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Chapter 495 - Petty and Insignificant

This sound moved heaven and earth!

Shi Hao's roar erupted like thunder. It was accompanied with roiling blood energy, causing groups of heroic spirits nearby to explode and setting large amounts of soul bodies aflame. 

It was a magnificent sight. His head of black hair danced like black flames. His eyes released multicolored light. With a raise of his hand, great energy would surge out, as if the energy alone could tear this place apart. 

The two supreme experts' hearts trembled, and an indescribable chilliness appeared in their minds. They had never seen this type of terrifying aura from a youth before. It actually made them feel such a great fear. 

"Stop him!" The two individuals couldn't help but take action to suppress that energy. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous. 

This was an absolutely absurd type of feeling. As supreme experts who overlooked the mortal world, how could they feel this type of feeling? They felt such restraining fear against a youth! They were feeling scared; this was a bit inconceivable. 

With a hong sound, they cooperatively activated a magical artifact. It dropped from the sky and suppressed that area. 

Shi Hao raised his head and released a gaze that was like lightning. Meanwhile, the sword in his hand had already turned into a divine rainbow that pierced towards the sky. The golden magical sword was incomparably brilliant, and at this moment, it became the only thing between heaven and earth. 


That was a precious imprint. It turned into an enormous black mountain and slammed downwards. In the end, before it made it halfway to the ground, it shattered with a loud explosion. It was hacked apart by Shi Hao and turned into broken pieces. 

"This…" The two supreme experts' hearts trembled. This wasn't just a magical artifact; it also had their own magical force. Several hundred years of accumulated cultivation was used as pressure, yet it was pierced apart. 

The two individuals' faces paled. The little Stone's grandeur was still climbing, as if it hadn't reached its peak yet. He stepped into another great world. 

Qin Wu frowned. Right now, he felt rather uncomfortable, feeling as if something bad was about to happen. That youth actually made his mind tremble. 

What type of identity does he have? How could he have ended up like this? It didn't seem to follow common sense. You have to understand that even supreme experts would have to crawl before his feet. 


Inside the formation, sounds could be heard from Qin Hao's direction. His silver spear was blasted high into the air, and the space between his thumb and forefinger split apart. Blood continuously flowed out, and he was forced to continuously take steps backwards. 

"Not good!" A supreme expert trembled inwardly. 

Everything was caused solely from Shi Hao's eruption of rage. All of his magic force and battle intent merged to form a fighting entity that almost hacked through Qin Hao. 

The little Stone seemed to enter a demonic state. His black hair flew about chaotically, and his eyes were like lightning. The energy around his entire body erupted, making him who knew just how many times more powerful than before. 

Right now, his left hand was holding the sword, while his right hand was holding the country protecting divine halberd. Even though he was just a youth, a powerful wave of energy was being released from him. It slammed down like an imposing mountain that could not be surpassed. 

A wave of strange power could be heard. It was as if it was a heart beating, but it was extremely loud and terrifying. It actually harmonized with the throbbing pulse of the world.

"The true one with the dao!" Qin Wu's eyes concentrated on this scene and revealed a shocked expression. 

That type of grandeur wasn't something a Formation Arrangement Realm youth should have at all, nor was it something a supreme expert could long for. Only a divine existence like himself could obtain it. 

How did the little Stone do this? His essence energy was engraved within the void, and he grasped the pulse of heaven and earth. The strange force he possessed right now could temporarily move this part of the world. 

"His spirit is perfect, and his flesh at the pinnacle. When he erupts into fury, this type of indescribable divine power is produced?" Qin Wu said to himself. A hint of jealousy began to creep up within him. 

This was quite ridiculous. He had lived for so many endless years, so how could he be jealous of a youth? However, he truly felt this type of emotion. This was a child only fifteen years of age, yet he touched upon this level of divine dao realm. Even though he would drop back down afterwards, it would still provide exceptionally great benefits towards cultivation. 

Heaven warping genius! He could only describe Shi Hao with these words. Qin Wu's face was ice cold. For geniuses like him, the more powerful they became, the more he thought of them as a future disaster. 

"What a laughable mortal! Even if you have boldness and exceptional talent, so what? In front of a deity, you are as petty and insignificant as a speck of dust." Qin Wu spoke. 

He reached out his hand and pointed out a finger. A silver streak of radiance was released, and once it pierced through the formation, it turned into vast and boundless lightning, submerging the skies above Shi Hao.

"Great ancestor, please be lenient, or else we won't have any way of explaining to the higher realms!" The two supreme experts urgently reminded. It wasn't that they were pitying Shi Hao, but instead feared the higher realms' punishment. 

