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Chapter 511 - Rebirth After Nirvana

“So comfortable!”

While heading downwards, Shi Hao’s blood vessels all expanded, and his bones crackled as the essence energy was taken in and sent out. His essence energy had reached the optimal level. 

The lower he went, the richer the spiritual essence was. At the same time, the temperature continued to climb, making his body bright red from the heat and bringing him a bit of pain. 

Then, after descending several dozen li, he wasn’t even close to reaching the base of the golden tree. He only saw the thick golden trunk, the slender golden trunk continued to extend below. 

“Not good, it’s too deep. This ancient tree is too thick, and every single leaf supports a star. Even though they are still in the process of being nurtured, it still proves just how large it is. Its roots extend too deeply, and even if I continue to travel downwards for several days, I still might not reach the end.” 

Shi Hao stopped and quickly rushed upwards to return to the sea’s surface. It was because he had more important things to do first. 

The earthflame liquid had formed a boundless sea. This was rarely seen spiritual liquid, and it was perfect for restoring his supreme being bone. At this moment, his chest shone. It felt extremely comfortable and made him feel rather carefree. 

Apart from this, he naturally wouldn’t forget about the great luck of the Sun God Tree. He borrowed the force of the interspatial precious case and could sense the fluctuations above at any time. 

“The most important thing is still recovering the supreme being bone. If it can be completely reformed, then it wouldn’t matter even if I missed out on the other opportunities.”

It was hard to believe that there was so much earthflame liquid here. It was gathered at the base of the golden tree, forming a large pond that was so large that the other end couldn’t be seen. 

This ancient tree was too large. It propped up the heavens and soared through the clouds. It was just too large. At its base, the scarlet liquid flowed around the golden tree trunk, creating a distinct contrast. 

Regardless of whether it was the golden tree or the earthflame liquid, they both possessed powerful spirituality and surged with spiritual essence. 

“Too comfortable!” Shi Hao moaned again. His body unfolded and completely relaxed as he soaked in the scarlet spiritual liquid. 

If it was a normal person, they would have probably been completely cooked through by now. However, his cultivation was extremely great, and his flesh was extremely sturdy. He naturally could endure this high temperature. 

On his chest, a vortex appeared. It frantically devoured the crimson essence around him, creating a storm of spiritual force. All of the earthflame liquid surged powerfully. 

Scarlet multicolored light surged, wrapping around Shi Hao and entering his body through the enormous vortex to nurture his supreme being bone. 

Eventually, it no longer became an absorption but instead a type of plundering. Ocean waves overflowed into the heavens, and boundless scarlet red radiance poured over, converging in this direction. 

Shi Hao was immersed at the center of it all, overwhelmed by the spiritual essence. He could clearly feel the supreme being bone blazing with radiance. It turned into a little sun and continuously solidified. It was growing. 

A corner of its original form appeared. It was sparkling white and brilliant. Symbols were engraved on its surface. It wasn’t whole yet, but it continuously regrew, causing symbols to jump out one after another before engraving themselves on top. 

A fist sized little figure sat on top. Its precious image was dignified in appearance, and it was chanting sutras from its mouth. It also changed along with everything else, resonating with the flood of spiritual essence. Its aura became more and more powerful. 

This was an astonishing transformation, one that headed in an extremely good direction. 

At this moment, all of Shi Hao’s plans and purposes were forgotten. He just wanted to sleep here and continuously change himself to reach the most powerful state he could be in.

He was like a phoenix bathed within flames, waiting for a chance to undergo rebirth!

The divine striking stone awoke. The instant it did, it directly leapt off his hair and looked at everything with shock and disbelief. 

“The greatest happiness cannot surpass this! I thought I was already in a holy land, yet I noticed this heaven. It is a million times better than what I had imagined!”

The divine striking stone went crazy. It could devour the essence of the earthflame liquid inside the magma as well. 

