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Chapter 529 - Main Body

“Why don’t I believe you?” Shi Hao laughed while speaking. His palm moved past her snow white back, bringing him a smooth and soft sensation. 

What left him feel rather speechless and defeated was that little bumps quickly emerged on that smooth and satin-like sparkling skin, forming a layer of goosebumps. 

At this moment, all of Yue Chan’s hair stood on end, feeling as if snakes or bugs were crawling on her body. Her entire body felt uncomfortable. She slapped him away with a single motion and said, “What I said was true.”

“You didn’t have to hurt my feelings like that right?” Shi Hao was discontent. He gently stroked her black sparkling hair and said, “I am a heaven warping martial talent with such a heroic appearance, yet I am so unsightly in your eyes that your body immediately becomes covered in goosebumps when I just touch you? That’s a bit unreasonable.”

“Why do you never believe me when I am speaking with you honestly?” Yue Chan’s large eyes blinked. Bright radiance shone from them, giving her beautiful face a type pureness that was hard to resist. 

Shi Hao frowned and then said, “Then you can talk and I’ll listen. It’s clearly your main body and you two share an entity, so why would you tell me these things?”

When he spoke these words, he was also carefully thinking, trying to assess if what she said was real or fake. Was this a threat to purposely stall for time. 

The moonlight disappeared, and the dark clouds in the sky became more dense. They surrounded the imperial capital, covering the world in a blanket of darkness. The bridal chamber darkened as well, because the candles had already been put out. 

However, Shi Hao’s eyes shone with deep radiance, so he could still see everything clearly. The snow white body next to him appeared more and more misty, sparkling, and beautiful. 

“She is herself, and I am myself. When the two divine cores were split up, there is no way the two of us are still of one opinion. At the very least, we are still different before returning together,” Yue Chan said. 

“No matter what, the two of you are still one person, so how can you betray your main body? Wouldn’t you use this to truly throw me off?” Shi Hao sneered and didn’t believe her at all. In addition, he mischievously played around with her sparkling ear.

With a pa sound, Yue Chan slapped his hand away. Two red blushes emerged on her beautiful face along with annoyance and humiliation. She truly wanted to cut his hand off. 

She was the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy, and even in the higher realms, she was extremely respected. Her background was astonishing, and she wasn’t someone that could be blasphemed against. However, just now, her ear was actually played with and twisted about. It was just too hateful. 

Shi Hao laughed and didn’t seem to mind her actions. He said, “If that’s all you had, you still aren’t being persuasive enough…”

“I fear that she might come to kill me.” Yue Chan spoke this sentence. 

“Even if she comes to kill, she would still kill me first. How could she deal with you first? Saving you seems to make more sense.” Shi Hao revealed a surprised expression. He began to silently think inwardly. A few thoughts emerged in his head, and he didn’t consider these words to be completely empty. 

“If she fails to kill you, she will most likely try to kill me. After that, all of the issues will be solved,” Yue Chan said. Her eyes flickered with an extremely dazzling radiance, and her body was tightened to a rather tense state. 

The main body and second body were both true bodies of flesh and divine cores. As long as one of them is alive, they could rely on the other one to form a perfect divine body. 

This was on the premise that one of the two had to die. Otherwise, there was no way to make a third immortal body. 

“Relax, there’s no need to worry. She won’t appear, nor will she just so happen to come today. Even if we were to assume everything you said was true and she did have these types of thoughts, she would still try to deal with me first. You are my wife, so I will properly protect you.” Shi Hao teased. 

In addition, he acted extremely warm hearted, using his hands to comfort her and moving them across her snow white skin. In the end, Yue Chan became even more nervous, and her body became taut, almost as if she was a block of fine jade.

“Sigh, I truly am defeated. I am together with my wife in the bridal room, yet she always acts as if she is facing a poisonous snake. You are purposely attacking me psychologically, right? With me being such a heaven warping divine talent, how could you show this kind of reaction?” Shi Hao pretended to be depressed, and with a pa sound, he gave her snow white and full chest a slap to express his discontent. 

