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Chapter 524 - Immortal Prisoner

Yue Chan’s sea of consciousness was vast. It shone brilliantly without any flaws. It was like the immortal realm’s sea under the moonlight. Immortal luster swirled about this place. 

Shi Hao and the witch were sitting down. This battle had lasted for quite a long time. They were adjusting the energies within themselves, recovering the strength of their divine senses. 

On the side, even though Yue Chan was taken prisoner, her style was still exceptional. Her skin was spotlessly white without any flaws. Divine radiance seeped out from her body, and even every strand of her hair was shining. 

She was like a goddess. Even though she was taken prisoner, she appeared rather calm and not dispirited. She looked extraordinary and aloof. Every inch of her flesh was sparkling and translucent. She was beautiful without any imperfections. 

This type of style was difficult to find throughout the world. It was as if she was above everyone. She was devastatingly beautiful, and her temperament was even more exceptional. When her eyes opened and closed, spiritual essence scattered outwards. She calmly and collectedly thought about everything and thought about how she was to act in response now. 

“Older sis, you really are calm. You’ve already been caught and your primordial spirit has been sealed, yet you are still so coolheaded. Are you still trying to make a comeback?” The witch spoke rather frivolously. 

She was similarly stunning, but there was a completely different temperament to her. Yue Chan was divine and flawless, while she had the word demonic to her title. This type of beauty was incredibly bewitching, carrying a type of craftiness. 


The witch was extremely evil, slapping Yue Chan’s full bottom and creating a loud pa sound. She purposely blasphemed against this type of holiness. Her smile was extremely brilliant as she said, “Older sis Yue Chan, you are so aloof and distant. It even makes little sister here jealous.”

“You demon, move your hand. Don’t fight over the fairy with me!” Shi Hao spoke with a strict tone. 

The witch was stupefied. Then, she laughed loudly, her beautiful waist moving back and forth. “Demon Emperor, is a poor daoist trying to seize a buddhist nun here?” 

“She is mine.” Shi Hao walked over and pushed that hand away. 

Even though this battle ended and the enemy was trapped, the two of them were drained as well. The divine senses of the other party exceeded their imaginations. Her potential was endless, and her divine might was unmatched. 

If not for the deity suppressing bead, there would have definitely been another conclusion to this battle!

Yue Chan’s body shone. Those were streak after streak of divine chains of order left behind by her opponents. They were like shackles that tightly bound her. It was too difficult for her to struggle free. 

White clothes covered her sparkling white body. Her black hair was bright and shining. Being bound by these divine chains was a type of blaspheme. There was a special type of grace and beauty to her current appearance. 

No matter how she exerted strength, it was still impossible for her to break free. Those divine chains locked down her primordial spirit, restraining her cultivation. She lost all of her miraculous methods. 

In addition, that stone bead was exerting its effects on her forehead. It scattered down strand after strand of clear light that formed symbols one after another. These symbols entered her holy body and carried out its suppressing and sealing effects. 

These restrictions became more and more firm. It was too difficult for her to break out. She had already become a beautiful captive. 

Even though they were inside a sea of consciousness and everything was made from fundamental essence, everything was extremely real, to the extent where the feeling was even more distinct than in the outside world and left even deeper of an impression. 

Yue Chan’s expression was calm. “Everything will become apparent in the future.” These words were spoken for both of them to hear. Then, she looked at Shi Hao, and as if she was warning him, she said, “You are dancing with the most dangerous existence.”

The witch revealed a faint smile, one that gave off a seductiveness that was hard for others to resist. This smile alone was already too charming. She swayed her snow white fox tails and said, “Older sis, you shouldn’t overdo it. It is pointless to try and incite disharmony now.”

Soon after, she pinched Yue Chan’s beautiful face, and then while supporting her chin, she said, “Feels quite nice.”

“Let go. That’s my wife.” Shi Hao brought Yue Chan and then backed up, not allowing the witch to do what she wanted. 