Then, it cried out loudly before jumping into the scarlet lake with a putong sound. It devoured the divine essence, making its body shine brightly. Its faint golden color was changing into scarlet red. 

Apart from this, inside Shi Hao’s hair, another golden bead trembled. The Emperor Butterfly gracefully flew towards the Sun God Tree and rested on the golden screen of light to devour its divine source. 

Su Hao was completely unaware of these changes. He was too immersed within his own wonderful state. The entire sea was like a grand chanting of sutras that allowed him to gain endless insights. 

Eventually, Shi Hao’s chest directly formed a golden passageway. It was formed from all types of symbols, and it directly linked up to the outside world, frantically devouring spiritual essence. 

At that moment, he finally awoke. He was astonished at the changes happening to himself. He never expected that this bone’s reemergence would require such boundless divine energy. 

The main reason was because he waited quite a long time, and he wasn’t a young child anymore either. He originally reached the Formation Arrangement Realm himself, so the precious bone’s transformation naturally required more divine essence.

He carefully experienced this feeling and silently comprehended everything. A powerful wave of energy fluctuated within his body, and then it all gathered towards that bone in his chest. 

He could hear the blood flowing through his body, especially around his chest, where there was a sphere of essence blood. It was different from the others and contained that bone, continuously nourishing it and making it grow. 

“I can successfully complete this bone here!” Shi Hao silently calculated and reached this conclusion. He was filled with joy. 

The ancient sun tree took root here. There was just too much earthflame liquid here, and this boundless scarlet liquid was enough to allow his bone to be completely reborn. 

Just like that, three days and three nights passed. Shi Hao felt that the bone was about mature and become complete. 

“No, it is still missing a bit. Even though there is so much fiery liquid, it isn’t true divine liquid. Without high enough quality, it is still hard to push it towards the peak and achieve its final perfect form.”

Shi Hao quietly said to himself. He suddenly rushed underground. This time, he used the Kun Peng’s technique and continuously dove down in search of the richer spiritual fluid he needed. 

The main trunk was too large, and the roots were too long. He still wasn’t able to reach the very bottom, but he noticed a few golden roots. 

“Divine liquid!”

Shi Hao was astonished. Nearby those golden roots, there was a portion of scarlet liquid that released unfading radiance. Its radiance was blinding and translucent, and the aura it released was astonishing. 

He quickly rushed over to absorb that substance. 

When he carefully inspected it, he found that it wasn’t divine liquid, but it was quite close. It possessed astonishing divine might! There wasn’t a lot, and this was all fiery liquid created from the golden roots’ refinement. 

Shi Hao didn’t know what kind of substance it was, but when he absorbed it, it was rather effective. He rushed downwards and continuously searched for more. Even though there wasn’t a lot, it was astonishingly potent. 

Finally, with a hong sound, Shi Hao broke through the ocean surface. He took a deep breath, and then he released a great roar. His entire body shone, and his bones crackled with pi pa sounds. 

The symbols by his supreme being bone shone brilliantly outside his body. They formed a divine ring that surrounded him. They floated in the air and continuously released immortal energy. 

He was going to take the final step past the crucial point. This bone was sparkling white and brilliant. Symbols were engraved all over its surface. A portion of heavenly text emerged on its own; it was about to complete its rebirth. 

Shi Hao thought carefully inwardly. He brought out the interspatial precious case and made his way through the golden barrier of light. He rushed up Sun God Tree, and then he landed on an enormous branch before sitting on top. 

The tree trunk was upright and strong. The golden tree looked like a slumbering old dragon. 

Around him, every single golden leaf had a hazy star on it. That wasn’t a real object, but they contained worldly force. Sooner or later, they would turn into a real great star. 

Shi Hao took in and sent out the divine source from all directions. This time, he targeted this Sun God Tree, absorbing the essence of the golden tree trunk, leaves, and the great stars that were currently being nurtured. 

Golden multicolored mists swirled about and gathered towards his body. 

