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Chapter 538 - Seventy-Two Transformations

It was early in the morning. Golden resplendent sunlight scattered downwards. 

Shi Hao’s sparkling and translucent body sat under the willow tree at the front of the village. After sitting for an entire night, he didn’t feel tired at all. After hearing about so many secrets, spiritual essences swirled around him as if he was meditating. 

“Time to get up and cultivate!” A few children ran outwards. They woke up quite early and took the initiative to head for the front of the village. They then began to train under the multicolored lights of morning. 

Shi Hao opened his eyes. When he saw them, he thought of how he was when he was a child and couldn’t help but smile. In the past, they were also like this, working hard in the morning. 

The children cultivated while sneaking looks towards him. If not for Shi Linhu supervising them, they would have already ran over a long time ago. 

Shi Hao’s heart was peaceful. This type of ordinary and simple life was extremely good. Unfortunately, he had already departed on his own journey and could not return. He had his own path, so he could not stay inside of Stone Village for a long period of time. 

In the following few days, Shi Hao fulfilled his promise, teaching Purple Cloud, Big Peng, Little Green and the others all types of divine bird precious techniques to help them become stronger. 

The very first precious technique he learned was obtained from them, and this was what he used to press forward. Only through this technique was he able to obtain his current accomplishments. 

An altar had been built in the middle of Stone Village. It swirled with golden luster. It was clearly made out of jade, yet it looked like it was made of metal. This was created by the Willow Deity, with the greatest quality materials. It also had carved engravings on it, so one could vaguely sense chaotic energy seeping out from it. When this altar emerged, this entire world seemed to be a bit different. 

Village Chief Shi Yunfeng sighed. The Willow Deity was going to leave in the end, and this was the last thing it would do for Stone Village. 

It as so powerful that it could overlook all living things, yet it wasn’t heartless. After staying in the village for this period of time, it was left with unforgettable memories. As such, it made these preparations.

The altar was a formation that could not only protect Stone Village, but also serve as a giant transport formation. As long as one knew the coordinates, it could send one far from the village. 

This was another layer of strengthening on top of the divine formation that was laid before!

Of course, the control over this formation altar had to be incomparably strict. Otherwise, if it carelessly linked up to the outside would, it might bring about a disaster.


Rumbling sounds continuously rang out from the depths of the mountain range. Hairy Ball was exchanging pointers with Shi Hao. Its satin-like golden fur flickered with divine radiance all around its body.

Shi Hao grimaced in pain. Even though he was wearing the Imperishable Golden Body, he still had trouble holding on. The divine flames swept outwards through Hairy Ball’s black metal rod, and it made him tremble until even his bones began to continuously make noises. 

“Stinky monkey, don’t blame me for bullying you now!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. He displayed the Kun Peng technique and swooped forward. Yin and yang energies swirled with incomparable power. 

“Come, come, come! A single finger of mine will wipe you out!” Hairy Ball turned into a human’s height instead of towering into the clouds or remaining fist sized. Its words were loud and domineering. 

The two individuals confronted each other. Smoke and dust surged into the heavens, and rubble rushed into the clouds. If they weren’t moving inside of this ‘God and Devil Battlefield’, the mountain range would definitely have been blasted apart. 

“Good!” Many people were watching this battle, including Qingfeng, Dazhuang, and the others. They were all cheering excitedly. 

They were witnessing a brilliant great battle. 

Yue Chan and Qin Hao were here too, standing on the mountain cliff. They revealed strange expressions, because they were able to witness just how great his natural talent was. Shi Hao was actually using his flesh to fiercely fight against a Zhuyan!

You have to understand that the golden divine ape’s flesh was extremely powerful, especially the variants that had dragon horns. They were unimaginably powerful and known to possess undying bodies. 

Back then, it was a divine ape just like this that challenged the Western Sect and almost overthrew their precious temple. It almost became the new master of that place. 

It was also during that battle that the Western Sect’s master personally took action. The zhang six golden body was almost destroyed, and only then was that Zhuyan suppressed. 

Hou… In the battlefield, Shi Hao attacked with the Kun Peng technique. His attacks were incredibly sharp and penetrating. He raised his head and roared before turning his body into an incomparably demonic god. 

