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Chapter 494 - Heroic Spirit

There were five Nirvana Ponds, each representing a cultivation realm, and it just so happened to be the cultivation realms that Shi Hao cultivated before. Right now, they appeared before his eyes. Was this to have him undergo rebirth?

However, he didn't feel like the other party had such kind intentions, because just how he didn't have any favorable impressions of the Immortal Mountain, and the other party didn't have any towards him either. 

"Ancestor Qin Wu… what is your esteemed self planning?" The two elders stood by Qin Hao in the distance. They looked incredibly bewildered. 

"Hao'er, go and fight against him to sharpen yourself. Having this type of young supreme being and not making use of him would be too much of a waste." Qin Wu spoke. Then, he looked at the youth in the distance. 

Qin Hao nodded and rose up in one bound. Qin Wu pointed a finger out, directly sending him into the formation. 

"Great ancestor, Hao'er is still young." One of the supreme experts hurriedly spoke. He didn't say the other part of what he was going to say, because Qin Hao definitely wasn't the little Stone's opponent at his age. 

"You all don't understand the mysteriousness of the Nirvana Pond. Whichever realm is engraved on the stone stele, that is what cultivation realm one would be in once they enter. Of course, there are other formations there to offer assistance, for example, some ancient battlefield." Qin Wu spoke calmly in an indifferent tone. 

"Great ancestor, by trapping him here, are you going to have him strengthen Hao'er?" The other supreme expert was astonished. After some hesitation, he spoke again. "However, if something unexpected happens with the little Stone, it won't be easy to explain things! Great ancestor Qin Si said before entering the higher realms that he has half of our clan's blood and cannot be forced."

"I did not force him. It's just your typical exchange of pointers. In addition, he still grew up outside and carries great dissatisfaction against our clan. Ignoring him and allowing him to grow up like this is quite dangerous!" Qin Wu said. 

The two supreme experts' expressions changed. The little Stone always took action decisively, and he had killed two supreme experts from Immortal Mountain one after another. It was clear just how dissatisfied he was towards the Qin Clan's wish to enter Stone Country Imperial Palace. 

In addition, he was a natural born supreme being. If he had died prematurely, then that was that, but if he was able to rise up in the great wastelands, then he would definitely be formidable. His future accomplishments would be unimaginable!

"Everything I've done is for Immortal Mountain's sake. As for the supreme being nirvana plan, if there is a need to use him, then we'll offer him to the higher realms and let them deal with him. If there isn't a need to use him, then he must stay within our clan's control and can not be ignored!" Qin Wu's words were ice cold, and he spoke them extremely cruelly. 

"Great ancestor, how do you intend… to take care of him?" A supreme expert took one step further and asked. 

"Who can say what will happen in the future? There is no hurry to discuss those matters now. No matter what the later generation thinks of me, there is one point they cannot deny, and that is that everything I've done is for the sake of the Qin family." Qin Wu's words became colder and deeper, and these words were also hinting at something. 

The two supreme experts' hearts jumped. They knew that this old ancestor definitely wasn't someone well-disposed. Once he made a decision, he would definitely act ruthlessly and viciously. 

"He has the Kun Peng technique on him? Then this precious technique will fall into my Qin Clan's hands!" Qin Wu spoke resolutely and decisively. 

"If you forcefully try to acquire it, with the little Stone's unyielding nature, he would most likely choose self-destruction instead of offering it up." A supreme expert reminded. 

"Even though Qin Zhan is a bit erratic, his way of thinking is good, knowing to collect that precious technique. With my divine ability, there are too many chances to steal it." Qin Wu sneered. 

"Hao'er entered inside. Yi, what is that? All types of spiritual bodies appeared. This is the heroic spirit battlefield?" En elder cried out strangely. 

Qin Wu nodded and said, "I arranged the heroic spirit and specially brought it from another area, so it is enough to draw the little Stone's soul out from his body. Then, the Nirvana Pond can start to imitate and carve out his technique."

"Hao'er won't be affected, will he?" A supreme expert appeared to be worried. 

"He won't. They will be fighting from different places!" Qin Wu replied. 

Within the formation, Shi Hao's mind became frightened. He felt waves of cold air descend, as if a door into the underworld was opened and endless demons were about to rush out murderously. 

"What is going on?" He shivered inwardly. 

Inside of this space, the vegetation all disappeared. There was yin energy everywhere in this spacious and unbordered area. An ancient battlefield was produced, and soul bodies appeared one after another. 

One of them wore a crown on his head. This was a powerful individual that had not disappeared after death. He surged with war intent. 

In this space, only the Five Phase Pool surged with yang energy and released heat. This was the only place suitable for a cultivator to stand. 