"I know what is appropriate. This is the weakest lightning. It will leave him with his life, but after offending a deity, suffering can't be avoided," Qin Wu said.

"Break open!"

Shi Hao roared loudly. The golden magic sword in his hands shone, and it also blossomed with lightning. At the same time, streaks of electricity curled up around his entire body, producing a Suan Ni that merged with the divine sword. 


This place erupted with chaos. The radiance of lightning filled this world. This magical sword was extremely strange. It turned into a golden Suan Ni and devoured the lightning, absorbing the silver radiance that descended into its body. 

"Stone Country's sect protecting precious technique, the Suan Ni technique, as well as a sword to match it. It was actually refined from the precious bone of a Suan Ni!" Qin Wu was astonished. 

The two supreme experts were even more so overwhelmed with shock. Shi Hao was unharmed. Even though he was submerged under lightning, he actually blocked this type of power and didn't have his bones broken and tendons snapped. They didn't see the bloody scene they expected to see. 

His pupils became even more brilliant, and the golden magical sword turned into a Suan Ni. It roared, releasing auspicious multicolored light from its mouth. Even more powerful thunderous rumbling was released. 

"You dare blaspheme a god?!" Qin Wu erupted with great rage. 

His attack wasn't successful, causing his face to turn ice-cold. This petty and insignificant speck of dust actually dared to take action against him like this! For someone at his level, this was a type of humiliation. 

"Dog fart deity! Nothing more than some fake deity!" Shi Hao said coldly. He returned vulgar words straight back at the arrogant and aloof self-proclaimed deity that overlooked all living beings. 

These words suddenly made Qin Wu show great displeasure. His gaze was ice-cold as he looked down on the formation. His entire body's aura was like an ocean as it surged. 

The two great supreme experts were shaken. Their bodies were spasming uncontrollably, as if they would fall weak onto the ground at any moment. Their faces were pale, and they continuously backed up. 


Not far away, in an empty space, brilliant light continuously appeared. There were several cuts made over there, indicating that someone wanted to break through the void and enter. 

This made Qin Wu's expression become even more overcast. He stared at another formation. 

Over there, Shi Ziling and his wife were taking action, trying to do something about the formation that trapped them. They sliced through the void several times, but they were always pushed back. It was difficult for them to cross over to this side. 

Shi Hao felt something inside. His current grandeur had touched upon the divine dao, so his spiritual senses exceeded one's imaginations. He shouted, "Father, mother, I came to see you two!"

Within the other formation, Shi Ziling and his wife were greatly stirred up, and their expressions were complicated. At that moment, they could vaguely hear something calling out to them, as if it came from a dream. 

Their hearts were trembling. Their young child that had lost his supreme being bone and was left in Stone Village while he was still a small infant. He was incomparably weak and could have died at any time. 

Right now, not only did he survive, he was also this powerful. He dared to point his sword at a deity! This type of absolute power divine heroicness left the husband and wife deeply shaken and stuttering in shock. 

This heaven warping divinely talented child had come to search for them, struggling his way through the Immortal Mountain to do so!

The dagger in their hands was carved from a void beast's precious bone. It could cut open the void and allow them to travel through nothingness. 

However, this place was too special. Many divine formations trapped them here. They sliced open cracks several times, but the void would immediately close. They could see a hazy scene of a youth within a valley, but they couldn't step out. 

"Just a mortal, yet you dare make a deity your enemy! Your conclusion will be pitiful. I will let you see the divine might of a deity. A single drop of blood is enough to drown you, enough to eliminate your cultivation and divine abilities." Qin Wu shook his head. 

Then, he raised his hand. Bright auspicious colors swirled about, and a drop of blood descended from his fingertips. The bright redness of the liquid carried a resplendent silver light. Even though it was just a drop, it was like an ocean, containing endless life force and unmatched divine might. 

When this drop of blood descended and entered the formation, it formed a great silver wave. It rumbled as it descended, directly submerging Shi Hao underneath. 

This was absolutely horrifying! This was precisely the method of a deity. A single drop of blood was going to suppress the current Shi Hao, refining his body and dissolving his essence energy. 

"Mortal my ass!" Shi Hao's voice carried a type of indifference, treating this deity with contempt as he berated with a loud voice. 

The two country guarding divine artifacts in his hands struck the skies. He didn't surrender in the slightest, and at this moment, he also circulated the True Primordial Record and transferred all of his essence energy into his chest. 


The supreme being bone was revived. A berserk aura blasted outwards, connecting heaven and earth. Together with the support of two country guarding divine artifacts, this type power of reached even closer towards the peak. 

