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Chapter 492 - Must Meet the Deity

Shi Hao rushed forward while carrying Qin Zhan into that region. His face revealed his greatly stirred up emotions, but there was also a perplexed expression. Those two figures had appeared in his dreams before, but he had always been left with regret in reality. 

A father or a mother, for others, were the closest family members. They were often at one's side, protecting them and helping them grow. For him, however, it was a type of desire. From childhood until now, he had never seen them. 

The little Stone was stunning, rising up within the savage wastelands, relying on himself to walk out from the great mountains and forming an illustrious reputation. He could look down on his peers. Even though he didn't have the support of his parents, he still similarly showed disdain for those of his generation. 

However, he still longed for them, his heart always feeling bitterness. Today, he was finally going to meet them and mend the piece of his heart that was missing. He wished to experience that type of familial love. 

All types of light rose from the ground. Symbols flickered, releasing a divine aura. Shi Hao was astonished. This was a heaven connecting formation that locked down the valley.

"Father!" Shi Hao shouted.

"Mother!" He continuously shouted. 

These were sincere cries from his heart. Even though they had been separated for so many years, his heart had never rejected them, nor did they feel unfamiliar. It was still like before. Those figures had left too great of an impression on his memory. 

The voice echoed greatly throughout the valley, as if heavenly thunder was rumbling. However, those two figures still did not show any response. 

"It is the power of the formation. It separates everything in there. You can see inside, but they can't see what's outside." In his hair, the divine striking stone spoke. 

"Can you break the formation?" Shi Hao asked. He had long become agitated inside, and he truly wished to barge in as soon as he could to appear in front of those two. 

"This is a divine formation. The difficulty is too great! I need time. You have to understand that breaking through this formation requires more than just technique. One also needs corresponding strength," said the divine striking stone. 

Behind him, the two supreme experts closed in and decisively took action. It was because Qin Zhang was in Shi Hao's hands and could die at any time. 

In addition, they could tell that the little Stone was seizing the rebirth secret technique from the flickering symbols of the holy liquid and was about to obtain everything. This was definitely not something that could be passed outwards. 

You have to understand that even they only obtained a small ruined piece of this technique. This type of sect guarding secret art was something only a select few could cultivate. It was a secret that could not be leaked outside the sect. 

A Zhujian that was powerful and sinister was formed. It pounced forward. It was formed from symbols and right now, it was rushing at Shi Hao. 

Meanwhile, the other individual's entire body burned. He quickly produced more than a hundred formations. They were like majestic stars as they appeared at his side, dazzling and brilliant. 

At the same time, Qin Hao also attacked. The dao techniques flowed naturally with his every movement, and the silver spear in his hands released wu wu sounds. It turned into a resplendent streak of silver light as it flew over. 


Scarlet feathers flew about. A vermilion bird soared above the nine heavens. Scarlet flames surged around Shi Hao as the Archaic Vermilion Bird's Four-Fold Barrage was displayed!

Even though his heart was emotionally stirred after seeing his parents, he could still properly control his emotions. After all, he knew how dangerous it was inside the valley. He wouldn't act carelessly with a great opponent in front of him. 

Burning hot flames surged, and it was as if this place was flooded with scarlet magma. It blasted into the heavens together with the vermilion bird's cries. 

The two elders were shocked as they clashed with this attack. However, both of them were blocked, and it was difficult to get past. 

Meanwhile, a qiang sounded. A golden divine sword appeared in Shi Hao's hands. It slashed outwards, sending out zheng zheng cries. 

The silver spear in Qin Hao's hands was greatly shaken, and the speartip was chopped down on. Sparks flew in all directions, and kengqiang sounds continuously rang out. 

The two elders were greatly alarmed. They both took action, grabbing this silver lance together and activating it with their strength. It was as if a silver true dragon raised its head and roared into the nine heavens. 

