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Chapter 505 - Unmatched Willow Deity

The formation diagram above Immortal Heavenly Deity’s head was a secret treasure that could support his body, preventing the spiritual essence from scattering and prolonging the amount of time he could cast his projection into the lower realm. 

Now that it directly shattered, the pieces scattering down in all directions, it naturally made his projected image unsteady. The time he spent down here was already too long, so it was on the verge of scattering apart. 

The zhang six golden body was extremely powerful. It reached out a golden palm, and with a pa sound, it collided with that willow branch. Both sides were shaken. 

However, the sparkling and translucent willow branch was extremely soft. After the initial contact, it circled around and wrapped itself around the zhang six golden body, locking him down like chains. 

Western Sect’s master did not panic. As his ancient and holy figure sat in the air, he began to chant sutras. Golden light bean to blaze intensely, surging from his body and throbbing about like a golden flame. 

The two were deadlocked in a stalemate. The willow branch became incomparably thick, its thickness gradually increasing from the thickness of a finger to an arm. It was like a green jade dragon as it flowed with sparkling green multicolored light. Its aura was similarly powerful and intimidating. 

Above the willow deity, endless symbols emerged. It was like the embodiment of the great dao. It truly revealed itself to refine the zhang six golden body.

On the other side, the willow branch that rushed towards the ox riding expert released a hazy radiance. When it struck towards the space between his brows, it was stopped by a finger. One had to admit that this individual was terrifying. 

In that split second, purple energy rose from the east, forming a domain of natural laws that locked down everything. Meanwhile, this finger contained even more boundless divine force. In that area, stellar rivers faded and chaotic energy surged. 

The purple energy merged with his body, protecting his upper body. Meanwhile, the finger pointing outwards contained astonishing power. There were all types of symbols around it, and it was as if they could open the universe. 


Immediately after, the immortal sword on his back unsheathed on its own. It erupted like a great sun, releasing blinding radiance. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens!

This sword was extremely terrifying. As it displayed its power, it seemed as if it could slice apart everything. It was unsheathed in a flash and sliced towards that willow tree. 

A pa sounded. The green, jade-like willow branch was agile and powerful. With a swaying motion, it lashed out horizontally onto the back of the sword. Blazing radiance erupted, and both sides trembled greatly. 

In just a split second, both sides erupted with the most powerful divine might. 

The ox riding expert wanted to hack apart this main branch of the willow deity. The immortal sword shone, becoming more and more resplendent. It was like a golden crow that illuminated the great earth. 

The willow branch wasn’t soft anymore either. After receiving the nourishment of divine force and the power of mysterious symbols, it became incomparably bright. Its perfectly straight appearance now resembled a spear. 

This was a dark green spear that was no different from metal. It was similarly sharp and full of cold radiance. It also flickered with densely packed divine symbols. 

Qiang! The two individuals clashed fiercely. An ear-splitting metallic sound tore through the air!

At this moment, multicolored light shone resplendently from the other side as well. Rainbow divine radiance rushed forth. The precious imprint formed from Five Phase Mountain suffered damage as well. It erupted with auspicious multicolored light. 

What was rather shocking was the the Willow Deity’s branch quickly absorbed the five element force and sucked in the auspicious light. The precious imprint was immediately shocked and flew back in retreat. It retracted its divine multicolored light. 

During this short period of time, the Willow Deity attacked three great opponents, as well as a chaotic magical artifact. The divine might it displayed left everyone present horrified.

Among them, Immortal Heavenly Deity was affected the greatest because it had remained in the lower realm the longest. Right now, its formation diagram was destroyed and its body became dim, entering an extremely unstable state. Its projected image might vanish at any moment. 

This wasn’t a good sign. This meant that he might miss out on this Archaic Precious World’s opportunity. 

Almost everyone here knew that there was a tremendous opportunity here. They could all feel the mysterious fluctuations that were taking place here. There was the aura of chaotic spiritual objects that were waiting to be plundered. 

Archaic Precious Worlds were extremely rare. Every single one was vast and boundless, forming a world of its own. Many spiritual objects existed within them, and there were even things that existed before the world was opened. As such, these giants were all attracted to it. 

These precious worlds’ origins weren’t secret. The great figures all knew about it. 

The origins of these places could be considered their respective worlds as well. Only, after the main world was opened, they were squeezed out, making it hard for them to expand. In addition, during the archaic era, their fundamental sources were damaged by the shockwaves of the great war, causing them to be frozen eternally. 

These rare precious worlds’ growth ended during the archaic era, and as such, they were called archaic precious worlds. 

It was speculated that during that battle, all places like these were affected, halting their growth and expansion. 

