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Chapter 510 - Intense

The golden tree was where the sun dwelled and deities slumbered. It was where many legends emerged from, a place of great opportunities. 

Everyone rushed forward. Xuan Ming, Bi Gu, Lan Yu, and Hong Huang all brought out their secret treasures. Brilliant lights immediately filled the air as they all rushed forward. 


Suddenly, a mysterious energy erupted. It was so abrupt and fierce that the void was distorted. A blood-colored rootstalk pierced over like a true dragon. 

A pu sounded. One of the geniuses from the higher realms simply couldn’t believe what had just happened. His temple had been pierced, and blood splashed high into the air. His face was full of shock even as he died. 

This happened too suddenly. The blood-colored rootstalk flickered with scarlet radiance. The tip that was even sharper than a divine spear flew across the sky, slaughtering one of the young experts from the higher realms. 

It was precisely the Ancient Ironblood Tree. It rose from the magma and suddenly took action. With the magical staff to protect itself, it was absolutely fearless. 

That corpse was dried up and withered. All of its body’s essence was swallowed up by the ancient tree, and then it turned into ashes. Both the body and spirit were annihilated. 

“You… really are daring!” The group from the higher realms were all furious. They didn’t stir up any trouble, yet someone unexpectedly took the initiative to attack them. They immediately turned around to get revenge for that person. 

A hong sounded. Magma surged, and the crimson sea flared. A group of supreme experts appeared, and they all took action. They attacked the geniuses at the same time, seemingly moving with the same intentions. 

Apart from the few that entered first, the other supreme experts seemed to have reached a mutual understanding. Their complexions were extremely cold and detached as they slaughtered towards Lan Yu, Shui Yue, Shi Hao, and the others. Their attacks were incredibly bold and powerful. 

“You dare!” Zhao Qi roared. Then, in just a split second, he was swept through by several streaks of light. If his secret treasure didn’t immediately act out, he definitely would have fell. 

“Break out of the siege!” Lan Yu softly shouted. 

The situation was extremely unfavorable. Their route of advance was cut off, and they were surrounded from all sides by the Nine-Headed Snake, Golden Giant, Silver Lion, and other supreme experts. Their circumstances were extremely dire. 


Natural laws appeared everywhere, and specks of light crashed down like waterfalls. This place was chaotic. Waves of magma reached high into the skies and killing intent rushed into the heavens. 

No one expected a great battle to happen so quickly. They didn’t even truly reach the archaic ancient tree yet, but they were already surrounded by people like these and hunted down. 

A fiver-colored deer took action. Divine radiance flew about. It came from a precious artifact, a deer horn that flowed with five-colored radiance. It directly shot towards Shi Hao with extreme power. 


A vibrating sound rang through the air. Shi Hao’s hands shone, and an extremely powerful sword energy hacked down on the deer horn, deviating its trajectory and sending it into the sea of magma. 

Comparatively speaking, he didn’t release the aura of a supreme expert, so the attack he received wasn’t that powerful. He wasn’t treated as a main target. 


A divine beast roared loudly. Its entire body was covered in blue radiance. It charged into their group with a great annihilating power. 

“What is this? A blue dragon?!” Even the geniuses from the higher realms were shocked. This type of creature was too powerful. 

Its entire body was dark blue and released powerful divine might. Its body was shaped like a lizard, but it had a dragon’s head. A pair of wings grew on its body. It swooped down while spraying out blue light. 

This was a large area attack. Above its head suspended a precious artifact, and it was unexpectedly a bronze bell. It released a long drawn-out ringing. When it supported its precious technique, it actually increased the power by several times!


This place erupted with action. The entire group was attacked, and they did everything they could to defend themselves. 

Symbol light interweaved, and natural laws covered this place. The other supreme experts took action as well, surrounding this group of young experts from the higher realms. 

Zhuo Yun’s body jolted, quickly moving to the side. There was a symbol that pierced through his body protecting holy radiance. If not for the fact that a secret treasure produced a cyan lotus flower, he definitely would have been in danger. 

The blue dragon attacked fiercely. That bronze bell descended and merged with his precious technique. It rushed down, and with a pu sound, the people next to Zhuo Yun directly exploded. Blood splashed high into the sky. 