“You really don’t have a conscience. No matter how you look at it, this wife of yours was still suppressed with my help, so you should let me have her for a few days, right?” The witch laughed and said. 

“No way. How can someone’s wife be lent out? Don’t even think about it!” Shi Hao strictly refused. 

Yue Chan’s body was well-proportioned and slender. Even though she was pure like a fairy, her body was extremely ‘T H I C C’. Her full waist was grabbed into Shi Hao’s arms, causing her to frown slightly. No matter how calm she was, when they reached this moment, she was still a bit uncomfortable. 

When she began to think about what might happen in the future, a wave of nervousness appeared within her heart. When she thought of those circumstances, a layer of goose bumps appeared on her snow white skin. 

“Aiya, older sis’ jade-like body is so tense. Is that excitement?” The witch roared with laughter. Her large eyes fluttered about and she reached out her hand again. 

“Don’t move randomly.” Shi Hao moved out with the fairy at his side. 

“Don’t you want to suppress her together?” The soft spirit body wasn’t much different from a real body. A wave of fragrant ‘energy’ blew against Shi Hao’s years. Yue Chan spoke out softly, telling him to take action and suppress the witch. 

Shi Hao turned around. The tips of their noises were practically touching as he looked at her. 

“Hey, can you stop acting so unrestrained? You two aren’t even in the bridal room yet. Also, by speaking through divine senses, are you trying to plot against me?” The witch revealed what looked like a smile yet wasn’t a smile. Looking at Yue Chan, she said, “Older sis, everything is futile.”

The Yue Chan behind the golden gates was even more unwavering and calm than the normal ‘her’. Even under this type of situation, she still seemed unperturbed. 

“I have a secret method that can be carried out as a final move to suppress her.” Yue Chan was right there, almost sticking to Shi Hao’s face as they stood there. She sent out the ‘energy’ fragrance from her alluring red lips. 

“Be careful of her retaliation!” The witch timely spoke to warn him. 

“If you don’t take action now, it will be extremely dangerous. She might use the deity suppressing bead to suppress you. At that time, it’ll be too late.” Yue Chan said softly. 

Shi Hao’s expression was calm. Formidable women really did give him headaches. Neither one of these two was easy to deal with. Even though one was a captive and the other was his ally, he still couldn’t relax at all. 

“We should close things up. Older sis should stop trying to stir up trouble.” The witch pointed out her hand. A mysterious beam of light flew outwards. At the same time, the deity suppressing bead rotated. Large amounts of symbols flew out. 

These extremely strange symbols that brought mists with them entered Yue Chan, making her wonderful body shake. She knew that everything was too late and that it was now too difficult for her to break free. 

At this moment, she looked towards Shi Hao. Her beautiful eyes flickered. Was she really going to end up in his hands? There was also the witch to worry about. How was she supposed to deal with her?

“And done!” The witch seemed rather carefree as she said confidently. Her hair flew about, producing an astonishing charm. 

“Are you sure you can suppress her?” Shi Hao transmitted mentally. 

“Do not worry. Everything is still in our control.” The witch replied. 

Shi Hao gave the stone bead between Yue Chan’s brows a look. The emperor imprint above his head shone, and the draconic energy that descended became even more numerous. It was like a rain of light that submerged his body. 

This bead was incredibly mysterious and powerful. If it was used to deal with him, it would become extremely dangerous for him. 

“Hehe…” The witch laughed and said, ‘Young man, why don’t you give me a chance to try it out too?”

Shi Hao laughed indifferently and said, “You want to take action against me too?” Above his head, the precious imprint was moist and glowing. The fate energy of a country surrounded him, making him more and more immeasurable. 

The witch’s face looked like it came out of a picture, becoming more and more beautiful and alluring. “My bead truly is an ancient supreme treasure and not some ordinary item. It can suppress the world under the heavens.”

Shi Hao didn’t say anything and calmly looked at her. 

The witch’s beautiful eyes flowed with radiance, as if she was trying to make a choice, but also as if she was trying to scare Shi Hao. “What do you think I should do?”

“Up to you.” Shi Hao said. 

