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Chapter 541 - War of Giants

The Yin Yang Daoist was impermeable to fire and water as if his body was entirely made of metal. A single will would travel through the universe, and not even time could cut him down. His flesh was powerful to the extreme, yet right now, his body was disintegrating!

One of the Willow Deity’s hands pointed towards the heavens while the other pointed towards the great earth, forming a magical imprint that seemed to have been made by heaven. They slowly merged together and swirled with the unmatched energy of the great dao as they blasted him apart!

One has to understand that the Yin Yang Daoist had cultivated for endless years, a member of the oldest generation still in existence. His power was incomparably great, leaving all great sects feeling restraining fear. In the end, however, he was killed just like that. 

Scarlet multicolored light scattered. A black and white little figure rushed out to escape. This was the Yin Yang Daoist’s primordial spirit. It was wrapped within both Yin and Yang energies and was unexpectedly not immediately obliterated. 

However, regardless of how immortal and difficult he was to kill throughout the endless years, right now, he was like a fish inside of a dried up lake. As soon as he leapt out, he fell again. His body began to crack apart. 

The power of Willow Deity’s magical imprint was still there. The shockwaves of the attack continued to ripple outwards, and in the end, this struggling primordial spirit exploded on the spot, scattering into black and white energy. 

A grudge held against such a powerful figure ended just like that. Both his body and soul were wiped out!

The moment his flesh exploded, this result was already set in stone. 

Everyone was trembling. The Yin Yang Daoist that had shocked the people of both past and present fell just like that, dying in the lower realm. No one had expected this result.

In that instant, several people took action, rushing forward to snatch the two layer pagoda. That was a supreme treasure that was now without an owner. 

The little pagoda was furious. This was part of its own body that had been lost during the archaic battle. It was now a good opportunity to merge with it again, so how could it let others get their hands on it?

It lightly trembled. Its pure white pagoda body became bright and translucent, and chaotic sword energy swept out towards those individuals. Trying to seize its pagoda body was the same as fighting to the death against it. 

A golden body emerged. A hand slapped downwards, colliding with the chaotic sword energy. Dang dang sounds rang out and sparks flew everywhere. Everyone was greatly shaken. This was the zhang six golden body the Western Sect master cultivated. 

He reached out a hand and grabbed towards the two layer pagoda body, and as a result encountered this chaotic sword energy. One has to understand that a single one of these sword energies was enough to slice open the wasteland region. 


With a sway of the little pagoda, chaotic sword energy rushed into the heavens. Stars beyond this region were hacked down. They fell down one after another, creating an absolutely astonishing scene. 


Several dozen black feathers emerged and shot up into the heavens. These enormous and incomparably sharp feathers turned into the shape of swords to resist the chaotic sword energy. 

This was a black little bird that was only a foot long. Dark light swirled about it, as if it was a black sun. The divine feathers it activated were incomparably sharp. When they collided with the chaotic sword intent, ear-splitting keng qiang sounds rang through the air. 

“Black Gold Sparrow!” The little pagoda roared angrily. 

This was a rather strange bird. It didn’t have a flesh body, but was instead an existence that was born from black gold ore. It was an extremely powerful spirit that was born from heaven and earth, and its power shook the higher realms. 

The black gold bird rushed up and reached out a pair of claws to grab towards the two layer little pagoda. 

The little pagoda was shocked and furious. It lacked the power to overtake the zhang six golden body right now. The Western Sect master, one of the most powerful individuals of the higher realms, was blocking its path right now. 


The Black Gold Sparrow and zhang six golden body clashed. A claw and palm collided, both of them wishing to obtain the two layer pagoda body. Ferocious power exploded between the two individuals and flourishing radiance erupted. 

Western Sect master emitted the energy of the great dao. His entire body was burning with golden light as he towered in the sky like a great sun. Meanwhile, the Black Gold Sparrow was releasing an ear-splitting cry that sounded like metal being grinded together. It flapped its wings with all of its power, sending its black feathers flying outwards. The sword energy around them streaked across the sky like rainbows. However, it still suffered a loss in the end and was blasted away by the zhang six golden body. The black gold feathers were damaged and blood flowed out. 

This was without a doubt a chaotic battle!

They weren’t the only ones that were taking action. The others were going to make their moves as well. 


