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Chapter 540 - Unequalled Willow Deity

Inside the imperial palace, Willow Deity turned into human form. A green and lush willow branch that was only a foot tall suspended about its head, scattering down chaotic energy to protect its body. 

It was about to leave. Its eyes swirled with radiance. Divine images unexpectedly appeared one after another that looked like the past, but like the future as well. Too many mysteries were contained within them. 

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. What was this foretelling? The current Willow Deity was incredibly aloof and detached from the rest of the world. Its brilliant smile was extremely free and carefree, and its eyes seemed to reflect both past and future. 

“Willow Deity!” Shi Hao’s voice was trembling. He knew that they were going to separate today, right at this moment. His heart was filled with unwillingness. 

White clothes fluttered about. The Willow Deity was as extraordinary as a true immortal. Step by step, it walked out from the imperial palace, its eyes gazing high into the sky. It was finally going to leave the world of mortals and tread on its own path. 

Gods were howling and devils were shouting. This entire world was going to turn in reverse, as if they were headed towards the legendary archaic era when deities and mortals lived together and tens of thousands of creatures strived for supremacy!

The heavens split apart. Accompanied with the sounds of thunder, all types of creatures emerged. The ordinary people on the ground were all trembling and looking up in disbelief. They then fell weak onto the ground. 

These were all legendary creatures. They could also be called gods and devils. 

Everyone was deeply shaken. They were then greatly alarmed!


Another violent trembling sound tore through the air. A large crack extended out in the sky. The heavens shattered, and dense yin mists rushed out. 

In the sky, a large golden river erupted. All types of skeletons and corpses floated along, unknown as to where they were headed. 

A torrent of yellow water surged, bringing with it great yin energy. 

“It’s the yellow springs of the underworld!” An elder cried out loudly. 

Forget mortals, even cultivators were shaken with great fear. Were the divine legends of the great beginning about to reappear? The yellow springs were flowing backwards from a different realm! This was going to turn the wasteland region into a realm of the dead!”

Blood colored lightning interweaved and hacked about above the yellow rivers. This strange scene shocked everyone greatly. They all felt as if the end of the world was arriving. 

“It links up to an area of underworld earth. Are they trying to destroy the wasteland region?” The little pagoda said. 

Based on its speculations, there were some old individuals at the end of their lifespans that were going to completely go crazy. If they couldn’t find those natural opportunities in the lower realm this time, then they could only wait for death to come. 

A figure ascended into the sky and reached the great yellow river with a single step. White clothes fluttered about as if it was riding the winds. It turned into the immortal Willow Deity and made its move!

A sparkling white palm streaked across the yin energy that filled the skies. Black mist surged, and everything was scattered at this moment. The yellow waters also flew back in reverse, returning to the higher realms. 

“You dare!”

A roar sounded. A silver existence that was swirling with chaotic energy emerged. On its back was a pair of spotlessly white flesh wings; it was a chaotic corpse. 

Behind it, dark clouds surged and yin spirits roared angrily. A boundless piece of underworld earth emerged, and it was about to collide with the wasteland region. 

The Willow Deity met it head on. He sent a palm outwards, and the brilliant spiritual essence completely scattered the endless black mist. The enormous piece of black underworld earth trembled in response before rumbling and cracking apart. 

“Ghost World Disk!” 

With a hong sound, the black colored underworld earth cracked apart, and from within rushed out a black disk. This black disk formed a stark contrast with the Willow Deity’s silvery white body.

The black disk was contaminated with a lot of blood, and blood continuously flowed down from its surface. This was accumulated from endless years, and it contained the will and resentment of countless creatures. 

Weng. The precious disk suppressed downwards. It released a thick aura of death and was accompanied with chaotic energy. It was incomparably powerful, and at this moment, the entire wasteland region was trembling and on the verge of collapse. 

The Willow Deity pointed with a finger. Green light shot out like a rainbow, blasting the precious disk apart. As it reached beyond this region, the stars seemed to have become dim. It was unknown what kind of destructive damage this attack brought forth!

The chaotic corpse was shocked. How could its magical artifact that had been refined for countless years be struck flying just like that?


