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Chapter 481 - Heaven and Earth in Chaos

Shi Hao’s entire body was tense. He found it difficult to relax. He thought that he had control over the advancement of his own path, that he wouldn’t have to compromise with the foreign great sects and could guide his own fate. However, now, he realized that when faced against the giants of the higher realms, it didn’t matter how astonishing his talents were or if he was the human emperor. A single finger from these giants could crush him into ashes. 

“I want to transcend!” Shi Hao said to himself. His tone of speaking was extremely steady, and his voice was powerful as well. 

The old man with disheveled hair from before was one thing, but the old woman clearly treated this place like a medicinal field. The only reason she didn’t take action was because she didn’t find suitable ‘medicinal ingredients’. 

In just that split second, Shi Hao’s entire body went cold. His fate was in the hands of another. The glorious Stone Country’s restricted land, a country’s imperial palace was looked down upon just like that, treated no different from a medicinal field. 

He was completely disregarded, for he had not reached the supreme expert realm yet. As a result, he was safe and sound because the other party didn’t care about him. 

This reasoning was a bit ridiculous. He was only able to narrowly escape because he wasn’t powerful enough, and as such was ignored. This was not only a type of mockery, but also a type of sorrowful joke.

“Damn it!” Finally, Shi Hao spat out. He wouldn’t become dejected even until the end, because he was still young. There was still time for him to improve himself. 

“Sooner or later, I am going to break into the higher realms!” Shi Hao voiced his thoughts. 

Between heaven and earth, lightning radiance would streak across the sky from time to time, oppressing this world. This was the light of the great calamity, the effects of incredibly powerful individuals fighting a great battle. The walls of the realm were broken, and the wasteland region was looked down upon. 

“It’s a pity that I can only stay here now. Can’t even watch the play anymore.” Shi Hao said quietly in a self-mocking manner. 

The little pagoda left, so there was no one to activate the ancestral altar anymore. The mirror was extremely blurry, and it was simply impossible to locate the distant situation. It was unknown what stage the battle had reached. 

At the end of the wasteland region, the old woman carried her medicinal basket. She was dressed in simple and unadorned female clothing, as if she was an old peasant woman. However, her methods and might were both utterly terrifying. 

With a light touch, the wall between regions broke apart, and she smoothly proceeded into another region. 

That day was like the reopening of heaven and earth for the wasteland region. The giants in the higher realms were fighting a great battle, soaking the mountains and rivers with their blood. Their slaughtering intent shook the past and present. Never before had there been such an intense and bitter battle. For the other seven regions, this was a delayed great calamity. 

It wasn’t just the old woman that took action. There were others that came into the realm of mortals to pluck ‘great medicines.’ They were going to catch everything in one fell sweep and bring everything away. For supreme experts and deities, this was an unimaginable disaster. 

Shi Hao didn’t personally witness this, but he could very well imagine what was going on, because he had personally seen the changes that took place in the wasteland region.

“Ah… No!” A Qiu dragon cried out. However, it could still not escape its fate. 

It roared angrily towards the heavens, cold green light covering its body as it extended to a great length before soaring into the sky to flee this region. However, it was all completely futile. 

A large rough hand reached out. No matter how many thousands of divine abilities and tens of thousands of techniques it used, it could not escape. As two fingers closed in on it, it was just like catching a loach. 

“Yi, what luck! It’s actually a descendant of the true dragon with an unordinary bloodline. In the higher realms, it isn’t as easy to hunt and kill them since Dragon Valley might hold a grudge.”

The old peasant woman creature cracked open a grin as she looked at the Qiu dragon. With a nod, she said, “I’ll bring it back and raise it for a bit of time until its dragon blood stabilizes. When it achieves divinity, I can then make a large furnace of medicine.”

In another region, a daoist was traveling about. His appearance was ordinary, and his temperament appeared to be rather humble. However, occasionally, his skin would release a purple golden luster. He had six arms. In his hands was a horsetail whisk, and on his back was a large gourd. 

He also took action. After he pointed out with his hand, a clear splendor flashed. In front of him, mountains collapsed and the great earth split apart. Many mountain peaks were turned into ashes. Only a single giant mountain was left behind, but it ultimately split open as well. 