Chaotic energy surged. A magical artifact suppressed downwards, releasing endless light that surrounded the two layered pagoda body. 

Another great figure joined the fight. It activated a divine disk, and even though it was damaged, its power was astonishing. This object was a supreme treasure, and it wasn’t the first time it made its appearance. 

In the Void God Realm, Shi Hao had once fought a great battle against the male wrapped within flames. The treasure he possessed was a corner of this disk. 

When the great calamity descended for the first time, this disk had also made an appearance, suppressing all living things with its power. It really was mysterious and powerful. Even though it was quite damaged, it was still enough to make powerful figures feel apprehensive. 

“Reincarnation disk!” The little pagoda was startled. 

It knew that the indistinct figure was definitely not a simple figure. The disk it held could open a world of life or death and make all living things experience reincarnation. It was extremely terrifying. 

It trembled lightly. Tens of thousands of creatures appeared on the pagoda’s body, for example, the Taotie, Golden Crow, Pixiu, and others. They all turned into dao traces before pouncing towards that indistinct figure. 

It knew that no matter who ended up getting their hands on this two layered pagoda body, it couldn’t be the one that possessed the reincarnation wheel. If it did, it would sink into a state of reincarnation and become completely unrecoverable. 

At this moment, a Taotie roared and devoured all living things, a Golden Crow took to the skies and shone like a sun… The little pagoda was going mad. It shook off the Black Gold Sparrow and leapt past the zhang six golden body. 


It smashed together with the reincarnation disk, and the two of them were shaken endlessly. 

Inside the chaotic energy, a golden crow roared, a taotie roared angrily… they confronted the figure that held the reincarnation wheel. This place erupted with chaos. 

The Willow Deity wasn’t watching from the side with folded arms. It was being blocked by a few individuals right now. An expert that was riding an ox slowly descended. On his back was an immortal sword that was surrounded by auspicious multicolored light. He emitted an incredibly intimidating aura. 

The ox was moving quite slowly. It had its projected image cut down during the last battle. The individual on its back didn’t take action and instead released a strange aura that was extremely powerful. 

In addition, Immortal Heavenly Deity’s remaining three true bodies moved as well. It was as if three experts were attacking together as he made his move. This time, he wasn’t in a rush to end the battle quickly and began to hinder his opponent. 

Of course, there was still another great threat, and it was the great bell that emerged from the ninth heaven. It took aim at the Willow Deity and suppressed downwards. 

The magical force of this bell’s owner was matchless. You have to understand that during the great calamity, it had killed many giants from the higher realms all for the sake of obtaining some supreme precious blood to water the spiritual root. 

It was the owner of the higher realms’ first spiritual root. Just its identity alone was enough to prove its might. It was definitely one of the most powerful creatures here. 

The bell released ripples outwards that contained primal chaos. A tremendous pressure quietly surrounded this place. 

At this moment, the little pagoda had already went mad. It had already erupted with all of its power and became similar to a taboo emperor that controlled the heavens. It led the Taotie, Golden Crow, and others to viciously attack the reincarnation disk. 

Suddenly, the boundless chanting of sutras rang through the air. The zhang six golden body pushed aside the Black Gold Sparrow and rushed forward, grabbing the two layer pagoda with a single motion. 

The other individuals immediately released soft grunts. The Black Golden Sparrow attacked the skies and swooped down murderously towards the Western Sect master. Meanwhile, the indistinct figure that controlled the reincarnation disk also took action. It abandoned the little pagoda and gave chase as well. 

The little pagoda could see its own body before its eyes, yet it couldn’t recover it and merge with it. Anger stirred within it. It shattered the void and pressed forward. 

Apart from this, the others were also moved. The ox mounted expert drew his sword and hacked outwards. The great bell in the sky rang in a long and drawn out manner before releasing a beam of resplendent divine light. 


Western Sect master was shocked. That two layered pagoda body actually broke free from his grasp, preventing him from capturing it. Yin and yang energies surged with incomparable power. If not for his golden undying body that was known as one of the world’s sturdiest and most powerful body techniques, his palm would have exploded just now. 

The two layer pagoda body had a spirit, and it quickly slid out from his palm. 

“Return!” The little pagoda was astonished. It began to call it back. 

However, the pagoda body’s will didn’t listen to the summoning. With a ferocious tremble, it shattered the void to escape. 