That area was extremely resplendent. Divine light became more and more brilliant, covering him within. It made him look like a god that had sat there since the ancient times, undying and forever eternal. 

In that final moment, Shi Hao’s mind became completely empty. He felt as if he had jumped out from his body and was watching the transformations of his own bone as a bystander. 

A great explosion sound rang through the air. All of the symbols rushed out from that bone and engraved themselves in the air. They multiplied endlessly and formed a ring, supporting Shi Hao and granting him incredible power!

The sound of chanting shook this world. The Sun God Tree seemed to be resonating in response. 

“Yi, could it be that an immortal scripture has emerged within that Chaotic Ancient Palace?” Above the golden ancient tree, a supreme expert muttered. He felt a fluctuation of the great dao. 

“What is that? There is the sound of scriptures being chanted, as if it is right beside my ear, yet I can’t hear it clearly.” The geniuses that came from the higher realms were all shocked. They looked towards the heavens and increased speed. They wanted to explore it. 

No one sensed that it actually came from below. A youth’s supreme being bone had been reborn and completed its final transformation. 

After who knew how much time passed, the symbols around his body vanished, disappearing into his chest. After experiencing its moment of greatest brilliance, it returned to being peaceful.

He inspected himself. The supreme being bone was sparkling white. It had completely regrown and was no longer deficient.

“These scriptures…” He was deeply shocked. After experiencing the final transformations, the symbols on the bone recombined, becoming different and more profound. 

He was left speechless. After being reborn, all of the symbols seemed to have been reborn as well. This fully complete bone was so complex that he couldn’t immediately comprehend everything on it. 

“Perfect time to research it. I’m at the Formation Arrangement Realm and need to carve some formations on my flesh. Why don’t I just choose this!”

Earlier, Shi Hao had been prepared to use the Kun Peng technique, stalk of grass’ divine ability, Suan Ni technique, and the others. However, now he felt that it was better for him to carefully study the supreme being bone and engrave those formations onto his flesh. 

These things could be changed at any time. If he felt that they weren’t proper, he could revise them. 

“Was I influenced by the Willow Deity? I heard them say that human form creatures were most suited for heaven and earth, a medium suited for the dao. Is this why I wanted to engrave the supreme being bone’s symbols on every inch of my flesh…” Shi Hao said softly. He reached this conclusion after some self-reflection. 

He suddenly jumped out. He changed directions and sat on an enormous golden leaf beside a star that was currently being nurtured. He absorbed its essence and began to attack at his bottleneck. 

This was a type of cultivation, as well as a type of isolation. He studied the symbols on top of the supreme being bone and carefully analyzed it. He continuously produced them and then began to engrave them into his flesh. 

In the next moment, his body became sparkling and resplendent. Dao sounds continuously sounded. Every inch of his flesh flickered with divine multicolored light. Then, they became brilliant and dazzling, as if he was heading towards immortality. 

He carved his own symbols on every inch of his body. Even his internal organs became incomparably brilliant. Divine radiance glistened brightly, surrounding him in immortal radiance. 

It did not take a long time. A day and night later, Shi Hao made astonishing progress. He broke into late stage of the Formation Arrangement Realm!

This cultivation realm precisely required one to engrave all types of symbols and formations inside the body to increase one’s power, and he broke through in one night’s time.

Shi Hao opened his eyes. He didn’t want to advance too quickly. Even though there were large amounts of divine matter here, if he continuously ascended, he would miss out on great experience and insights. 

This path couldn’t be rushed. He had to pay attention to the scenery at the sides of the road as well. 

In addition, he felt that the struggle above continued for long enough. He should go up as well. If he waited any longer, he might completely miss the opportunity in this Chaotic Ancient Palace. 

The instant he stood up, Shi Hao appeared extraordinary and spiritual. He was like an immortal, and there was a type of aloofness to him. However, every movement he made was accompanied by boundless power. 

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