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Chapter 542 - Divine Bravery

Even though the spotlessly white pagoda was a type of bone in nature, it was sparkling and translucent like jade. 

The two pagoda bodies began to merge together, the areas where they made contact became white like fine jade. They became somewhat viscous, and then they ultimately merged together. This type of transformation was slow but firm.

Even though they had been separated for many years, they still combined into one. There was a type of instinctive connection between the two pagoda bodies that made them extremely close. Everything was heading in a good direction.

However, the Black Gold Sparrow, Reincarnation Wheel, zhang six golden body, and the others were still present. How could they watch calmly from the side? They were definitely going to interfere with this process. They all took action separately. 

The little pagoda became worried. It chanted a few scriptures. The pagoda body flowed with precious light, and then large amounts of symbols flew inside of it. It was absorbing the pagoda body that had been grasped by the Yin Yang Daoist for so long and increasing the fusing speed. 

The Willow Deity was naturally offering its support and resisting these individuals. An incomparably intense chaotic warfare immediately broke out. 

The reincarnation wheel moved. An expanse of mists flowed towards the Willow Deity. This was life and death energy that could send one into reincarnation. It was strange and powerful. 

Above the Willow Deity, that little tree shone in a sparkling and translucent manner. It began to neutralize the mist and cause it to scatter apart, preventing it from reaching the Willow Deity’s body.

Then, the reincarnation wheel’s owner didn’t seem to be in a rush to attack. It chanted sutras, and then within its palms and fingers, six types of natural laws became faintly discernible. It was as if they were opening up the heavens as they erupted together. 

The six streaks of divine light were astonishing, astonishing to the extent that others began to gasp. They all moved out of the way in fear of getting caught up within. 

“What a pity it is that it is damaged and not the true six dao profound mysteries.” The Willow Deity was shocked at first, but then it became calm again. Its hands formed an imprint, and then in front of if appeared a golden Kun Peng. It erupted with resplendent golden light before rushing over to blast apart those natural laws. 


Sword energy swept out. Immortal Heavenly Deity’s five elements magical bodies arrived again. Among them, the metal element magical body held a platinum sword in its hand that illuminated the skies. When it hacked down, sword energy sliced into the heavens. 


Willow Deity released a palm outwards. It quickly enlarged and even caused the space around it to collapse. When it landed on that sword, the platinum sword body trembled violently and a large amount of the sword energy’s symbols were obliterated. Its radiance grew dim. 

The Black Golden Sparrow cried out. Its entire body shone brightly. Hundreds to thousands of black feathers flew outwards. It was the most powerful spirit that was produced by this world, an existence produced by essence gold. Its feathers were naturally extremely sharp. 

Within clanking sounds, dao traces appeared all around the Willow Deity’s surroundings, crushing apart all of these black feathers. 

In that instant, the Willow Deity confronted several experts and met everyone head on, causing the battle energy of this place to surge into the heavens. It shook even the world beyond this region, leaving behind an utterly astonishing sight. 

If it was another existence in its place, they would have fallen a long time ago. After all, it was facing several giants simultaneously. 


A clear and cold bell ringing sound descended from the ninth heaven. The large bell was covered in symbols, and they sparkled brilliantly as they suppressed downwards. This was an extremely great threat. 

An indistinct figure stood atop the bell. Its eyes were deep, but when they opened and closed, sharp divine radiance shot out like electricity. 

It was clear that it was going to release a powerful attack. Just now, Willow Deity had ‘stolen food from the tiger’s mouth’, seizing the two layered pagoda from the inside of the bell. How could it have any good intentions towards the Willow Deity now?

This individual was extremely powerful, making quite a few giants feel restraining fear. When they saw how powerful and vicious it was, quite a few of them backed up in retreat and chose to watch the battle for now instead. 

Hua la!

Above the Willow Deity’s head, a foot tall little tree shone. It was emerald green and replete with moisture. It reached out hundreds to thousands of branches to face the great bell. 


At this moment, what rang wasn’t a clear and melodious bell sound, but instead a thunderous explosion. The two collided intensely, as if a great flood was surging into the heavens. 

The hundreds to thousands of branches struck the body of the bell. This was a ferocious confrontation of power. They were like countless green divine spears. Blazing radiance erupted and keng qiang sounds filled the air. 

Indents appeared on the bell one after another. Everyone began to tremble inwardly. That was a legendary supreme treasure, yet it was struck until it ended up like that. 

One could see how terrifying the magical artifact, the little tree, was. It could actually confront the unmatched precious bell. 

Symbols appeared on the bell’s body, and the sounds of scriptures rang through the end. The depressions continuously bounced back out, restoring it to its original state. It wasn’t destroyed. 

At the same time, the great bell released a long and drawn out sound. Ripples diffused outwards one after another. They were even more terrifying than a heavenly sword and could hack down the stars beyond this region. However, when they landed on those willow branches, they didn’t bring about the type of result everyone was expecting. 

The little tree swayed. Hundreds to thousands of branches retreated. Every single one of them was shining so brightly that they were almost transparent. 

