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Chapter 527 - Getting Married

The majestic imperial palace seemed even more dazzling under the sunset glow. Every block of stone material was dyed in faint golden luster, as if this was the ancient residence of a god. 

Inside the central heavenly temple, a wedding was currently being carried out. The palace hall was incredibly large, with gold and jade shining in glorious splendor. It was an incomparably majestic place. However, the wedding itself seemed rather simple, with only a few people attending. 

The newlyweds were naturally Shi Hao and fairy Yue Chan. The other ones included the parents Shi Ziling and Qin Yining, as well as a cold-faced Qin Hao. Apart from this, there were two other guests, which were precisely Peng Nine and the War King. 

This was a major event. Heaven Mending Sect’s holy fairy was going to be married off! If news of this got out, the younger generation would definitely storm over to Stone Country to slay this demon. 

Yue Chan’s reputation was too great. She looked down on the rest of the world wherever she went, not contaminated by the world of mortals at all. She was always so otherworldly and aloof, a figure that couldn’t be blasphemed against in the hearts of many. She was known as a fairy of the mortal world. 

In addition, Heaven Mending Sect was an immortal sect since the ancient times. Their strength was great, and they originated from an inheritance in the higher realms. Their holy lady would never be allowed to be married off; this was a type of taboo. 

No one in the outside world was aware that there was someone who broke this taboo, that the beautiful fairy in their hearts was getting married to a mortal inside of this palace. 

“First, pay your respects to heaven and earth. Second, pay your respects to the parents…”

The War King was here as a wedding witness. As for Peng Nine, he was in charge of miscellaneous affairs, for example, things like preparing the dinner party and wine were all personally arranged for by him. 

“Yue Chan came from the higher realms. From what I heard, her status is incomparably noble. Hao’er, you have to cherish her and not disappoint her. I feel like granting her the title of senior concubine isn’t bad and matches her status.” Qin Yining advised. 

Even now, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were still fighting. 

“I do not acknowledge this wedding!” Yue Chan said. Her sparkling chin was raised high up, still appearing prideful as she looked down on the evil holy lady. 

“You still want to be the empress? Keep dreaming!” Qin Yining said. 


The War King and Peng Nine felt the most uncomfortable. They ended up participating since they were involved, and so they naturally saw the fighting between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. No matter what they tried to say, it would be inappropriate, so they could only stay there while feeling extremely uncomfortable. 

The starry night radiance scattered down. The wedding could not be considered a short one. The main reason was because the two generations of holy ladies were fighting rather fiercely. The several men here all chose to stay completely silent and drink the wine provided. 

“Hao’er, bring your wife into the bridal room. You should make me a grandchild sooner!” It was clear that Qin Yining was once again feeling quite upset from their bitter confrontation. 

At the same time, Yue Chan’s face became unpleasant as well. Once the war of words started, she was also quite angered. The thing she was most scared of had arrived. Her face immediately became pale white. 

“Senior Qin, I will apologize to you. Let’s put an end to all of this.” Yue Chan admitted defeat. 

Qin Yining revealed a satisfied expression. She nodded and then said to Shi Hao, “Hao’er, why aren’t you hurrying and bringing your wife away?!”

“Qin Yining, do you not fear the Heaven Mending Sect getting revenge for my sake when you enter the higher realms?” Yue Chan’s expression changed greatly. 

“Not scared at all. At that time, they will definitely be overjoyed to have obtained such a talented and world-shaking grandson.” Qin Yining smiled. 

The candlelight flickered about. Crimson lights hung from above. The bridal room had a special ambience, but this palace was too quiet, and there was only a newly wed couple here. There wasn’t even a servant here to serve them. 

After being sent into the bridal room, fairy Yue Chan found it hard to calm down. She was truly frightened badly. She carefully made preparations as she sat there. 

“Sigh! Depression!” Shi Hao sat next to the jade table while drinking on his own and muttering to himself. 

Yue Chan raised her ears and carefully listened. She was nervous and confused as she observed the little Stone. 

“Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou and the other children already have their own children running around. Is it finally my turn? But when would I have the time to take care of some little ones…” Shi Hao said softly. 

When Yue Chan heard this, all of her fine hairs stood up. Her sparkling skin was covered in goosebumps. What was this idiot saying? He wanted to have several little ones…”

She was immediately overwhelmed. As a holy fairy, forget about giving birth, just sitting here for an entire night was already a type of blasphemy. It was even more uncomfortable than death. 

After thinking about that terrifying scene for a bit, fairy Yue Chan shivered and broke out in cold sweat. All of her calmness and collectedness had been tossed aside. Right now, there was only waves of chilliness creeping through her body. 

“Yue Chan, come and have a drink. We have to obey my mother’s orders in a bit.” Shi Hao waved over to her. 

“What… what order?” Fairy Yue Chan’s voice didn’t even sound natural anymore. This was the first time she felt like this in her entire life. There was a deep fear within her. 

“She said that we have to produce a child earlier and wants at least three of them.” Shi Hao said. 

Yue Chan’s eyes were widened to the extreme and she couldn’t help but take steps backwards. She sucked in a cold gasp of air. That evil holy lady was too hateful. Was this how she was going to get revenge? She really was determined!

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Shi Hao asked. 

“Who… who is going to give birth for you? Find someone else!” Even though Yue Chan’s face was as glossy as jade, it was lacking quite a bit of color. 

“You and I are married already. Why should I find someone else?” Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. 

“Are you acting like this on purpose? Are you purposely trying to scare me?” Yue Chan calmed down slightly, and after coming to this conclusion, this was what she said. 

“It’s supposed to be a joyous occasion, so why would I try to scare you? How can the magnificent fairy that overlooks the world of mortals have this type of attitude?” Shi Hao laughed and said. He waved his hand, hinting for Yue Chan to come over and exchange cups of wine. 

Yue Chan was naturally unwilling to do so. She twisted her head to the side and sat on the bed without moving, pretending as if he wasn’t there. 

“Hey, fairy, why do you like the bed so much? Can you move over a little bit?” Shi Hao asked. 

When fairy Yue Chan heard this, her face immediately flushed completely red. She shouted out, “What are you randomly spouting? Who likes the bed? If I could, I would immediately leave.”

“You aren’t willing to come over, so I’ll just come over to accompany you on the bed.” Shi Hao smiled extremely brilliantly. 

However, all of this seemed extremely terrifying in fairy Yue Chan’s eyes. She felt as if a great demon was closing in on her. All of her fine hairs stood erect, and she immediately stood up, saying, “Don’t move, I… will come over!”

The moonlight poured down like water, seeping in through the window. The two of them exchanged drinks. The luminous cups released sparkling radiance, and together with the bright moonlight, the two individuals’ complexions were extremely gentle-looking. 

“Child-bearing wife…” Shi Hao was cut off as soon as he opened his mouth.

Fairy Yue Chan was truly beyond angry. What kind of way of address was this? Forget about the fact that she didn’t acknowledge it, even if she did acknowledge the wedding, this type of title still wasn’t something that could be directly used .

“Wife…” Shi Hao changed his way of address, but he saw that she still ignored him and was even on guard. He couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy has always been treated respectfully by the people of this world. Free from all vulgarity, traveling unhindered for millions of li, and overlooking all eight regions. However, why are you so nervous in this small bridal room?”

After being teased, Yue Chan still remained nervous. She truly wanted to beat the crap out of him!

“Little Stone, we are calm and even-tempered people. Let’s sit down and talk about a few matters.” Yue Chan adjusted her breathing and calmed herself down before saying these words. 

“I’ve always been calm, it is you that’s nervous. However, it really makes me moved! I never expected you to place so much importance about me inside your heart, that you cared so much for me.” Shi Hao spoke with extremely thick skin. 

“Please act a bit more dignified. The matter I wish to talk about is an extremely serious one,” said Yue Chan. 

Shi Hao immediately became serious and looked at her without joking around. “We really need three. This is the first time my mother has instructed me to do something, so I cannot disappoint her.”

