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Chapter 530 - Fighting Yue Chan

Up above in the clouds, the stars were obstructed, but they continued to fall. 

A hazy figure that swirled with sparkling light was currently trembling. She looked like she had been struck down from the nine heavens by a mortal. It was too difficult for her to maintain her cold and aloof appearance. 

Her body immediately erupted with immortal light. It formed a resplendent stellar river and swirled around the surrounding. A powerful aura surged, and endless symbols covered that area, wrapping themselves around her body. 

At that moment, she cut off all relationship with the world below, making her body impenetrable. Her divine senses peered inwardly, inspecting the true self. She chanted immortal scriptures to calm down her agitated heart. 

That type of intense experience could be said to be utterly terrible. It didn’t agree with the mind she was born with, and it clashed even more so with the flow of spiritual essence. For her, that short instance was the same as sinking into the underworld. 

She was an aloof immortal that was high above everyone else. These types of waves had never stirred about within her heart before, but after experiencing this unimaginable scene just now, her dao heart was greatly shaken. 

Her white clothes fluttered about and symbols shone resplendently. She was protected at the center of it all. As she towered high above, she revealed a trace of true anger. Someone actually dared to humiliate her like this! It was unforgivable!

She was doing her best to meditate and recover her mood. When she gazed downwards, that youth was smiling towards her with Yue Chan in his arms as if they were extremely intimate. That was the most open type of provocation. 

Below her in front of the majestic heavenly palace, the two individuals were cuddling together. The youth’s teeth were sparkling, as if he was still reflecting on the flavor. He was smiling extremely brilliantly at her, a smile rich with hinted appeal. 

High in the clouds, the beautiful figure of the true Yue Chan became more and more cold. Pure white splendor scattered down and flew in all directions. She looked aloof and close to the dao, as if she was coexisting with the world of immortals. 

However, if one looked carefully, they would find that bits of radiance were overflowing from her pupils. This was the fury of an immortal. She didn’t shout out at him, nor did she curse him. There was only a powerful fluctuation proliferating outwards. 


She finally raised her hand. Stars filled her surroundings, and then they formed a line that connected straight from the end of finger towards the distant imperial palace. 

The meteors poured down like rain. One of the beams of light was especially dazzling. It was formed from over a hundred meteors, constructing a beam of light that struck down in the same direction straight at Shi Hao!

This was a horrifying type of attack. When the otherworldly woman raised her hand, stellar light condensed and falling stars took flight. When they gathered like this and slammed downwards, the amount of divine might they released was unfathomable. 

The falling stars bloomed, turning into flowers!

A brilliant radiance immediately covered this area. The imperial palace began to tremble violently as if it was in the middle of a great storm. All of the palaces shone and continuously rumbled. 

Symbol patterns engraved themselves in the void to protect these palaces that had existed since the ancient times. All types of powerful symbols shone to defend against the attacks of the falling stars. 

Pu pu sounds rang out endlessly. Many meteorites collided with the formations, exploding one after another. Dazzling and astonishing light flowed about this place, and at the same time, a terrifying fluctuation of energy continuously rippled outwards. 

In just a split second, twenty to thirty meteorites landed on the same heavenly palace. They continuously smashed down on the same expanse of symbols and delivered an unimaginably powerful attack. 

Ka cha sounds sounded. A small crack emerged within this formation, and then a line of falling stars quickly rushed down behind it with the intention of breaking through the great formation and slaughtering the youth underneath. 

This was the fury of the fairy above the clouds. Even though she didn’t berate him, nor did she show much expressions of anger, effective actions were more terrifying than anything else. 

Shi Hao’s expression became serious. While carrying Yue Chan, he directly jumped onto a high platform and gazed straight into the skies. A qiang lang sound rang through the air. He pulled out the golden divine magical sword and pointed it high into the sky. 

In that instant, draconic energy surged inside the imperial palace, and all of them gathered on his arm. They formed endless mysterious energy and poured over like a vast and boundless sea. 

The sword inside Shi Hao’s hand was as imposing as a great sun. Brilliant light raged about its surface like an intense flame. Then, with a hong sound, it erupted with a thick streak of light and shot towards the sky. 

The falling meteors were blasted through one after another and exploded in midair. Multicolored lights shone endlessly. The large rocks were crushed into fine pieces that fluttered about like a rain of dust. 

Twenty falling stars descended continuously. Even though they released endless light, when they descended, they were all sliced apart by this sword, causing them to explode in midair. 

