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Chapter 543 - Gate

Please return to the higher realms. There is no need for me to send you off.

The Willow Deity was calm, but its words were extremely overbearing. Those giants from the higher realms’ expressions immediately changed. Their faces were incomparably overcast. 

“Primordial Gate!”

The appearance of this gate made the eyelids of these people jump even more. They were deeply startled and shocked. Even the legendary giants that were at the end of their lifespans showed a moment of hesitation. 

“This gate carries crucial information. After this battle, we can research it together. The most important thing is to cut down this individual first.” Someone spoke and pointed towards the Willow Deity. 

Fourth Killing Formation was activated again. Once trapped, how many people would be able to escape? This was an incredibly vicious and great formation that was specifically used to kill individuals like themselves. Even these powerful giants felt restraining fear. 

This formation wasn’t activated by a single giant, but by multiple individuals working together. Regardless of who it was that ended up inside, things would not end well for them. 

The Primordial Gate surged with chaotic energy and immortal light. It became more and more hazy, but there was a mysterious type of fluctuation rippling outwards that resisted the power of the Fourth Killing Formation. 

The scene immediately became quiet. Great profoundness could be seen between the opening and closing of these giants’ eyes. They all stared at the Willow Deity. 

“Since none of you are willing to leave, then I’ll invite everyone through this gate.” The Willow Deity said. 

With a wave of its sleeve, the spiritual essence of the experts that had fallen surged like a river and poured into that mysterious gate. 

That gate became even more indistinct. A chanting of scriptures that seemed hidden and imagined sounded. It was ancient and mysterious, distant and indistinct. The giants here began to feel rather restless, acquiring an urge to comprehend this dao. 

“What invitation? You’ve stayed inside the lower realms for so many years and must have obtained the transcendence piece or other types of natural luck. You must hand it over today, or else you can forget about leaving!” Someone said. 

At this moment, the Fourth Killing Formation was activated. Chaotic energy surged, immediately making this place indistinct, turning into one of the most terrifying ancient killing domains. 

The little pagoda’s expression became grave. Just this encirclement of giants alone was already an extremely terrifying thing, and now that even the Fourth Killing Formation was here, once it erupted with power, the consequences would be inconceivable. 

It turned into a sphere of light and suspended around the Willow Deity’s shoulder, ready to attack at any moment.

Suddenly, the void split open. Leaves emerged one after another, the sparkling green leaves fluttering about and releasing precious light. They turned into formation banners and whistled through the air. 

“En, there’s another killing formation?!” Someone’s expression changed. This was a formation that had been arranged previously, and none of them had detected it before. 


Green leaves fluttered down. A streak of holy light emerged, surrounding the individual that spoke. Symbols lashed out like chains, shackling him within and making it difficult for him to escape. 


Someone shouted and began to take action. Since the Willow Deity dared to take action even while inside of a formation itself, they weren’t going to stand around either. They erupted with power to eliminate this terrifying existence. 

In reality, every single person felt that since the Willow Deity stayed in the lower realm for so many years, it must have obtained one of the heaven defying natural opportunities they were looking for. 

The magical formation shone. Symbols poured out endlessly. This area of space seemed like a piece of heavenly bone, a bone with endless enlightenment recorded upon its surface, and right now, they were all activated. Incomparable power immediately poured outwards. 

The primal chaos surged. Green leaves danced about, erupting with resplendent light and displaying their power. 

The formations confronted each other, and the experts took action. This place was in absolute chaos. 

The Willow Deity and Little Pagoda were at the Primordial Gate’s side. Killing lights shot over from all different directions, and all of them entered that dao gate before completely disappearing. None of these attacks were able to injure them. 

The Fourth Killing Formation’s name wasn’t in vain. It shook the past and present, and if not for the Primordial Gate, its power definitely wouldn’t have been neutralized so easily. It could slaughter everything. 


A cry of alarm sounded. The individual trapped by the formation Willow Deity laid down could not break free, and as a result was captured. 


