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Chapter 491 - Great Formation Scheme

Spiritual essence surged within the valley. Pure white splendor shone brilliantly, as if there was a sun resting in this place! It was incomparably bright and dazzling. In addition, waves of fragrance from medicinal herbs wafted through the air. 

Valley of the divine!

This was another name that the Immortal Mountain had for it, because it was the land left behind by the deity that used to reside here. The natural laws were perfect here, and the great dao was consummate. 

You have to understand that the natural laws in the lower realm were incomplete, and heaven and earth down here was not perfect. This was a huge problem, yet in the Immortal Mountain, there was actually a place like this. Just this fact alone was enough to call it a valley of the divine. 

There was blood on Shi Hao's battle clothes, but he still walked extremely steadily. He walked towards the inside of the valley while carrying Qin Zhan. At this moment, he was powerful and decisive, and a wave of battle intent surged from his body. 

Even though Qin Zhan's injuries were severe and his body was in tatters, he was still smiling. His face was covered in blood, and his appearance was a bit terrifying. "Extremely powerful, many times stronger than that single-armed grandfather of yours!"

Shi Hao shot over a glance. One hand carried Qin Zhan, and the other one released a slap, releasing a horrifying and clear pa sound. Symbols flickered with that attack. 

With a peng sound, Qin Zhan once again flew outwards. When this tremendous force landed on his body, he flew outwards like a star streaking across the sky before colliding into the valley's walls. 

Even the mountain rumbled with noise. A large bloody figure was left behind. It was a ghastly sight. Qin Zhan slid down from there and landed at the base of the mountain. 

He really was extremely powerful. For a normal person, forget about surviving, just their flesh alone would have exploded into muddled paste. How powerful was Shi Hao's strength? It was enough to collapse a mountain peak!

Qin Zhan was known as a lunatic. He had been strong since childhood, pursuing the divine dao crazily. He cultivated many of the Immortal Mountain's great divine abilities. 

His magical force was boundless, and it had long baptised his strength repeatedly, making it even more firm than the vajra guardian deity. 

"I am actually still coughing out blood even though my body is in tatters. It truly is a miracle…" Even at this stage, he was still mocking himself.

He already cultivated the Immortal Magical Body tens of years ago, one of the clan's greatest methods. Forget about its other uses, just the effect it had on the body was enough for one to do as they wished in the Supreme Expert Realm. 

Shi Hao's expression was cold and indifferent. With a single step, he crossed over a large area, reaching in front of him in an instant. With a pa sound, his leg swept out. It was as if a flood dragon was brandishing its tail, distorting the space around it and creating a huge noise.

This kick landed on Qin Chao's chest like a spear, striking him until he once again smashed into the cliff. Shi Hao's leg stretched out straight and pressed down on his chest. 

"Keep going… Let's see if you can pulverize me to pieces. This is the entrance of the valley where I kicked that single-armed old man until he spat out blood and was seriously injured…" Qin Zhan's loud laughter was a bit strange. His entire body was covered in blood, making him look rather sinister. 


Shi Hao didn't say anything and directly smashed his fist outwards. It brought about a tremendous area of energy as it struck his chin. With a ka cha sound, the ear-splitting sound of bones splitting could be heard. Several teeth flew out. 

This strike was enough to send other individuals at this level into bloody paste and cause their bodies to explode. However, Qin Zhan was still alive, and he was still smiling in a cold and deep manner. 

In the back, Qin Hao's body was still covered in the silver divine clothes. His black hair fluttered about, and his eyes were bright and full of expression. He raised the silver spear again and pointed it at the middle of Shi Hao's back, releasing battle intent. 

Shi Hao's face was cold and detached. He didn't turn around. After feeling the powerful killing intent's tip, he locked onto his target. Symbols swirled all around him and jumped about like a blaze. 

The two elders shook their heads, and one of them pulled Qin Hao back, telling him not to move and suppress the brilliant silver spear in his hands. 

The other individual said softly, "Qin Zhan has gone mad from cultivation. You don't need to interfere."

"En?" Qin Hao was astonished and revealed a bewildered expression. 

"This is the Immortal Mountain. Do you think we'll watch him die? Qin Zhan has entered the darkness, and for the sake of heading on the path of the strongest, he wants to reach another step in his craziness." An elder explained. 

"Little Stone, you are quite powerful, but you made a miscalculation. You didn't properly play your role as a young emperor, and you came to my Qin Clan instead. You are just seeking to humiliate yourself. What type of place do you think this is? Even the divine king would feel some restraining fear. Even if an archaic divine bird came, they would still have to keep themselves in check!"

Qin Zhan spat out a few teeth and continued to remain unyielding. He said with a cold smile, "If you want to get revenge for your grandfather, then just come and attack me. Otherwise, you'll be beaten until you cough out blood by others anyway and follow in your grandfather's footsteps. You all are insignificant here!"

