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Chapter 493 - Deity

The ancient tree was tall and wide, and the branches were like old dragons. The translucent leaves were few in number, sparsely adorning the tree. The great dao's aura swirled around this place. 

This was an ancient tree that had lived for who knew how many years. Successive generations of deities all sat under this tree, bringing it more enlightenment and insight into the great dao. 

Deities either passed away over time, or they entered the higher realms. The only thing that was unchanged was this old tree. It continued to take root here. 

"I wish to see my father and mother." Shi Hao said. Even though he was experiencing great emotions, he didn't shout loudly. He didn't take action either and only spoke calmly. 

In this place, he truly experienced a type of great dao that was like the heavens and the sensation of emptiness. He felt extremely close to the dao here, as if he could touch it just by reaching out his hand. 

While sitting underneath the tree, his restlessness disappeared, and his anger dissolved. His mood gradually became peaceful. He was greatly affected by the ancient tree and the deity below it. 

The deity sat with his legs crossed underneath the tree. He seemed aloof and detached from worldliness. However, that type of beauty and otherworldliness didn't seem to belong to the mortal world. He was distant and unapproachable like a true immortal. 

Shi Hao had never seen someone like this before. Just by sitting there, he could affect heaven and earth, turning this place into a divine land. 

The flower petals were sparkling and translucent as they scattered down. This individual possessed an aura as if he truly transcended beyond everyone. He didn't display an immeasurable divine might, nor did he use fear to suppress Shi Hao. What was there was only reality, a 'true self' that was displayed.

"A behavior that is only natural. You can go visit them." He said with his eyes still closed. The golden battle clothes were brilliant and gentle, not intimidating at all. His entire being looked like it was outside the world of mortals. 

Shi Hao was astonished. The other party agreed just like that. He thought that there would be many troubles and had expected Immortal Mountain's people to continuously obstruct him, preventing him from meeting with his parents.

"Please open up the formation then." Shi Hao spoke. 

"I do not agree!" Right at this time, a tremendous sound transmitted over. It was like an enormous golden bell as it rumbled in a long and drawn out manner, shaking the entire valley. 

Even the body of someone as powerful as Shi Hao began to tremble. This was definitely not a supreme expert. His magical force poured out like a tide in a violent manner. The manner seemed disdainful towards all else, aloof and lofty.. 

Shi Hao didn't see anyone, but he knew that this was a powerful peak level figure that did not have any kind intentions towards him!

"Qin Wu, you are still so domineering." The deity under the tree lightly sighed. 

Five peaks rested side by side within the Immortal Mountain, towering like five fingers on the great earth. There was one peak that had an enormous bronze palace. It was incomparably grand and covered in green copper rust. 

The one that voiced in opposition previously came precisely from this place. An individual in the bronze palace hall opened his eyes and stood up from the praying mat. His body flowed with a silver radiance that throbbed like an unfading sacred flame. 

"Qin Yifan, I admit that you are a heaven warping genius, one of the best in the history of my Immortal Mountain. However, you have already entered the higher realms, and you have already separated yourself from my clan. Why do you still meddle in the affairs of the clan in the lower realm?

He pushed aside the rust-mottled palace gates and stood on top of the peak to overlook the divine valley. His eyes continuously flickered, and within his eyes, tens of thousands of creatures were living and dying, and starry streams flowed about. It was terrifying to the extreme. 

Valley of the divine was right below Immortal Mountain's Five Phase Peak. Hazy multicolored light fluttered about, and ancient medicines grew stalk after stalk. There were a few special beasts that were especially auspicious and peaceful. 

However, under the gaze of this individual, everything seemed to look bleak. This place was filled with a harsh and desolate feeling. 

Within the valley, Shi Hao was greatly shocked. That tremendous voice resounded through his mind, leaving him horrified. Was what he said true?

He couldn't help but look towards that ancient tree. The one that was sitting there was like a buddha that smiled while holding a flower. He was exceptional and otherworldly as he sat under the translucent flower petals, untainted by the breath of mortals. 