“Three?!” Yue Chan screamed out. 

“Then… let’s just say two. I’ll take responsibility for it. I really do not think we can go any lower!” Shi Hao spoke extremely seriously. 

“You… what are you saying? Who is going to give birth for you? I was not going to talk to you about these things! Stop interrupting me!” Yue Chan flipped out. She was so angry her face was completely red. This fellow was definitely doing this on purpose. 

“Aren’t you the one that will give birth for me? Young wife, could it be that there is something wrong with your body? Don’t worry, I have golden liquid here that can cure you.” Shi Hao put on a fake performance. 

“You…” Yue Chan was so angry she turned her head away. 

“You are my wife, so of course you will give birth for me.” Shi Hao had unknowingly when grabbed her hand. Under the white radiance of moonlight, it was as beautiful as jade. Her hand was slender and elegant. 

Yue Chan’s cultivation was sealed, and her primordial spirit was as well. Her divine senses had naturally sharply declined as well, so before she noticed Shi Hao’s movements, he was already holding her jade-like hands. 

She hurriedly pulled her hands back. Her expression fluctuated irregularly, and her beautiful and perfect face was full of uneasiness and other complex emotions. She felt that it would be hard for her to escape this disaster today. 

“Shi Hao, if you want to marry me, it’s not like that’s an impossible task.” She clenched her silver teeth and unexpectedly spoke these words. It immediately left Shi Hao shocked. 

“Are you being serious?” He never really believed that Yue Chan would play along gently. This would definitely be a great struggle that needed time to settle. 

“Of course, as long as you promise me a condition” Under the moonlight, fairy Yue Chan’s appearance was especially beautiful. The clear splendor outside the window scattered down on her body, making her look especially exquisite and beautiful. 

“I refuse!” Shi Hao resolutely refused. Without even thinking about it, he knew that the condition would be incredibly demanding. In addition, why did he have to agree to some condition. 

“You don’t even want to hear it? There’s no harm for you, and is instead something rather wonderful,” Yue Chan said with a calm voice. 

“I don’t believe you.” Shi Hao shook his head. He downed a cup of wine and then stood up. “Wife, it’s already deep into the night. We should take our rest.”

Yue Chan’s mind continuously jumped. She could not calm down at all. In addition, a layer of goosebumps emerged on her skin again. She was clearly incomparably nervous. “I wanted to tell you how to capture the witch.”

“Yi, you were talking about this condition?” Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with a different type of radiance, revealing a bit of shock. 

“As long as you catch the witch and make her stay in the imperial palace as well, I will acknowledge today’s wedding,” said Yue Chan. her eyes flickered with glistening brilliance. Her bright red lips seemed especially moving under the flowing moonlight. 

Shi Hao smiled. This witch must have truly brought great hate upon herself, or else why would Yue Chan be so decisive and make this kind of condition just to have her captured?

These two ladies deserved to be called enemies. Even at this stage, fairy Yue Chan still continuously thought about her, wanting to pull the witch into the water as well and have her share in her sorrow. 

“How do I catch her?” Shi Hao asked with a smile. 

“You agree?” Yue Chan’s eyes shone with specks of radiance. She naturally wished to stall for more time. 

“I don’t agree. However, I am still quite interested in the witch. You have to understand, in your sea of consciousness, she wanted to suppress me together with you.” Shi Hao said. 

“You don’t have any sincerity.” Yue Chan turned her head. Her beautiful black hair scattered down, and the corners of her clothes fluttered about under the night wind, making her figure appear even more wonderful. 

“I am extremely sincere. We are husband and wife, and you loathe the witch. Right now, we are discussing how to suppress her, so how can this not be a good thing?” Shi Hao smiled and said, revealing his white teeth. 

Yue Chan turned around and looked at him. Her beautiful eyes flickered, but in the end, she only stared at him without saying a single word. 

“Wife, today, it isn’t important that we are at a disagreement, because we can talk about those things tomorrow. Right now, we should go and rest.” Shi Hao’s smile was extremely brilliant. 

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