Shi Hao's grandfather was his bottom line. Everything his grandfather did for him was for his sake, and the reason he lost his arm was also for his sake. Shi Hao would not tolerate another person humiliating the Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen. 

He didn't say a word and released another slap. This was a huge slap to the face, causing Qin Zhan's cheek bones to split apart and it almost caused his skull to shatter. His injuries were extremely severe.

Without a doubt, the immortal magic body was displaying how heaven defying it was. Even after enduring this attack, he still didn't die. 

Of course, this also had to do with Shi Hao holding back a bit. He didn't want Qin Zhan to die immediately. He wanted to find out exactly where his grandfather was, so he left him alive. 

"Keep going! Go full force at my body. Can you slap me into rotten flesh? Brat, let me see your true strength. Don't be so gentle!" Qin Zhan cracked a grin and said while smiling. 

At this moment, his entire body shone, and all types of mysterious symbols appeared. These were formations that had been carved into his flesh. They formed a mysterious divine passageway and circulated with magical force. 

"Are you asking for brutality?" Shi Hao asked. He once again lifted him up. A fist slammed outwards, blasting him outwards.

Ka cha!

Qin Zhan's breastbone split into seven or eight pieces, and blood flowed outwards. However, his body began to shine even more brilliantly. 

The Immortal Magical Body could crush everything. This was the embodiment of the flesh being condensed and refined to its limit. It was known as the Immortal Magical Body, and even after death, it still wouldn't be broken. 

This magical body could match the Western Sect's Vajra Unbreakable Body. The flesh was pushed to its limit, becoming undying and forever existing!

When Qin Zhan oppressed the world with his power, it was this precious body that made him invincible. It was unknown just how many powerful opponents had been defeated. He rarely had opponents in the supreme expert realm. 

This was also why he was still alive after suffering Shi Hao's attacks again and again. He didn't die from having his body torn and bones crushed. 

"Don't stop. When I fought against your grandfather, my actions were much more vicious than yours. I made him cough out blood again and again!" Qin Zhan shouted madly. His face was distorted. 

Right now, his breastbone wasn't destroyed, and instead shone. A divine might appeared from his bone marrow, which turned into a sphere of light that surrounded his body. 


Shi Hao sent a fist flying outwards. It blasted through the screen of light, causing the bones in his body to tremble once again. Quite a few of them exploded, becoming fragments. It looked like it would be hard for them to reform. 

This type of fist strength could be considered unrivalled in this realm, because no one else could oppress the Immortal Magical Body so easily. There was no way such sturdy bones would split apart under any normal attack. 

"Hey, I'm still not dead. If you have guts, then try again. Otherwise, there's no reason for my Qin Clan's deity to even come out. When he sees you, he won't be happy!" Qin Zhan seemed to have entered a demonic state. His pupils were sinister, and his head of gray hair was covered in blood. He was crazy to a terrifying level. 

"As you wish!"

Shi Hao's words were ice cold. His fist shone, displaying the Kun Peng technique. This time, he didn't use all of its force, and instead just smashed it downwards, yet it made Qin Zhan's body release pi pa sounds. His joints all exploded. 

However, it was due to this that Qin Zhan appeared more and more sinister. After all of the bones in his body exploded, a barrier of light formed from rainbow light emerged, surrounding him. 

Finally, it formed a divine liquid, surrounding him within. It continuously flowed with undying profound mysteries, and all types of symbols emerged within the rainbow holy light. The aura was powerful to the point where it made others tremble. 

"Immature brat, keep going!" Qin Zhan roared. 

"He is using external force to shatter his body's restrictions, and using it to break through the bottleneck?" In the distance, Qin Hao revealed an interested expression. 

"That's not all. If he succeeds, he will pass onto you several great divine abilities." Next to him, an elder spoke. His eyes were burning furiously, and there was actually a type of anticipation within them. 

Shi Hao felt that the other party was using his torment, and right now, the situation seemed a bit bizarre. When he struck out, the viscous liquid was extremely strange, as if it could absorb everything. 

Qin Zhan's bones all shattered. His spirit and marrow shone, bringing back renewed life. Magical force surged outwards, surrounding him within. This was a transformation that was similar to nirvana. 

"Let's end this. I've allowed you to see hope, but you can't reach that final step, let alone stealing my precious technique." Shi Hao coldly and emotionlessly transmitted sound. 

At this moment, a refined Kun Peng moved about in his palm. It entered the holy liquid, piercing through Qin Zhan's barrier of light to forcefully break through the great cocoon. 

The liquid frantically surged to carve all of Shi Hao's symbols and obtain the Kun Peng's mysteries. This was a terrifying secret art that could bring about a great transformation between life and death!

However, Shi Hao wasn't an ordinary person. Not only did he long realize what was happening, he also had the ability to break through it. He wouldn't allow the other party to obtain a chance to pry into his precious techniques. 