The deity below the tree had long entered the higher realms, so why could he still appear here?

"I am undergoing a mental journey and happened to stumble upon this matter. I wish to send him into the higher realms and take him on as my disciple." The deity under the tree spoke softly. The golden battle clothes on his body released a brilliant light. 

"Rumor has it that your situation isn't good, and you might die. Is this your own will, or is it the higher realms projection?" In front of the great bronze palace hall, Qin Wu stood tall while speaking indifferently. 

"You didn't die. With the descent of the great calamity, you borrow the dao to come here. You also wish to search for an opportunity?!" Qin Wu continued.

Shi Hao trembled. The things he experienced today was truly a bit strange. The deity he encountered first wasn't his true body? He even came from the higher realms. 

"It seems like it is rather troublesome. I can't bring you away." The figure under the tree opened his eyes. Flower petals fluttered down, and each flake produced a reflection of him. 

This was a mysterious and magnificent scene. All of the petals reflected the distant and powerful deity clad in golden battle clothes. Golden splendor flowed about. 

The space here trembled, and it was accompanied with the rumbling of the great dao!

He finally took action. A golden diagram appeared, sweeping towards Shi Hao to bring him away together with it from this valley. 

"No matter what, you cannot bring him away! Let me see whether you are a will left behind by him in the lower realm or if you are a projection from the higher realms." On top of Immortal Mountain and in front of the bronze palace hall, Qin Wu took a step outwards, releasing a booming sound. Heaven and earth immediately lost color, and thunderous sounds shook the skies.

In front of the bronze hall, there was an altar that was quite special. It was also formed from bronze, and there were a few shining traces of blood on it. It was left behind by a sacrifice that had been offered not too long ago. 

At this moment, Qin Wu took action. He moved over a bronze cover that directly sealed this altar!

With a hong sound, heaven and earth seemed to have been isolated, the connection between the two severed. 

Shi Hao had already pulled out his magical sword to resist that golden diagram, yet after the Immortal Mountain's altar was sealed, Qin Yifan and that precious diagram directly faded. 

"It was a projection from the higher realms as expected!" Qin Wu said. 

He closed the bronze formation, cutting off the higher realms. It immediately cut off Qin Yifan's figure, making his image greatly dim and hard to take action. 

"Since you left the clan, why did you reappear?" Qin Wu shouted. Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh in admiration. The deity below the tree was aloof and otherworldly and actually had this amount of skill, able to borrow the clan's altar at any time. This also meant that he was truly stunning. Even when separated by a realm, he could still cast a projection here. 


Suddenly, the sky trembled. The golden diagram that had grown dim reappeared and suddenly rushed over, wrapping around Shi Hao to bring him out of this place with it. 


Shi Hao also took action. He was naturally unwilling to be forcefully brought away by someone. He had his own choice, and he wanted to stay behind to see his parents. 

The country guarding sword was incomparably sharp, and the golden sword surged with multicolored light. It was as if sliced through space itself. It collided with the golden diagram to prevent it from sweeping through him. 

However, this diagram drawing was extremely strange, as if it was a world of nothingness. The magical sword sliced inside, but it didn't touch anything, as it it has struck empty air. 


Shi Hao decisively brought out the emperor imprint. Imperial draconic energy filled this place, and the heavens trembled. The entire valley distorted, as if it was going to collapse, the power that was produced exceeded all expectations. 

The imperial draconic energy was quite special. It formed a protective curtain of light that prevented harm from coming onto Shi Hao. 

"The fruit of the world, it truly contains a fantastic force. What a pity it is that my projection is becoming dim." The deity under the tree sighed. He was one of the strongest geniuses of the Immortal Mountain in all of its history. 

At this moment, he stood up and walked towards Shi Hao. 

"Qin Yifan, you dare disturb my Immortal Mountain? Audacious!" On the mountain peak, Qin Wu shouted loudly. He pointed outwards, and a silver light crashed down like a waterfall. 

