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Chapter 528 - Lovely Occasion

“It’s just a single condition, yet you can’t even agree to it?” Yue Chan said. Her bright body shone. Even with her cultivation sealed, her skin was still sparkling and brilliant. 

“Your condition is hard to achieve. Even if I truly accomplish it, it would be several years before that happens.” Shi Hao remained unmoved. 

At this moment, Yue Chan’s pretty brows frowned. She felt inwardly apprehensive. This feeling of being in a situation out of her control was extremely uncomfortable. She had never felt this type of experience in the past. 

In the past, as long as she went out, others would gather around her like stars around a moon. No matter where she went, she was always the center of attention and treated with great respect. 

After encountering this crisis today, she couldn’t remain calm and wanted to hide herself. She felt nervous to the extreme inside and was desperately searching for a way out. 

“Wife, don’t worry.” Shi Hao teased. However, this could still be considered a type of consolation. Unknowingly when, he had grabbed her arm again, pulling her over to the jade table next to him. Then, he poured the wine himself and sent it into her gentle jade-like hands. He raised the cup and said, “We still haven’t exchanged cups of wine as bride and groom yet.”

“What?!” Yue Chan was astonished. Just now, her mind was in a daze and under deep thought, and as a result, she almost directly drank it. She immediately looked like she was facing a great enemy and took great precautions. 

Shi Hao laughed and said, “You aren’t like this normally. You are supposed to be like an immortal, an intelligent and aloof fairy. What are you so nervous for? Isn’t it just a few babies? It is way easier than your bitter cultivation of producing two supreme divine cores.”

“Isn’t it said that husband and wife should be of one heart and mind? You can’t even satisfy my first wish, so how can you make me fall in love with you?” Yue Chan said. 

While speaking, the area between Yue Chan’s brows shone. A wave of divine aura wafted out, as if a deity was reviving. It made her entire body shine, and a fragrance wafted outwards. 

Shi Hao was astonished and quickly took precautions. He then carefully inspected her, and then he calmed down. Yue Chan was trying to break free from her primordial spirit’s restrictions, but she was still trapped. 

Her sea of consciousness was shining. However, that holy and divine woman couldn’t even budge. Only a bit of holy light seeped out, and all it did was make her body appear even more attractive.

“You are saying that spouses should be of the same heart, yet you are trying to recover your strength and deal with me?”” Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Yue Chan gathered her hair, and the radiance on her skin retreated. She sighed inwardly. Was there really no way out? If she could use her divine abilities, she would definitely immediately use them. 

“Alright, I won’t ask for anything else. I just hope that you catch the witch.” Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao was astonished. Was she feigning weakness? Even though he was laughing and giggling, he was always on guard, because the Heaven Mending Sect was too far from ordinary. 


Two luminous cups touched together, releasing a clear sound. Then, they separately drank. 

Soon after, under Shi Hao’s perseverance, Yue Chan frowned, her entire body covered in goosebumps. She linked arms with Shi Hao and drank a cup of wine. 

“Why do I feel that drinking this wine was harder than letting you break through into a true deity?” Shi Hao said. This was the first time he doubted if he himself was truly like an archaic vicious beast. 

He could clearly feel that Yue Chan was clenching her teeth as she drank the wine with him. Her fine hairs were all standing on end, as if she was facing a great monster. 

“Someone like me who is so talented, valiant, and heroic, actually got married tonight. Sigh, it really leaves one feeling rather sad and at a loss…” Shi Hao sighed as if he was a profound thinker. 

“Why are you so narcissistic and your skin so thick? To actually consider never getting married…” Yue Chan knew that it would likely be impossible for her to escape. She gradually relaxed and no longer felt such apprehension. 

Shi Hao suddenly laughed and said, “To make an enemy my wife, in the future, what kind of relationship will we have? In the future, are we going to fight or are we going to help each other out?”

