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Chapter 509 - Sun God Tree

The magma was like an ocean, boundless and scarlet red. It was extremely vast. A spectacular sight like this had never appeared before. 

Within the depths of the scarlet red ocean, there was a precious golden tree that was surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars. At the treetop was an enormous palace. It was a mysterious and astonishing scene. 

“Definitely have to cross the sea and get there!” A supreme expert muttered. They then joined hands to find a way to cross the ocean. Needless to say, the existence of that tree alone meant that there were tremendous opportunities there. 

Many people recalled the golden crow clan’s legend. Their race was born from the Sun God Tree. 

When a supreme expert had just entered the magma, the magical artifact he was riding on was damaged, having part of it refined by the scarlet liquid. This wasn’t normal magma; its temperature was terrifyingly high. 

“Follow me!” A silver lion that was bold, powerful, and vicious looking appeared. Its body was brilliant. It produced a bone that did not suffer any damage from this sea of magma, and with two others, they travelled through the sea. 

“That’s a divine bone!” Someone said softly. They now knew that ordinary magical artifacts were useless, and that only divine treasures were good enough. 

“This is my golden crow ancestral land. I must ask fellow dao friends to back off!” At this time, two streaks of golden light descended, and two daoists wearing golden feathered cloths emerged to stop those individuals from crossing the ocean. 


He pointed out with his hand, and then great waves of scarlet magma soared into the heavens. The temperature was extremely high, and those that proceeded earlier like the silver lion were astonished. They hurriedly put up their defenses. 

“Dao brothers, this legendary golden tree does not belong exclusively to the golden crow race. It was simply seized by your clan’s supreme being for a period of time.” The nine-headed snake spoke. Its body was enormous, and green scales flickered along its body. It flicked out its snake tongue in an extremely sinister manner. 

“The seal has been undone, and the Sun God Tree has reappeared. Claiming yourselves to be the new owner, does your golden crow race think yourselves as the ruler of this world?” A Golden Giant spoke in a low and muffled voice. He was extremely tall, as if he was a small mountain. His entire body was golden. 

The supreme experts expressed their opinions one after another, adding great pressure to the golden crow race. Even though there were a million flame crow experts in the distance, they didn’t have a high chance of victory when facing against a group of supreme experts. 

“I feel that your golden crow race cannot be so overbearing. You should allow the experts of different races to enter inside and search for their own opportunities.” The ground trembled and continuously cracked apart. An ancient tree moved over. 

Its branches and leaves were lush with life. Its roots had long left the earth, and like tentacles and feet, it began to walk on the ground. Its entire body was green, but there were a few leaves that were dyed with the color of blood. 

Ancient Ironblood Tree!

Everyone became astonished. This was an ancient tree that was quite aggressive. Once it became angered, its leaves would turn a bloody red color and relentlessly attack. This iron blooded creature was cold and callous. 

This type of tree was extremely rarely seen. However, as long as they obtained accomplishments in cultivation, they would all become ridiculously powerful, surpassing other cultivators at the same cultivation realm. This was what gave others the greatest headache and fear. 

In fact, every single plant system expert had their own original divine ability and precious technique. Normally, no one would provoke them for no reason, let alone an existence like the Ancient Ironblood Tree.

“We also feel that since the seal has been opened, those that are fated to obtain heavenly divine objects should be allowed to do so.” An ant appeared. It was a zhang in length and flickered with purple golden radiance. This creature was full of power and coldness. 

Purple Golden Ant; another powerful supreme expert appeared. It was a mutation of the pure-blooded golden ant. This creature possessed extraordinary strength that couldn’t be matched by any other creature. 

Nine-headed Snake, Golden Giant, Ancient Ironblood Tree, and Purple Golden Ant were all well-known supreme experts. They enjoyed great reputations in this part of the world. It made the faces of the powerful golden crow race unpleasant to look at. 

“Fine, then we will do it as dao friends say, using your own abilities to find opportunities!” A golden crow daoist spoke. His expression was cold, and after saying this, he didn’t say anything else. 

“We’ll let you guys have a good look when you get there!” Several golden crows talked among themselves, and all of them continuously laughed coldly. Even though they had lost access to the ancient golden tree, they still knew a bit of inside information. 


Large waves of magma rushed into the sky, creating a scarlet red expanse. It sealed up this entire area of the sky; this was the Ancient Ironblood Tree displaying its anger. As soon as it entered the ocean, its roots were scorched black, restraining its movements. 

“Damn it!” Its words rang out with an ear-splitting volume. A scarlet magical rod was produced. It was as brilliant as blood diamond, and it flowed with divine multicolored light. It made the eyes of everyone who saw it burn with greed; this was the Ironblood Clan’s ancestral artifact. 

This magical staff enlarged, becoming like an enormous scarlet tree as it brought it across the sea. 