However, the with a gentle slash from the outstanding figure, the silver light was defeated in midair, unable to serve any use. 

"Qin Wu, even though I am just a projected image, moreover an extremely faint one, I am still not someone who someone like you who hasn't taken that step can defy." Qin Yifan said. 

The golden battle clothes flickered, and the faint void image condensed a bit. He walked towards Shi Hao and said, "I hope you can take me on as your master. I will bring you to the higher realms."

"Not willing!" Shi Hao replied. 

"The Immortal Mountain is not a place anyone can blaspheme against. Even if you were once a Qin disciple, as well as the strongest genius, if you go against us, we will still suppress and kill you!" Qin Wu shouted loudly. 

His entire being shone, and with a weng long sound, he withdrew into the bronze palace. It was unknown what type of formation was activated, but it immediately made this ancient land seem different. A terrifying wave of aura was released. 

Qin Yifan trembled. Even if he was a heaven warping talent, right now, he was still a bit shaken. 


The grand Immortal Mountain shone. One of the mountain peaks scattered down an expanse of radiance that flew into the divine valley. It caused Qin Yifan to quickly retreat. All of the golden light around him flourished, and his battle clothes burned furiously. 

"You did not take that step, but you've actually acquired Five Phase Mountain's approval. No wonder no one more powerful was left behind to protect this place." Qin Yifan looked like he was facing a great opponent. 

"After the calamity passed, I managed to escape with luck." Qin Wu said. 

Then, he chanted an incantation. He knelt down within the palace hall and piously offered his sacrifice. The Immortal Mountain shone, and one of the peaks became shining and translucent. With an explosive sound, even more brilliant light descended. 

Qin Yifan's eyes became deep. In the end, with a wave of his golden sleeves, he collected the golden diagram and didn't bring away Shi Hao. Instead, it wrapped around himself. Even though it was just a projected body, he still wasn't willing to have it fall here. 


Golden light flickered and flowers scattered down. He entered the void and disappeared. 

Qin Wu didn't dare to act carelessly and continued to offer sacrifices. One of Five Phase Mountain's peaks shone with light that covered everything. Many formations were activated as well, and only after ensuring that Qin Yifan left did they gradually die down. 

Silver radiance flickered. Qin Wu descended into the valley, and after looking at Shi Hao, he nodded and said, "As expected, your foundational bone is not ordinary and extremely rare."

Shi Hao didn't say anything and calmly looked at him. 

"Are you willing to stay behind in my Qin Clan?" Qin Wu asked. 

"Not willing." Shi Hao still gave this response. He definitely wouldn't go against his own wishes. 

"After entering the mountains, do you still think you have the option of choice? Even if you didn't come, I would have personally gone to convert you." Qin Wu said indifferently. 

"The so-called act of the Immortal Mountain passing out a decree to invite me over was just to detain me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"The one that wrote the decree is no longer present. If it was me, why would I have gone through all that trouble?" Qin Wu's face was filled with chilly intent. "Killing my Immortal Mountain's disciples was said and done, but you even killed two supreme experts. You've crossed the bottom line!"

"I want to meet my father and mother!" Shi Hao said. No matter what, he still truly, truly wished to see them. 

"You can, and if you play your part, I won't kill you, and I would even give you opportunities." Qin Wu waved his hand, opening the formations in part of the valley, sending Shi Hao in. 

This was a special pure land where the vegetation was rich. There were five reservoirs here, and the liquid inside was sparkling and translucent as it flowed about. 

"What is this place? Where are my parents?" Shi Hao asked. 

"You will cultivate here first. These are the Nirvana Pools. If you are stunning enough, then you can transform here." Qin Wu said. 

There were five ponds here, and all of them were different. An ancient monument stood in front of each of them, and different realms were carved on top: Blood Transformation, Heavenly Passage, Spiritual Transformation, Engravement, Formation Arrangement. They correspondingly represented five precious ponds. 

This was the real core location of the Immortal Mountain. It could bring about nirvana and rebirth!

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