“Sigh, this really is giving me a headache.” The witch supported her sparkling white forehead with her hand as if she was hesitating. Her eyes were intelligent and swirling about. Finally, she gathered her beautiful hair and said, “Forget it, I should still continue with the young man nurturing project.”

Yue Chan’s red lips curled up slightly. She said next to Shi Hao’s ear, “She isn’t trying to frighten you, nor is she making a joke. Just now, she really was going to take action, but out of apprehension, she held herself back. She is extremely smart and will never do anything that’s uncertain.”

Shi Hao’s face was calm, but he was taking precautions. Regardless of whether it was the Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy or the Sky Severing Sect’s witch, he treated both seriously and without any carelessness. 

“I suddenly feel that finding a simple and honest wife is best. Keeping women that think too much at my side would instead give me headaches…” Shi Hao said. 

“Formidable women can be of much help to you in the future. Of course, it depends on your skills and how you raise older sis Yue Chan. This is quite a difficult task you know?” The witch’s expression was brilliant. She smiled faintly and said, “As for me, you don’t even have to keep thinking. You are not my type.”

“Type?” Shi Hao was speechless. The witch’s final sentence was extremely bold and unrestrained. However, it still matched her style. 

Suddenly, the stone bead trembled lightly. It released a powerful suction force. Even Shi Hao was astonished and felt a bit frightened. 

Yue Chan’s body trembled. The space between her brows shone, and a strand of pure energy flew out. It turned into a great dao flower. However, it was hacked apart by the stone bead and restrained. 

Then, pure energy surged again from the area between Yue Chan’s brows, producing another great dao flower. It was hacked apart by the stone bead again and sucked into the bead. 

Finally, the third wave of pure energy was absorbed. This bead swirled about before returning to its rough and ancient state. It then flew towards the witch’s palm. 

“Witch, you really are something, cutting three flowers from me and seizing my dao results,” Yue Chan said. Her expression was cold, but her words were calm. 

The witch carried the stone bead and carefully sensed it. She suddenly frowned and said, “Yue Chan, you really are formidable, not dropping your guard even at this moment.”

Then, she gave hinted towards Shi Hao, and both of them left this pure and powerful sea of consciousness. 

Immediately after, specks of light flew about. Shi Hao and the witch’s primordial spirits flew out and quickly returned to their bodies. Both of them stood up from the ground. 

At the same time, Yue Chan also opened her eyes. This time, her primordial spirit was sealed, so she truly lost her final methods. She didn’t have a true trump card anymore. 

“Witch, did you obtain the Heaven Mending Sect’s greatest profound mysteries?” Shi Hao asked. 

“I did not!” The witch shook her head and lightly clenched her teeth. Her eyes were deep as she looked at Yue Chan. “You really are decisive, restricting your own imprints.”

“You clearly obtained my dao results and obtained what you wanted, yet you still blame me. You just don’t want to share it with Shi Hao, right?” Yue Chan said. 

“Nonsense. You forged a divine imprint and didn’t let the stone bead cut off those profound mysteries.” The witch’s expression was unpleasant, and she revealed killing intent for the first time. “Do you truly think that I don’t dare to kill you?”

Shi Hao stroked his chin and said, “i want to research the Heaven Mending Technique a bit, as well as the True Dragon, Immortal Phoenix’s transformations and things like that. Which one of you can demonstrate a bit for me?”

“You sliced off three great dao flowers from me and obtained everything, yet now, you still want to assume this type of stance…” Yue Chan shook her head. 

“Yue Chan, you should give up on scheming. As a captive, you should know your place.” The witch spoke. Inside her beautiful hand, the stone bead shone and was about to be activated. “You suppressed your imprint on your own and hid everything inside the origin imprint. Don’t make me forcefully seize it.”

Suddenly, symbols rose from all sides and covered this area. There were formations on formations. There were at least five layers, and all of them were divine formations. This place was completely locked down. 

“Which one of you two can teach me precious techniques?” Shi Hao calmly asked. 

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