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Chapter 497 - Five Phase Mountain

This type of feeling was extremely wonderful. It was like an arid desert that received the moisture of rain, or a melodious flute's music within a desolate valley. Vitality was brought to the desolate. 

As Shi Hao immersed himself within this feeling, he almost felt intoxicated. He could clearly feel the supreme being bone becoming more active. It was calling out and wishing to grow again. It wanted to break away from its shackles and evolve into its perfect state. 

His chest was sparkling and flowing with multicolored light. The little person that sat on top of the precious bone was surrounded by a divine ring of light. If one looked carefully, they would find that the so-called rings of light were formed from symbols. 

This was heavenly text, a portion of the mysterious symbols that emerged from Shi Hao's bones. They were now arranging themselves and recombining to evolve into something supreme and profound. 

The silver white light entered Shi Hao's body like water. His supreme being bone was sparkling and translucent, and the symbols on the surface became more and more clear. They emerged around the fist height little figure and formed divine chains of order. 

At this moment, it was bursting with vitality. The origin of life was being carried out here on a smaller scale. It contained the world's simplest yet most powerful natural laws. 

Shi Hao was completely intoxicated with this feeling. This was the first time he felt so close to the supreme being bone. He felt like if he used it, it would produce a heavenly divine ability and destroy all of his enemies. 

He knew that after growing to this day, this sparkling white bone became more and more powerful. It almost couldn't be compared to how it was in the past. 


This was a great change!

A natural born supreme being, who despite losing his bone, was able to once again shine with vitality. It can now mature on its own, and together with external nourishment, it would naturally grow back even faster. 

The silver divine essence was completely devoured. There was only a clump of dust left over there. Qin Wu's arm shattered and disappeared in midair. 

Shi Hao pointed at the deity and asked for his grandfather's whereabouts. His eyes were extremely penetrating. The magical sword in his hand took in and sent out sharp energy, as if it was going to hack out at any moment. 

Not far out, a peng sounded. A large hole was sliced open in the void, and the husband and wife were able to see this scene. They were both shaken and moved emotionally.

"Cutting down a deity with the sword, that's Hao'er! He has reached this level…" The beautiful woman's voice trembled as she spoke. She found it hard to believe what she was seeing and was incomparably moved. Tears also slid down her face. 

She still remembered that little infant in swaddling clothes who was extremely weak and about to die at any moment. More than ten years later, he actually stood tall above the world of mortals and defied deities. 

"Hao'er!" The male shouted loudly with hot tears slid down from his eyes. His fists were tightly clenched, and his chest was violently rising and falling. 

They clearly saw Qin Wu's arm being sliced off. Blood descended from the sky together with silver light. His face was ashen. He was completely trapped and in a desperate situation. 

Just how exceptional was this youth? Was that the child they left behind in Stone Village? He even looked down on deities.

Without them at his side, he survived and became this powerful on his own. To be able to reach this level, exactly what kind of path did he travel through? The husband and wife's chests were rapidly rising and falling. 

They felt regret, yet they also missed him. The two both felt a stream of heat rising from their hearts. Their eyes were blurry. Joy, sadness, pain, excitement, all types of emotions were surging. 

However, the crack was quickly closed again. 

"He did not die and entered the higher realms. My Immortal Mountain did not cause trouble for him." Qin Wu replied. His fists tightened and his teeth were clenched. He felt incredibly ashamed. 

He was actually forced to talk about the past in front of a mortal. He was humiliated inwardly and wanted to take action again, but in the end, he powerlessly loosened his fist. 

"Didn't cause trouble for him? Why do the valley walls have arrow holes? My grandfather clearly fought a great battle here and was injured by Qin Zhan, causing him to spit out blood here. These are things I already know, yet you are still trying to deceive me!" Shi Hao erupted with rage. 

"There were some complicated matters that occured, but he did ultimately enter the higher realms. Regardless, this is a tremendous opportunity where one can break free from the entrapment of the mortal world." Qin Wu said in a heavy tone. 

Shi Hao revealed his ten heavenly passages, releasing the heavily wounded Qin Fa and Qin Zhan out. He separately pointed his sword at them before asking them where his grandfather was. 

Their expressions were ugly to look at. Qin Zhan was a madman and refused to reply. Qin Fa felt great fear. He even saw the old ancestor defeated.