The Willow Deity pointed out with its hand, causing his body to shake violently. A rain of light emerged in his surroundings, and great dao symbols covered this place, wrapping him within. 

Then, these symbols flourished with even more brilliance. They formed green and gold divine chains to trap him. Then, he was tossed into the hazy gate, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared. 

“Dao brother, please go on your way.”

These were the Willow Deity’s words. Even though they weren’t spoken with much emotion, it made everyone’s bodies go cold. One of their formidable experts disappeared from this world just like that. 

In an instant, everyone stopped their attacks, and even the experts controlling the Fourth Killing Formation became quiet. They looked at that dao gate, wishing to see what kind of result there would be. 

A strand of blood silently flowed out from that gate. It released waves of light and began to look more and more holy, as if it could purify the souls of every giant here. 

However, quite a few individuals felt their minds go cold. That strand of blood’s aura seemed extremely familiar. It was precisely the heart blood of the expert that was just tossed in, and right now, it was actually trickling out from the gate. 

He seemed to be struggling and trying to break free, but then he became detached from this world. 

This blood actually released this type of strange fluctuation. Then, it became completely dim. Its essence scattered, and then it once again entered the gate. 

A vague and indistinct chanting of scriptures that sounded distant and detached from this world sounded once again, clearing the minds of those outside and making them enter a state of dao comprehension again, once again igniting their cultivations that had stopped advancing for so many years. 

The blood of a giant flowed out, and it made this gate even more holy and divine; this was a terrifying transformation. Everyone’s eyes rested on that stellar sea of unpredictable changes. This place sank into a state of silence. 

“I have already laid down the Fourth Killing Formation, so how can you escape?” The figure on the great bell spoke. He was seated atop the magical artifact with chaotic energy swirling around him, making him look rather unreal. His voice seemed to be sounded from the past. 

“I never had any intention of escaping. Now, I will invite everyone into this gate. Who is willing to journey with me together?” The Willow Deity asked. 

Since they didn’t want to leave, then they should enter the gate together; this was the Willow Deity’s intention. It was spoken calmly, yet it made others feel great restraining fear. It was too difficult to assess the Willow Deity’s methods. 

“Once the formation confronts each other, it will be difficult for the innocent to escape harm. Why don’t we select a different place?” The Willow Deity spoke again. 

In the sky, numerous willow leaves danced about. These leaves that shone as resplendently as stars then began to burn, bringing everything here with them as they surged upwards. Rumblings sounds ran through the air as this area entered the cracks of the void and entered the primal chaos. 

Everyone hesitated. It was trapped within the Fourth Killing Formation, yet it seemed to be bringing the entire formation with it into the primal chaos. Should they follow it?


This world immediately became quieter. All of the figures here disappeared, following it into the crack. They definitely didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity and wished to see this to the end. 

Even if they didn’t go into the gate, they could still watch from the distance. That Primordial Gate was extremely strange and terrifying, but it possessed great opportunities as well. 

The large cracks in this world began to disappear, because these were all irregularities brought down on this lower realm by the higher realms’ giants, and right now, they had vanished. 

The blood colored thunder and lightning in particular disappeared into nothingness. The wasteland region immediately became peaceful. The world became bright and clear, with the great red sun once again visible. 

On the great earth, the pressure all creatures were experiencing disappeared. Regardless of whether it was cultivators or mortals, they all released a breath of relief. Many people couldn’t see the truth, but they could still instinctively feel these changes. 

The world had cleared up. The dark clouds scattered, but Shi Hao still felt as if his heart was empty. He felt extremely sad and dejected.

They left just like that. The Willow Deity and the little pagoda would never return again, from here on out, separated. They might never meet again for all of eternity. 

Others might not be able to see the battle that had just taken place clearly, but that wasn’t true for him. It was because through the dual-pupil, he was able to see the entire scene for himself. His mind was greatly shaken. 

Yet he was still feeling such sadness right now. Was what laid behind that gate truly opportunities? He feared that the Willow Deity was throwing itself into flames and that he would never be able to see it again. 