Inside the mountain’s belly, a great silver snake that was several tens of thousands zhang in length curled up around that place, hissing outwards. It was extremely nervous and trembled endlessly. 

“Not bad, he is about to break through the supreme being realm. I was just missing some silver snake gall. You should hurry up and advance your cultivation.” Behind him, the large gourd released purple light, collecting the silver snake away. 

Several tens of thousands of li away, within an abyss, there was a blue-eyed golden-pupiled beast. The scales covering its body that was shaped like a Qilin flickered with radiance. It directly bore into the ground to escape towards the earth’s core. 

“I’m missing a few spiritual creatures in the pond by the mountain gate. Count yourself lucky. Having you in there won’t be too bad of a choice.” The daoist took a single step, and he already reached this place. Then, the great gourd released strand after strand of auspicious energy, sucking the supreme exert level blue-eyed golden-pupiled beast inside. 

It wasn’t that these creatures weren’t powerful, but instead that the daoist and old woman were too terrifying. They were some of the most powerful individuals from the higher realms since heaven and earth were created. They were known as immortal giants. 

That day, the experts of every region were shaken, because they noticed that regardless of what type of divine ability they displayed or what type of treasures they used to defend themselves, they were all completely useless. 

In front of those types of supreme beings, all struggles were pitiful and laughable. They weren’t the slightest bit effective.

All of the regions were in chaos. The supreme experts that fled from the wasteland region earlier were all bewailing. It was still too hard to escape this disaster in the end. They ended up suffering just like the other creatures in these seven regions. 

“What is happening to this world? Even though there have been great calamities in the ancient times, they have never been as thorough as this one. They are trying to catch all of the divine creatures, not leaving even a single one behind!” Someone roared with fury, feeling incomparably dejected. 

In the distance, an enormous streak of radiance rushed into the heavens. A projected body filled the skies, vast and unfathomable, divine and without flaws. This was a supreme deity!”

Unfortunately, no matter how angrily it roared, how powerful the divine artifact in its hands was, or how great the world-shaking divine might and the endless divine radiance he released were, it couldn’t change anything. A large hand reached down and directly caught it, placing it into a magical artifact.

“What are you making so much noise for? Going to make you into medicine later.”

These words made the powerful individuals of this world fall into despair. How were they supposed to resist? Not even a divine existence was enough and was directly brought away. It was even more hopeless for them. 

As the great calamity descended, the powerful individuals of each region were in a desperate situation. They were normally high and mighty, yet today, they became stray dogs that were scuttling for their lives. The disparity was truly too great. 

Many creatures cried out in grief, voicing their anger towards the heavens. There was no way to escape this disaster; they were truly in a helpless situation. 

“That’s… a supreme being!” Someone’s expression changed, feeling that the daoist was familiar. 

Within the eight regions, there were some ruined daoist temples that were left from endless years ago. The one that was consecrated within them was that daoist. A figure like that actually appeared in the lower realm!

This left everyone speechless. They all felt deep fear. 

Based on normal reasoning, it came down many, many years ago. As time passed, it gradually became an item of history, destroyed in the endless stream of time. Who would have expected that he would reemerge in this world?

Within the mysterious region, the old woman appeared in front of the Immortal Mountain while carrying a medicinal basket. She had a large smile on her face, showing a rather benevolent appearance as she said to herself, “What a large medicinal field. However, this place has a master. It’s that person’s inheritance.”

The mountain was high, steep, and magnificent. Purple energy rushed into the heavens. This place seemed just like the lair of a dragon, with a myriad of mountains forming its ancestral roots. 

“Wu, picking a few during the chaos should not cause too many problems.” The old woman laughed, and with a raise of her hand, clear spendor scattered down into the Immortal Mountain. 

Immediately, symbols covered this place densely, and the power of formations overflowed into the heavens. This berserk power was definitely enough to kill supreme experts and deities. 

“Who is invading? This is the Immortal Mountain, an eternal inheritance from the higher realms!” Someone shouted loudly with a trembling voice that was full of fear. 

It was because at this time, a wave of tremendous might surrounded and suppressed this place, making the hearts of the people here shake. After all, right now, news of the eight regions’ chaos had long travelled through the world. It naturally created a worrying atmosphere.