"Yi, wasn't it unable to mature properly and difficult to use?" Qin Wu frowned. It was clear that he knew about some information about Shi Hao. 

Endless divine light submerged heaven and earth. That drop of blood turned into a silver sea, and it ended up pouring down in torrents. The bloody mist was sucked dry, and the divine substance surged towards Shi Hao's chest. 

"Petty and insignificant deity, this is your power? Weak and frail, so little it's pitiful!" Shi Hao roared with laughter. 

The two supreme experts were horrified. They simply couldn't believe what was happening. That youth's chest shone and actually absorbed a drop of divine blood, using it as a way to nourish his own precious bone.

Qin Wu's face fell ashen. His divine might was blasphemed against again and again, and his divine blood in particular was even refined by the supreme being bone and absorbed as nourishment. This was unforgivable. It was an utter humiliation!

In the distance, Qin Hao watched everything with shock. The silver spear in his hands pointed at Shi Hao and remained there. 

"You stay on the side!" Shi Hao shot him a look and berated. 


At the same time, the void was once again sliced open, and a crack appeared. Shi Ziling was just in time to see him berate a deity, refine his divine blood, and berate Qin Hao. 


Shi Hao finally saw the vague scene of them crying out. Unfortunately, the void was sealed up again. 

"Someone as insignificant as you, a mere mortal, challenges the dignity of a deity again and again. You've successfully made me angry. Accept divine punishment then." Qin Wu's entire body released keng qiang sounds. His silver magic clothes shone, and the cries of dragons and phoenixes sounded as a brilliant silver splendor blossomed. 

He descended and entered the formation. He floated high in the sky while overlooking Shi Hao with an ice-cold gaze. 

"The futile struggles of a mortal are completely useless before a deity." Qin Wu coldly spoke. His eyes were full of disdain and callousness. 

"Little pagoda, why don't you come out? Turn the entire Immortal Mountain into ruins!" Shi Hao secretly called out, waking up the little pagoda that was in a slumber. 

The little pagoda was woken up. It was extremely shocked and seemed to be in a rather awkward situation. "You… you truly are ridiculously bold. You actually want to cause a disturbance in Immortal Mountain. You have to understand that Five Phase Mountain was formed before the opening of the world, and inside of the mountains are all types of natural gods and devils."

"I know that you can do it, that you can defeat it!" Shi Hao said. Then, he sent a message again. "I brought over the entire Stone Country treasury, and you can devour as much as you want. In addition, from here on out, place all of the karma onto my body!"

The little pagoda was momentarily stunned, but after seeing his decisiveness, he no longer tried to persuade him otherwise and only said a single word. 


"Do you admit to your crimes?!" Qin Wu's voice was like heavenly thunder, causing space itself to tremble. The formation rumbled and shook, and the bodies of the two supreme experts in the distance shivered with chilliness. They immediately kneeled on the ground. 

This was divine might that inflicted a pressure against one's soul. Qin Wu's silver magic clothes swirled with immortal radiance, and within his eyes, all living things cycled between life and death. It was incomparably terrifying. He wanted to suppress Shi Hao's soul and make him surrender and bow down. 

"Petty and insignificant deity, even someone as insignificant as you dares to holler at me?" Shi Hao didn't seem to be affected in the slightest as he spoke.

"You…" Qin Wu was greatly shocked. 

"You are right. Just a little fake god, a laughable bug, yet you dare to appear before my face?" The little pagoda release a terrifying aura and revealed its original form. 

"It's you?!" He was greatly shaken, and then he felt fear. After reaching his level, how could he not recognize the little pagoda? He released a loud scream and immediately turned around to flee towards Five Phase Mountain. 

"Petty and insignificant deity, weren't you extremely self-confident? Where are you going? Watch how I overturn your Immortal Mountain!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Immediately after, he brandished the sword in his hand and hacked forward. The little pagoda also released a strand of vitality that wrapped around Qin Wu. 

Qin Wu was greatly startled. His silver magical clothes self-detonated and he rushed towards Five Phase Mountain. He had a feeling that something terribly wrong was happening. With the appearance of that pagoda, this entire place might be turned upside down!


A streak of sword light swept over, slicing through a lock of Qin Wu's hair and causing the bloody radiance on his face to burst. In addition, a part of his earlobe was hacked off!

He released a loud cry. Who was he? He was a deity, yet he was wounded by a mortal. 

What made him even more furious was that the other party's words were extremely brash. "Small and weak deity, do you admit your wrongs? Immortal Mountain will be overthrown today completely because of you!"

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