He stood quietly on the imperial palace’s high platform alone until the stars and the lonely moon appeared. He still did not move. 

Only when the sun had risen again and the multicolored rosy clouds of morning cast down its splendor did he sigh softly. He walked down from the high platform, allowing himself to be bathed into the warm and holy golden multicolored radiance. 

One day, two days… there were still no signs of news or activity. He had no idea what ended up happening in that battle.

“The undying existence did not reappear. Could it be that this battle did not end yet?” Shi Hao said to himself softly. The final battle was an extremely major event, and its effects were far and widespread. 

Even if the sect masters descended into the lower realm, they still couldn’t stay for too long. Shi Hao was full of questions. Why did he still not hear definitive news?

Those undying great sects were also quite quiet. It was clear that they didn’t learn of the results either. Everything was extremely peaceful during these few days without much activity. 

For several days in succession, regardless of whether it was the wasteland region or other places like the mysterious region, it was as if they had entered the most peaceful period of time. There were no disturbances from anywhere. 

“Your majesty, fairy Yue Chan has appeared.” Peng Nine came to give a report. He was someone who understood the inner details. He had been under orders to carefully investigate and be on guard about the Heaven Mending Sect fairy’s activity, because this was a great enemy.

Now that he brought this type of information, Shi Hao’s attention was directed away from that final battle. 

“Where is she?”

“She is inside of Stone Country’s national border, on top of a mountain.” Peng Nine replied. 

“She is truly brave. Is she here to fight against me again?” Shi Hao asked. At the same time, he began to think to himself. Did the outside world all know that the Willow Deity and little pagoda were gone?

If that was the case, trouble might be stirring about. There were some who bore ill will against him, so they would definitely start moving. 

“She isn’t the only one. There are others too, for example, that witch has followed as well,” said Peng Nine. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. Then, he seemed to have understood something. 

Peng Nine gave a detailed report, and it confirmed his suspicions. 

Not only did Yue Chan’s main body appeared, there was also Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, Lan Yu, Shui Yue, and the other disciples from the higher realms. They all entered Stone Country’s borders together. To be more accurate, they were moving about the eight regions, and they had ended up in Stone Country’s borders. 

A white crow flew into Stone Capital while carrying a letter. It arrived outside the imperial capital. 

“A small piece of void beast bone?” Shi Hao was astonished. This was truly quite the extravagant style. This type of material was priceless. 

The white crow was sculpted from this type of beast bone and could pierce through the void. If it was used to send letters, it would be the quickest method. However, doing something like this was truly extravagant. 

“It seems like I still can’t run from this gathering.” Shi Hao said after looking through this letter.

Peng Nine advised against going. Right now, the outside world was dead calm, but a crisis might be brewing. It was unknown if the final part of the great calamity had truly ended, and too many things were still unknown. 

“Since it’s the great calamity, what difference does it make where I am? I believe in the Willow Deity, and I guess that fellow, the little pagoda, in the God Sealing Battle too.” Shi Hao said. 

“If you want to go, where wouldn’t you be able to go?” These were the Willow Deity’s words, but it was because it was powerful enough and didn’t fear anything. 

However, Shi Hao couldn’t act like that. However, the other party arrived in Stone Country and the distance from the imperial capital wasn’t far. After inviting him like this, if he still didn’t go, then he truly would be a bit lacking in boldness. 

“Who am I scared of?” Shi Hao’s expression became calm and indifferent.

Before leaving, he obviously would bring a few things with him. Even though he wasn’t scared, that didn’t mean he should go without preparations. There was no way he would willingly suffer inside the trap of another. 

Shi Hao left the imperial palace and proceeded for the mountain. Perhaps he might be able to understand a bit more about the secrets of this great calamity from the mouths of Xuan Ming, Shui Yue, the witch, and the others. 

Only, Yue Chan’s main body was at this gathering as well. It was unknown if they were going to face each other with smiles or if they would face off with swords. Something was definitely going to happen, however. 

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips curled upwards, exposing a grin. 

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