At the same time, the great formation rumbled and closed on its own. The crack that had appeared earlier closed up. In addition, a precious imprint emerged above Shi Hao’s head and flickered with symbols. It controlled the entire imperial palace and activated a few more divine formations to protect this central location. 

With the sword in hand, he pointed the edge towards the sky, straight at the pure and holy figure high above in the clouds and displayed its power!


A streak of sword radiance flew outwards, defying the heavens as it rushed forth. It changed into the shape of a dragon, shattering several falling stars and directly approached Yue Chan’s body. This attack was incredibly ferocious. 

Above the sparkling body was a hidden precious light that supported her body. Meanwhile, she was extremely calm herself. She reached out a sparkling and translucent crystal-like finger and pressed down on that sword energy. 

A light bo sounded. The sword energy exploded, blossoming in midair. The beautiful scenery only lasted a short moment. 

She gazed downwards. Divine spendor rippled within the depths of her pupils. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao also aimed his sword into the heavens. This was a silent confrontation. Even though there was quite a distance between the two, they both felt each other’s biting cold killing intent. 

“Hao’er, are you okay?” Figures flickered about, Shi Ziling and his wife hurried over. 

“I am fine!” Shi Hao nodded. His expression was serious. Continuing like this would not end well. A glorious country’s imperial palace was being attacked by others like this, so how could he not retaliate?

When Qin Yining saw the current situation, she waved her hands in the air and sent out her divine senses out in a beam, transmitting sound out, saying, “Daughter-in-law, you must not act so rudely.”

“You evil holy lady!” Inside the imperial palace, Yue Chan’s second body was the first one to react. She felt great resentment towards Qin Yining. 

“If the little pagoda was here, everything would be fine.” Shi Hao frowned. The inch tall little pagoda truly possessed great strength, but it hadn’t returned yet after chasing after the witch. 

It had already disappeared for an entire day and night. Why didn’t it return?

Shi Hao was shaken. He suddenly felt as if he relied too much on the little pagoda. After learning of its power, he seemed to have lost a sense of urgency and didn’t possess much intimidation himself. 

An enemy was invading his territory, yet his mind was still greatly shaken, leaving him a bit absent-minded. This was definitely not a small issue. Recently, he had relied too much on external help. If this continued, his heart would begin to lack the push to become more courageous and dauntless. 

This was especially the case right now since the Willow Deity was going to enter the primordial gate in the depths of the primal chaos, while the little pagoda might leave too. This was not good at all. It could even be considered extremely terrible. Once they all disappeared, how was he supposed to adapt?

“I can’t continue to be dependent on others and always have something to count on, or else I will start to lack awareness for hardships. I need to become stronger. Being born into this world means that in the end, I can only depend on myself.”

Suffering a sudden attack while the little pagoda wasn’t here suddenly made him develop this type of vigilance. This wasn’t a small problem!

Shi Hao’s eyes swirled with brilliance. The aura of life and death emerged. He fixed his eyes on Yue Chan’s main body and assessed her strength. This woman was definitely formidable. 

“She is even more powerful than you?!” She turned around and looked at the beautiful woman near him. 

Yue Chan released a snort. Comparatively speaking, the her right now was full of vitality and anger, while the one above the clouds was the one separated from the world of mortals and close to immortality. That type of pureness and loftiness came from deep within herself and didn’t seem to belong to the world of mortals. There wasn’t much that could move her dao heart. 

Shi Hao seemed to sense something. That main body was extremely powerful, and together with the secret treasure, she could summon a formation to send meteorites crashing down. She truly occupied an undefeated realm. 

“Hao’er, what are you going to do?” Shi Ziling was shocked. He saw that Shi Hao was getting ready to rush into the heavens to fight. 

“Father, please calm down. I am well aware of the situation!” Shi Hao said. He summoned Peng Nine and put him in charge of the various formations in the palace. Then, he rushed into the heavens. 

Shi Ziling and his wife were extremely worried. When they looked into the sky, they were a bit nervous. If Peng Nine didn’t painstakingly convince them otherwise, they would definitely have rushed into the sky as well. 

When Shi Hao rushed upwards, he brought Yue Chan along as well, carrying her on his back. A rope made of symbols tied them together as they rushed into the sky. 

During this entire process, meteors fell down continuously. However, he displayed the Kun Peng technique, dodging them one by one. Soon after, he stood high up in the sky to confront that hazy figure. 

Above the clouds, meteorites were everywhere. They all arranged themselves behind that beautiful figure. That was an enormous formation that called down some of the enormous rocks from beyond the sky, as well as even more mountain peaks from the wasteland region. 