Yue Chan curled her lips. Her spotlessly white skin was like jade. She turned around, clearly expressing her attitude on this matter. 

Shi Hao was speechless, then, he smiled and said, “I guess that means that both relationships are wrong. Let’s just change it into a different type of relationship and make you a child-bearing wife.”

“You…” Yue Chan still didn’t turn around. Her beautiful hair fluttered about above her wonderful body. With her back to him, she said, “If you let me go, I can remain your lifetime friend. Otherwise, I will be your enemy.”

“No worries. Making an enemy into a wife, this type of lifetime struggle that will eventually be conquered feels like a rather fulfilling challenge to me,” Shi Hao said. When he said these words, he became full of energy, and his eyes shone with deep light. 

Yue Chan released a snort, expressing her disdain. 

Shi Hao roared with laughter and said, “Let’s not talk about other matters for now. It’s already quite late into the night. We should get some rest.”

He said he was retiring for the night, but this was naturally a disagreement, and to some extent a ‘battle’. The moonlight was hazy. Both sides opposed each other with equal harshness, and only after a long time had passed did they lay down on the bed shoulder to shoulder. 

Shi Hao took her into his arms without acting too politely at all. Fairy Yue Chan treated him harshly. In this bridal room, she maintained a dignified and holy appearance, not paying him any attention. 

“Hey, why are you so serious? Is this even a wedding night anymore? Why do I feel like you are entering a battlefield?” Shi Hao asked and caressed her soft hair. 

“Don’t touch me!” Yue Chan turned around. 

Shi Hao suddenly noticed that she was silently chanting sutras to distract herself. She had immersed herself into the world of scriptures, and as such she appeared even more dignified and holy. 

He was left speechless. This wedding night was truly something. The newly wed wife was like a saint that was trying her best to free herself from vulgarity. 

“Yue Chan, you are always thinking about the witch. We can slowly talk about how we are going to suppress her.” When he said this, as expected, Yue Chan couldn’t immerse herself within the world of scriptures anymore and returned to reality. 

“Ya!” She immediately cried out in alarm, because her dress was partly removed, revealing her snow white skin. When she returned to the real world, she couldn’t remain pure and holy anymore. She couldn’t control herself, feeling a wave of agitation.

A hand even moved down her snow white back, making her feel a wave of embarrassment. She had never experienced something like this before. 

“What do you think the two of us are like?” Shi Hao’s arm stroked her sparkling arm and asked. 

Yue Chan was humiliated and angry. This man was just too insincere. He was going to provoke her even in this type of situation? She grinded her teeth and suddenly opened her mouth to bite towards Shi Hao. 

“Hey, hey, hey! You won’t be able to chew through and will only hurt yourself.” Shi Hao said, generously moving his shoulder over to her. 

Her silver teeth moved about, as Yue Chan’s spotlessly white teeth bit down on his shoulder. She used all her strength, but for Shi Hao, it didn’t bring the slightest bit of pain, because his flesh was matchless. 

In addition, he hurriedly restrained his divine force, or else he might really harm the fairy at his side. 

“It hurts! Be more gentle…” Shi Hao said. 

“You…” Yue Chan was absolutely furious. Why did she always feel that this man was lacking in moral sense? This type of tone was purposely used to harass her. 

At this time, a forceful palm moved across her jet black hair and landed on her white and soft snow white neck before moving downwards. Yue Chan’s body shivered, as if a streak of electricity ran through her. 

At this moment, the fine hairs on Yue Chan’s body stood on end and goosebumps covered her body. Her wonderful body was completely tense, as if she was a jade sculpture. 

“Hey, fairy, you really are hurting my feelings. I just touched you, yet why do you have this kind of reaction as if a snake had wriggled into your chest?” Shi Hao looked unhappy. 

With a pa sound, Shi Hao gave her full bottom a slap. 

“You dare!” Fairy Yue Chan was alarmed. She then quickly backed up. Her clothing had already been partly removed, so the portion that had been slapped had long felt a bit of chilliness. 

