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Chapter 534 - Obtaining Precious Technique

The golden cauldron disappeared into the distance.

Moonlight sprinkled downwards. Dark clouds scattered. Most of the meteorites disappeared after Yue Chan’s main body collected the formation. 

It was already the latter half of the night, but Stone Country Capital wasn’t calm at all. Too many great things had happened, and after countless meteors descended from the sky, the entire city was shaken and panicking. 

“Human emperor!”

When Shi Hao descended from the heavens, shouting sounded from the city. Many people raised their heads and saw that the dark clouds had scattered and the moon had reappeared. His entire body was shining as if a deity was descending. 

Great voices immediately filled the skies. Everyone cried out the two words ‘human emperor’. Many people knew that he had just left to face the enemy, and now, he scattered the dark clouds to restore the clear and bright moonlit night. This type of method left the mortals of the city greatly moved. 

Only after a long time did the cheering fade. Shi Hao felt the draconic energy flourish even more magnificently as they gathered towards the imperial palace and himself. 

“My child, you were wounded?!” Qin Yining rushed over and revealed a look of urgency. She was extremely worried. 

“Mother, I am fine. It is just some light injuries that will go away soon,” Shi Hao said. A layer of light surrounded his body, and powerful precious blood swirled. The insides of his body rumbled like thunder. 

All the cultivators inside the palace could see that Shi Hao’s blood energy was surging powerfully. His entire body was surrounded by a powerful and astonishing life force. 

Even Qin Hao was shaken. This ‘older brother’ of his was formidable after all. 

An hour later, the rumbling sounds within Shi Hao’s body stopped. The radiance around his body disappeared, and the intimidating essence energy withdrew. 

“Peng Nine, how is the damage inside the palace?” Shi Hao asked. 

“There were formations protecting them, so the meteors were unable to destroy any buildings. There were no casualties either.” Peng Nine replied. 

The only troublesome matter was that there were too many meteors, and after being destroyed by the formations, the rubble and dust all gathered around the imperial palace, almost covering this place up. 

However, Peng Nine had already organized a group to clear this up, and there were powerful magical artifacts in the palace to help them quickly clean this up. 

“Hao’er has grown up!” Shi Ziling sighed. 

Qin Yining revealed a smile. Even though she did feel guilt after their reunion, this was still her child in the end. There wasn’t a need for the politeness earlier, so she moved over to stroke his head. 

Soon after, everyone scattered. 

The moonlight was hazy, and stars flickered brightly in the sky.

Within a quiet room inside the imperial palace, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed. He began to roughly review his spoils this time. There were a few rare symbolled bones that were rarely seen treasures, but there weren’t any precious technique inheritances or other things like that. 

“Yi?” Shi Hao was pleasantly surprised to find a silver feather in the pile of treasures. Sparkling white rays of light surrounded it as if there were wisps of flames coiling about. There were mysterious symbols swirling around it as well. 

“Silver Phoenix Feather!”

After carefully observing it, he reached this deduction. He had seen records of its existence inside of ancient books. 

The radiance around the silver feather was like a flame as it flickered about and released powerful divine might. It naturally wasn’t the plume feather of an archaic true phoenix, but the primordial true feather of a descendant, the silver phoenix. 

When he lightly shook the feather, wuwu sounds could be heard. Silver radiance that possessed enough power to slice apart metal danced about.

“The materials for the Five Bird Fan have almost been gathered! I never expected there to really be a day when it could be refined…” Shi Hao said softly. 

He had the primordial feathers of a green luan, vermilion bird, and golden winged Peng. Together with this one, he became extremely close to completing it. 

The Five Bird Fan had an outstanding reputation during the archaic years, a reputation that was created from its destructive power. With a light tremble, it could turn mountains into dust and dry up great rivers. 

During the ancient war, information regarding many extraordinary magical artifacts had been recorded, and this Five Bird Fan was known as one of the most powerful magical artifacts. 