As expected, she really did make ample preparations!

Shi Hao frowned. Why did things have to happen one after another like this? The witch had just left, and the pagoda went after her, but right after, Yue Chan’s main body came, and she was actually this powerful!

“Is her appearance different from yours?” Shi Hao asked the soft and wonderful woman on his back. 

Yue Chan didn’t reply to his question. She was also watching the other party with multicolored light deep within her eyes. There was a strange type of interaction happening between the two under such close distance. 

Shi Hao released an indifferent laugh. He slowly moved about with her on his back as he carefully sized up the other party. 

Above the clouds, the moonlight poured down like water, scattering its luminescence on the world below. The woman in front of him was surrounded in hazy radiance. She was clearly at reach, yet it still felt as if she was far above in the ninth heaven. It gave others an otherworldly and aloof feeling, one that made them feel as if they would never be able to get close to her. 

She was just too extraordinary. That type of quietness, exquisiteness, and calmness didn’t belong to the world of mortals. 

“Yue Chan, did you come to disturb the privacy of the bridal room?” Shi Hao spoke while looking straight at her. His voice was calm, but his words were full of provocation. “Disturbing your own bridal room must bring you quite a special feeling.” 

The fairy standing opposite of him was slender and elegant. Her voice was as pleasant to listen to as the sounds of nature. “My heart is close to the dao, and my mind is like the bright moon.”

Her voice was extremely soft and peaceful, as if it was the sound of an immortal. It made one feel as if they were bathed within autumn winds. These words were clearly implying that these types of provocations could not disturb her mental state. 

Shi Hao’s grip tightened on his sword. “Fairy’s bearing is rather outstanding, and your natural grace is quite extraordinary. Since you are so exceptional, why don’t we sit down inside the imperial palace and chat over some drinks under the moonlight?”

The indistinct and slender body released sparkling luster. She revealed an indifferent smile and said, “I came here to kill you.”

“What a pity, your wish won’t be so easily fulfilled.”

“How will we know without giving it a try? The divine moon hangs from far above. I will seek the dao as I cut you down and brighten my dao heart!” Under the cold moonlit night, a thin layer of smoke emerged on her body. It was auspicious and holy, making her look more and more spiritual and detached from this world. 

A great sense of danger emerged in Shi Hao’s mind. He knew that this woman was incredibly terrifying and ridiculously strong. 

The imperishable golden body had long covered his body, flickering with dark golden radiance. The human emperor imprint suspended itself above his head and scattered down wisps of draconic energy, rising together with Shi Hao’s battle intent. 


Fairy Yue Chan’s main body wanted to immediately take action. A finger pointed out, and tens of thousands of streaks of sword radiance unexpectedly blossomed. Each one was translucent like a crystal and contained powerful divine meaning. 

This battle erupted just like that. Neither one of them spoke excessively. Sword energy erupted like rainbows as they pierced into the heavens. 

In that instant, they already exchanged hundreds to thousands of blows. Precious techniques shone brilliantly, making even the bright moon lose radiance. There was only the undying radiance of the two figures. 

The clash was incredibly intense. Divine abilities filled the air and continuously erupted. 


The two individuals intertwined. The pure and holy fairy’s body released a fiery red immortal phoenix. It skillfully spread its wings, releasing gorgeous scarlet multicolored light that shot through the skies. Its power was unmatched. 

“En?!” Shi Hao dodged it, but he was shocked. The phoenix flew above and sent scarlet feathers outwards, but the main target was actually the Yue Chan on his back!

Fortunately, the Kun Peng technique was without equal. He quickly avoided it, allowing his spouse on his back to avoid death. 

“You… are making a move against me? You’ve abandoned me!” Yue Chan’s sparkling white face was full of shock, but there was also sadness and anger. 

Her expression continuously changed. Then, her beautiful face restored its peacefulness, and she decisively laid down on Shi Hao’s back. She spoke softly by his ear and said, “I’ll help you catch her!”

“Alright!” Shi Hao only said this single word. Then, he forcefully pinched her bottom, sinking his fingers into her skin and causing her to cry out in alarm. 

Under such a close distance, even though that extraordinary and otherworldly main body of Yue Chan cut off her connection with the second body, it still wasn’t enough. She could still clearly sense it. 

In that instant, her body trembled, and then she felt an indescribable uncomfortableness from her full bottom. She quickly backed up. 


Sword radiance filled the skies. Shi Hao slaughtered over, and he displayed world-shaking precious techniques to suppress forward. 

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