The divine ape leapt high into the air, and then its body became indistinct. Then, what left everyone dumbstruck was that there was another Shi Hao on the battlefield that was going berserk as he fought a great battle against the other Shi Hao. 

“Hah, youngster, who do you think you are to try and imitate me?” Hairy Ball hollered. 

Shi Hao’s shining snow white teeth were revealed. He was incredibly envious of this seventy-two transformations and really wanted to learn it immediately. He never expected the Zhuyan to provoke him like that. 

He had learned a bit of it before, only, it was quite incomplete. At that time, Hairy Ball hadn’t recovered, and the precious technique was in a rough state. 

“Stinky monkey, come, come, come! Watch how I deal with you!” Shi Hao shouted. He formed the yin and yang, using the true Kun Peng precious technique to rush forward ferociously. 


This place shook greatly and rumbled with noise. This God and Devil Battlefield seemed like it was going to be broken through as it trembled continuously. 

“Myriad Transformations!” The Zhuyan cried out loudly, and then its body began to split apart. Divine apes appeared one after another, immediately filling heaven and earth as they rushed over together. 

Shi Hao laughed loudly. This was useless against him, because as soon as he used the dual pupil, he could see through all fabrications and discover its true body. He immediately rushed towards it. 

Both sides were extremely valiant in this battle and incomparably powerful. They fought fiercely and endlessly, leaving all those watching dazzled. 

Finally, Shi Hao grimaced and the golden ape cried out with ao ao sounds continuously. Only then did the battle finally end. 

“Hairy Ball, why don’t you teach me the seventy-two transformations?” Shi Hao was lying on the ground, but even though he was exhausted, his eyes were still burning furiously, making the monkey feel rather apprehensive. 

“No way. This is a secret that cannot be passed outwards. I’ll just forget about the bit you sneakily learned before.” Hairy Ball firmly refused. 

“I can trade a matchless precious technique with you that will only be more powerful. You won’t be suffering any loses,” Shi Hao said. 

“Wu, I feel that the core transformations of your Kun Peng precious technique isn’t bad. It’s passable and might be worth learning.” Hairy Ball said, its eyes flickering with radiance. 

You have to understand that the Kun Peng was one of the archaic vicious ten. Its technique was unmatched and known as a supreme being divine ability. If one had it, once it was cultivated to a perfect level, one would be unrivaled. 

“This monkey really is like a lion when he speaks.” Qin Hao muttered from the distance. His eyes flickered brilliantly, for he was also starting to become envious. He wanted Shi Hao’s technique, as well as the Zhuyan’s seventy-two transformations. 

There was even less of a need to talk about Yue Chan. Her beautiful eyes released extraordinary splendor, and they were carefully watching to try and pry into their mysteries. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao and the monkey were both careful. These techniques definitely couldn’t be leaked to others, even if it was the little Stone’s younger brother. He was also ignored, because Shi Hao still didn’t feel at ease with him. 

“If you want to learn it, I can teach you later.” Shi Hao said to Hairy Ball. He was quite loyal without hiding anything back. 

“Wu, we don’t have to exchange everything, just what we each need,” the Zhuyan said. It tweaked its ears and scratched its cheeks. It still didn’t want to go against its ancestor’s teachings and violate their laws. 

“Fine!” Shi Hao nodded. 

What Hairy Ball needed was just the yang portion of the Kun Peng technique. This was the part that matched its path, the route of great opening and closure, a path of divine might and tyrannical power. If it turned into a fish and waddled around in the water, that would be extremely uncomfortable. 

Similarly, Shi Hao didn’t absolutely need the complete Zhuyan race’s divine abilities and it was enough for him to just have the seventy two transformations. 

Of course, the three-headed six arms was also given to him by the Zhuyan. This technique was world-shaking, but it couldn’t be considered unique and unmatched. It was because the Western Sect’s thousand Buddha hands was a similar type of precious technique. 

In the following few days, Shi Hao immersed himself in a wonderful cultivation state. He studied the seventy-two transformations meticulously. 

This mysterious technique was extremely heaven defying. Whatever he transformed into, he could use that transformation’s characteristics and divine might. This was just too incredible!

