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Chapter 526 - Great Battle Between Women-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law

Yue Chan’s face had a sweet smile hanging from her face originally, but when she heard these words, her small bright lips were slightly opened, and her beautiful face widened even more. Her expression immediately froze.

How did it end up like this? Someone as intelligent as her was still stupefied right now. She did not expect these words at all. 

Just now, she meticulously made friends with Qin Yining and gave an incredibly beautiful performance to ‘hit it off’ with Qin Yining. The two were already extremely close, and with the great relationship between their two sects, she felt that she could use this to break free. 

But this result was just too unexpected!

Shi Hao snapped back to reality. His mother really knew how to act the part of a senior holy lady. Wasn’t this bullying the ‘newcomer’? He acted extremely straightforward, and with a nod, he said, “Mother, don’t worry.”

“En, I’m not worried at all.” Qin Yining nodded while smiling. 

Yue Chan woke up from her daze. Her beautiful eyes flickered about, and a slight frown appeared. She almost yelled out ‘that’s not how it is, I am worried!”

She was an exceptional beauty and possessed incomparable charm. She was just speaking to Qin Yining with smiles, and right now, she was still holding this senior holy lady’s arm. 

“Senior, you’ve misunderstood.” Yue Chan’s pretty eyebrows frowned. 

Qin Yining had a friendly appearance as she looked at Yue Chan. She praised, “You are so intelligent and beautiful, immortal disposition and jade-like bones, and you are even so good at understanding others, becoming such kindred spirits with me. I’ve always wanted a daughter like you, and today, my wish has finally been satisfied.”

“Holy lady, then let me become your adopted daughter.” Yue Chan hurriedly said, and a sweet smile appeared on her face again. 

“Great! After you marry Hao’er, you will be just like my own daughter.” Qin Yining said with a smile. 

Yue Chan’s teeth were now starting to clench together. She had taken the initiative to chat and get on her good side to form a harmonious relationship, yet in the end, Immortal Mountain’s holy lady managed to completely change the situation with just a few words. 

This was the first time she felt that holy ladies weren’t all that benevolent, especially experienced holy ladies. Their minds were even more formidable. 

“Senior, there isn’t much between me and Shi Hao. You’ve misunderstood, it’s actually like this…” She used pleasant words and quickly explained the situation. 

Qin Hao was always looking from the side. He was a bit shocked, and then when he heard how his own brother forcefully seized the holy lady, he immediately felt shock and disdain. 

This time, Shi Hao wasn’t polite and directly displayed the might of an elder brother. He flicked his younger brother’s forehead and said, “You even believe the words of the enemy?”

Qin Hao didn’t believe it too much either, but he couldn’t stand it, and that was why he purposely showed disdain. 

“Senior, the relationship between our two sects is quite friendly. Even though there were a few misunderstandings between Shi Hao and myself, I still cannot be trapped like this. It will affect the Heaven Mending Sect and Immortal Mountain’s relationship.” Yue Chan took the initiative to propose this. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll act in your place.” Qin Yining consoled and reassured her. 

Yue Chan’s performance was extremely warm. Her faint smile, nestling action, and other actions were rare sights from her. It could be said that the her today was quite different from the holy and aloof aura she gave off in the past. 

Qin Yining said, “Hao’er, this is your wrong. How can you make Yue Chan feel so wronged? Regardless, you shouldn’t suppress her. This is someone who will accompany you your entire life, so you have to treasure her.”

Yue Chan couldn’t laugh anymore and felt as if she was starting to go crazy. She now noticed that this senior holy lady was outwardly kind but inwardly evil, as well as incredibly persistent. She was definitely a good mother, but in Yue Chan’s eyes, she appeared extremely hateful. 

Shi Ziling coughed lightly to hint towards his wife. 

Qin Yining instead smiled sweetly, as if she didn’t notice it at all. 

“There won’t be any issues that arise from this, right?” Shi Ziling frowned and asked secretly. 

Qin Yining said, “She treated Hao’er unfavorably first, and that was why she was captured. It is not Hao’er’s wrong.”

“However, marrying her like this, isn’t it a bit negligent?” Shi Ziling asked. 

