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Chapter 557 - Ten Thousand Creatures

True Primordial Record -- Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram! It really was here! 

Shi Hao’s heart continuously pounded. This was what he wished for the most, and he never expected to find it here in Western Tomb. 

The altar was extremely tall and formed from piled black stones. White bones were arranged in large amounts below, forming a large pile. If one looked at them carefully, they would find that they were all quite terrifying, releasing heaven overflowing murderous energy. 

“Archaic vicious beasts’ and divine birds’ bones?” Shi Hao was shocked. 

He had previously heard that the bones of the divine kings and heavenly deities that were buried here had all decayed and that there weren’t any true precious bones left over. It seems like he might have some harvest now. 

“The bone texts were erased,” said the Black Tortoise. 

Shi Hao nodded. Those bones did not have symbols and couldn’t be turned into precious artifacts. Their toughness was the only special thing about them now. 

“You want the bones on that altar?” The large tortoise’s eyes shone with a thievish look. It also began to drool. 

The pieces of bone displayed at the very top of the altar were quite special. One of them was golden, an arm bone that shone with powerful symbols. It could definitely be turned into a supreme treasure!

In addition, there was a head bone that was like a crystal. It was sparkling and translucent, and the eye socket was incomparably deep. It was strange and difficult to describe. When one continued to stare at it, they would feel as if their souls would be sucked in. 

In addition, there was an eyeball on the altar that still carried blood. Even though endless years had passed, it still hadn’t dried up, making it look extremely sinister. 

The final peace was naturally the True Primordial Record Shi Hao desired. If he could combine it with the pieces he had on him, then it would create the complete ten thousand spirit diagram. 

“There aren’t any dangers right?” The Black Tortoise asked. This fellow greatly feared death. When they entered this place, it was always hiding behind Shi Hao’s back while sticking its head out. 

“You have a hard shell covering your body, so what are you scared of? I was just thinking of using you as a shield,” said Shi Hao. 

“My fine hairs are all standing on end, please don’t scare me like that.” It straightened its body with the giant black shell on its back. It carefully took precautions and backed up. 

“Do you even have fine hairs?” Shi Hao shot it a look. He also took precautions. No matter how he looked at this place, it seemed a bit sinister. 

The only thing to be glad about was that this place was rather quiet. There weren’t many divine birds or vicious beasts here to wreak havoc. It seemed like a pure land. 

Shi Hao walked forward. He gave the large tortoise that was sticking its head around and stepping where he stepped a look before grabbing it and using it as a shield in front of him. 

“Turtle killer! Help! You cannot do this!”

“Shut up!”

As soon as he advanced, Shi Hao’s entire body became tense, his skin becoming as hard as copper. It was because a wave of killing intent swept over like a blade. A normal cultivator would not have been able to handle this and be hacked apart. 

Below this altar were all the bones of archaic vicious beasts and divine birds. Even though the symbols had been wiped out and they could not be made into precious artifacts, they still possessed an indescribable and strange energy. 

This wave of energy merged together with the chaotic arrows that show over. Ordinary cultivators would have definitely been blasted apart. 

“So scary! They are all already dead and these are just the energies left behind by them, yet it still possesses so much power. If they were alive, just how powerful would they be?” Shi Hao said to himself. 

“Some of the giants of the higher realms rose above the others precisely during the archaic battle. I reckon that these creatures were the powerful experts that fell back then.” The Black Tortoise said. 

Shi Hao didn’t say anything. If what it said was true, then the bones here were even more terrifying. 

He carefully looked around. After making sure that there were no symbols or formations, he then released a sigh of relief. He displayed his precious technique, sending out a streak of light out from his palm towards the altar. 

He didn’t dare touch it directly. He first seized the True Primordial Record bone, because this one was the most important. It wouldn’t be too late to grab the other three bones later if nothing unexpected afterwards. 

A scarlet red little bird materialized. It landed on the altar, picking up the sparkling white bone with its mouth before quickly flying over to Shi Hao’s side. 

“Yi, nothing strange happened. It wasn’t dangerous.” The Black Tortoise said happily. 

However, Shi Hao felt his blood run cold. When the little bird formed from symbols flew back, the eyeball that was sticky with blood actually moved and stared at him. 

This was definitely not the eye of a human. It was the size of a face, and the blood on its surface still had luster and did not dry up. Right now, it appeared incomparably evil and strange. 

Shi Hao sensed a great fear. With a raise of his hand, he transferred the little bone piece from the scarlet little bird’s mouth to his palm before turning around and leaving. 