He released a cry, summoning that black precious disk back. It joined up with the underworld earth, and then it erupted with an endless aura of death before smashing together towards the Willow Deity. 

The chaotic corpse swooped down together with the underground earth and precious disk to kill the Willow Deity. It used all of its strength to decide this battle immediately. 

When one reached their levels of cultivation realms, sometimes, there wasn’t a need for several hundred exchanges. The battles would oftentimes end with just a single thought, deciding who was superior and who was inferior!

He knew that there were still others around him from the higher realms that were also going to deal with the Willow Deity. As such, he didn’t hold anything back. The other side definitely felt some restraining fear and wouldn’t go all out. 


The Willow Deity continued to stand tall there without moving. However, it erupted with blazing divine might, and in an instant, a hundred and eight branches rushed out from its body. 

Every single branch was golden in color and shining brilliantly, including its buds and leaves. They were divine and dazzling, as if they were a hundred and eight divine chains of order. 


The chaotic corpse was stupefied. He found that he had already been penetrated and had no way of defending against this attack. There were empty holes all around his magical artifact, and the underworld earth directly exploded!

A hundred and eight golden branches pierced through the precious disk and underworld earth, and then all of them pierced straight through the chaotic corpse’s body that was known as sturdy and undying!

“Impossible! My body isn’t much weaker than even the zhang six golden body!” He cried out loudly. 


The hundred and eight branches trembled, and the chaotic corpse separated before shattering into pieces. All of the mists were scattered and completely purified. Only the golden branches could be seen there. 

This ended too quickly, and this entire process was too tyrannical! The Willow Deity’s full powered attack directly blasted apart a giant from the higher realms, and a chaotic corpse fell just like that!

You have to understand that creatures like the chaotic corpse were extremely terrifying. Their flesh was undying and they were incredibly powerful! Contained within them was endless deathly energy. If one were to be infected by this energy, their flesh would be corrupted and their cultivation skills would suffer greatly. 

“This…” Even the little pagoda was left speechless. 

In the void, several great cracks quickly closed. The individuals that were watching behind the scenes appeared. They never expected the Willow Deity to be so stunning, directly eliminating its opponent with a single strike!

This left them all horrified. That was a sect master level figure, so how could he be killed as soon as it descended?!


A streak of sword energy tore through the skies. Platinum colored rays of light flickered resplendently in the sky, lighting up the world with their brilliance as they hacked over with exceptional sharpness. The one that attacked was an incomparably handsome youth. In his hands was a heavenly sword, and this was the weapon that hacked down. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity had arrived. However, compared to before, his eyes were colder, as if they were made of metal. 


Willow Deity reached out a finger, and this finger alone unexpectedly blasted apart the glorious divine sword and forced Immortal Heavenly Deity back. 


Emerald green light flickered. A heaven connecting tree descended, and above this ancient tree was also a young individual. This individual began to suppress towards the Willow Deity as well. 

“Yi?!” The little pagoda’s expression changed. Then, it cried out ‘not good’. 

That youth was completely identical to Immortal Heavenly Deity, only, this one was shining with green light and was one with the ancient tree. It possessed a powerful type of vitality. 

“Immortal Heavenly Deity’s five elements body has come. It will be hard to eliminate him now!” The little pagoda was incredibly shocked. 

“Its one of his incarnations?” Shi Hao asked.

“No, they are all true bodies. Some say that Immortal Heavenly Deity are five people, but there are others that say that he grasps the five elements, so he has five lives.” The little pagoda’s expression became incomparably brave and it no longer hesitated. It soared into the air to join the battle. 

It was because it knew that Immortal Heavenly Deity was quite strange. Apart from being extremely powerful,  he was hard to kill as well. When all five individuals moved out together, there was a type of unrivaled power!

Shi Hao gasped. He knew that the little pagoda was going to leave like this as well and would never return. Another one left just like that. 

In the sky, the area between Willow Deity’s brows shone. Three thousand words immediately appeared in his surroundings, and every single world was like a resplendent sphere. They began to burn furiously and surround that ancient tree. 


Sword energy shocked the skies. Flames overflowed into the heavens, earthen energy surged, and true water poured out like a sea. The enormous tree rushed over, and in that instant, five youths emerged. They simultaneously attacked the Willow Deity. The five elements swirled about, splitting heaven and earth apart!