“Did you even hear what I said?” A layer of redness emerged on Yue Chan’s charming face, and there was even more anger. She was being humiliated again and again, yet she couldn’t turn the situation around, causing her to inwardly fume with rage. 

“I am listening, so just speak. It is best if you say everything in one go, because even though the night is long, if we delay our first lovely moment together, it is also a type of squandering of life.” Shi Hao spoke in a relaxed manner. 

Suddenly, a wave of pounding surged to his head, making his body just as tense as Yue Chan’s. His eyes released brilliant divine light, and they were like two brilliant lights as they illuminated the entire palace. 

Yue Chan was startled. The little Stone’s current appearance was incomparably valiant, as if he was a young war deity. His entire body was releasing golden light, making him appear powerful and astonishing. 

The next moment, Shi Hao already leapt up like a spiritual cat. He landed by the window side and faced the night wind. His head of black hair scattered behind him as he gazed into the heavens. “Is it going to rain?”

The dark clouds pressed lower and lower, giving others a suffocating feeling and making them feel as if they were being inwardly oppressed. 


Suddenly, lightning streaked across the sky. Fluctuations of energy rippled outwards with astonishing divine might. 

Shi Hao’s pupils rapidly shrunk as he stared into the sky.

This streak of lightning was extremely strange. It didn’t hack about horizontally, nor did it draw out an arc, instead directly falling down. The beam of light connected into the heavens. It was resplendent and shocking to the extreme. 

Inside the imperial palace, a few powerful guards seemed to have sensed something. They raised their heads, but they had never seen such strange lightning before. Why did it descend completely vertically?

“It’s a falling star!” Someone cried out loudly. 

The peaceful night was broken by this shout. Many people awoke from their stupor, and all of the guards looked as if they were facing a great enemy. This was an unfathomable stage of natural disaster!

“Seems like it was going to rain, only, it is a meteor shower!” Shi Hao’s gaze was intense as he stared into the night sky. 

The speed these meteorites dropped from the dark clouds at was just too fast. The lights they emitted were like rainbows as they extended out behind them. The power they displayed was too astonishing.

When facing this type of natural disaster, forget about an Imperial Palace, even an enormous city would be destroyed and be turned into ruins. Even an area of the great earth would cave in and be ruined. 

It was too concentrated! Meteorites fell streak after streak, their radiance lighting up the skies and connecting heaven and earth. It was an utterly magnificent sight!

All of the meteors were concentrated towards one place, the imperial palace!

Not a single one of them broke free from their trajectory and fell outside the city. This was naturally not the anger of heaven and earth, but instead controlled by someone. It truly was terrifying, enough to leave even supreme experts trembling in fear!

It was clearly the might of the heavens, yet it was under the control of a single creature. It was enough to shock the entire world. This type of murderous disaster was enough to obliterate endless creatures. 

“She… really did come!” Yue Chan stood up. She didn’t have to the time to worry about her appearance right now, and as such large amounts of her snow white skin was revealed. She moved towards the window and gazed into the sky. Her eyes flickered with radiance. 

“Doesn’t that mean that you were just barely trying to get by before and didn’t know if she will definitely come?” Shi Hao turned around and looked at her. 

Yue Chan’s pupils shone with specks of divine radiance that continuously changed irregularly. She revealed countless expressions, and it was unknown what she was thinking. She seemed to be a bit lost in her thoughts. 

Her cold flesh and jade-like bones, under the sparkling white splendor of this ‘lightning’, looked like the most perfect work of art. She was perfect to the extent where there wasn’t the slightest blemish. 

“You were trying to stall for time just now, so you should be punished,” Shi Hao said. He then pulled over the long and slender jade body and pressed down on her bright red lips. 

Yue Chan was startled awake. Her beautiful eyes revealed shock, franticness, and even more shock. Even though the situation had already reached this level, he was still so calm, daring to act like this. 