However, this type of precious world contained imprints that had existed before the heavens were opened, and contained even chaotic treasures. As such, whenever one opened, there would always be heaven-defying opportunities and fateful encounters. 

A hong sounded. Not far away, an intense energy fluctuated through the air. The zhang six precious body that continuously chanted sutras shone like a golden god. 

Meanwhile, the others also attacked. The Willow Deity retracted its branches, temporarily stopping its intense attacks against Western Sect’s master. 

This short battle left a deep impression in many people’s minds. Everyone shivered inwardly; the Willow Deity’s power could clearly be seen. A single individual simultaneously fought against several giants! Its power was simply unmatched. 

The Willow Deity came to search for a great opportunity. It came here alone, and today, it touched upon the natural restrictions of this place, causing its aura to leak outwards. As a result, these people were lured over. 

“Haha…” The little pagoda roared with laughter. It was now filled with confidence and no longer fled. Even though they were still inferior in numbers, they could definitely fight now.

The undying existence revealed divine radiance from its eyes. Blinding golden beams of light shot out from its pupils as it peered into the depths of the Archaic Precious World. It was clearly staring at the Willow Deity. Great shock appeared on its face.

“Four versus three, things are in our favor. Since you came, then let’s just fight.” Immortal Heavenly Deity spoke. 

“What four versus three? You are already out. Even your secret body protecting treasure was scattered. You should just hurry up and run back to your higher realms.” The little pagoda ridiculed. 

It knew that Immortal Heavenly Deity couldn’t stay there for too long. Its spiritual essence was leaking outwards, and it would only gradually weaken before finally vanishing. 

It wasn’t a true body and was just a projected image, so it couldn’t maintain its peak state for too long. 

Immortal Heavenly Deity’s complexion was cold, and he released a snort. He appeared to be rather handsome without any trace of aging. He was extremely young and was full of life force. 

“Fight!” The ox riding matchless expert also spoke. Their time was limited. If they missed this chance, then they might have narrowly missed a great opportunity. 

Time was pressing, so they could only quickly decide the outcome through battle. 

Within the depths of the Archaic Precious World, a tall and slender figure walked over. Even though the figure was indistinct, the aura it released was extraordinary. There was an indescribable type of charm to its appearance, as if it was detached from the rest of the world. 

In its surroundings, resplendent lights shone one after another. They formed a divine ring that circled around it. 

If one carefully observed it, they would notice that there was a divine existence within every sphere of light. They continuously chanted sutras, and then they prostrated themselves in worship. This type of scene was excessively shocking.

Every single resplendent sphere of light was like its own world with its own deity to guide it. Just like that, the three thousand worlds merged together to form a divine disk that surrounded the Willow Deity. 

The more they saw, the more astonished they were at this divine scene. It was as if the deities of three thousand realms were all worshiping the Willow Deity. 

The Willow Deity’s true appearance couldn’t be seen, to the point where they couldn’t distinguish whether it was male or female. However, its current appearance could definitely be rated as magnificent and unmatched!

There was a willow tree behind it that had tens of thousands of silky branches. The tree was green, sparkling, and full of vitality. It was accompanied by strand after strand of chaotic energy, making it appear incomparably mysterious. 

“Has the Willow Deity completely recovered?” Shi Hao was astonished. 

When they saw each other again, he saw that the Willow Deity had hundreds to thousands of branches. Its current state seemed to be excellent. Green light swayed gently in a brilliant and sparkling fashion. 

A tall and slender silhouette walked over. The divine tree behind it was something that even deities offered sacrifices to, which left those present greatly shaken. The individuals here all felt great restraining fear. 

The Willow Deity didn’t say anything, but as soon as it appeared, the atmosphere immediately became tense to the extreme. The giants in the higher realms were all taking precautions, not daring to act carelessly. 


Western Sect’s master was the first one to take action, because time truly was limited. He didn’t sit there with his legs crossed anymore. The golden projection was dignified-looking. As he walked over, the aura of the great dao could be considered to be matchless!

When he raised his hands, a dark green green bamboo shot out. This strike was simple and without any fluctuations, seeming simple and ordinary looking. However, regardless of whether it was the Willow Deity or others, their expressions were serious. This was definitely the Western Sect’s most powerful strike. The great dao was made simple without needless complications!

That long and slender body stood there without moving. However, the divine disk that surrounded it shone, and in just a second, heaven and earth resonated. It was as if the deities of three thousand worlds simultaneously offered sacrifices and chanted supreme incantations.


A tremendous aura surged, and it was as if the deities all took action together, shaking heaven and earth. The Willow Deity didn’t move, but the deities that were offering sacrifices around it all shouted. Divine light was released endlessly, and all types of precious techniques were released. 