Before the little pagoda was able to get closer, someone stopped it. Western Sect master’s golden body appeared. 

In addition, other figures appeared to assist Immortal Heavenly Deity and suppress the Willow Deity. They could sense a tremendous wave of pressure. Willow Deity’s attack that blasted apart the chaotic corpse left everyone feeling extremely uneasy. 


Suddenly, around the Willow Deity’s body, sparkling and resplendent leaves fluttered about. They changed from a dark green to a golden color, and then they formed Kun Pengs one after another. All of them spread their wings and took to the skies. 

“Not good!”

Someone cried out loudly and quickly took action. Meanwhile, Immortal Heavenly Deity’s body also trembled. He quickly attacked, covering this area with the energy of five elements!

Being able to operate the precious technique to this level could be considered a dazzling and world-shattering accomplishment. Every single leaf turned into a Kun Peng, and inside of the golden color were black patterns. How terrifying was this?

You have to understand that a Kun Peng taking to the sky was shocking enough by it self. The Willow Deity immediately displayed this power, and even though they weren’t true Kun Pengs, when there were so many, it was definitely a terrifying scene!

Shi Hao sighed in admiration. His eyes were shining brilliantly. So there was actually this way of using it as well! It made him see an even more vast world, as if many things became clear at once. His heart began to yearn for this type of power. 

During this terrifying confrontation, inside of the chaotic light and under the cries of Kun Pengs and Immortal Heavenly Deity’s screams, a rain of blood poured down. A figure was obliterated, and then another figure exploded. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity backed up in retreat. In the end, only three figures remained. Two of them died on the spot. 

Up in the sky, there was a brief moment of peace. Then, several streaks of figures continuously emerged, all of them incomparably dignified and imposing. Chaotic energy wrapped around these individuals, and every single one of them had eyes that seemed to have witness the great changes of time. 

They didn’t say anything. The little pagoda, however, released strange cries. He broke free from the zhang six precious body and rushed into the heavens after clearly recognizing one of them. 

Above that individual’s head was a two layered pagoda that was as white as jade. It surrounded this individual and protected him below. It seemed extremely powerful. 

“The one that erased one of my divine countries was you?” Willow Deity spoke up. 

“It was hindering my inheritance.” That daoist spoke. The two layer pagoda formed the yin and yang, scattering down these two energies. 

“A battle to settle everything!” Willow Deity spoke. 

What was unusual was that this time, no one walked up and only watched from the side. It was because this daoist was extremely powerful and terrifying. He had made an enemy of many people in the higher realms. This individual that was known as the Yin Yang Daoist had lived for an extremely long time. 

The battle broke out. The Yin Yang Daoist pressed forward. The pagoda above its head flowed with two energies, suppressing heaven and earth!

The little pagoda released a strange cry. It directly rushed upwards to face the two-layered pagoda. It was going to seize it back. 

The daoist didn’t seem to mind, because just moving alone was enough to collapse the space around him. His flesh was powerful to an inconceivable level. He took the initiative to attack the Willow Deity. 


In that instant, he collided fiercely more than ten times against the Willow Deity. This was an incredibly violent and ferocious battle. 

At that moment, everyone’s eyelids were jumping. The Yin Yang Daoist was too powerful, and it could even be said that he was a figure of the oldest generation. Its reputation was well-deserved as expected. 

The two figures intertwined and exchanged attacks intensely. A moment later, divine light burned furiously within Yin Yang Daoist’s eyes before shooting out two terrifying beams. One was pitch black, and the other was pure white. They blasted apart heaven and earth. 

At this moment meteors began to fall from the sky. They were all shaken down from the great shockwaves of this battle!

Willow Deity’s white clothes fluttered about. Its hands formed an imprint. One hand pointed at the heavens, while one hand pointed at the great earth. Then, they slowly moved together. The stars of the heavens appeared, and then they vanished between its hands. 

A hong sound erupted. An eternal radiance shot out from the combined magical imprint. 


Accompanied with an angry roar, the Yin Yang Daoist exploded. Bloody light surged and scarlet multicolored light scattered apart. 

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