At this moment, the Black Tortoise also noticed that the eyeball was moving slightly. It couldn’t help but cry out, “It’s looking at me!” 

Its scalp felt like it was going to explode. Even though it didn’t have fine hair, it still felt layers of goosebumps appear on its body. It immediately shrunk in size and jumped onto Shi Hao’s back. 

Shi Hao grinded his teeth in irritation. He grabbed it with a single motion before quickly fleeing. 

“It’s looking at me! It’s pupils are too deep! Why do I feel like my soul is going to disappear?!” The Black Tortoise was horrified. It had already looked away, yet it still felt as if it was looking straight at it. 

Shi Hao also felt scared and upset. He had turned around a long time ago, but he felt as if that bloody eye was looking at him as well. To be more precise, it was staring at his soul. 


Shi Hao pierced through the skies, not wishing to stay here a second later. He used the Kun Peng technique and moved as fast as he could to break away from this place. It was too strange and terrifying. 


However, a loud sound rang through the air, almost making him go unconscious. Blood trickled out from his mouth and nose. He had suffered an unimaginable injury. 

Behind him, the altar was swaying. A mysterious force was spreading outwards, and this entire world was about to collapse. 

“Damn it, what is this? Even when the Kun Peng emerged, it wasn’t as terrifying as this, right? Could it be that one of the great archaic vicious existences is sealed here?” The Black Tortoise cried out with great fear. 

Waves of black light surged from the altar behind them. An expanse of ripples diffused outwards. They could see that the boulders, ancient trees and other things in its way all crumbled and turned into pieces. 

Shi Hao only turned around and looked once, and it already made him feel like it was too hard to defend against. It wouldn’t be enough even if creatures that lit their divine flames came. He tried to flee as fast as he could, and he even brought out a supreme magical artifact to deal with the incoming attack. 


That magical artifact immediately turned into ashes, as if it was just ashes scattering into a lake. It couldn’t provide the slightest hindrance. 

That ripple hadn’t arrived yet, but Shi Hao was already coughing out blood. Blood was flowing from all seven apertures, and all of his bones released ga beng ga beng sounds. There was a formless type of pressure that was too terrifying. 

He had never encountered this type of powerful force before. If he was struck by that ripple, his body and spirit would definitely be wiped out. 

In addition, right at this moment, the heavenly deities and divine kings in front of him roared. The great Golden-Winged Peng, true Hou, Taotie, and other creatures were startled, and they all swooped over. 

They weren’t capable of human thought, but they seemed to have been stimulated by something. They rushed over together murderously and were incomparably terrifying. 

The Black Tortoise’s face started to turn green. Its hands and feet trembled. How were they supposed to escape now? This was like an inescapable final blow!

“Hurry up and toss that bone away! Otherwise, we are dead for sure!” It cried out loudly. 

Shi Hao sighed. Even if he tossed it away, it would be useless, because that ripple wouldn’t stop. It was about to reach them.

His Kun Peng technique could be considered one of the fastest in this world too, but that black ripple was about to catch up. Right now, his eyes were even becoming blurry from the blood that was flowing out. 

Right now, not only did he bleed from his seven apertures, his body was splitting apart too. This was all brought about by the wave of formless pressure. 

Meanwhile the Black Tortoise cried out with great fear as well. Even though it had long retreated into its tortoise shell, that shell actually began to release sounds. Cracks emerged on its surface. It was about to break apart. 

Hou… A Taotie swooped over. It was about to collide into them. 

Shi Hao never expected the calm altar to immediately do something like this, creating such a crazy and dangerous situation. 

A weng sounded. He opened the bronze precious case and rushed inside. He truly had no other way and could only flee inside. 

In that instant, the precious case closed, and that formless pressure finally disappeared temporarily. 

“Yi, what kind of place is this?” The big tortoise looked around and sized it up with great curiosity. It suddenly cried out, “There’s a woman here! This really is a magnificent house built for a beloved woman!”

Fairy Yue Chan was here too. Shi Hao didn’t feel relaxed keeping her in the Imperial Palace. If she escaped, there would be no end of trouble.

When Yue Chan’s second body saw how sorry of a state he was currently in, how he jumped in while covered in blood, she revealed a look of shock. Even someone as powerful as the little Stone unexpectedly suffered serious injuries. 

When she saw the large tortoise that was about to break apart, she felt even more strange. This combination left her quite confused. 

After Shi Hao entered, he didn’t say a single thing. He took out a handful of black jade-like sparkling sunflower seeds and tossed four or five into his mouth at once. His body immediately shone and surged with divine force, allowing his body to quickly recover from his injuries. 