What he knew was limited, because he didn't witness it himself and only heard about it afterwards. The Great Demonic God brought a young lady called A'man with him, but then he was beaten until he coughed out large amounts of blood outside the valley by the madman. 

The great demonic god came to the Immortal Mountain full of hopes and affection, yet he encountered a disaster. Shi Hao was furious after hearing this, and with a pu sound, the crazy Qin Zhan was sliced into two. 

Even though Qin Zhan was one of the individuals involved and understood the inside story, Shi Hao still didn't need him to recount it himself. He was going to rescue his loved ones and capture the Immortal Mountain, so he would eventually find out everything anyway. 

"You…" Qin Wu's face was both green and white. A powerful supreme expert fell in front of his face just like that. It was pitiful and painful. 

Not even the Immortal Mountain had that many supreme experts. Their strengths were great, making them extremely precious. Being casually killed by someone like this was a tremendous loss. 

When the two supreme experts saw this from the distance, they both trembled inwardly. Meanwhile, Qin Hao didn't say anything when he saw this. He stood in the corner while holding the silver spear. 

"Don't kill me! Your grandfather and that young lady are unharmed. I don't know what happened exactly, but they entered my Immortal Mountain's formation and ascended into the heavens to enter the higher realms." Qin Fa cried out loudly. 

Qin Zhan's blood had splashed down onto his body, making him feel great fear. Even though they were both supreme experts, not everyone pursued darkness and didn't fear death. He already talked about everything he knew about. 

The golden lightning formed a large expanse. The magical sword in Shi Hao's hands formed a golden Suan Ni. Lightning flickered, turning Qin Fa into ashes, blasting him apart in the air. 

Many people from the Immortal Mountain hurried over. When they saw this scene, they all kept quiet out of fear. Shi Hao unleashed a slaughter, killing two powerful experts. What kind of boldness was this?!

"By trampling on Immortal Mountain's dignity, you will inevitably wither away. You will fall!" Qin Wu shouted loudly. 

He chanted an incantation from his mouth. He knew that he could not escape from this place, so he no longer worried about anything else and ignited himself. He was going to sacrifice himself to summon the Immortal Mountain. 

"You should just fall as well." Shi Hao's voice was cold and detached. Now that things had reached this point, there was no point in having any hesitation. He just needed to walk forward. 

The sword in his hand trembled, and sword energy weaved in and out. They layered on top of each other, forming splendid multicolored light like the morning clouds and locking this place down. 

"Senior, please awaken! A great enemy has come to disturb my clan's peace! Please protect us!" Qin Wu shouted loudly. 


A great sound erupted. Five Phase Mountain trembled, and one of the peaks shone. Strands of immortal light emerged and rushed into the heavens. It released vast and boundless divine might fluctuations. 

Many people from the Qin Clan cried out in alarm. Some of them were happy, while others were shaken. There were even  more who were shivering inwardly with reverence. They all kneeled down. This was a tremendous power that made people tremble in great fear. 

Meanwhile, the bronze ancient palace on the peak shone. A man wearing black battle clothes walked out. His purple hair fluttered behind him. His eyes were deep as they overlooked this valley. 

"Coming here to kill as you please, what kind of place do you think my Immortal Mountain is?" He shouted. 

This was a deity, one that was even a bit stronger than Qin Wu. He had always remained asleep here to protect the lower realm. He had now awoken from the chaos that was happening in the Immortal Mountain. 

Many people from the Qin Clan were shocked. They normally didn't even know that such a person existed, and even Qin Wu was stupefied. He then shouted, "Ancestor Qin Xuxuan, you are actually still here! Hurry and offer sacrifice to activate the Five Phase Mountain to suppress and kill the great enemy!"

"I have already awoken. Who is making such noise?" A boundless will appeared. It was holy and dignified. The voice resounded into the heavens and through the earth. 

"Save me!" Qin Wu cried out loudly.


The little pagoda shone. Together with chaotic aura, it crushed Qin Wu. It was absolutely terrifying. 

"It's you, you crossed realms. You actually came to act viciously in front of me. Break!" One of the peaks of the Five Phase Mountain lit up. It released an expanse of silver light to block the little pagoda's attack. 


The two collided. It was as if the world was being reopened! Mists surged, and the entire world was trembling. If they didn't possess extraordinary control over their power, they definitely would have caused the boundless earth to cave in. 