She was incredibly nervous. “Let’s talk about how to catch the witch.”

However, a pair of hands brushed away her hair, and his face was directly opposite of hers. It moved over. 

“You…” In the next moment, Yue Chan’s bright red lips were covered and she couldn’t say anything else.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao felt as if his lips and teeth were overwhelmed by a fragrance. The wave of fragrance entered his mouth. As they embraced each other, he felt a unique type of appearance. He lightly bit down. 

Yue Chan forcefully pushed him back. She widened her eyes. This… the experience just now left her completely ashamed and resentful. Her heart was beating violently. 

Shi Hao laid on the side, seemingly pondering the aftertaste. There was still a fragrance left on his lips. Then he turned around and looked at her. His arms moved out and brought her ivory-like sparkling body over. 

“En, something’s wrong!” Shi Hao suddenly stood up, leaving Yue Chan shocked. She hurriedly pulled the clothing that had been undone and taken off. She looked incredibly nervous. 

Shi Hao’s divine senses were sharp. He felt a wave of fluctuations that couldn’t be investigated in the distance. He became incredibly vigilant. How could this have happened?

“Was a tiger led away from its territory?” Shi Hao said to himself. He didn’t stand up himself and instead embraced Yue Chan while gracefully leaping out from the window in search of the source. 

Soon after, he saw a woman’s figure. She was sitting on a grand and majestic palace, currently enjoying wine while gazing at the moon. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. He nervousness completely vanished, but he felt incredibly embarrassed. How could it be… his mother?!

“Mother, you…” He didn’t seem to completely understand. 

Qin Yining said in an extremely calm voice, “Mother feared that you might be taken advantage of. The prettier the girl, the more dangerous they are, especially holy ladies.”

Shi Hao was stupefied. Soon after, he snapped back to reality. Qin Yining truly felt a bit uneasy, fearing that Yue Chan might have some type of methods. As such, she moved through the night and stood guard from the distance out of fear that some problems might arise. 

Shi Hao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, he found that his mother also seemed a bit embarrassed. However, she was still forcefully enduring it and pretending to be calm. 

As for Yue Chan, her charming face was both red and pale. Through clenched teeth, she said, “Evil holy lady, you’ve crossed the line!”

“The weather isn’t bad. I’ve already appreciated the beauty of the stars and should return to sleep.” Qin Yining maintained her calmness and departed. 

In reality, dark clouds had unknowingly appeared in the sky, covering the moonlight, so what stars were there?

“Hateful!” Yue Chan was fuming with anger. 

Her clothing was not orderly, to the extent where quite a bit of her snow-white skin was exposed. Did that woman come just to laugh at her? The battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law seemed like it would inevitably play out again. 

“Hey, that’s our mother. Watch your tone.” Shi Hao said. 

With the alarm removed, Shi Hao raised his head into the sky and gazed into the dark clouds. He then looked towards the distant horizons. When he didn’t find anything, a smile appeared on his face. “To prevent the night from being too long and dreams many, we should cherish this lovely occasion.”

“You…” Fairy Yue Chan’s face was completely red. 

Shi Hao pulled her into his arms and began to stroll through the night. Soon, Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy’s red lips were sealed again. They had returned to the bridal chamber. 

“Little Stone, let me tell you a secret.” When Yue Chan managed to push him aside with great difficulty, she took deep breaths in and out. Her beautiful chest rose and fell intensely. 

“What secret?” Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t believe her. A hand moved over her full chest, giving him a soft and wonderful sensation. 

“The main body will come!” Yue Chan said. 

“What?” Shi Hao was truly a bit surprised. 

“Do you want to capture her?” Yue Chan asked.

Shi Hao shook his head and said, “What are you randomly talking about?” He didn’t believe these words. 

“I am not speaking randomly!” Yue Chan said seriously. 

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