“I’ll slowly punish you later!” Shi Hao said. He held her wonderful small waist tightly without letting go to prevent her from really breaking free tonight. At this moment, they both watched the meteor shower. 

Such a terrifying natural disaster hadn’t happened for so many years, and they were all gathered towards the imperial palace. Meteors descended like a great rain, covering the world with dazzling radiance as they poured down. 

Even divine formations would be torn through, right? Yue Chan was feeling apprehensive. Even though enough preparations had been made before this ‘natural disaster’, the boundless divine might was just impossible to defend against. 

The imperial palace was in chaos. Countless cries of alarm rose and fell. Everyone felt as if judgment day had come. This scene was just too terrifying.


Finally, the first meteor descended. It smashed into the sky overhead the imposing heavenly palace and erupted with dazzling divine splendor. The enormous shockwaves it produced were incomparably terrifying. 

Right now, everyone felt as if they were being completely suffocated. Even their heart rates were so fast they were about to stop beating. 

The endless power struck down on Stone Country’s imperial palace. It was absolutely work-shaking. However, before the meteors made contact with the heavenly palace, they immediately exploded. All types of radiance erupted and scattered in all directions. 

The earth quaked and the mountains shook. Divine splendor scattered outwards endlessly, submerging this place with dazzling radiance. The entire imperial palace was trembling. 

“It didn’t break through!” While feeling great fear, some people released loud cries. 

Every single palace was shining brilliantly, all of them surrounded by ancient symbols. It was as if an enormous magical artifact was reviving. Engraved on their surfaces were imprints that had existed for endless years, and there were even more formation patterns. 

The meteors descended like a waterfall, as if they were going to wipe out this world. They were incomparably grand and continuously descended from the pitch-black clouds. Boundless streaks of radiance descended streak after streak, connecting into the heavens as they smashed downwards. 

This type of divine might was simply not something the power of mortals could contend with. If they were truly trapped within, even supreme experts would be turned into ashes. 

Fortunately, Stone Country’s imperial palace was protected by formations, and right now, they hadn't been broken through yet. The great stars exploded in midair one after another and turned into resplendent radiance. 

Inside the imperial palace, everyone cheered. Even though the heavenly might was terrifying and enough to wipe out many enormous cities from the face of the great earth, they were still blocked by the ancient formations. 

When the streaks of heaven connecting beams of light landed above the palaces, they all exploded. Not a single one was able to break through. 

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. His gaze was intense. If he had not immediately made use of the large amounts of divine materials he obtained from Immortal Mountain after returning from the mysterious region and had the divine striking stone lay down several divine formations, this imperial palace might have actually been breached. 

The heavenly might was endless. Falling stars descended from outer space one after another and smashed into the great earth. It was hard to imagine just how powerful this type of energy was!

Right at this moment, Yue Chan’s body trembled. She looked in a certain direction and peered towards the bit of radiance within the clouds. 

Shi Hao raised his head. His gaze was like lightning as it pierced through the rain of meteors, releasing two shocking beams of light. He saw the figure inside the clouds. Her divine appearance was covered by hazy radiance. She was otherworldly and extraordinary, as if she was a deity that was god currently overlooking the boundless great earth. 

There was a type of divine aura to her that was even more prevalent and more powerful than Yue Chan’s. It was as if she was close to becoming an immortal and completely separated from the world of mortals, as if she was far above everyone else. 

Her real appearance couldn’t be seen. Her body was wrapped within radiance. At this moment, she peered down as well and overlooked Shi Hao. Her eyes revealed specks of radiance, but there wasn’t the slightest fluctuation of expression within them. 

Shi Hao knew that if the main body and second body were close enough, they could communicate and become one. 

When he saw that aloof and remote holy figure , he revealed his snow white teeth. He revealed a splendid smile, and then he turned his head to cover the bright red lips of the fairy beside him. 

At that moment, not only was Yue Chan astonished, even the pure and holy immortal body that was overlooking this world from above trembled. Intense fluctuations of energy began to ripple outwards. 

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