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Chapter 482 - Settling a Problem

That night, people saw many stars being annihilated in the skies. As they exploded, they were even more dazzling than fireworks. They now eternally disappeared!

The heavens seemed to have become purified, becoming much darker than before. 

As for the great earth, a terrifying aura poured out in waves. Were it not for someone's matchless power suppressing it, preventing it from covering the boundless lands, everything might have already been turned into ashes. 

Early in the morning, the sun rose. It had not been destroyed and shone just as resplendently as before. 

However, in the darkness of yesterday's night, the moon's radiance became much dimmer. A small piece of it had been cut off; this was the power of the master of an eternal sect. Once a bloody battle broke out, everything would wither out of existence. 

The red clouds of morning released a golden brilliance that was full of life force. As Shi Hao stood on top of the high platform and also took in this purple energy, his heart gradually became clear. This world was still here, and the universe continued to exist. As long as one was still alive, all dreams could still be pursued. 

The sun stretched high into the air. There was no sign of the Willow Deity's return, nor did the little pagoda appear. However, he didn't move and calmly stood there waiting. 

The great battle had long concluded, and peace had been restored to this world. One could clearly feel that the spiritual essence had become even a bit richer, but there was a faint bloodiness that only cultivators could sense. 

There were giants that died!

The spiritual essence they released could actually nourish the boundless wasteland region, causing the density of spiritual essence to rise sharply. This was a truly shocking thing. 

You have to understand that the boundless wasteland region covered who knew how many thousands of thousands of li. It was vast and boundless!

Finally, in the afternoon, the little pagoda appeared. There were traces left all over its body. There were scorched wounds from lightning, shallow gashes from chaotic sword energy, and burn marks left by dao flames. 

Even though its current circumstances were rather awful and it was not in a great state, it was extremely excited and in elation!

"The one that grasped my artifact body will most likely fall. He won't have many years left to live. Sooner or later, I will enter the higher realms and wipe him out!" The little pagoda said fiercely. 

"What about the Willow Deity?" Shi Hao was quite worried. He hadn't seen it return yet.

"After the battle, it obtained some important news and went out to seek out some legendary natural force. There is something good buried in this wasteland region after all! Who knows, it might actually obtain something." The little pagoda was rather envious. 

However, that thing seemed to be useless for the little pagoda. Even though it knew about it, it chose to come back and not fight over it. 

Based on what it said, there was someone in the higher realms that was going to vomit blood. The battle this time was truly intense, and many of the stars outside this region were even hacked down. Only then did they manage to find traces of that great natural force with difficulty. In the end, when it came time, several individuals had no choice but to return. 

"A few died. The eternal great powers have been swayed, and there will definitely be great instability in the higher realms. In addition, there were important figures that were greatly wounded and are about to die." The little pagoda took delight in their disaster. 

The ones that fought bitterly were naturally all those that were close to their end. They wanted to fight with everything they had to fight for a future, the possibility of a path for life. 

However, it was truly quite cruel. How many people could defy the heavens? In the end, they had to pay their dues in blood and vitality. 

After the great calamity passed, everything seemed to be full of vitality and brimming with life force. All living things flourished, and even mortals had a feeling that their internal energies were brimming. 

"I made a trip outside this region. It truly is a tragic sight… All of the supreme experts and deities were captured. An old woman, a lunatic, and also a daoist acted incomparably viciously."

That daoist in particular left the little pagoda shaken. He actually fought against the Western Sect's master, the one with the zhang six golden body, outside the regions, and most of the stars that fell were hacked down by them. 

Shi Hao was stupefied as he listened. When he watched the night sky before, he saw meteors showering down and endless stars falling. It was actually brought about by these two terrifying existences. 

"What a pity… the experts that fled outside this region were still unable to escape the calamity," said the little pagoda.

"Even the Western Sect, Immortal Mountain, and Heaven Mending Sect suffered attacks?" Shi Hao was rather interested in these news. 

"Correct. Unless they were powerful enough in the higher realms and their old sect masters were still there, most of them directly had their inheritances smashed apart by another." The little pagoda was smiling extremely brightly. It continuously flickered with light. 

Right now, the wasteland region might have cultivators from these great powers who were unaware of the changes that happened to their sects. Perhaps they still thought their clans exuded terror through this world and that no one could provoke them. 

"This time, I suffered, but also prospered. My original body has been injured, but I've also reaped benefits. I need to recuperate for a period of time, so if there's nothing, do not disturb me." After speaking, the little pagoda directly flew towards the precious interspatial case.