"This is bad. He didn't obtain the precious technique. Qin Zhan was defeated." At Qin Hao's side, the two elders' expressions changed. They rushed forward. 

There was a sect guarding ancient technique in the Qin Clan that was known to allow one's essence to undergo nirvana. It was an unparalleled secret magic. It was clear that Qin Zhan had success in its cultivation and was accumulating the whole time, waiting for the chance to take that step forward. 

Meanwhile, today, there was a tremendous opportunity before his eyes. He wanted to steal Shi Hao's great techniques, especially the Kun Peng precious technique. As such, he displayed such maliciousness and madness. 

This type of rebirth technique was powerful and mysterious. When it was carried out, not only did it cleanse oneself, it could even engrave all types of natural law and dao from the outside world. 

Shi Hao's attacks would be engraved within the divine liquid and ultimately belong to Qin Zhan.

Unfortunately, even though his scheme was planned out well, Qin Zhan still couldn't fulfill his wishes. 

Shi Hao's left hand formed the Kun Peng technique, displaying it to its limit. A stalk of grass appeared in his right hand, and the sword intent was even more domineering. It completely ignited this place. 


Qin Zhan was greatly alarmed and a bit scared. 

It was because he found that were many waves of power running through his body. It had long accumulated in his flesh, and at this moment, they all exploded. Then, rumbling sounds rang out continuously. 

His body was shattering, and his flesh was disintegrating. The tens to over a hundred formations engraved in his body all became dim and quickly extinguished. 

"No!" This was his dao path, the embodiment of his life's accomplishments. Yet right now, it was all wiped out by another. 

The corners of Shi Hao's mouth released a sneer. Even though he didn't know before that the other party was trying to seize his precious techniques, he knew that there was definitely a goal to this person's madness. Then, when he discovered that Qin Zhan wanted to use his strength to undergo rebirth, he purposely left behind many hidden forces without blowing them up. 

"As you so wished." Shi Hao said softly. 

In Qin Zhan's ears, this voice was full of ridicule, and even more so a type of callousness. His ruined body was ice cold and full of unwillingness, as well as a tremendous fear. 

It truly was as the little Stone said. The other party let him see hope, but didn't let him cross the final step. He even more so couldn't obtain the other party's precious techniques. 

Qin Zhan was greatly regretful. This time, he risked too much. If he had used this method elsewhere to break through, then it would have been fine. However, he just had to choose to steal Shi Hao's precious technique, causing the situation to be so miserable. 

"Yi…" Shi Hao was startled. When he triggered the hidden force and his hands entered the holy liquid, he actually touched upon a resplendent expanse of symbols. 

What were these? He quickly collected them, collecting all of the precious liquid. This was magical force that poured out from the other party's bone marrows. It was holy and perfect, and there was a piece of a secret technique. 

Soon after, he was moved. This was a sheet of an ancient technique called Five Phase Nirvana Technique. It was actually the Qin Clan's sect suppressing great magic, one of the most powerful inheritances of the Immortal Mountain. 

Normal people would never touch upon this type of divine ability. Only because Qin Zhan was too extraordinary was he able to cultivate it. Even though he had fallen a bit into darkness, his strength was extraordinary. It was hard for him to find many opponents at the same level. 

Shi Hao was incredibly moved. He had seen the Kun Peng technique, learned the Suan Ni technique, and even cultivated the sword intent of the stalk of grass, so his experience was naturally extraordinary. He naturally understood that this secret text was formidable. 

"It should have been left behind by the Immortal Mountain's heavenly deity!"

This rebirth technique could solve his biggest problem. This world was damaged, and the great dao was incomplete. In the future, he would definitely encounter problems, and as such, he needed an extraordinary baptism. 

This method perfectly suited him. After selecting a suitable chance, he could transcend and become even more powerful. He would be reborn again!

In the distance, the two elders had long taken action, but they couldn't keep up with Shi Hao's speed. He carried Qin Zhan as he moved, rushing into the valley and continuously collected the symbols to obtain the complete text. 

"Apart from rebirth, this method also has other great uses. It is greatly beneficial towards cultivation!" Shi Hao was astonished. The more he obtained, he happier he became. 

In the valley, everything was peaceful. Nine-colored deers pranced about, and rainbow peacocks flew about. This was a true divine earth. A silver waterfall fell down from the mountain peak, scattering down from the skies. 

Meanwhile, there were even more beautiful sceneries within the depths of the pure land. It was so magnificent that it was like the divine realm. The aura of deities filled the air. 

The valley was separated into several large regions. Inside one of them, the scenery was extremely familiar. Shi Hao's mind trembled. It was similar to the courtyard in the Martial Imperial Manor he lived in before. 

Suddenly, he saw a pair of familiar figures in that region. 

At this moment, Shi Hao's mind was all over the place. A wave of heat flowed into his mind, and his eyes became misty. His voice trembled and carried great emotion as he muttered, "Father, mother!"

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