Its most outstanding part was that if it was properly refined, it could produce a small world. Its divine force would then increase without end, not needing the user to use up any magical force to activate it. This was definitely heaven defying!

After putting away the silver phoenix’s true primordial feather, he no longer looked through the other precious materials and magical artifacts with as much care. 

A wave of fragrance wafted through the air. A two inch tall little jar cracked apart, and faint purple light flowed outwards. 

Shi Hao was moved. He opened this jade container that was about to break, and what he saw inside was a thumb sized pill. It flowed with a purple golden luster that illuminated this entire secret room. 

He took a light whiff of the medicinal fragrance. His blood energy immediately flourished, and the injuries that had not completely recovered in his body immediately took a turn for the better. This was absolutely astonishing!

“Heaven Mending Pill!” Shi Hao said to himself after he determined what this was. 

This pill was priceless without a doubt. It was one of the Heaven Mending Sect’s most precious sacred objects, a precious pill made with a holy medicine as its primary ingredient, so one could well imagine how rare it was. 

This represented another life. As long as one still had a breath of life remaining, they would be reborn through it!

“Good stuff!” Shi Hao was extremely satisfied. The rewards of this battle far exceeded his expectations. 

He put away all of these spoils of war. He brought out the interspatial precious case, and after activating a few special symbols, it opened. 

A bright entrance made from symbols emerged, and a beautiful figure quickly rushed out skillfully and elegantly. Only, when she saw the scenery in front of her, her body immediately became rigid. 

Yue Chan was sparkling and beautiful as she stood there, but it was hard for her to hide her disappointment. Multicolored splendor swirled through her beautiful eyes, and she helplessly released a soft sigh and said, “Luck was truly not on her side.”

“It is you who is out of luck!” Shi Hao sat there without standing up. 

“Since then, I really became separate from her,” Yue Chan said. She took the initiative to sit down on a praying mat. Her eyes were glistening and dazzling, as if she wasn’t a captive at all. 

“Are you trying to make yourself believe your lies?” Shi Hao asked. 

“You have to understand that in that battle, she truly wanted to kill me.” Yue Chan said. 

“Then what? Didn’t you lead me into her trap to have her kill me?” Shi Hao said. 

“I didn’t have any other choice. If I worked together with her, then I would be free. Wouldn’t that be better than being in your hands either way?” Yue Chan was quite calm without any trace of guilt or shame. 

At the same time, she revealed a strange expression and said, “I thought that she had succeeded and that it would be hard for you to escape disaster. How did you live?”

“You are the glorious holy lady of a sect, so if you were given the chance to escape, why would you willingly stay behind? I never believed you from the start.” Shi Hao shot her a look of disdain. After this battle, she was unexpectedly still so calm in front of him without any fear or worry. This really left him quite surprised. 

“This time, I have truly cut off all relations with her. If I meet her again, there will only be a confrontation of life or death, and only one of us will remain.” Yue Chan sighed and said. 

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and only looked at her calmly. 

Yue Chan said, “What I speak is the truth. It was already quite clear to her that me and you have gotten married, but she wasn’t able to rescue me. For the sake of maintaining her purity, she will do everything she can to kill me and not allow me to continue living.”

“It really is troublesome. I want to get rid of you already, but that will only help her out since she can just create a divine core second body.” Shi Hao propped up his forehead with his hand and said, “How should I deal with you then?”

“Work together, cooperate to deal with her!” Yue Chan said directly. 

“Even though you really are beautiful, what is the point of these words? You’ve long become a prisoner, so what qualifications do you have to cooperate with me?” Shi Hao’s smile didn’t falter and instead became a bit cold. 

When her appearance was mentioned, Yue Chan’s face blushed. When she thought about how charming and gentle she was acting before, even her pure white neck became pink. That terrible bridal room immediately made it hard for her to calm down. It seemed like it was just as hard for her to free herself from her current predicament. 

“Hey, if you want to scheme against me, it is best if you hide it inwardly. Grinding your teeth in front of me really isn’t a wise choice.” Shi Hao ridiculed. 