Shi Hao stood where he was and calmly gazed into the night sky, facing the sunlight. His entire body was enveloped in a dazzling radiance. He said to himself, "The losses the three sects suffered weren't small, and even some of their old ancestral level characters were caught. They'll probably act a bit more honestly for a while."

Then, he laughed loudly before walking outside the imperial palace. 

Stone Capital had martial law imposed a long time ago. It was currently flourishing with noise and excitement. This type of clamoring at times made others feel weariness, but after experiencing the great calamity, it instead made people feel closer and more familiar. 

Shi Hao looked around and continuously nodded. 

When he returned to the imperial palace, the witch was at his door, smiling extremely brightly like a flower. She was delicate and graceful, and there was also an approachable part to her. There was also a temptation to her incomparable looks. 

"It seems like you are smiling rather happily. Was Sky Severing Sect's harvest that great?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Wu, not bad. I heard a few giants died, which makes me quite happy. Those spots will be filled by me in the future." The witch was extremely brash, and her smile was extremely beautiful and moving. Her large eyes formed two crescents. 

Shi Hao smiled. She was truly confident, daring to say anything. 

"Why did you look for me? Could it be that you want to go dig up the supreme divine treasury?" Shi Hao asked. 

"That was a fake. It ensnared a giant, which makes me feel quite good." She giggled. She waved her fists around, and her hair fluttered. Her eyes were sparkling in an intelligent manner. 

"Then why are you here?" Shi Hao smiled and asked. 

"Obviously for the young male nurturing project!" She giggled and said. 

Shi Hao's smile went rigid. He truly detested this term. He wouldn't back down even if he died. Opening his arms, he forcefully extended them outwards and said, "Come, take a look. You can feel for yourself how far I've been nurtured."

The witch was as light as a feather, and her flirtatious figure was tall and straight. With a flip of her body, a magical cloud appeared below her, bringing her upwards and avoiding his arms. Pouting playfully, she said, "Don't think of taking advantage of me!"

Shi Hao smiled and said, "Who's exactly is taking advantage of who? My body is made by heaven, and it is the only one of its kind in the world. If you miss it, don't come begging me out of regret later on!"

"Yeah, right!" The witch shot him a look of disdain and rolled her eyes. She pompously sat down on a dragon chair and said, "I brought with me two pieces of news, one good, one bad. What do you want to hear first?"

Shi Hao remained composed and allowed her to say what she wanted. 

"Then let's give the bad news first. There is a huge issue with fairy Yue Chan, and an enormous problem at that." The witch informed him seriously. 

"And the good?" Shi Hao's smile didn't falter in the slightest. 

"What's good is that this problem is actually an opportunity for you. Yue Chan is done for, hahaha... " The witch was an rare beauty. She was too lively, and her laugh was quite unrestrained. 

"What exactly did you discover?" Shi Hao asked with a frown. 

"You should be a bit more careful. There might be a special divine will sealed within her sea of consciousness. Wait for me to find something first, and then we'll deal with her together!" The witch's smile was rather evil as she said, "Little Yue Chan girl, you wanted to fight against me? This time, you're out of luck. Who cares if you have some relationship with the goddess or not!"

She came quickly, but also left quickly. She warned Shi Hao again and again to not excite that 'little girl' too much to prevent something unexpected from happening. It wouldn't be a problem anymore once she came back later.

Shi Hao silently shook his head. Then, he went to see fairy Yue Chan. He entered an isolated bamboo garden. It was extremely peaceful here, and the view was beautiful.

Fairy Yue Chan was untainted by the slightest speck of dust, as if she was an immortal flower that bloomed in a world of mortals. The sweet scent that wafted about was beautiful and moving. She took a step with her long and slender jade-like legs and took the initiative to bring over a cup of tea. Her face revealed a peaceful expression, always carrying her calm and exceptional bearing.

Shi Hao gave her a look. After becoming a captive, she was always like this. In the coldness, there was an unyielding nature, as well as a type of aloofness, as if she didn't belong to the world of mortals. 

"Yue Chan, when should we head for the bridal room?" A side of Shi Hao's inner devilish child emerged. He sat there with a mischievous smile to attack her indifference and aloofness. 

Fairy Yue Chan's snow white clothes danced about. Her expression remained calm, not a bit of fluctuation could be seen on her beautiful countenance, as if she didn't pay him any attention. 

"Come, why don't we take a stroll outside." Shi Hao laughed and said. He stood up and grabbed her small pretty waist, bringing her into his embrace before walking out from the bamboo garden. 