Shi Hao remained fearless. The golden magical sword sliced out again, and blazing golden light seemed to sever the void as an eternal streak of divine radiance slashed out to suppress heaven and earth .

The silver spear faced it head on, and both sides collided. 


Endless divine might erupted. It was as if a vast body of water broke through a dam. It was enough to sweep through endless mountains and destroy mountain ranges. This was an undying divine might!

Shi Hao stood unmoving in his original position, the corners of his clothes fluttering about and his hair dancing in the air. On the other side, the three individuals all took steps backwards in shock. The power of that golden magical sword was glorious and terrifying. 

"Doesn't matter. His magical sword is Stone Clan's country guarding divine weapon. It is not because his strength is unrivalled under the heavens." An elder explained to the youth beside him. 

"Your age is still small and your blood and qi have not flourished yet. Your dao path still needs time to develop experience. There will be a day sooner or later when you will become unrivalled under the heavens." Another elder spoke. 

However, their old faces were deeply red. Qin Hao was no match, but there was a reason for that. He was still too young. However, the two of them were already quite old, yet they were forced back. There was no excuse for this, and they were truly ashamed. 

At this moment, sheets of light rose one after another. It was dazzling and alarming. Great energy poured out majestically, and it was as if a great sun was rising. This place was filled with the aura of a deity. 

"The great one has awoken!" An elder cheered. He was full of reverence and excitement. 

The valley of the divine naturally had a deity residing in it. This wasn't any secret. This was the place where the Immortal Mountain's ancestor cultivated in isolation. It was one of the family's secret places. 

A sigh sounded. It was clearly soft, yet it was like a powerful stream current that blasted into the high heavens. It left everyone greatly shaken. 

"This is the clan's divine land. It is a place of peace and happiness, so how can blades and war be here? Shameful." This voice was soft, but it carried a type of attractiveness. It was not one of anger, but it made the souls of those present tremble. 

Was this a deity? Shi Hao's mind was rising and falling chaotically. This was the first time he faced one like this. 

However, he wasn't particularly afraid. He came for his parents and had to meet them. 

In addition, he didn't stop his movements here. He still carried Qin Zhan, his left hand carrying out the final extraction from the holy liquid to seize the remaining symbols. 

This was an ancient rebirth technique, one of the Immortal Mountain's restricted extreme arts. Forget about the lower realm, even in the higher realms, it would be a priceless text. How many people could come into contact with such a thing?

The full secret art was only passed onto a limited few with the greatest potential!

Shi Hao was lucky to come across it, so he naturally wouldn't let it pass him. Even if a deity was nearby, he would still continue to seize its origin imprint. 

Finally, a clear sound rang through the air, and all of the symbols appeared, engraving themselves in the void. This was the gate of enlightenment Shi Hao extracted. It formed a passage of great dao. 

He obtained the entire thing. 

It was because when Qin Zhan underwent rebirth and used this technique, it was concentrated within the holy liquid without missing a single bit. After being suppressed by Shi Hao, he was able to completely extract it without missing a single part. 

Qiang qiang qiang...

Sonorous sounds continuously rang out. The secret art wasn't that long. It engraved itself in the void, forming a heaven and earth text. Each character blossomed with multicolored light, as if they were dao symbols formed from metal. 

It was truly visible, just like a sheet of golden paper as it displayed itself there. It was holy and perfect, flowing with a supreme great dao's profound meaning. 

Shi Hao sighed in admiration. It was not simple after all!

Even the eyes of those two supreme experts shone passionately, wanting to pry into its roots. They grasped too little, only a small fragmented part. They were just too inferior. 

Unfortunately, when the precious text formed, it only flickered once before turning into a starry stream and entering Shi Hao's body. It appeared in his mind one character after another, releasing the rumbling of the great dao. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered. This sheet of precious text was engraved within his mind and was difficult to erase. 