Forget about Shi Hao being shocked, even the little pagoda was a bit stupefied, crying out inwardly. This was just a bit too powerful!

If Western Sect’s master wasn’t powerful enough, he would have suffered greatly just from a single collision. It was as if he was facing the creatures of three thousand worlds; that type of power was incomparably great. 

In just a split second, he tossed away the green bamboo. His body erupted with golden light, and he once again formed the thousand hand golden body. Golden radiance burned around him like a divine flame. The thousand hands moved about and pressed forward with their greatest power. 


This entire world seemed to be on the verge of collapse, and all things began to wither away. The tall and slender figure still did not move. Only the divine disk shone, and it was as if heavenly stars swirled around his body. They continuously collided with the zhang six golden body. 

Western Sect’s master chanted sutras and continuously struck out. However, none of its attacks broke in.


Suddenly, the green bamboo that was tossed out not too long ago shone. It took root within the void and quickly grew, turning into an immortal bamboo. It released an immortal aura to suppress the Willow Deity. 

Meanwhile, the ox riding great expert also took action. It attacked while holding the immortal sword. The sword radiance seemed to become everlasting. It was extremely terrifying. 

At this moment, Immortal Heavenly Deity and Five Phase Mountain took action as well. They suppressed forward together to face this great opponent. 

“Attack!” The little pagoda cried out. It rushed up together with the undying existence to fight their enemies together. 

Chaotic warfare erupted. The chaotic energy in this place erupted. The void space was blasted apart, and stellar streams could vaguely be seen; the scene was extremely terrifying. 

The Willow Deity suffered attacks from all sides. These people treated it as the greatest threat, because they all knew that in this place, it was the toughest to deal with. If it wasn’t defeated, there was no way for them to win this battle.


Willow Deity’s tall and slender body was perfectly straight as it stood proud and brandished its magical imprint. At this moment, the sparkling green willow tree behind it shone and rumbled with the great dao. 

A shocking transformation took place. The green bamboo that had taken root in the void was directly wrapped around by a willow branch, and then all of its immortal energy was sucked away, leaving it yellow and dried up. 


A soft sound rang through the air. That green bamboo shattered, turning into dust that scattered in the sky. Western Sect master’s bamboo staff was destroyed. 

The great battle was incredibly intense. Everyone revealed all of their techniques, not holding them back in the slightest. Even the Willow Deity who was at the heart of this became serious. The deities within the three thousand worlds ignited, burning around it as if they were a divine flame created from symbols. 


The Willow Deity reached out a finger. It collided with the ox riding powerful individual’s immortal sword. An explosive sound rang through the air, and endless divine might erupted. The immortal sword was blasted away, and both sides backed up. 

However, the unmatched powerful individual who held the immortal sword was shocked. He circulated purple energy to protect his mount, but it was still too late.

Following a pu sound, under the divine might of the Willow deity’s finger, this space began to tremble before crumbling apart. When the green ox suffered this attack, it directly released a cry of anguish before turning into specks of light. It was obliterated just like that. 

The great battle was astonishing. Human figures flew in reverse and magical imprints evaporated. This battle shocked heaven and earth. It was simply unimaginable. 

The tall and slender figure at the heart of it all was absolutely stunning. It was powerful to the point where others could only sigh in admiration. 

Suddenly, the Willow Deity formed an imprint. It turned into a streak of transient light before appearing in front of Immortal Heavenly Deity. Its fingers continuously trembled, causing the energy of the great dao to fill the air. This place immediately became indistinct. 

This was the surging of a supreme precious technique. The force of natural laws surged, turning this place into primal chaos.  

Immortal Heavenly Deity’s figure had long grew dim. It couldn’t exist much longer, and after encountering this attack, it became even more unsteady. 


Finally, a long and slender finger pointed out. A ring of light flickered as it landed between Immortal Heavenly Deity’s brows, leaving it stunned. The expression on its handsome face immediately congealed, as if in disbelief. 

Following a peng sound, the projection vanished, returning to the higher realms. 

This scene left everyone deeply shaken!

“Haha…” The little pagoda laughed joyously, sweeping away all of the gloominess from before. Meanwhile, Shi Hao was dazzled by what he just saw. He was greatly moved. 

“You all should return as well.” The Willow Deity spoke. It looked towards the zhang six golden body, the individual holding the immortal sword, as well as Five Phase Mountain. 

The Willow Deity’s words were extremely soft, revealing how detached and aloof he was, as well as a type of formless awe-inspiring might that could overlook the world under the heavens!

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