Yue Chan didn’t say anything. Her head was lowered for an extremely long time, and the redness of her face retreated. She recovered her calmness and then raised her head. “Bring over a pen. I will cooperate with you.”

“En?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

Finally, Yue Chan raised her pen and began to write down an expanse of scriptures. Every single character shone brightly with divine energy. It wasn’t that she inserted divine force into these words, but rather that the profound mysteries of these symbols were too terrifying. 

“If we cooperate like this, you have to give me a peaceful period. You cannot… disturb me.” When Yue Chan said this, a red flush emerged on her face. 

“Nine Heavens Phoenix Flight.” Shi Hao’s heart jumped. This was a divine ability! When those symbols entered his eyes, it was as if a fiery true phoenix spread its wings and rushed into the heavens. 

“This is one of the divine phoenix precious technique’s transformations. It possesses absolute power!” Yue Chan explained. 

Regardless of whether it was the true dragon or divine phoenix, their perfect precious techniques were matchless and incomparable. Even part of its transformation was breathtaking. 

“My natural talents are extraordinary. This is just a single divine ability. After cultivating for a few days, I’ll have a grasp of it. I can disturb you right after I become proficient in it?” Shi Hao asked with a smile. 

Then I’ll pass you the divine phoenix precious technique’s second form, third form… all the way to the final form that I myself haven’t completely cultivated,” Yue Chan said. 

“Ultimate form? Shi Hao was astonished. 

“It has long been lost in inheritance and is only speculations and theory descendants used to make up for it. It is difficult to cultivate.” Yue Chan calmly informed him. 

Shi Hao was naturally not satisfied. “What if the divine phoenix precious technique is completely cultivated by me?”

“Then I’ll pass other precious techniques down to the Heaven Mending Technique.” Yue Chan threw caution to the wind and said these words. 

“You are willing to treat me so well?” Shi Hao was surprised. 

“If you are capable of cultivating them, marrying you isn’t that big of a deal.” Yue Chan completely calmed down. Her sparkling white face carried a faint smile. 

“Fine!” Shi Hao nodded. However, he was still muttering inwardly. The ancient method this Heaven Mending Sect fairy cultivated had problems, and because of it, two independent individuals were formed. How could everything be the same from start to finish?

“Do you want to split into a main body and second body to produce two powerful divine cores? Your body will then be undying.” Yue Chan smiled sweetly and asked. 

“I don’t!” He directly shook his head and firmly refused. 

From that day forth, Shi Hao began to cultivate the true phoenix precious technique’s first form. He completely immersed himself within it!

Meanwhile, the outside world was clamoring greatly. News of Shi Hao overturning Immortal Mountain finally reached the wasteland region, and it triggered a tremendous uproar. 

Meanwhile, news of Yue Chan’s night attack on Stone Country Imperial Capital also got out, shattering the rumors of her becoming Shi Hao’s prisoner. When Shi Hao learned of this, he began to laugh loudly, while Yue Chan’s second body was left speechless. 

Several days later, the little pagoda returned. Shi Hao was extremely curious and left his isolation to chat with it. 

Unfortunately, the little pagoda didn’t satisfy his gossipy heart. No matter how he asked, it wasn’t willing to speak of the matters with this ‘old friend’.

“Perhaps I must leave as well. From here on out, it will all depend on yourself.” The little pagoda said after remaining silent for a long time. 

“Little pagoda, you…” Shi Hao was shocked. 

Two days later, the Willow Deity reappeared in the central heavenly palace. 

“I am going to leave.” This was the first thing Willow Deity, leaving Shi Hao greatly shaken. He was reluctant to part with it. Were they all going to leave?

“Let’s return to Stone Village first,” Willow Deity said. It was going to tell him where the village was currently located. 

Shi Hao was completely silent. He went to find his parents. Then, he brought the captive Yue Chan and naturally the little pagoda with him to return to Stone Village. 

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