"If you like this technique, I can pass it onto you. If you are willing, I can even guide you in some other sect guarding precious techniques." Within the depths of the valley, golden mists swirled about. It was as brilliant as the multicolored clouds of sunrise; this was the aura of a deity. 

Shi Hao became vigilant. As for Qin Zhan whose rebirth failed, only his head was still intact. The bones in every other part of his body were shattered and badly damaged. They could not reform. 

Shi Hao opened his ten heavenly passages and directly tossed him into one of them just like Qin Fa, keeping them as captives. 

"I wish to see my father and mother. Please open the formation and let me in." Shi Hao said. 

"That's naturally not an issue. You've already come, so is there any need to worry about not seeing them?" The voice was drawn out and distant. It carried the feeling of great changes, leaving Shi Hao with a deep impression that was hard to forget. 

When these words stopped, a golden streak of light appeared. It extended from the valley outwards in the air. It appeared incomparably holy, and the sound of the great dao accompanied it. 

Shi Hao was shaken. However,he jumped onto it without any hesitation and headed towards the depths of the valley. 

The two supreme experts were jealous as they watched Shi Hao ascend the golden road. Not even they had experienced such a thing. This path was allegedly formed from the force of a deity. It contained the great dao's true profoundness, and walking on it would allow one to easily comprehend the dao. 

As soon as Shi Hao stood on the path, everything else became invisible. There was only an eternal golden light that stretched into the ends of the horizon. He calmly proceeded without any fear. 

Finally, the radiance withdrew, and the golden passageway reached its end. He walked onto the ground. The valley was quiet and peaceful. Holy radiance hazily moved about. Spiritual springs surged, and all types of precious medicines grew everywhere.

In front of him, there was an ancient tree. It actually possessed the aura of the great dao. The entire tree flowed with multicolored light, but its leaves were sparse. They were sparkling and translucent as they decorated the tree that was like a young horned dragon. 

Petals fluttered down. They flickered with brilliance as they scattered downwards. 

There was a person underneath the tree. He wore golden battle clothes, and he was sitting there with his eyes closed. The individual stood aloof, detached from worldliness. There was an extraordinary feeling of beauty that was being emanated. 

He was tranquil and peaceful. The flower petals that scattered down were like specks of light as they rained down, falling in all directions. It made him appear even more otherworldly. 

"Please sit." The calm words were extremely direct. He still didn't open his eyes. 

Shi Hao sat down not far away. This place was covered in shade. All types of spiritual medicines took root not too far away. They flowed with multicolored luster and scattered waves of fragrance that refreshed the mind. 

The individual below the tree only looked to be about twenty years or so in age. He looked extremely young, and his voice carried a type of magnetism. There was a special aura to him. Even though he was male, he was beautiful to an unapproachable level. 

Was this individual a deity? He truly was extraordinary. Shi Hao calmly watched. It was different from what he had imagined. His outer appearance was so young.

"Are you willing take me as your master?" The voice was extremely soft, and it continued to contain the alluring nature. He wore golden battle clothes, and as he stood under the ancient tree, he was incomparably beautiful. His eyes were closed. 

At the other side of the valley, within the pure land that was separated by the formation there was a building with a completely unique style. It was like a corner of the Martial Imperial Manor, and it looked a lot like the place where Shi Hao grew up. 

A male sat within the bamboo forest, dao aura swirling about his body. His eyes were closed, as if he had transcended above the material world. He was quiet and motionless. 

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and he stood up, saying, "Hao er… What is happening to me? Why do I feel like… he came?!"

A beautiful woman raised her head and said, "Hao'er would come into the valley from time to time. Isn't it normal for him to come?"

"No, it's Hao'er from Stone Country, he… truly came. He is extremely close to us!" The male's eyes released two streaks of divine lightning, and his body lightly trembled. 

"Hao'er…" The female's voice also trembled, and there was a deep feeling that made her beautiful eyes widen. With a trembling voice, she said, "He is… in the valley, and he is really, really close!"

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