Qin Yining earnestly replied and said, “Hao’er overturned Immortal Mountain and stirred up a huge disaster. Meanwhile, Yue Chan’s identity is extraordinary. When she was born, auspicious signs emerged that shocked the world. There are unmatched great figures behind her. Perhaps connecting with the Heaven Mending Sect through marriage might be able to change Hao’er’s unfavorable situation and eliminate some of the grudges.”

The husband and wife conversed with their divine senses and didn’t open their mouths to directly speak about these things. 

“Qin Yining, you are also a holy lady. Have you not considered how I feel? How can you act like this?” With things reaching this point, Yue Chan no longer acted politely either, no longer showing a smile. She began to converse as equals. 

“Aiya, is this going to be the first battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?” Qin Yining smiled as if she didn’t mind her words at all. She had an extremely calm appearance and said, “What is so great about a holy lady? Am I not married now too, and in the lower realm no less? Do you need me to give you this example?”

Yue Chan found it hard to calm down. They were both holy ladies, yet she never expected the two of them to confront each other like this. 

“When Heaven Mending Sect finds out, they definitely won’t agree.” She calmed herself down. She chose not to say much, but those words implied quite a few messages. The higher realms’ Heaven Mending Sect was an enormous sect, and her background was extraordinary. Qin Yining should have heard a bit about her. 

“Why wouldn’t they agree? I’ve heard of the higher realms Heaven Mending Sect’s holy woman getting married before you know?” Qin Yining didn’t seem to mind. She had a smile on her face and began to praise her oldest son, saying, “My family’s Hao’er isn’t any inferior to those higher realms’ heavenly geniuses, exceptional talents, and others. He is worthy of Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy. Even though there are many rivals in love, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first.”

Shi Hao was stunned, and his eyes revealed a strange expression. This was the first time he realized that his mother was actually so formidable, being able to say even these types of words. 

“Holy lady, you should know that a slight misjudgment can lead to devastating consequences. Immortal Mountain and Heaven Mending Sect wouldn’t be able to stand this type of battle!” Yue Chan returned to her dignified attitude. Her body was dazzling, brilliant, and extraordinary. She spoke calmly and coldly about all of these things. 

“I don’t feel that way at all. Having the two great sects related by marriage is a grand occasion. It will definitely make Heaven Mending Sect and Immortal Mountain both become more rich and powerful.” Qin Yining seemed to attach little importance to this problem. 

“Senior Qin Yining, you are too optimistic. The result will be completely different from what you think. Even the flap of a butterfly’s wings can stir up an tsunami, and an ant digging holes can cause an earthquake, let alone something major like this. The battle might throw the entire higher realms into chaos!” Yue Chan spoke without honorifics, becoming more and more rude. 

“Butterflies just dance about lightly and gracefully. As for ants, it is enough that they enjoy digging the earth. Women need to be happy. If you think too much, you’ll age quickly. Yue Chan, you’ve thought too much. It is enough as long as you are one part of the butterfly pair.” Qin Yining smiled as she spoke, seemingly brushing her words aside. 

Yue Chan opposed her with equal harshness. A wave of calmness appeared on her beautiful face. “Is senior that butterfly or that ant?”

This was simply a battle, or to be more accurate, the first battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Neither side was giving way to the other. Their words were harsh as they fought a war of words. 

Shi Hao was rather shocked. Was his mother that powerful? Shi Ziling was completely silent while Qin Hao watched with amazement and great interest. 

Yue Chan also revealed her cleverness and way with words, to the extent where she was even attacking Qin Yining in a roundabout manner. This was a true battlefield. 

In the end, she was still the senior holy lady, so Qin Yining was incredibly calm. Her words were like a sword as she spoke, “Let’s end it with all of your magical techniques and divine abilities. I just want to ask a single question, are you going to get married or not?”

Yue Chan’s body was sparkling like jade and bright like the moon. She was holy and perfect. However, right now, she was still furious. “Are you really going to be an evil holy lady?”

“You’re wrong, I’m going to be an evil mother-in-law. Of course, that’s only temporary. If you treat Hao’er sincerely, then I will definitely treat you like my own daughter. Right now, you should just hurry on making me a grandson.”

Yue Chan was no match. She covered her face and backed up in shameful defeat. This battle was going to end. 

“Holy lady Qin Yining, are you really going to act so viciously?” She asked a bit unwillingly. 

