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Chapter 496 - Refining Deity

Qin Wu tightly clenched his fists. A lock of his hair fluttered down. His face was dripping blood from the cut the sword energy made on his cheek. The bright red divine blood was sparkling and translucent, as if it was flowing with scarlet multicolored light. 

"You… good, good, good!" His teeth were clenched. Silver light bloomed from his body, and his head of hair stood up straight. This was truly an extraordinary shame and humiliation. 

"Is this all a deity amounts to?" Shi Hao held the magical sword as he moved across the sky in pursuit. 

When Qin Wu heard this, all of the blood within his body surged towards the sky and almost shot out from his flesh. His face was crimson red and full of embarrassment and resentfulness. He was actually humiliated by a mortal. 

Above all, a piece of his earlobe had been sliced off, and he narrowly avoided having his entire ear hacked off. This type of shame was difficult to express. At the same time, his ear was bleeding, and within the redness was a silver light. It dripped down bit by bit, sliding continuously. There was a rather cruel beauty to its appearance. 

Qin Wu was indignant, and his face was ashen. The mortal before his eyes actually dared to wave a sword against a deity, injuring his face and inflicting and wounding him. Moreover, his words were full of contempt. It was simply intolerable. 

"Keep running." Shi Hao chased over and spoke like this. His words carried a type of domineeringness. His clothes fluttered about, and his war intent rose into the heavens. His entire being seemed like a natural god or devil.

Qin Wu's face became completely green and pale. A mortal actually spoke like this to him, telling him to run. What level of disrespect was this? There was contempt and insolence in his blasphemy. 

However, he didn't dare stay in one place, because that inch tall little pagoda was too terrifying. Its background was ridiculously great and powerful enough to startle the heavenly deities in the higher realms. 

If he dared to turn around and fight, then he would inevitably fall. 

In fact, he didn't have the qualifications to fight against that pure-white little pagoda. The two were at the same level, but that was a true giant in this world that could overturn heaven and earth. 

Qin Wu rushed towards Five Phase Mountain. He was filled with anger and resentment, because that mortal told him to run, and he truly did what he said. Even he himself felt disgraceful and ashamed. 

He was a deity that overlooked the world of mortals. He had lived above all others for so many years, receiving the respect of everyone. All of them would bow in worship when they saw him, yet he was in such a sorry state today.  

"So a deity only amounts to this much, only knowing how to run for his life and not knowing what honor is," said Shi Hao. These types of words carried a chilliness and even more so a type of disdain. 

Silver radiance flickered within Qin Wu's eyes. His body's essence energy surged, and his hair flew about chaotically as if it was going to be set aflame. There was still someone in the lower realm that dared to humiliate him like this. He couldn't swallow this shame. 

"You will pay for speaking such nonsense!" He shouted. 


Shi Hao raised his hand. The magical sword flickered with radiance and flowed with lightning radiance as it hacked down. 

This country guarding divine artifact was formed from a heavenly ranked beast bone. At this moment, it turned into a powerful and imposing golden Suan Ni. It roared towards the heavens and devoured the essence of the sun and moon, erupting with endless lightning. 

A great rumbling sounded. Lightning surged, originating from a dazzling arc of electricity. It was incomparably thick as it surrounded Qin Wu. 

This was a divine level fluctuation. The power of the magical artifact was enough to evaporate a large river or enormous lake, and it could even crush a lofty mountain. Its might was endless. If not for this place being the Immortal Mountain, having many divine formations in place, the falling lightning would definitely have turned this boundless pure land into ashes without leaving anything behind.  


Qin Wu turned around and threw out a palm to defend himself against the lightning. 

Silver symbols blossomed from within his palms and fingers. This was his dao law. It blocked the lightning radiance and destroyed the electricity.


The void shuddered. This was a large-scale destructive attack. Silver light flowed like rivers as they rushed towards the sky to tangle with the lightning radiance. A tremendous explosion sounded, releasing ear-splitting sounds. 

Qin Wu was a deity, and he should have had the power to destroy a mortal with a single strike, so he shouldn't have had to defend himself like this at all. However, he couldn't even injure his opponent. With the little pagoda protecting Shi Hao, he was completely unaffected.