The inch tall little tree suspended above the Willow Deity’s head. It was surging with vitality and releasing chaotic energy. It seemed to be engraved in the void. Immortal light continuously diffused from it to resist the fluctuations of the bell. 

Was this a supreme treasure that was comparable to the great bell? Everyone became fearful!

Dark light flickered. The Black Gold Sparrow cried out. It beat its wings, bringing chaotic energy with it as it rushed towards the little pagoda. 

Meanwhile, the others also took action. When they saw that the one that possessed the first spiritual root had stopped the Willow Deity, a few giants took action together to seize the pure white pagoda body. 

The little pagoda cried out, “I’m almost there, help me stop them!”

When this most critical moment was reached, it couldn’t escape or evade. It could only suspend itself in its original location, so it was in extreme danger. 

A weng sounded. The foot tall little tree flew over. The emerald green branch was tender and swirling with brilliant radiance. It descended, protecting the little pagoda within. 

Everyone was astonished. The Willow Deity was currently in confrontation with the great bell and its master, yet it decided to abandon its supreme treasure. This truly was a type of great confidence, but it would definitely be in danger now. 

As expected, the great bell that rang incessantly began to quickly enlarge. It suppressed down from the heavens. 

In addition, right at this moment, the indistinct figure on the bell sat down. It activated the bell to have it collide with the Willow Deity. The sound of a great storm erupted, a noise brought about by symbols. 

This entire world was collapsing. The sun and moon began to tremble back and forth!

The bell grew increasingly large. Multicolored light erupted, surrounding this place. It turned into a great domain of isolation, trapping the Willow Deity within itself. 

“Yi, is there going to be a result?” Many people cried out in astonishment. At the same time, they shivered, sighing in admiration inwardly towards how haven defying the great bell’s owner was. They all felt fearful towards this individual. 

The great bell descended, completely surrounding the Willow Deity. It released all types of symbol light and began a refinement process to kill the Willow Deity. It released terrifying fluctuations and shook the lower realm. 

Everyone could clearly feel just how formidable that bell was. An expanse of scriptures appeared on the bell’s surface; it was going to refine the Willow Deity. 

Once one was surrounded by this bell, all would fall without exception. 

However, this time, an exception appeared. A mysterious force circulated within the bell. The figure within was so bright and resplendent that even the walls of this bell almost became transparent. An undying force erupted. 


Everyone was greatly shocked. They could see that palm imprints appear one after another on the bell walls. Willow Deity was brandishing his palms on its surface, and the divine might it released was without equal. 

The chanting of scriptures and sacrifices the bell released was immediately interrupted. The bell’s body continuously deformed. There were palm imprints and finger imprints everywhere. It was as if its walls were starting to become soft. 

“This was a supreme treasure that flew out from the mysterious area. Could it be that it is going to be destroyed?” There were some that were incomparably bewildered. 

In the higher realms, there were countless races, but these millions and millions of creatures only took up a tenth of the vast and boundless higher realms. The mysterious area occupied ninety percent of the higher realms, and it was extremely difficult for anyone to even set foot inside. 

Countless years ago, this bell had flown out from that mysterious area. 

There were too many mysteries and unknown things about it. There were two characters on this bell’s body that contained the meaning of the dao. One was ‘none’, and the other was too indistinct to make out. 

“Alright, this great one has recovered!” With a great shout, the little pagoda rushed up. It surged with endless divine radiance and shook free from several giants. 

At the same time, the little tree above it began to sway as well. Its green surface turned golden and flourished with incomparable brilliance. Then, branches rushed in all directions to attack everywhere. 

The inch tall golden tree erupted with endless symbols. This place erupted into chaos!

Meanwhile, the great bell was blasted to the side by the Willow Deity, freeing itself. It called over that little tree, and it began to suspend itself over its head once again. 

In that instant, the situation quickly changed. 

“Black Gold Sparrow, since you dare go after my true body, see how I deal with you!” The little pagoda cried out. Its body released symbols and chased after the Black Gold Sparrow with incomparably great power. 

The base of the pagoda was empty like a mouth. It unexpectedly began to pursue and tear at the Black Gold Sparrow with kengchi kengchi sounds. This left everyone stunned. 

After the little pagoda merged with its two layered body, it truly became powerful. It possessed extreme speed and controlled space. No matter how the Black Gold Sparrow fought back, it was always surrounded again. 

Wuwu sounds shook through the skies. The Black Gold Sparrow was furious. It did everything it could to resist, but it was still not the little pagoda’s match in the end. In addition, it couldn’t even escape. It fiercely flapped its wings. A single flap of its wings could directly take it outside this region, yet right now, it was as if it had sank into a swamp. 

This was the little pagoda’s power, space restriction. It binded the Black Gold Sparrow and continuously chased after it while frantically biting down. 

The giants were stunned. Was this still a pagoda?

The little pagoda feasted on it. Black feathers flew everywhere as kengqiang sounds rang out continuously. One has to know that this spirit was born from black gold ore, so its feathers and other materials were all exceptional divine materials. 