When things reached this point, Qin Yining didn’t cover anything up either and said, “For the sake of plotting against Shi Hao’s Stone Country, you even surrounded and attacked him from all sides. You brought all of this trouble onto yourself.”

“Do you think I will be resigned to being your daughter-in-law?” Yue Chan was elegant and pure. She loudly asked. Towards this holy lady of the previous generation, she truly felt incredibly angry. 

“Peng Nine, where are you?” Qin Yining called out. 

“The old servant is here!” The old guard commander appeared in the Central Heavenly Palace and treated Shi Hao’s mother with great respect. He had seen everything with his own eyes just now. 

“Prepare a feast for Hao’er’s wedding.” When Qin Yining’s words sounded, not only was Peng Nine shocked, even Shi Hao himself was stunned. His mother was just too swift and decisive, right?

Even Shi Ziling was speechless when he heard this. He silently wiped his sweat while looking at his wife.

“This girl is such an outstanding beauty. Having her marry my son is a lovely affair, and we won’t spare any expense doing so. That’s why we’ll just have the marriage now.” Qin Yining brought down the auctioneer’s hammer. 

Shi Hao began to sweat profusely. Why did he feel that this situation was so strange? Did his mother finally flip out? He felt that his mother was rather calm just now while fighting against Yue Chan, but she definitely remembered her sharp words. She must be getting her revenge now. 

This was a continuation of that battle. There was going to be an end result to it. 

“Mother, isn’t this a bit too quick?” Shi Hao asked. 

When Yue Chan heard this, she became incomparably nervous. She really was scared in the end. Her eyes flickered with radiance as she sneaked a look at Qin Yining. 

“To avoid there being too many long nights and dreams, you two should get married earlier.” Qin Yining said decisively. 

“Mother, you really are mistreating fairy Yue Chan a bit here. She is the Heaven Mending Sect’s holy lady.” Qin Hao on the side suddenly spoke. 


Qin Yining directly flicked his forehead and said, “What fairy, what holy lady? Call her your sister-in-law!”

Shi Ziling knew that his wife was now striking out viciously. Even though it looked like her victory, she was still quite pissed off by Yue Chan’s cleverness. 

Peng Nine timely spoke, saying, “Emperor’s mother, Yue Chan is a captive, and the outside world does not know about this. If we recklessly make a wedding ceremony, it might produce a great commotion and bring about many problems.”

“Then let’s just arrange things in a low-profile manner. It is enough if our family bears witness.” Qin Yining smiled as she gave Yue Chan a look. There was no way she was going to let her go. 

“Mother, there are some matters you don’t know about, this is her second body, and she cultivates a mysterious technique…” Shi Hao spoke. 

Qin Yining was astonished. She had heard about this type of ancient method before. She couldn’t help but be amazed at Yue Chan. She actually successfully cultivated it! She exclaimed in admiration, but soon after, there was another great surprise. “One is already so hard to deal with. If there are two, how would I be able to match up in the future?”

Part of this expression was real, and part of it was exaggerated. Yue Chan felt so hateful even her teeth felt sore. 

“We can’t drag this on any longer. Tonight, you two must get married!” Qin Yining said. She grabbed Shi Ziling’s hand and declared euphemistically that this was a joint decision from both mother and father. 

Using her words, one Yue Chan was already so formidable, so if another was to appear later on and they had another fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, then wouldn’t it result in Qin Yining’s clear defeat? That’s why she had to subdue one first. 

Shi Hao remained silent. He felt that his mother was definitely a witch when she was younger too. Otherwise, how could she be such an ‘eccentric’ even now?

“You two have to make a child as soon as possible. In the future, we will all go to the higher realms. I believe that at that time, the Heaven Mending Sect will definitely approve of my family’s Shi Hao’s good daughter-in-law!” Qin Yining said. 

“Are you trying to have me learn from you?” Yue Chan couldn’t hold back anymore and lashed out again. 

“You have a point.” Qin Yining smiled sweetly and didn’t become angry. She turned around and told Shi Hao that she wanted a grandchild as soon as possible. 

Yue Chan finally became scared. Her face went completely pale. 

At that moment, Peng Nine received orders. He turned around to make preparations for the wedding. 

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