On the contrary, the golden lightning tore through and descended, hacking down on his body, leaving his shoulders scorched black. His shining long hair stood up, and his body was greatly shaken. 

Qin Wu was furious. He suffered another loss and was once again humiliated by a mortal. He felt as if a great furnace exploded within him, and fiery streams were running through him. 

"You dare to disrespect a deity! In the future, your body will inevitably perish and your dao will be ruined. You will be damned to eternal hell!" He said with his teeth clenched. A strange silver ring of light dispersed into the surroundings and rippled outwards. 

"Just some fake deity, yet you dare to vow under the name of a deity. You overestimate yourself." The little pagoda said. As it hung from Shi Hao's hair, it lightly swayed. Even though only a small strand of energy was released, it completely neutralized the silver ripple. 

The ripple was originally something like a curse. It fluctuated with a mysterious type of energy that would not immediately explode, but instead remain on its target's body. It would erupt sometime in the future and cause their soul to collapse. 

Qin Wu felt like his head was going to explode. After being berated by the little pagoda, he couldn't refute him in the slightest. He towered above the world of mortals and could overlook supreme experts and all the others, yet towards this snow white jade-like pagoda, he found that he felt an innate fear. 

Qin Wu flew out in retreat, feeling waves of terror. His face fell ashen, and his heart was full of uncomfortable feelings. This was the first time he felt this terrified, scared that he might actually die here. 

"Where is my grandfather?" Shi Hao chased after him and loudly asked. He raised his wrist and pointed the sword at his head. 

Qin Wu's face suddenly changed expressions. He wanted to erupt in fury, but when he saw the little pagoda in Shi Hao's hair, he then felt a great fear inside. His mind was complex and uncomfortable. How could he surrender when being questioned by a mortal?

"This is the Immortal Mountain! There are higher realm heavenly deities overlooking it, and there is the Five Phase Peak below in the lower realm. You better carefully reconsider!" His words were ice-cold, and after speaking, he clenched his teeth tightly. 


Shi Hao's sword swept out. The blade radiance was like a rainbow. Since he already decided to go this far, what was there to be scared of? Forget about heavenly deities in the higher realm, even if they descended into this world in the future, he still wouldn't regret his actions.

Today, he would break down the Immortal Mountain to find his loved ones. He was was going to overturn the skies and flip the earth!

Qin Wu's eyes were ice cold. He had the self-confidence of a deity, and right now, there was a great flame burning within his mind. He had been looked down upon by a mortal again and again. Even if he felt fear towards the little pagoda, he was still unwilling to be chased and suppressed like this. 

Silver multicolored light blossomed from his body, and magical power flooded outwards like rivers. They surged within the void and formed a boundless white expanse. 

Unfortunately, with just a tremble from the little pagoda, the silver radiance was shattered. Only Shi Hao's sword radiance continued to exist. It swept forwards and slashed towards Qin Wu. It was magnificent and breathtaking. 


Bloody light flickered. One of Qin Wu's arms was hacked off, inflicting so much pain to him that he screamed out. His face distorted, revealing a somewhat sinister expression.  

As a deity, when had he ever suffered such a painful experience? He actually lost an arm! This was unimaginable. After achieving the dao after all these years, this was the first time he received such a serious injury. 

Even though he was fleeing, he was still doing everything he could. His body surged with silver light, controlling that arm to try and get it back so he could reattach it. 

Then, sword radiance swept out, directly severing the link, forcing him to lose that arm. 

Qin Wu roared loudly. His entire body shone. At this moment, he was clenching his teeth in anger. He would rather have this arm of a deity destroyed than have it land in the other party's hands. This was evidence of humiliation. 

With a hong sound, the arm exploded, turning into exuberant silver radiance that filled this world. It was as if the silver flames of the heaven were jumping about. It was full of divine energy. 

"The five elements are omnipresent. There is nothing they cannot break through, no will they cannot exterminate! Burn!"