"Immortal Mountain, I am warning you all. Do not anger me any more, or else you will have to take responsibility for what happens afterwards!" Shi Hao's voice shouted loudly, ringing through this place. 

For the sake of finding his parents, he humbled himself and even departed on this long journey, exposing himself to danger. After entering Immortal Mountain, he had to back down again and again, all for the sake of meeting his parents. 

However, in the end, the other party acted absolutely unrestrained and continued to act in such a manner. A heroic spirit battlefield was placed here to force him to fight. 

"A sword can only be sharpened through grinding. Any powerful expert must first gain experience in battles, and only then can they truly undergo rebirth." Qin Wu's voice sounded. 

His intent was clear and easy to see. He wanted Shi Hao to fight fiercely against the heroic spirits, and only like this could the five Nirvana Ponds be fully exploited. 


A soul body that was spotlessly white in color appeared. This was an entity formed from soul force. It suddenly appeared behind Shi Hao's back and moved the silver bone blade in its hands, hacking it downwards. 


Shi Hao turned around, using a single hand to form an imprint and face this attack. After shattering the bone blade, his palm released the flames of the Vermilion Bird, turning it into ashes. 

Ao wu...

A shriek that made one's scalp go numb tore through the air, as if it was the howl of an evil spirit. It was eerie and desperate. The entire ancient battlefield suddenly went into action, and all of the heroic spirits went mad.

At this moment, soul bodies appeared everywhere, on the ground, in the sky, or even above the dark clouds. Then, they quickly gathered together, forming a crazy gale that brought with it heaven overflowing yin energy. It rushed over in a berserk manner. 

Shi Hao trembled. So many heroic spirits appearing in seemingly limitless numbers, and every one of them seemed extremely strong. It was going to be really difficult to slaughter them all. This was a great danger. 


He had no choice and could only take action. The Vermilion Bird's Four-Fold Barrage blasted outwards and covered heaven and earth. A group of soul bodies were immediately covered, producing several dozen human-shaped torches. 


The space in this place lightly trembled. Shi Hao quickly dodged out of a way. A rusted spear pierced through the air and quickly arrived. It released heaven overflowing divine might. 

"So powerful!" Shi Hao's eyes flickered. The spear flew past and nailed itself into the ground, causing this place to shatter. A seemingly bottomless hole was produced. 

In the sky, a silver soul emerged. Its entire body shone in a dazzling and resplendent manner. It was precisely him that took action. He was made from silver and stood out from the masses. 

"There's a powerful individual here." Shi Hao said softly. 

Then, his expression immediately changed. More than twenty souls similar to the silver soul body appeared, and they were all like resplendent silver suns. They were clearly heroic spirits, yet they possessed a burning feeling. 

A sharp ear-splitting sound rang through the air. The ten or so silver soul bodies went crazy, as if hundreds of thousands of malicious spirits were howling. This type of sound was too terrifying. Heaven and earth trembled, and the great earth began to crack apart. Yin mist surged about. 

This was simply like the end of the world. Everything was going to be destroyed. 

At the same time, the ten thousand yin spirits roared together in response, forming a 'domain'. It seemed to be a special area of space formed from soul power. 

That place was covered in silvery whiteness and was terrifying to the extreme. 

The area between Shi Hao's brows felt extreme pain. He felt as if his soul was going to leave his body, sucked by that mysterious force into the special silver domain. 

"What is this?" Shi Hao angrily widened his eyes. He had never encountered a battle like this before. 

In the end, blood trickled out from the space between his brows. His powerful soul formed a fist-sized small figure that radiated blazing yang energy and left his body. 

"Something's not right!" When he was being sucked in by that wave of force, he noticed that the five Nirvana Ponds were stirring about and a strange dao aura was surfacing. It was going to carve down everything in this world. 

"Return to me!" Shi Hao shouted. His soul erupted with endless golden light that hacked out everywhere. Over a thousand heroic spirits were killed on the spot. 

This was the most powerful attack of Shi Hao's soul, one that represented all of his greatest profound mysterious. At this moment, he didn't use any precious techniques and only used a type of sensation. He activated the True Primordial Record and displayed its extremely ordinary yet miraculous style to circulate the power of his soul!

It was like a streak of immortal lightning. The skies trembled and released endless radiance. The heroic spirits immediately exploded after being swept through!

At this moment, Shi Hao returned. His fist-sized soul was like a heavenly sun. As it moved about, undying radiance scattered outwards, entering between his brows and returning to his body. 

He had a feeling that if he didn't quickly return just now, all of his body's secrets would have been stolen, and his soul would most likely have been peered into. 