Just like that, everyone began to move on their own. They all used their own methods to cross the scarlet sea. 

The geniuses and noble ladies from the higher realms arrived eventually as well. When they were all present, they decided to set off as well. They naturally didn’t lack divine objects, bringing out three magical artifacts. 

“We’ll ride in different precious boats and separate into three parties while traveling together. It’s safer this way, and we can watch out for each other as well,” said Bi Gu. His hair was dark green. His figure was tall and big, and his eyes were intelligent. 

“Hey, Shi Hao, you can too. Why don’t you come together with us?” Hong Huang spoke. Her fiery red clothes released scarlet multicolored light, as if she was a phoenix lady. 

There were some that frowned, for example Xuan Ming. They weren’t willing to allow Shi Hao onto the boat. 

“We already have enough people. If we add in another outsider that we aren’t familiar with, we won’t be able to coordinate properly. He might even become a burden.” Someone said. 

“He is a genius. One who cultivates to his level in the lower realm is considered a rare sight as well. Let him come. Either way, he is just a single person and won’t bring about much trouble.” Lan Yu spoke. She was incredibly beautiful, and her temperament was gentle. A faint blue mist surrounded her. 

“I hope he does not do anything bad and become a burden!” A youth named Zhao Qi frowned and spoke. He seemed a bit disgusted with this idea, not wishing for outsiders to join in.

It was because the situation this time was too great. The supreme experts didn’t truly understand what laid there, but they knew what what kind of great opportunity rested above the that golden tree.

Even their group was taking precautions against each other. At the decisive moment, they might even break their peaceful relations and take action against each other, so adding an outsider would only make the situation even more chaotic. 

Shi Hao originally wanted to refuse them, but after thinking for a bit, he still walked over. The geniuses and noble ladies of the higher realms definitely understood some inside information. He might be able to obtain great benefits by traveling with them.

“There is only so much natural luck. We will fight over them with our own skills!” Xuan Ming said. He swept his eyes over everyone, and when they landed on Shi Hao, a light flashed past them. 

“We will cross the river together for now, and it will require everyone’s cooperation. When we reach the end, we will all display our own methods.” Bi Gu said. 

“I hope the people that get on all prove useful, and we are not wasting our power without a good reason. We didn’t come here to show kindness and randomly accommodate others.” A youth named Zhuo Yun said and gave Shi Hao a look. 

It was clear that there were some people who weren’t content with having Shi Hao board their boat. Last time, there were those who tried to rope him in, but were unsucessful, creating some discontent as a result. Now, they were going to seize some legendary great natural opportunities and were even competing against each other, so they really didn’t feel like they needed to add an outsider into this struggle. 

“What kind of nonsense are you all spouting? Little Stone, come with us. Let’s go to sea!” Hong Huang said. Her eyes flickered with light. 

Shi Hao smiled. He didn’t show any unhappy expressions and walked over. In the end, Lan Yui, Shui Yue, Hong Huang, Shi Hao, and two other geniuses were on the same boat. They headed for the depths of the scarlet sea. 

It was called a boat, but it was actually a divine magical artifact. It radiated auspicious light that protected everyone inside. 

The three boats proceeded side by side, creating an astonishing sight. 

“Are there no deities in the Archaic Precious World?” Shi Hao muttered inwardly. There didn’t seem to be any, or else why wouldn’t they hurry over? Or was it to say that they didn’t make any moves yet and were waiting for an opportune time? 

“Hey, Shi Hao, didn’t you go to visit Immortal Mountain as a guest? Why did you come out so quickly?” Hong Huang was covered in scarlet multicolored light that blazed like a flame. She asked loudly. 

The others were also paying attention They looked in his direction. 

“That place was extremely dull, so I got bored and didn’t stay for too long. I decided to leave.” Shi Hao replied. 

On one of the other boats, Zhao Qi sneered when he heard this. “The Immortal Mountain is, in the end, still an undying great sect in the lower realms. Do you really think that it is that easy for you to come in and out as you please?”

When the others heard this, they all shook their heads. Quite a few of them felt as if he wasn’t speaking the truth. 

“A loose tongue causes trouble. This time, you are quite lucky that the fellow from the higher realms didn’t move with us and decided to enter the lower realms with others. Otherwise, if he heard this, he definitely wouldn’t let you go.” Zhuo Yun indifferently swept a look over him. 

Shi Hao seemed as if he didn’t care about that at all. Either way, he couldn’t tell these people that he completely overturned Immortal Mountain, right? Perhaps none of them would even believe him, thinking that he was crazy.

After all, these things had just happened, so there was no way that news would have travelled that quickly. 

Of course, Shi Hao didn’t act complacent. After all, these were all things the little pagoda accomplished. He was aware of the extent of his own power, and also knew that these geniuses and noble ladies from the higher realms were extremely powerful.