Zhuo Yun cried out loudly. Blood splashed onto his body protecting secret treasure. It was rather eye-catching. An ugly look appeared on his face; the one that died could’ve been him. 

“That bronze bell is a powerful divine artifact. Everyone must be careful!” Shui Yue transmitted this message outwards. Silver radiance flickered around her body in a graceful and agile manner. 

Even without her reminder, everyone could see that the bronze bell was unordinary. What was most shocking was that the precious technique’s power was increased several times by it. This would be a rare secret treasure even in the higher realms. 

“Kill all of them. Don’t leave a single one of these creatures from the outside world alive!” A silver lion spoke. 

They had clearly reached an agreement beforehand. When they realized that these youngsters came from the higher realms, they joined together to attack. They wanted to first wipe out these foreigners. 

Golden flames burned furiously. Two daoists that were formed from golden crows appeared. They controlled the magma to suppress these higher realm geniuses. 

Even though the golden crow race was discontent, not wishing for everyone to come here at this moment, they also placed down their previous prejudice towards the indigenous creatures of this world and focused their attention on killing these experts that came from the outside world first. 

Shi Hao took action. A vermilion bird was formed in his palm. Then, it guided a huge wave of magma to move in the opposite direction. They all swept towards the Archaic Precious Worlds’ supreme experts.

An intense great battle erupted!


The Nine-Headed Snake roared loudly. Its nine heads all flourished brilliantly, spraying out divine radiance that covered heaven and earth and submerged the land in front of it. It quickly suppressed over. 

The most terrifying thing was that it activated a nine-colored divine ring. Its power was truly a bit ridiculous. This was a secret treasure refined by a deity. It forced many people to back up in retreat. 

It was definitely one of the most powerful supreme experts of this realm. Its power was terrifying. 

On the other side, a purple golden ant was showing off its extraordinary strength. It broke through many of the other side’s defenses with its unstoppable power. Its natural divine force caused many geniuses to retreat. 

Bi Gu laughed coldly and said, “Is everyone still holding back? If this continues, we will all die here!”

He knew that there were people who were surrounded by dangers, yet there were people who didn’t display their true strength yet, holding back their trump cards this entire time. 

“Xuan Ming, can you please take action and bring us into the ancient sun tree?!” Hong Huang shouted. 

Xuan Ming’s palm flickered with multicolored light, and then a stone bridge appeared that appeared rather exquisitely made. It quickly enlarged and reached into the void towards where the Archaic Divine Tree was. 


Their group crossed the bridge and immediately broke out from the enclosure. 

“Chase!” The Archaic Precious World’s supreme experts shouted and chased after them. 

As they closed in on the ancient golden tree, everyone turned into the size of specks of dust as they dropped towards the base of the tree. This was an extremely strange scene. 

This golden little tree seemed to only be a foot tall, but when they got closer, their own bodies were countless times smaller. 

When they travelled through the bridge, Shi Hao was crammed at the very end. Everyone began to develop a type of mutual understanding that since they all came from the higher realms, they should have a bit more trust in each other. 

Behind them, roaring sounds rang through the air. The Nine-Headed Snake, Blue Dragon, Golden Giant, and others roared as they approached, as if they were just about to catch up to them. Their speeds were extremely fast as well. 

“Stop them!” Zhao Qi shouted loudly. When he saw that the one at the very back was Shi Hao, his eyes became a bit cold. He was truly unwilling to bring this lower realm youth with them. 

“You need to expend a bit of effort as well!” Zhuo Yun said softly. He was quite close to Shi Hao and secretly took action, sealing his path ahead and forcing him to the rear. 

With so many supreme experts chasing after them, if they were at the very back, they would definitely be in great danger if they were caught. 

“What is there to be scared of?” Shi Hao didn’t move too quickly or slowly as he did what Zhuo Yun wanted. 

Zhuo Yun revealed a look of shock. The other party actually didn’t stop himself. His eyes became even colder, and without saying anything else, he quickly sped towards the front. 

After entering through the bridge, it was already collected by Xuan Ming. In front of them was a heaven connecting giant tree that was entirely golden in color. It towered above the clouds. 

“It’s too majestic!” Even at this critical moment, everyone still couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. 