Everyone exalted, and even Qin Wu's eyes became brilliant. When they saw Five Phase Peak revive, they all became extremely excited, because they could now live. 

The origins of this mountain were extremely great. It seemed to have existed before the heavens were opened and was created from the primal chaos. There were natural gods and devils in the mountains before, so it could be said that it was unimaginably powerful. 

"Today, you are doomed to die…" Qin Wu opened his mouth and stared coldly at Shi Hao. 

"You should go along your way first." Shi Hao said. The sword in his hands hacked out. It erupted with endless sword radiance, as if a starry stream was blasted apart. A boundless expanse of light erupted. 

Five Phase Peak suddenly shook, multiple peaks lighting up at the same time. They felt something coming and speedily acted. Fluctuations flooded towards them, but it was still too late.

The little pagoda rose up and suppressed the space, separating this heaven and earth. A strand of chaotic energy entered Shi Hao's sword, allowing the sword radiance to burn with incomparable brilliance. 


Qin Wu cried out loudly. He was hacked apart by the sword radiance. Despite being a deity, he still couldn't defend himself against the sword radiance. He exploded and became a bloody mist. Divine light burned fiercely. 

Shi Hao's chest emitted heat, absorbing all of the innate core spiritual essence and extracting the bloody light that was releasing silver splendor. The torrent of divine energy flowed into his supreme being bone. 

Everyone in the Qin Clan felt great fear. A deity had died just like that! This was something that had never been heard of before! There was actually someone who unleashed slaughter within the Immortal Mountain and acted so impudently. 

"I was trying to protect him, yet you took action. Are you trying to start a war?" Five Phase Mountain's voice was incomparably great. The entire world was ringing in response. 

"You can see for yourself. If he wasn't killed, then this youth's obsession wouldn't end. There was no choice." The little pagoda spoke. 

A wave of powerful war intent suddenly rushed towards Shi Hao. It was boundless and majestic, powerful to the extreme. It began to distort the void, causing it to collapse. It was just too terrifying. 

"So what if I killed him?!" Shi Hao replied. He was calm and collected as he looked at Five Phase Mountain. He didn't shrink back in the slightest. 

"You're right, it is just that simple. So what if you killed him?" The little pagoda shone. Strand after strand of primal chaos spiraled above Shi Hao's head to block that tremendous will.

"Are you forcing me to start a war against you?" Five Phase Mountain trembled. The surface of the mountain cracked apart, and the form inside was gradually revealed, one that was simple and grave in manner. 

"Then let's just fight. Who is scared of who? At worst, we'll just reopen this realm!" The little pagoda was snow white and flickering with luster. It was incomparably powerful. 

Five Phast Mountain trembled. The ancient trees planted on top exploded, and all of the spiritual medicines withered. Mountain boulders tumbled as its original form was revealed. Primal chaos was released, creating a scene that was terrifying to the extreme. 

"The one with an obsession is you. After that battle from back then, you are still feeling unwilling even now." This was what Five Phase Mountain said. 

"You are right. I precisely wanted to fight, and I will enter the higher realms again sooner or later to resolve some karma." The little pagoda enlarged. Its body was sparkling and translucent. Primal chaos poured out like an ocean, and rumbling sounds exploded. 


A tremendous sound shook this entire place. The divine might would shock both the ancient and present. 

The pagoda was brilliant. It actually directly smashed against Five Phase Mountain, causing endless light to erupt. All types of great dao symbols surfaced. It was glorious and world-shattering; this type of divine might was difficult to imagine. 

Even Shi Hao's mind was jumping. The little pagoda was too powerful! He actually erupted with so much power, pressing forward while disregarding all consequences.

"You… are trying to release him!" Five Phase Mountain was furious. 

This attack was firm and forceful. The two erupted with endless primal chaos. The divine force was boundless, and if they didn't control it, everything would have withered away. 

A honglong sound rang out. The two individuals were both blown back. The little pagoda was blasted into the heavens, while Five Phase Mountain tumbled backwards away from its original location. 

On the ground, there was an existence with dishevelled hair. He was trapped by five element chains. The existence was as thin as a match, and long, dry, and yellow hair covered his body like wild grass. 

Everyone in the Qin Clan felt great fear. How could this existence appear? He definitely could not be allowed to emerge into the world!

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