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Chapter 525 - Mother-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law

Shi Hao stood at the center of the battlefield. Streak after streak of auspicious energy rose, submerging him within and preventing all techniques from contaminating his body. 

Many formations were activated all around them, and intense fluctuations rippled outwards. Every inch of space was filled with the symbols of deities, completely sealing this place down. 

The witch’s expression became serious. She instinctively backed up, and after looking around, her eyebrows frowned slightly. She had an extremely bad feeling and said softly, “Little Stone, what are you trying to do?”

“I was just scared that fairy Yue Chan might try to escape, so I sealed up this place for my protection.” Shi Hao said rather calmly. 

Yue Chan’s white clothes were otherworldly. When she heard this, she laughed indifferently. Her lips curled up slightly, as if she wasn’t a captive and instead felt rather relaxed. She was quite satisfied with this result. 

The witch grinded her teeth in anger. A pearl-like radiance flickered outwards. “Shi Hao, we were always working together pleasantly. Are you really going to make a move against me today?”

“How could that be? The two of us are so well coordinated, and our relationship is so good that we are practically family. I definitely wouldn’t treat you harmfully.” Shi Hao said self-righteously. 

“Pah, who is like family with you?” The witch opened her divine eye and sized up her surroundings. 

“You truly leave me feeling hurt. Is our relationship not good enough? I was just using a figure of speech.” Shi Hao smiled. Five formations illuminated together. He believed that even if a group of supreme experts took action, they still wouldn’t be able to slaughter their way out. 

“Shi Hao, hurry and make your move to capture the witch. She is incredibly deceitful, and her methods are numerous. Otherwise, she might escape.” Fairy Yue Chan smiled faintly. 

Even as a captive and in this type of situation, for her to still be able to smile proved her calmness and current state of mind. She was definitely extraordinary. 

The witch’s expression was unpleasant. She gave Shi Hao a look and said, “Little Stone, I helped you catch a ridiculously beautiful fairy, and calling her the most beautiful girl in this world wouldn’t be too far from the truth, yet this is how you treat me? This girl hadn’t married you yet, yet you are going to side with her? It truly makes me, as your friend, hurt.”

“Don’t misunderstand. I am not using this to deal with you. Right now, I just want to research the Heaven Mending Technique a bit as well as the various transformations of the True Dragon and Immortal Phoenix. Which one of you two can teach me?” Shi Hao seemed fixated on obtaining precious techniques. 

There were so many symbols that this place looked like flickering constellations. They filled every inch of this place and protected this area, making it impossible for others to break out. 

At the same time, the jade seal above Shi Hao’s head became even more dazzling. Specks of multicolored light flew about and draconic energy surged. It was as if all of the natural luck from the nine heavens and tenth earth were gathered here to protect their master. 

It had to be said that in this imperial palace, the human emperor imprint was a supreme treasure that could suppress everything. It contained the power of a country and was currently supporting him!

“Shi Hao, I did not obtain the Heaven Mending Sect’s profound mysteries. If you want it, then we will still have to cooperate and deal with Yue Chan.” The witch said. 

“You clearly obtained my dao results, yet you are still acting like that. You just don’t want to share it with Shi Hao.” Yue Chan shook her head. 

The two women were two peerless pearls. They were the most stunning beauties of the eight regions. Not only were they beautiful, they were incredibly powerful. They possessed a depth that others couldn’t see through, and right now, they stood on opposite sides. 

“Shi Hao, if you capture her, I will teach you precious techniques.” Yue Chan suddenly spoke. He fine black hair danced about, and her incredibly beautiful face carried a serious expression. Her pretty eyes flowed with radiance. 

“Are you serious?” Shi Hao’s face revealed a great smile. 

“Can I even escape in this state?” Yue Chan moved her slim and graceful body. Her style was moving as she reached his side to stand with him. 

“Yue Chan, you truly are hateful!” The witch was shocked. She frowned. Multicolored light swirled within her eyes. 

“You stole my profound mysteries, yet you aren’t willing to share it with little Stone, then I will teach him myself, so what is wrong with that?” Yue Chan smiled. 

“Yue Chan, you really are formidable. For the sake of defeating me, you are actually willing to go so far.” The witch sighed and said. 

“Witch, we have such a long friendship, so why don’t you help me out and let me cultivate the Heaven Mending technique and the other techniques. Then, I’ll let you go and also pass on these precious techniques to you.” Shi Hao transmitted sound secretly in an incredibly sincere tone. 

The witch’s eyelashes were extremely long. Right now, they continuously moved about. Specks of divine light flickered within her beautiful eyes. “Little Stone, you don’t believe me? I truly didn’t obtain her divine abilities.”

“I believe you, and that’s why I want to do it like this. Later, when I obtain it, I’ll teach them to you.” Shi Hao said. 

“Pah, stinky brat, you actually dare to scheme against me. I really wasn’t careful enough and ended up falling into your plans.” The witch clenched her teeth. The snow white fox tails behind her moved about. She looked beautiful and somewhat cute. 