In the Immortal Mountain’s strategic location, several ancient caves exploded, and the experts isolated inside were forcefully taken in, their bodies flickering with endless radiance. They struggled endlessly, but in the end, they were still no match. 

Even with their tremendous prowess and furious howls, it didn’t change anything. They still entered that old woman’s medicinal basket. Evil winds roared through the air, purple energy surged, and stellar rivers poured down. All types of unusual sights emerged. 

When everything calmed down, the higher level figures of the Immortal Mountain all became ashen. Several old ancestor level figures had disappeared, and their places of isolation had collapsed, turning into ruin. 

“This will definitely be reported to the higher realms. Do you think there is no one in our Immortal Mountain?!”

This wasn’t the only place. Other eternal inheritances also met misfortune. 

In the Western Sect, spiritual mountains resisted one after another. Strands of buddhist energy flew through the air, bathing all areas in its brilliance in an auspicious and peaceful manner. Golden streams flowed about, and tens of thousands of years old ancient medicines released their fragrance.

Auspicious energy curled up around the mountains. Divine beasts roamed about, and five-colored deers grazed upon spiritual grass. Propitious birds flew about in the air above the land filled with orchids. Brightly colored light surged, making this place look like an everlasting pure land. 

“Western Sect, a good place! This place is much better than this old daoist’s tattered temples.” The daoist had arrived in this place. It released a cold laugh, clearly carrying a wave of resentment and anger. 


With a wave of the horsetail whisk, three thousand silver strands flew outwards, forming a silver stream that entered a part of the spiritual mountain. Several supreme experts were immediately swept up and thrown into the gourd. 

“Who dares to violate my pure land?” Someone shouted loudly. Buddhist light surged, and all of the great formations were activated. 

“Wu, there is good stuff in that divine pool! Not bad.” The old daoist said in a low voice. When his eyes opened and closed, purple radiance swirled about. It was incredibly terrifying. 

He reached out a large hand that entered the divine formations. It entered the most grand and imposing buddhist temple. Daoist energy swirled about, and there was nothing it couldn’t break through as it advanced unobstructed. 

Within a divine pool inside the great hall, golden liquid flowed about, releasing great fragrance. Buddhist light swirled about as well. He directly grabbed a rare precious divine lotus from within that released endless radiance. 

“Stay your hand!” Someone shouted loudly. 

At the same time, a divine image that was consecrated in this palace hall rumbled, releasing a tremendous sound. It formed an undying projected body, saying, “Daoist, you’ve overstepped your boundaries!”


The voice shook throughout the world. Endless light rushed into the heavens from inside the Western Sect. 

“My inheritance in the lower realm was originally prosperous, but you all plotted against it, leaving it in complete ruins. Today, I’ve come to to deliver karma.” Within the endless light, the daoist sneered. 

The great gourd behind him flew out and released a ferocious suction force towards the Western Sect’s spiritual mountains. Many medicinal fields, sacred objects, and other things flew inside. 

“The strength of an inheritance, the struggles of a disciple, these are all temporary things gained from wins or losses. Why must you go so far to personally come here? It’s beneath your dignity.”

The divine image released an even more powerful sound and radiated blazing radiance. Ultimately, a six zhang golden body emerged and stepped forward to confront the daoist. Its might was glorious and world-shattering. 

“Since you came, then let’s compare our abilities.” The daoist spoke. 

The zhang six golden body didn’t say anything. With the raise of his hand, a golden bridge emerged that extended beyond the heavens. He gave the daoist an inviting gesture. 

Multicolored light flickered, and the two ascended the bridge that led directly beyond the region. They were going to fight a great battle there. It was clear that a battle between existences on their level would wipe out the world and cause the stars in the sky to fall. The one with the zhang six golden body didn’t want the pure land below him to be destroyed. 

This world was thrown into great disorder. While the leader of an eternal sect fought, Shi Hao stood on a high platform within the imperial palace, silently waiting for the great battle to conclude. 

He knew that the effects of this battle will affect the structure of the higher realms, and that it would even more so affect the future of the eight regions!

“It’s finally about to end…” After fighting an entire night, daybreak appeared from the east. A strand of light shot over, and the oppressive aura between heaven and earth faded away. He knew that the great battle was about to come to an end. 

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