A golden rainbow flew past the scarlet sea, bringing along scorching waves with it. It rushed past, almost overturning their three boats.

“Damn it, it’s a large boat formed from the bone of a golden crow. It naturally has an advantage here, and it actually dares to collide into us!” A young expert roared in anger. 

“They saw that we were young. That was a warning.” Xuan Ming sneered. 

“When we reach the other side, they will know who is weak and who is strong.” Bi Gu spoke. These individuals all had secret treasures. They were also powerful themselves, and as such were all quite self-confident. 

“How are these ancient boats drifting along the sea of magma? Could it be that they are all made from divine objects?” Someone became curious, using magical force to draw them a bit closer. 

As soon as they summoned them over, the ancient boats moved over. 

“Not good! Avoid them!” Shui Yue shouted. Her silvery white clothes made her look elegant and pure. Her spiritual senses were extremely sharp and felt a sinister aura. 

“This is a ghost ship!” There was someone who cried out. Through special magical artifacts, the illusions were seen through, and everything inside the ancient bones was brought to light.

The boat was covered in corpses. They were all left behind since the archaic era. For some reason, the corpses were still there, not disappearing after all this time. This was a bit inconceivable. 

“Aowu…” Silver winds roared angrily. This was clearly a sea of magma, yet right now, it felt a bit chilly. Ghosts weeped and gods howled. 

On top of the ghost ships, black mists filled the air. Many figures emerged, and they all carried blades in their hands. They attacked in this direction, sending streaks after streaks of dark light flying over. They were ice-cold and bone-chilling. 

“Damn it, someone cursed these boats. The corpses didn’t decay, turning into ghouls!”

This wasn’t all. Not only were there ghost ships, white bones appeared one after another in the magma. They were everywhere, and they all reached out their arms to reach towards them. 

They appeared in endless amounts. The sea of magma surged, and snow white skeletons could be seen everywhere. They leapt out and pounced over murderously. 


They all took action, revealing magical artifacts and bringing forth divine lights to attack outwards. The white bones shattered, and the ghost ships were overturned. Large amounts of magma rushed high into the sky.

However, when they had just destroyed what was in front of them, several tens to over a hundred ghost ships appeared in the distance. Wuwu sounds whistled past, and black mists covered the sky. 

In addition, even more bones of the dead could be seen within the magma. They emerged in endless amounts, submerging this place and relentlessly attacked.

This made their scalps feel numb. Even the faces of these noble ladies and geniuses that came from the higher realms and experienced many things changed. It simply felt as if they entered the underworld. 

“These are the guardian spirits and endless celestial troops that died during the archaic battle! They were all buried here!” Zhao Qi spoke with an ugly expression.

“It really is troublesome to have provoked these things. Xuan Ming, use that secret treasure you have on you and separate us from this place. Otherwise, this will never end.” Lan Yu said. 

Xuan Ming hesitated slightly. When he saw everyone looking at him, he nodded and said, “Fine!”

A small stone bridge appeared in his hands. It turned into a rainbow that immediately connected them to the depths of the scarlet sea. The three boats moved along this bridge and directly vanished from this place. 

“What a powerful secret treasure!” Shi Hao was inwardly astonished. 

This was a restricted space domain, yet the stone bridge could actually penetrate through the void. 

Soon after, they avoided all of the ancient boats and quickly sailed for five days before finally reaching their destination. This left them stupefied. The magma did turn into a sea after all. It was so vast. 

What they saw in front of them left everyone extremely astonished!

Precious light could be seen and auspicious multicolored radiance shone endlessly. A divine tree that seemed to have been born before the opening of heaven and earth flowed with divine splendor. Spiritual essence surged and spread out from the ocean. 

“It… how did it become small?”

Everyone made their way forward. They saw a golden tree that took root in the scarlet sea not far from where they were. It didn’t seem larger than a foot in height, making it too different from the spectacle they saw before. 

“A foot tall?!” They refused to believe what they were seeing. 

However, even if it was only a foot tall, it was still astonishing. Stellar streams swirled around it, and there were stars hanging from every single leaf. Meanwhile, on top of the tree, there was a palm-sized palace that took in and sent out chaotic energy. 

“I’m going first!” A supreme expert shouted loudly. 

He grabbed towards the foot tall golden tree. Then, something shocking happened. When he approached it, his own body rapidly shrunk until he turned into the size of a dust particle. He entered the golden tree. 

“Ah, so strange. Mustard seed inside a mountain?” Many people cried out in shock. 

The golden tree was a foot tall. It looked like it shrunk, but even when someone as powerful as a supreme expert got closer, they became like a speck of dust before disappearing inside. 

“That’s it! We were not wrong!” Several supreme experts cried out excitedly and quickly rushed over. 

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