Suddenly, Five Phase Mountain flew over and suppressed downwards, striking the two layered pagoda body. 

At the same time, the other experts also took action, releasing their natural laws towards the pagoda body. They wanted to wipe out its will of resistance and take it for their own. 

The Yin Yang Daoist had already died. This supreme treasure was a masterless object, so now was a good time to seize it. 

In that instant, six streaks of light landed on its body, finally scattering the resisting will. No matter how powerful it was, it still couldn’t endure this attack. 

The little pagoda wasn’t worried, because that wasn’t its will anyway. When that part had separated from its body, it stored its true spirit inside its four layered pagoda body. That will should just be a soul that the Yin Yang Daoist nurtured inside of the pagoda. 

“Now is the time!” The Willow Deity transmitted. It was going to lend its assistance towards the little pagoda. The two layered pagoda’s true spirit had been scattered, so now was a great chance to merge with the pagoda. 

However, right now was the most chaotic time as well. Everyone took action, and even the great bell in the sky descended. They possessed the power to reign supreme for tens of thousands of years!


The Willow Deity pushed aside all those beside it. Its entire body shone, and then spheres of light emerged one after another. Three thousand worlds surfaced and countless voices of sacrifices being offered sounded. 

These were paths it had walked before, as well as the ‘dao’ it had previously experienced. When these were merged together, the power that resulted surpassed both the ancient and present!

Battle clothes fluttered about. Willow Deity directly slaughtered forward. Three thousand worlds surfaced and burned with undying immortal light. They supported its body into the heavens, bringing it above everyone else. 

The most powerful fluctuations began to diffuse from the Willow Deity who was at the center. They reached towards the two layered pagoda body to help the little pagoda. 

However, there were a few others that were extremely powerful as well, for example, the zhang six golden body and owner of the reincarnation wheel. They were extremely terrifying. 

Of course, the one that posed the greatest threat right now was the great bell, because it was the closest. The bell’s opening shone, and it was about to absorb the two layered pagoda body inside. 

Willow Deity’s white clothes fluttered about. It reached out a hand and struck outwards, sending out sparkling white palm imprints one after another. They were like true palms as they landed on the bell’s walls. 


Bell ripples dispersed outwards, releasing astonishing sounds that made everyone tremble endlessly. This wasn’t a normal bell, and it was currently the supreme treasure in the best condition. Its background was astonishing as well. 

Willow Deity’s sparkling palm smacked outwards, and all of them landed on that bell’s body. What was frightening was that the surface of the great bell began to cave in again and again, and these were all traces of palms. 

At this moment, everyone was shocked. This extraordinary and indestructible bell was unexpectedly damaged by someone until its surface became uneven! This was just too horrifying!

Willow Deity’s power exceeded everyone’s expectations. They all began to reassess his strength!

The bell’s body was attacked, leaving it incomparably shaken. The ripples that it released possessed supreme natural laws. Around it, many people backed up in retreat to avoid being swept through. 


The ringing of the bell shook the world. Its fluctuations travelled beyond this region, crushing a few meteorites into pieces. It was a terrifying scene. 

Fortunately, even though there were depressions on the bell’s surface, its shape was restored again soon after and it didn’t suffer damage. The walls of the bell could still be restored. 

With a hong sound, heaven and earth swayed. A figure descended from the heavens and landed on the bell’s body. The individual activated the great bell and suppressed downwards, collecting the two layered pagoda inside. 

Two characters appeared on the great bell, one of them was a distinct ‘none’ character. Intimidating rumbling sounds rang out incessantly. 

A few individuals backed up in retreat, feeling great fear towards this bell. 

Willow Deity’s white clothes danced about. Its style was unmatched as it walked forward. The foot long lush and green divine tree that suspended above its head released several dozen branches into the bell’s opening. 


Under the intense trembling, the Willow Deity seemed to be stealing food from a tiger’s mouth as it directly seized the two layered pagoda body from within the great bell. 

“Fuse with it!”

The Willow Deity returned it to the little pagoda. 

The little pagoda became extremely excited. Sparkling white splendor scattered down, merging with the two layered pagoda body. Hazy chaotic energy flowed about. 

“Wait until I merge with it. Then, let’s see who dares to oppose me!”

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