Shi Hao caused the precious imprint above his head to released draconic energy. The formations immediately became more powerful, and the fluctuations became even more intense. They were layered on top of each other one after another, forming barriers of light that completely surrounded this place. 

“Make your move and capture her. Since I can’t escape and can only stay at your side, I definitely can’t harm you. Everything is for the sake of making you stronger.” Yue Chan spoke. 

“Witch, we are old friends. Why don’t you just help me put on a play?” Shi Hao sighed and said. 

“You greedy person. You even dare to take advantage of me and set up a trap against me. I was wrong to help you!” The witch expressed her discontent. Her fists were tightly clenched as she stared at him. 

“You were threatening me with the deity suppressing bead not too long ago, but I didn’t say anything. All I am asking you to do now is to act out a play.” Shi Hao transmitted sound. 

“Hah, who are you trying to fool with those methods? You just want me to tie up my own hands and wait to be captured!” The witch backed up. Her entire body shone, especially the stone bead in her palm, which erupted with resplendent precious radiance. This bead couldn’t be more simple in appearance, but it was even more dazzling than a small sun. It looked like it could shine for all of eternity. 

The formations had long been activated. Symbols covered this place like stars. They were everywhere and incredibly dazzling. This place was locked down, suppressing the witch. 

“No good, it’s still not enough! If you have a secret treasure, hurry up and use it!” Yue Chan spoke. She truly wished to suppress the witch. 

The stone bead formed a barrier of light, surrounding the witch and blocking all of the symbols, not allowing them to land on her body. In addition, when she raised her hand, the stone bead released a strand of symbol light that flew towards Shi Hao. 

Over a hundred heavenly dragons rushed out from the precious imprint and swirled around his body to block that symbols’ radiance. In addition, the imperial palace trembled and a sea of draconic energy pervaded the air. They all concentrated on her. 

“It’s just a jade sea, so how is it so formidable?” The witch was astonished. RIght at this moment, she saw Shi Hao remove the sparkling white bone pagoda from his hair. She immediately shivered inwardly, and the stone bead in her palm shone to pierce through the formations.

Shi Hao was extremely shocked. This bead was too powerful. What kind of background did it have? Not even Five divine formations could stop her?”

“Little pagoda, you still aren’t taking action?”

“Did you forget your promise to an old friend?” The witch suddenly revealed a faint smile and spoke towards the inch tall little pagoda. 

The spotlessly white little pagoda remained quiet inside Shi Hao’s hair. It didn’t show any reaction. Shi Hao urged it, but it remained petrified. 

The witch was incredibly graceful, as if she was a fairy walking over ripples. She retreated into the distance as light as a feather and wave towards Shi Hao, saying, “Youngster, you still aren’t good enough.”

Shi Hao was stunned. The little pagoda and the witch had some secrets between them? Impossible!

“The stone bead was left behind by an old friend countless years ago. I previously made a promise to never harm the one that held it for the later generations that used the bead.” The little pagoda spoke. It appeared to be a bit frustrated and lonely.

“This…” Shi Hao was speechless. Then, he roared with laughter and said, “It seems like we really are a match made in heaven. Look, even our magical artifacts have some connections.”

“Hah, you were plotting against me just now, yet you still have the nerve to say something like this?” The witch stared at him with disdain. 

“You dared to say that you would suppress me with the deity suppressing bead while we were inside Yue Chan’s consciousness. If not for the fact that you felt apprehensive, you would have taken action a long time ago.” Shi Hao curled his lips. With this, he claimed that they were even. 

The witch’s skin was just as thick as Shi Hao’s so she naturally wouldn’t admit to suppressing him. She continued to demand compensation. 

“This chamber of imperial concubines is my gift to you as long as you are willing to stay behind.” Shi Hao said while laughing mischievously. 

“Pah. I already said a long time ago that you weren’t my type. Next time, I will definitely give you a beating!” The witch was extremely careful. She moved her snow white tails and turned into a streak of flowing light as she rushed out from the imperial palace. 

Meanwhile, the little pagoda vanished as well, following her. With sighs, it wanted to understand the situation. 

“Stupid pagoda with no loyalty. Traitorous pagoda!” Shi Hao shouted. 

“Young man, you should keep working hard. You are still a part of my nurturing project!” Outside the palace, the witch laughed and then disappeared. 

“I said a long time ago that she was extremely dangerous. This time, you didn’t fall into her plans, but next time, you might not be so lucky,” said Yue Chan. She was quite regretful that they couldn’t make the witch stay behind.

She was sparkling like jade and an outstanding beauty. This type of beauty belonged to the heavens, and that type of aloofness and detachedness was nurtured after. Her entire being was so pure that it couldn’t be blasphemed against. 

Of course, this was useless against Shi Hao. He pulled over the fairy at his side and said, “Future wife, teach me some precious techniques.”

