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Chapter 559 - Supreme Being Revival Project

Shi Hao frowned. He walked a circle around the altar while feeling rather uneasy. This place was quite bizarre and abnormal.

It was entirely scarlet red with many notches on its surface. It normally required sacrifices, and one could sense a vague blood scent here. One could tell with a look that large amounts of life force were required to preserve this altar. 

“Is this for your good?” Shi Hao asked softly. Towards his little brother, there were certain topics he couldn’t speak too heavily about. After all, there was a barrier between the two that had not been removed all this time. 

“This is my path. My dao is not something you can understand. Hurry and leave so no one finds out that you are here.” Qin Hao said indifferently. 

“This altar can connect to the higher realms?” Shi Hao asked. He gave him a look. 

“It can!” Qin Hao replied. 

Shi Hao frowned. The god sealing battle has already separated the connection between heaven and earth, so how could there still be a connection?

“You don’t need to worry. This isn’t for dealing with you and is just a bone casting a projection to nourish my flesh and bones. It is unrelated to you, and no one can use it to come to the lower realm.” Qin Hao said coldly.

Shi Hao knew that his little brother won’t change his mind no matter what. He nodded, and then brought out a lightning fruit that already had its deathly energy dissolved and said, “This is for you. If you studied the lightning dao, it will provide great benefits for you.”

Qin Hao’s eyes radiated, and after hesitating for a bit, he said ‘alright’ and received it. 

Shi Hao warned him that he had to be careful when absorbing it and that he couldn’t rush it. If Qin Hao needed, he could help him refine it into his body. 

Qin Hao shook his head in refusal and did not accept his help. 

Shi Hao turned around and turned into a bug before silently departing in the direction he came from, not startling Immortal Mountain’s people along the way. The main reason was because the creatures that had their divine flames lit had all vanished from this place. 

Then, Shi Hao returned to the wasteland region and used the imperial palace’s ancestral altar to directly arrive in Stone Village. 

Willow Deity laid down a formation here, and there was a large altar in the village that linked up to the outside world that made it much easier for Shi Hao to come back and forth. 

“You are saying that he returned to Immortal Mountain?” Shi Ziling frowned. 

Qin Yining’s beautiful brows frowned as well. She naturally knew what her second son was trying to do. It truly might be good for his growth, only, if he continued like this, he would have an unbreakable relationship with Immortal Mountain again. 

The husband and wife lived in Stone Village during this period of time, feeling calm and extremely peaceful. For them, this was a land of great beauty, a rare place of happiness. 

They knew that their peaceful days were over and that they had to pay Immortal Mountain a visit. Otherwise, they wouldn’t feel at ease. 

“Ao… Little Uncle Hao came back! Bright us to steal from vicious bird nests again. I want a flame luan! It’s so pretty and powerful.”

“Little Uncle Hao, I want a snow white Silver Scaled Leopard. They’re so brave and strong like dragons. I heard that they are really loyal when they grow up…”


Shi Hao stayed in the village for a few days to satisfy the children’s requests. He then left. 

Soon after, Shi Ziling and his wife returned to Stone Country imperial palace, telling him that Qin Hao needed that altar. He had to stay there to become the most powerful he could be. 

“Why is that so?” Shi Hao asked. He wasn’t too clear on the details regarding these plans. 

“It’ll take a while to explain. It involves quite a great secret,” said Qin Yining. She began to slowly tell him about the details. 

When they returned this time, they unexpectedly discovered that the internal dispute of the Immortal Mountain had settled, and that Qin Yining’s side of the clan had returned, moreover obtaining a decisive victory. 

The representative of this bloodline was precisely Qin Yifan, someone who Shi Hao had previously met. It was precisely the projection he encountered in Immortal Mountain that was sitting under the tree among the rain of flowers, that calm and peaceful deity. 

Meanwhile, Qin Yining also talked to her parents in the higher realms through that altar and learned about a few truths she was previously unaware of.

Immortal Mountain had a bone that was mysterious and unfathomable. It was speculated to have been sealed up and never touched.

“There is a bone like that?” Shi Hao was astonished. He had never heard of such a thing before. 

“It isn’t the lower realm, and instead…” Qin Yining looked towards the sky, naturally hinting towards the higher realm. 

That bone was not produced from the Qin Clansmen’s bodies and instead had an astonishing background, unexpectedly coming from the mysterious uninhabited area, the same boundless place the higher realms’ giants couldn’t even explore deeply into. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity had explored inside as well and managed to barely survive with his life. He unexpectedly found a piece of bone. This bone was displayed on top of an ancient altar, and after who knew how many tens of thousands of years passed, it still carried wisps of blood and a bit of life force. 

This was simply a miracle, something that others found hard to believe. 

One has to understand that once a bone separated from the flesh, there was no way it could still ‘live’ after the endless passage of time. It would inevitably slowly dry up. 

Someone as powerful as him couldn’t see through it, and not even his divine techniques could damage that bone in the slightest. He naturally treated it like an immortal treasure and researched it in every way possible, but was still unable to make sense of the bone texts on its surface. 

He could only sense that this bone was incomparably powerful, and that if it could completely display its strength, even he himself might be directly killed under its power. 

“After that began the supreme being nirvana project,” Qin Yining said. 

When Shi Hao heard it up to this point, he could naturally guess a few matters. He was a bit amazed that inside of the mysterious region that covered ninety percent of the higher realms, a place where not even the powerful sect masters could enter, there was actually this type of bone. It was terrifying and strange after all. 

“That vast and uninhabited area really is mysterious and terrifying. You gifted your younger brother that lightning fruit, something that others had once seen before in the uninhabited area. Lightning radiance covered that area like a sea, forming an unbelievable and astonishing sea. There are countless treasures in the depths of the uninhabited area, a place where divine ancient medicines often appear. However, it is just too dangerous.” Qin Yining said with a sigh. 