This ancient tree’s aura was world shaking. Multicolored light swirled about, and stellar streams curled up about it one after another. A star hung from every single leaf. It simply looked like a world tree. 

“They aren’t real stars, and they are still being nurtured, but… it’s too astonishing!” Lan Yu cried out in astonishment. 

However, now was not the time to be sighing with sorrow. Everyone quickly rushed forward, and quite a few individuals that were chasing after them had caught up as well. 

“Cut them off!” Someone shouted from behind.

It was because there were still a few figures at the front, the supreme experts that had entered first. When they heard this, they all turned around to kill the group of youths. 

“You group of natives!” Xuan Ming was shocked and furious. If it was just a few individuals, then that was that, but this was a group of experts that could easily wipe their party out. 

“Little fish from outside this world, since you came, you can forget about leaving!” The Ancient Ironblood Tree roared out thunderously. 

“Ascend the ancient sun tree and rush into the treetop’s ancient palace to seize the heaven defying opportunity! We will race against them!” Lan Yu said. 

A group of people rushed towards the ancient golden tree. It was too tall, and they couldn’t fly either, so they could only jump and run. 

Apart from this, Xuan Ming’s stone bridge was also of great assistance. It could continuously extend outwards to get him closer to the divine tree. 


However, when they truly came close to the golden enormous tree, everyone encountered trouble. They were sent backwards and could not get any closer. 

“Not good, there’s a restriction!” Bi Gu’s face fell. He had a bad feeling. 

Behind him, those supreme experts were all shocked too. They were blocked by a layer of golden light and couldn’t climb the tree. 

“This tree is quite formidable. Look, it is producing stellar streams, and every leaf supports a star. It clearly possessed a powerful worldly force. A small world is needed as a catalyst in order to open it.” A supreme expert said. 

At the same time, Lan Yu, Xuan Ming, and the others also reached this conclusion. Their expressions changed one after another. 

A small world was extremely precious, but it wasn’t impossible to find. However, who brought such a thing on them?

“I have a damaged one here…” The young lady named Ying Ying spoke. It brought out a sparkling stone piece, but it was a bit broken. 

Shi Hao was inwardly moved. He had one on him, the precious interspatial case. It was a small world that was sealed within the bronze piece. 

“Everyone, let me lend you all a hand.” Shi Hao brought it out. 

When everyone saw this, there wasn’t a single individual that wasn’t stunned. Then, they all exulted. There were quite a few individuals who were unwilling to bring him along through the ocean, but now, he became someone to rely on. 

They quickly moved, stimulating the power of the little world to cause this space to cave in. Then, everyone rushed into the golden curtain of light. 

Behind them, the group of supreme experts immediately followed. Their speeds were extremely fast. They also wanted to use this path to ascend the ancient sun tree. 

“Not good, they’ve caught up!” Hong Huang cried out. 

“Put away the precious case!” Xuan Ming shouted loudly. 

At this moment, Shi Hao was astonished. There was actually someone from the higher realms who was secretly trying to seize his precious case, and there were some who secretly took action to attack and strike him down. 

Shi Hao sneered and swept his eyes out towards several individuals. He didn’t expose them and purposely stayed behind, sending all of the supreme experts behind them into the golden screen of light. 

Then, he himself pretended to have fallen after suffering an attack, dropping into the scarlet red sea of magma. 

“Who attacked him?” Several noble ladies were stunned. They looked towards their companions. This gave off the feeling of getting rid of someone after they were no longer useful. It was a bit lowly. 

“Go, there’s no time!” Someone shouted and hurriedly charged up the golden tree. This ancient tree was too tall, and it was unknown how many days they had to climb before reaching the top. 

Shi Hao himself willingly fell down. It was because he noticed that the base of the ancient tree was completely earthflame liquid. There was so much of it, forming a large lake here that led into the sea. 


He landed in the scarlet liquid and released a moan. This feeling was just too comfortable. All of his body’s pores opened, and the supreme being bone in his chest immediately recovered, frantically devouring its essence. 

“Wu, there seems to be more spiritual liquid by the golden roots. The divine might there might be even richer!” After carefully sensing around, he became greatly shaken and excited. He immediately rushed downwards. 

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