Yue Chan was left helpless. In front of other people, her distant temperament would have made others treat her with great respect, and none of them would have dared to act like this. Unfortunately, this fellow in front of her was just too thick skinned. 

Even though she didn’t feel dejected or fear, she still found it hard to calm down inwardly. Could it be that she really was going to fall here?

Shi Hao collected the precious imprint and allowed the formations to calm down. He and Yue Chan walked around and entered the Central Heavenly Palace. 

Shi Ziling and his wife both returned from visiting old friends. They both felt rather fulfilled. After leaving Stone Country for so many years, being able to meet their old friends again had a reunion type of joy and emotions. 

“Hao’er, this is…” When they saw Yue Chan, the husband and wife were stupefied. Then, they felt extremely stunned. This girl was just too pretty, a beauty that was hard to see in one’s entire life. She was like someone that had walked straight out of a painting scroll. 

Even Qin Hao surprisingly didn’t turn around and sized her up. 

Even though Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick, he didn’t dare speak randomly in front of his parents’ faces. If it was anyone else asking, he would have definitely said that this was his child-bearing wife. 

“This is a captive I caught.” He said a bit embarrassingly. 

Fairy Yue Chan was incredibly intelligent, quickly understanding the identities of the middle-aged husband and wife here. Her eye lit up. She courteously walked up to give her respects. 

The husband and wife exclaimed in admiration at her beauty. Then, they asked Shi Hao exactly what her identity was. 

“What? Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy?!” Shi Ziling was so shocked that he seemed to be in a bit of a daze. His own eldest son truly had skill. He even caught the undying great sect’s holy woman? His eyesight was extremely formidable, so he naturally saw his eldest son’s bit of awkwardness and caught onto something. He truly didn’t know what was proper to say. 

“Heaven Mending Sect… Yue Chan?” After learning of her identity, Qin Yining was a bit stumped for words. Then, her eyes lit up, revealing a brilliant smile. Even though she was already a mother, she was still extremely beautiful. 

“Your respected self is… Holy lady Qin Yining?” Yue Chan’s eyes shone with bits of light and became even more respectful. In addition, she showed a type of intimateness and respect. 

Before she was captured, she had long thought about things carefully. She unexpectedly found out that Shi Hao’s mother was the higher realms Immortal Mountain’s holy woman. She was schemed against in the lower realm, and an accident happened. 

“Are you that female baby that created many miraculous signs upon birth? The one that made the heavenly sun lose radiance and the stars shine especially brilliantly?” The more Qin Yining looked at Yue Chan, the closer and more satisfied she felt. 

“Senior, you know about me?” Yue Chan revealed a faint smile that was a bit different from how she was normally. 

“How could I have not heard about you? Before I descended into the lower realm, I just happened to hear about these things. I even went to Heaven Mending Sect before just to see you. You truly were a divine and blessed female child!” Qin Yining pulled over Yue Chan’s hand. 

“Your esteemed self, the holy lady, was also dazzling back then. I also heard many legends about you. I have always longed to meet you.” The more Yue Chan smiled, the sweeter she appeared. She began to chat happily with Shi Hao’s mother. 

Shi Hao’s face was one of absolute distress. 

He truly felt a bit helpless. How could a captive feel this close? It made him feel a bit embarrassed. 

“Hao’er, how can you treat Yue Chan so rudely? Why aren’t you hurrying and making amends?” Qin Yining flicked her forehead and expressed her discontent. 

Yue Chan’s temperament was exceptional and incredibly beautiful. She took the initiative to chat with Qin Yining and get closer to her. When she glanced over at Shi Hao, she inadvertently had a faint smile on the corners of her eyes and tip of her brows. 

“Mother…” Shi Hao was at a loss. 

Heaven Mending Sect and Immortal Mountain’s relationship was quite good. Yue Chan smiled sweetly. She was hitting it off with Qin Yining, and the two of them were becoming extremely close. She now felt that with the relationship between the two sects, she should be able to free herself now. 

“Hao’er, in the future, you cannot bully Yue Chan.” Qin Yining glared at Shi Hao.

“I… when did I ever do that?!” Shi Hao was unwilling to accept this. Could it be that he really had to released fairy Yue Chan?

Yue Chan’s umber-black eyebrows relaxed, revealed a faint smile. She shot Shi Hao a glance, feeling more and more at ease. 

At that moment, her mood felt as if it immediately became much brighter. Her smile became more and more sweet. She held Qin Yining’s arm, and as they discussed and smiled, she was like a spoiled child talking to a senior, completing overthrowing her previous performance and character. 

Qin Yining nodded and said with a smile, “En, Hao’er, when you two get married, you definitely have to treat each other respectfully. Me and Yue Chan are such kindred spirits, and I really like her. Why don’t we have the wedding ceremony a bit sooner?”

“Ya?!” Yue Chan’s smile immediately froze. Why did she end up hearing this sentence?

Shi Hao also stared blankly. When he saw the intelligent light within his mother’s eyes that shone with incredible radiance, he really didn’t know what he should say. 

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