal with it? Would they be able to stop it, or will he similarly come out on top?

The supreme being bone’s symbols contained Shi Hao’s own technique. It could be developed to its most powerful peak, so it was the most suitable for him!

“My time here is up. I cannot display the supreme being technique now.” Teng Yi sighed softly with regret. “I will not be able to bring you back to the mountain gate today.”

Everyone trembled inwardly. They immediately understood that he had travelled through the spirit realm through a restricted technique, which allowed him to immediately hurry over from the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains to the Goddess Province. However, the price he paid was great, and the amount of time they could fight was limited. 

Shi Hao was angry. “What was the point of you coming here?!” 

He was looking forward to a battle between supreme being techniques the most, yet he was completely disappointed since the other party couldn’t display it. He wanted to use that great battle to assess just how powerful the true bone in his body was exactly!

When Teng Yi heard this, he also became angry. This was the first time he opened his eyes, sending out intimidating golden light. Who dared to speak these types of words against him?

Everyone was shocked. If Teng Yi opened his eyes, then that meant he was going to display the supreme being technique and release the power of an exceptional talent. However, could he even use it now?

As expected, his body dimmed, and he was unable to display it.

“So useless, why did you even bother coming?” Shi Hao was discontent. He then said, “Even if it’s like this, I’ll still reincarnate you!”


His chest bone shone, and mysterious symbols blossomed, sweeping out towards Teng Yi. 

Teng Yi was startled and angry. He originally wanted to leave and fight again later, but he never expected that the other party would directly attack him. 

In that instant, Teng Yi turned into a vine and then exploded, turning into ashes. Specks of light surged and flew inside the golden gate. 

Everyone was astonished. Teng Yi was truly ‘reincarnated’! He turned into ashes and disappeared. This great vicious existence was terrifying as expected!

Everyone knew that this would produce a huge effect. Teng Yi would definitely come here himself to fight a battle to the death. There would be a day when supreme being precious techniques confronted each other, and it was going to be a grand occasion!

“So disappointing.” Shi Hao muttered. His powerful aura was retracted, making him look extremely delicate and pretty like the little boy next door. His unhappy expression left everyone speechless. 

Only now did everyone realize that they seemed to overlook something. He really was too young! He only looked like he was fifteen or sixteen. When they looked closely, they saw a mist covering his face, making it hard to see through him. 

“Who dares to fight against me?” Shi Hao raised his head, hollering towards the golden gates, “Are there exceptional talents, supreme beings? Come here and fight me!”

When this loud shout sounded, many people turned around and ran. It was because he began to walk over to face everyone. 

The battle today would inevitably shake all of Goddess Province and spread to Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain. The great vicious Hao Tian was going to stir up a heaven overflowing storm!

“Who dares to fight against me?” Shi Hao shouted again.

When this sentence dropped, everyone fled, disappearing into the golden gates. 

Apart from exceptional talents and the heavenly talented supreme beings of a race, who dared to walk up? Meanwhile, those types of figures all resided in their respective places, so it was hard for them to meet. 

“This stone person is so quiet. If I don’t attack, he won’t move either?” Shi Hao began to think. He got closer to the golden gate, but it still didn’t show any reaction. 

He clenched his teeth and said, “I’ll risk it all! If push comes to shove, I’ll just end my life and go back!”

He walked forward, passing by the stone person and walked into the world on the other side of the golden gates!

“Heavens! The great vicious existence came! He unexpectedly entered the spirit realm!”

“The great vicious named Hao Tian has descended into our world!”

There were people screaming as soon as he stepped over. They were incomparably frightened. 

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