"What an astonishing soul! It surpasses common sense. Not even the special domain formed by the silver soul and tens of thousands of heroic spirits could constrain him! This little Stone is too astonishing. Even if he was released into the higher realms, he would most likely still be able to rise to power." One of the supreme experts was shocked.

Qin Wu's expression was cold. He was also greatly shaken. How powerful was that silver soul body? The domain it created with the heroic spirits actually couldn't suck out Shi Hao's soul. This was not normal at all. 

Shi Hao released a long roar. A golden magical sword appeared in his hands, Stone Country's country guarding divine weapon. At this moment, rays of light flourished in all directions as the sword hacked out, tearing through that domain. 

With a hong sound, the silver domain was smashed apart, and large groups of soul bodies exploded. Even the most powerful silver soul bodies were scattered like ashes inside this terrifying domain. 

There was a wave of fury within Shi Hao's mind. After entering the Immortal Mountain, he encountered difficulties again and again. If it wasn't for his parents being here and that he didn't know the entire situation, he would've stopped enduring a long time ago. 

Right now, the only way to vent his fury was to hack through these heroic spirits. 


Suddenly, a light golden soul body appeared in the air. In its hands was a golden magical staff. With a forceful wave, countless soul flames surrounded by endless symbols filled this place. 

Divine artifact!

In addition, that heroic spirit was extremely powerful. With the divine artifact magical staff in hand, it was powerful enough to be a threat to the little Stone.

"Roar…" Shi Hao released a great roar and threw himself forward without fear. Following his sound, blood essence surged out from within his flesh shell like a true dragon and oppressed this area. 


At this moment, countless heroic spirits exploded nearby. Then, they burned ferociously, having their soul bodies completely annihilated by this roar of death. Countless other soul bodies exploded from from the terrifying blood essence's pressure. 

The light golden soul body was stopped. It held the magical staff in defense.

"This is… the little Stone's flesh! What powerful blood essence, and at such an age! He is definitely without equal in the lower realm!"

"I don't know if Hao'er's body will have such an enormous quantity of blood essence when he turns fifteen. This is just too horrifying, shaking the old and dazzling the new! With this kind of blood essence, it is enough to kill several thousand heroic spirits. His yang energy is too abundant!"

The two supreme experts were shocked. The more they learned about the little Stone's potential, the more their scalps felt numb. 

Qin Wu was also silent. Someone as powerful as him could overlook everything in the lower realms, yet when he saw Shi Hao's surging blood essence, he was also greatly shaken. At the very least, even someone like him who exceeded the realm of mortals could not compare when he was younger. 

"Activate the demon summoning formation. Confine the war intent and have Hao'er participate in it to sharpen himself!" Qin Wu said. 

His two arms moved, opening another ancient formation. He drew Shi Hao's war intent towards a different place. 

Qin Hao appeared, his silver clothes brilliant and dazzling. The divine spear was held in his hands, and it pointed at the space between Shi Hao's brows from the distance. Then, he activated his most oppressive strike. 

Shi Hao felt as if his war intent had been sucked away. It didn't enter the formation in front of him and was instead fighting against another person. 

The light between his brows shone brilliantly. His spiritual senses were unleashed to their fullest strength, and the divine perception emerged. He now clearly understood that he was fighting against his own younger brother.


An indescribable force appeared that tied these two youths together. Shi Hao noticed that his own war intent and magical force was being converted, forming another self to fight greatly against Qin Hao. 

"Younger brother, do you want to fight against me that badly?" Shi Hao's face was emotionless, and his gaze was cold and detached. 

Then, he raised his head towards the sky and released a roar. While looking at the heavens, he said, "Immortal Mountain, Qin Wu, you all have forced me! Be careful not to let these mountains and rivers collapse and rest eternally as ruins!"

Unknowingly why, when he heard Shi Hao's roar, Qin Wu and two other supreme experts all trembled. His voice just now had actually disturbed their mental state. 

Within another formation, Shi Ziling's head of black hair was flying about, and his eyes released divine radiance. He said, "I can feel it. Both our children are here."

He determined the direction, and then he obtained a dark dagger from his wife's hands. The magical artifact suddenly hacked out with terrifying power. Symbols covered it densely, and it actually sliced apart space. 

Within the heroic spirit battlefield, there was a small crack that was cut open. The husband and wife could vaguely see that two youths were currently fighting a great battle!

"That's…"The two individuals both trembled inwardly. 

"ROAR…" Shi Hao roared fiercely, his head of hair dancing about chaotically. "Immortal Mountain, you bully and insult others too far! Today, I will let you all understand that my grandfather, the Great Demonic God, cannot be humiliated, my parents cannot be bullied, and I cannot be suppressed! I will overturn your Immortal Mountain!"

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