Forget about other people, Immortal Heavenly Deity almost died when he barely entered for a short period of time. For him to be able to discover that altar and bring that bone back was his natural luck, but he really barely escaped with his life. 

Meanwhile, other giants of similar statuses, for example from Zhulu Academy and Natural Luck Academy, were quite unfortunate. When they went to investigate this place, they all ended up dying and having their dao being wiped out. 

Shi Hao’s thoughts were all over the place as he listened to this. That place where both horror and danger coexisted contained tremendous opportunities, enough to make others fly like moths to a flame. 

“When I gave birth to you and the higher realms found out that you had a supreme being bone, they felt that this was a chance, that perhaps mine and your father’s bloodlines could nurture that bone,” Qin Yining continued. 

There was no way such a powerful bone could be directly transplanted into Qin Hao’s body. It had to be done so slowly that he could continuously adapt to it. 

After all, Immortal Heavenly Deity had continuously studied it all this time and was able to make quite extraordinary progress. He felt that he could carry out an initial transplantation to revive that bone. 

The blood on that bone had been refined into Qin Hao’s body at his birth, and then projections of that bone would be cast onto his chest every day. 

Ever since his birth, everything went smoothly. The blood on that bone had been completely absorbed by Qin Hao, and they mutually nurtured each other. It flowed within his body with greater and greater life force. 

In addition, after casting the projection of that bone down for so many years, the vessels to accommodate the bone began to form, and it seemed like it was going to be on the verge of success. 

This matter was tied to too much. Immortal Heavenly Deity feared that the bone would release fluctuations that draw the attention of other higher realm experts when it was transplanted, so he kept Qin Hao in the lower realm. 

It was clear that it was nearly time. They might be able to transplant the true bone into Qin Hao’s body now. 

Shi Hao opened his mouth and wanted to say something. This might allow Qin Hao to immediately soar into the heavens and allow him to move unhindered through the higher realms. However, what was Immortal Heavenly Deity truly after?

You have to understand that this bone was obtained by him after risking his life, almost casting away his own life in the process before he brought out that bone from the mysterious area. He himself wanted to use it all along, but never dared to risk the dangers himself. 

“Implantation… is not what the heavenly deity truly wishes for.” Qin Yining explained. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity only wished for the symbols on that bone, only, he couldn’t obtain it and needed the bone to truly revive before there was a chance to do so. If Qin Hao grasped it in the future, he could share the information the bone contained with the heavenly deity. 

Moreover, Immortal Heavenly Deity wouldn’t take the risk himself. He was already in his declining years and his blood energy wasn’t as flourishing as before. Even though his appearance was young, his flesh had long withered, and implanting that bone might clash against his body. A single mistake would wipe out both his body and spirit. 

“If it’s like this, then I am a bit more at ease.” Shi Hao nodded. 

The only thing he still felt uncomfortable about was whether that bone’s transplantation would truly be successful. Qin Hao might not be able to handle it and completely explode. 

Right now, that bone was situated between the the higher and lower realms in the void, casting down its projection day after day to conform with Qin Hao. It was about to truly descend. 

“Will someone from the higher realms come?” Shi Hao asked. 

“It is easy to go up, but coming down is hard. There is no way for the heavenly deity to descend and he can only communicate through the altar and use it to guide him on how to complete the process,” said Qin Yining. 

It was clear that this would be extremely risky!

This was why the husband and wife were so worried and immediately returned to the mysterious region out of fear that Qin Hao would die from this process. There was a type of worry that was difficult to suppress. 

Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Qin Hao, they were both their children. If any of them were in danger, they would immediately feel worried and troubled. 

That was Qin Hao’s decision, and not even Shi Ziling and Qin Yining could change his opinion. This was his path. He wanted to experience that type of supreme dao. 

“For the sake of a bone, is it worth it to undertake such risk?” Shi Hao said softly. He knew that it was useless no matter what he said. 

“This might be a bone of everlasting life, an immortal bone. If one pries into its secrets, they might find out how to gain eternal life,” Qin Yining said. 

After all, when Immortal Heavenly Deity saw it in the mysterious region, it had already been displayed on that ancient altar for who knew how many tens of thousands of years, yet the blood on it continued to remain bright red and full of life force. 

This defied normal reasoning. This was impossible unless this bone had some secret force that allowed it to coexist with heaven and earth, and allowed it to possess immortality. 

Shi Hao nodded. He began to long for the higher realms more and more. He wanted to explore the mysterious area and see everything for himself. 

Then, Shi Hao found out that after the great battle ended last time, Immortal Heavenly Deity suffered extremely serious injuries and almost died in the higher realms. The other giants weren’t in the best of shapes either. 

“What about that undying existence?” Shi Hao asked his parents. A few days had already passed. He wanted to learn more about the situation. 

"I knew you wanted to know about this and specially asked for you,” said Qin Yining.

The undying existence was powerful as expected. It stirred up enormous chaos after ascending from the south all the way north, fighting the entire way and rousing up a great storm. 

Rumor has it that the great giants that hadn’t appeared since the archaic era were disturbed, taking action to suppress him. 

“He has undying characteristics. Even though he suffered serious injuries, he forced his way forward and killed two of his enemies before ultimately being forced into the mysterious area.”

Shi Hao was dumbstruck. The undying existence was powerful after all, stirring up such a great disaster as soon as he went up. Only now, it would be hard for him to live. 

“Hao’er, you have to be careful. If you go to the higher realms, do not bring him up, or else you will find enemies all around you.” Qin Yining warned. 

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