“These are demonic sunflower seeds, you… this is going against the heavens! You even dare to eat this kind of stuff? Those are all descendants of supreme beings!” The Black Tortoise looked like it had seen a ghost. It spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at him with a look of disbelief. 

Shi Hao directly tossed it four or five of them. This should be enough for it to quickly recover its divine force and recover its broken body. 

The big tortoise naturally licked its lips as it rushed over to devour them. It continuously exclaimed ‘natural luck’ as it did so. Demonic Sunflower Garden had an illustrious reputation in the higher realms. Who dared to eat their ‘seeds’?

When this stabilized a bit, Shi Hao brought out the three ruined bones. Before he even pieced them together, there was a light of primal chaos that was emitted. The three pieces of bone rushed out on their own and continuously trembled. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He discovered that this bone was sparkling and pure without any cracks. It was perfectly restored!

It really was strange. It possessed a mysterious power. 

How was it broken before? Who destroyed it?

You have to understand that even the little pagoda longed after it, saying that this bone was sturdy and immortal, as if there was no power that could destroy it. 


The bronze precious case’s word trembled violently, and the space inside trembled violently. Regardless of whether it was Shi Hao, big tortoise or Yue Chan’s second body, they were all shaken up, feeling as if judgment day was coming. 

Finally, with a ka cha sound, the interspatial precious case became transparent. They could actually see what was going on in the outside world, meaning that it was going to break apart. 

“What?!” Shi Hao was shocked.

The bronze walls that were almost completely transparent showed that right now, a crystalline skull was chewing down on this bronze precious case. It appeared quite relaxed as it was about to directly chew through this small world. 

It was precisely one of the strange bones on the altar. The crystalline skull’s power was actually this ridiculous. 

Apart from this, there were still those black ripples that also almost destroyed the bronze precious case and invade inside. 

“We’re finished! This divine tortoise hasn’t lived long enough, yet my body and soul are going to be destroyed!” The big tortoise cried out miserably. 

Yue Chan’s expression changed. She never expected to meet this type of calamity. Exactly what did this little Stone end up doing to cause such a strange skull to attack him?

Suddenly, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram that was currently releasing chaotic light floated upwards. With a tremble, Taotie, Vermilion Bird, True Hou, and a myriad of other creatures emerged. 

This bone enlarged, as if it was a magnificent painting scroll. It spread out into the void and floated there. 

Outside the bronze precious case, that skull and the black ripples seemed to have sensed something. After hesitating for a moment, they unexpectedly backed off. 

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao finally snapped back to reality. This bone was the size of a palm. When it landed in his hands, it didn’t reveal any luster. It was white and warm. 

“The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram has this type of mysterious force?” Shi Hao was incomparably shocked. Could this be an unmatched magical artifact? However, it didn’t really seem like one. 

After obtaining a new lease of life, the big tortoise released an ao wu sound and almost began to cry. 

Shi Hao rolled his eyes. He had never seen a supreme expert that was so scared of death. 

Fairy Yue Chan was shocked. She looked at Shi Hao and then looked at that bone. Her beautiful eyes flowed with radiance. It was unknown what she was thinking. 

“Let’s hurry and leave. I do not want to stay a second longer in this Western Tomb World. This turtle is truly terrified. I don’t want to pay with my life!” The Black Tortoise urged. 

When Shi Hao emerged from the bronze precious case, the outside world was already completely quiet. 

In the end, he was more frightened than hurt. He brought the big tortoise out from Western Tomb. When he lowered his head and looked at the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his hands, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “This is the greatest gift I obtained before leaving the lower realm.”

“Shi Hao, you finally came out. What exactly happened just now? It was as if the end of the world was coming. That Western Tomb World erupted with chaotic light. It was too terrifying.” Xiao Tian said. 

Xia Youyu and the others carried looks of shock as well. They had heard all types of roars that were incomparably terrifying. 

“This place has many strange things. In the future, don’t come here again.” Shi Hao said. He gave a simple recount of their experiences, but he didn’t mention the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram. It was still better if this kind of stuff was not revealed. Otherwise, who knew what kind of disaster it would invite. 

While carrying suspicions, he once again visited the Beast Mountain that wasn’t far and asked the creatures there when Western Tomb World appeared. 

He finally obtained an answer. It hadn’t appeared too long ago!

It was just a cemetary in the past, but now, it had formed a world. 

“As expected! Not simple… There has to be an extraordinary secret here, or else it wouldn’t have created a world!” The Black Tortoise cried out. 

Regardless, Shi Hao didn’t want to come back again. He brought everyone far away. 

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