For the little pagoda who was crazy about divine materials, this was simply a great gift. 

Soon afterwards, half of the Black Gold Sparrow was devoured, and most of its feathers had fallen off. Its body was pitch black, leaving it furious and humiliated. This was extreme shame and humiliation!

When the Willow Deity saw this scene from the other side, it felt free of worries. It erupted with unequalled divine might!

That great bell was suppressed. It was directly blasted away by the unrivaled magical imprint made of one hand pointing at the heavens and one hand pointing at the great earth. Bell fluctuations surged like a tsunami. 

Meanwhile, the existence on top of the bell jumped up. It suffered a tremendous amount of pressure as well. Its sleeves turned into ashes and its body trembled. Its expression immediately changed. 

From a certain perspective, this bell was even more important than the giants. Its origins were mysterious and it was matchless in power. It was hard to destroy and known as a supreme treasure. If ranked in the higher realms’ most powerful weapons, it would at the very least be within the top three. 

Western Sect’s master slaughtered over. Its entire body was golden as it reached out a thousand hands. They all moved about, forming the thousand hand golden body. This scene was just too frightening. 

The Willow Deity’s body shone. Golden willow branches surged to withstand it. It formed a thousand divine chains of order and erupted with endless light. It blasted that zhang six golden body backwards in retreat. 

“In the heavens above and earth below, I am the sole sovereign!”

Western Sect’s master chanted the true speech. One hand pointed towards heaven and one towards earth, forming its most powerful magical imprint. It was similar to the matchless imprint the Willow Deity formed not too long ago.


Willow Deity took action. The hand movements were similar, but the great dao was different. The two individuals confronted each other with great power. 

Western Sect master’s golden body grew dim, and he began to stagger backwards. 


A streak of sword light rippled over. The ox mounted expert hacked down with his immortal sword. This attack was incomparably terrifying, containing great divine might as it hacked down. 


Willow Deity's fingers moved. They were like ten rainbows that pierced through the moon. 

The divine rainbows were brilliant and resplendent as they interweaved with the immortal sword. With a qiang sound, the Willow Deity’s pure white fingers struck down on the sword’s edge. A nick unexpectedly appeared on this chaotic magical artifact!

Everyone was astonished. They knew that this sword was ranked eleventh within the weapons of the higher realms!

The green ox roared loudly. It received the shockwaves of this attack which caused one of its horns to be smashed apart. If not for the middle-aged expert riding on it doing everything he could in defense, the green ox would have inevitably been blasted apart. 

Everyone was shocked. During this series of confrontations, the Willow Deity’s bravery was unmatched. It continuously blasted apart three great experts! It had the unequalled attitude of standing above the ninth heaven!

The fourth individual attacked. The leaves around the Willow Deity fluttered about. The endless willow leaves turned into divine blades that shone with incomparable brilliance. They were like stars as they flickered about and hacked over. 

“Ah…” That individual cried out loudly. He wasn’t that lucky. The space between its brows was pierced through, causing it to die on the spot. 

On the other side, the Black Gold Sparrow cried out loudly. After having half its body devoured by the little pagoda, the remaining half wanted to rush out and escape from this place. 

The Willow Deity reached out a finger, and then a streak of divine light flew out. With a pu sound, it was blasted to pieces in midair. Black gold fragments scattered downwards, causing the little pagoda to cry in pain continuously, feeling that it was truly a waste. 


Immortal Heavenly Deity appeared again. In the end, Willow Deity took the initiative to face him head on, and both sides quickly crossed swords. Then, Willow Deity’s fingers and palms flew past, and with a pu sound, a head flew outwards. Another one of Immortal Heavenly Deity’s five elements body was killed. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity was incredibly scared now. It turned around and immediately fled. It didn’t wish for its life to end here. 

A golden divine vine emerged that took root in the void. It curled around Willow Deity and erupted with the energy of the great dao. 

Everyone was astonished. The Sun God Vine had unexpectedly arrived as well! This was an extremely powerful figure from the higher realms, yet in the end, it wasn’t the Willow Deity’s match. With a wave of the Willow Deity’s sparkling white palms, the golden vine was snapped with a pu sound. 

Miserable screams sounded. The Sun God Vine backed off and directly returned to the higher realms. 

When the Willow Deity attacked, its bravery was unmatched. 

The indistinct figure standing on top of the mysterious great bell stood up. When it raised its hand, symbols covered the void. Formation banners fluttered about. 


Immediately afterwards, chaotic energy in the surroundings surged. A boundless great formation appeared, suppressing heaven and earth. 

At the same time, two giants took action as well. They brought out formation banners to complement this formation. They wanted to trap the Willow Deity and kill him here. 

“Fourth Killing Formation!” The little pagoda cried out in astonishment. 

The Willow Deity opened up an area in the void. A hazy primordial gate emerged to resist the power of the Fourth Killing Formation. 

“Everyone, please return to the higher realms. There is no need for me to send you off again!” The Willow Deity said. 

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