Fairy Yue Chan struggled and her expression changed. If they really were to walk around together in front of everyone's eyes, how was she supposed to present herself in the future? For a pure and holy fairy to emerge together with another… it was terrifying to even think about.

"What are you scared of? I want to declare our relationship to the entire world. In the future, we can act just and honorably, and you don't have to hide in the palace either," Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Speaking up to this point, he even used the finger of the unmatched beauty in his arms to point towards the outside of the palace, saying, "Everyone will know of my will."

Yue Chan was at a loss. She fiercely struggled. 

"Forget it, since you don't want to reveal it, then I won't force you. I'm going to take a shower and change clothes. You will come along and serve me."

"Ah…" Fairy Yue Chan cried out in alarm and was given a fright. 

In the end, she lost all confidence. Her face no longer carried her previous expressions, and she could not stay calm. She looked at the youth inside the distant hot spring, and after sending some things over, she retreated in a sorry state. 

"Hey, fairy, you've seen a part of my body. This isn't fair!" Shi Hao shouted from the distance. 

When she heard these words, Yue Chan fled as quickly as she could. 

"What kind of secrets is she really hiding?" Shi Hao said to himself. He calmly waited for the witch's information. 

Many days passed in a row, but the witch did not show herself. In the end, there was actually a person from the Immortal Mountain outside the palace that sought an audience. 

Shi Hao allowed him inside. It was a middle-aged male with a rather dignified aura. This was a king level figure that wasn't weak. In his hand was a golden decree that glistened brightly. 

Shi Hao sat upright without moving as he looked at this individual. 

"This is the Immortal Mountain's decree. It should have been passed onto you a long time ago, but we were unable to meet with you. Please accept the decree," said the middle-aged male. 

Even though he spoke these words, he didn't present it upwards. He did not hand it to the imperial guard. 

Shi Hao gave him a cold look and said, "Are you asking me to personally show you courtesy and accept this decree?"

Even though his words were calm, there was a tremendous awe to his voice that created an intimidating atmosphere. It made this king level figure tremble inwardly. When he thought about how the five supreme experts were killed, he suppressed his anger. 

If it was in the past, the Immortal Mountain's decree would scare the world into submission. It would be far more powerful than the decree of a human emperor or an ancient country. Who dared to treat it with disrespect?

Even if it was the human emperor, they would have to show politeness. However, right now, the little Stone didn't seem to care much at all. He directly made a clawing motion and seized the decree over. 

"To wish for me to bow down and accept this deree, you are truly audacious!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. 

He knew that someone had travelled to Fire Nation Capital before the great calamity began to make him accept this decree. At that time, he was with Huo Ling'er and some others in the medicine capital, so he didn't pay it much attention. 

Later on, he heard a bunch of nonsense about how he had to quickly accept the decree, which made him pay even less attention to it. They just wanted to find some time to get rid of him. 

However, after delaying it all this time, someone came seek him out personally, and only now did he see this decree. 

As soon as the decree was released, golden energy surged and symbols covered it densely. The great dao resonated, and all types of auspicious phenomenons occurred. It was extremely shocking!

Every character on it was shining. Of course, the most important thing was the great imprint. Inside the bright redness, there was a brilliant splendor. It released a powerful power through the paper. 

This was left behind by the Immortal Mountain's divine imprint!

Shi Hao released a cold laugh and suppressed the pressure before carefully reading it. He tossed it aside and didn't show it any respect. 

"You…" The individual below revealed anger, but he still held it in. 

"You? What You? I heard that you berated me several times to make me accept the decree. I didn't pay it any attention all this time. Why did you come to deliver it yourself today?" Shi Hao asked. 

The king figure below became silent. He didn't want to come either, but he felt that if he didn't deliver it to the little Stone, then he would have neglected his job. He would have already been blamed by the sect for being incompetent!

This was especially true for the fact that there were supreme experts that died here. If it was deeply investigated, there was no way he could separate himself from this disaster. He decided that it was better if he just delivered this decree to the little Stone's hands first. 

Draconic energy surged, and pressure slammed down like the sky, causing the king-level figure's legs to tremble and become unsteady. He dropped to the ground, feeling incomparably terrified inwardly. He could clearly feel the youth's overwhelming killing intent.

Finally, the killing intent withdrew. Shi Hao brought the decree back into his hands and carefully read through it. He closed his eyes for a while and began to think deeply. 

Finally, he opened his eyes, releasing a gaze that was like two streaks of lightning. "Alright, I will pay the Immortal Mountain a visit and search for my parents!"

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