Of course, there were limitations as well, so he couldn’t use it however he wished. For example, if the current Shi Hao were to transform into the zhang six golden body, he still wouldn’t have that type of divine might. 

“Not bad at all!” Shi Hao said to himself. During these past few days, he temporarily stopped his cultivation of the true phoenix technique. That was a damaged technique and wasn’t as useful as the seventy-two transformations. He wanted to quickly become proficient in this new technique. 

“Yi, changed, the little pagoda turned into a bone pagoda!” The group of children cried out with great surprise. 

Shi Hao practiced each day at the front of the village. 

The little pagoda’s mouth twitched. This stinky brat was actually imitating it. 

“Ah, he changed again! This time he turned into a little red bird!” A little child’s eyes revealed excitement and ran over to chase it. 

With a shua sound, Shi Hao changed again, turning into a green and lush willow tree that took root within the earth. The group of children were extremely excited and continuously clapped. 

A flash of multicolored light could be seen. A female that was extremely gorgeous appeared. Only, when she walked, there was a powerful wind around her. She immediately approached Yue Chan. 

Yue Chan was stunned. A beautiful woman that looked just like her was currently staring at her. 

“Do you think this will be able to fool the main body?” Shi Hao asked. 

Several days later, he had to leave again. Shi Hao couldn’t live in Stone Village for a long time. He had to return to Stone Country. 

“Dazhuang, Pihou, Huzi, you guys really want to come?” Shi Hao asked seriously. He originally only wanted to bring Qingfeng, but in the end, all of his childhood companions surrounded him. They wanted to leave the great wastelands to see the outside sky. 

“I want to experience the unfettered feeling of commanding a powerful army through hundreds of thousands of li!” Dazhuang said. 

“I want to see what the mortal world is really like. I want to experience the diverse world!” Pihou looked forward to it. 

“Alright, I’ll bring you guys alone. When you guys are tired, exhausted, and hate the outside world, I’ll bring you guys back!” Shi Hao nodded. He wanted to satisfy their requests. 

Right now, he had this ability, and he also wanted to help them obtain the experiences they wanted. 

The altar in the village shone. Shi Hao brought a group of people along the way, with Qin Hao and Yue Chan included among them. Meanwhile, his parents decided to stay behind to live here for a period of time. 

They appeared inside Stone Country Imperial Palace’s ancestral altar and calmly walked out. 

“This is the outside world? Stone Country Imperial Clan’s palace?” The youths from Stone Village all revealed startled expressions. 

Shi Hao brought Dazhuang to the War King so that he could learn how to command soldiers and command them for hundreds of thousands of li. He then sent Pihou into the Wasteland Heavenly Lord Manor so that others could bring him around to have a taste of the world of mortals. He then handed Qingfeng over to Peng Nine for him to learn techniques...

Shi Hao himself began to cultivate and earnestly study precious techniques to increase his strength!

Half a month passed. In his hair, the little pagoda trembled and said, “It’s about to arrive!”


That day, the heavens split apart. Large cracks emerged. Endless creatures emerged, all of them incomparably terrifying and surrounded by electrical radiance. 

Shi Hao was astonished. He used the dual pupil to look at them. Even from this distance, he could still see that these were all like gods and devils!

“I really need to hurry and cultivate my own heavenly eye. It’s not good to always rely on this dual pupil.” Shi Hao said to himself while feeling amazed. 

Only, how many people could cultivate heavenly eyes? It was too difficult!

Above the dull gray sky, lightning flickered about. More and more cracks appeared, and all types of figures appeared. The scene was astonishing!

“Is the God Sealing Battle about to start?” Shi Hao asked. 

“They are stirring up trouble, actually sending out so many heavenly soldiers. Are they trying to overturn the wasteland region and ignoring all consequences to obtain those things?” The little pagoda said to itself. 

Divine multicolored light flickered. The Willow Deity arrived, appearing inside the central heavenly palace. Shi Hao immediately released a breath of relief. As long as the Willow Deity was here, no matter how dangerous the situation was, he always felt as if it wasn’t that bad.

“The battle is about to come. Everything will end in the following days.” The Willow Deity spoke softly. 

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