Qin Wu chanted an incantation. This was a terrifying divine technique, and it carried the power of curses as it attacked back. He hoped to use his arm as a means to destroy and ruin Shi Hao.

Unfortunately, this attack was still ineffective. The little pagoda did not take action, and it was Shi Hao that released a strange aura. A mysterious ring of light dispersed from his chest that rippled with astonishing fluctuations. 

A wave of thriving life force emerged from Shi Hao's body. It was a joyous type of power that was full of desire and longing. This force was trying to obtain the silver light that was released from the explosion. 

The space around them was like a scroll painting, trembling under the divine force. Shi Hao's chest bone shone and released waves of scripture chanting. A fist-sized little person was sitting on top of a bone, drawing the endless spiritual essence from the outside world into its body. 

In the skies, the shattered arm and ignited divine blood all turned into light. They were sucked in, forming a silver stream. 

Qin Wu's expression changed. The life essence contained within that arm was being drained and used by another. 

Like a trickling stream of sweet nectar, it all gathered towards Shi Hao's chest. It didn't enter the place where the sutras were being chanted, and instead became nourishment material for Shi Hao's supreme being bone. 

Qin Wu roared. He was extremely unwilling to accept this situation. Even though the arm exploded and couldn't be taken back, he still didn't want it to be absorbed and refined by Shi Hao. 

This was a type of humiliation. As a deity, every bone and hair were divine objects. How could they be disrespected by a mortal like this and actually be used as nourishment?

If news of this got out, he wouldn't be able to raise his head for the rest of his life. 

He stirred on the curse to make Shi Hao who was currently refining his divine blood explode, dooming him to eternal damnation. 

However, the power of the curse couldn't approach his opponent at all. The incantation he chanted was completely defeated, and the natural laws were not able to take form. There was only a faint ring of light present that was extremely weak. 

At this moment, Shi Hao felt extremely happy, and his spirit felt perfect. The energy of his flesh was abundant, and he felt as light as a feather. Quite a bit of the essence the bone needed was obtained in one go. 

This wasn't complete devouring, but instead a type of extraction and refinement. The precious bone shone brilliantly and resplendently. The little person sitting on top seemed as resplendent as a sun.

The little person took in and sent out essence. Auspicious multicolored light surged, surrounding its body and enveloping the entire bone. He released a mysterious fluctuation that rose and fell within the void, refining the light and divine blood that erupted from the arm. It didn't take in the flesh or bone and purely refined it. 

It only took in the innate heaven and earth essence within that arm, turning it into silver light. It was sucked into Shi Hao's chest and converted into rich divine energy. 

Soon, the bone absorbed all of the silver divine essence. 

"Petty and insignificant deity, you are too weak. Your divine force is extremely thin." Shi Hao said. 

Qin Wu was furious. He was looked down upon by a mortal in such a way, and this was even someone who he had looked down on before. It was just too ugly to look at. His chest was full of rage. 

Even though the arm exploded and large amounts of divine force scattered into the void, there was still a portion that was absorbed by Shi Hao. This was what Qin Wu could not accept. He was ridiculed once again, making it even harder to endure. 


While fleeing, he released an attack of a natural law. Then, he erupted with boundless divine might. He wanted to ascend Five Phase Mountain and seek protection. 

Then, he felt a wave of horror. For some reason, even though he flew for so long, it seemed like he would never reach Five Phase Peak. It was clearly not that far away, but this distance seemed like it could never be closed. 

He already erupted with blazing divine force. Silver radiance covered the world as he tried to break through this region, making this place absolutely chaotic. Heaven and earth seemed to be on the verge of collapse. 

However, he still couldn't reach Five Phase Peak. 

In the distance, the two supreme experts cried out in fear. They shivered with chilliness, and they felt incomparable fear inside, a fear that one felt towards impending doom. The clan's deity was actually defeated just like that, so how were they supposed to resist? They felt like they couldn't control their bodies anymore as they trembled with fear. 

Even further out, Qin Hao pursed his lips. He silently stood in the distance in his divine battle clothes, taking cover at a corner. 

Qin Wu finally noticed that there was a wall blocking in front of him that was condensed from symbols. 

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