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Chapter 480 - Battle Between Giants

The Kun Peng is still alive? When this possibility entered their minds, not only was Shi Hao stupefied, even the little pagoda was speechless. The Willow Deity's expression became incomparably grave. 

This was definitely an unrivalled expert who ruled over the world without exception. Even if the giants from the higher realms came down, they would still pay dearly and suffer a great disaster. 

"Something's wrong. It is just a will of regret. That great halberd Eternity brought about that divine might on its own," said the little pagoda. 

With a hong sound, rocks soared into the clouds!

The great halberd smashed apart the ruins and rapidly shot out, not staying in place for too long. The blade of the halberd had silver blood sticking to it, producing a ghastly sight. The entire weapon was dyed in silver brilliance and awe. 

It tore through the air and left, disappearing without a trace. 

At the same time, a silver figure emerged from the ground. It was almost sliced into two. It wanted to break free, but in the end, the Third Killing Formation displayed its might. Chaotic sword radiance swept outward, and it released a miserable shriek. Its entire body was covered in wounds and was almost hacked to pieces, forcing it to fall back inside again. 

When the great halberd Eternity made its move, this formation was completely revived, becoming even more terrifying. Chaotic energy surged and killing light overflowed into the heavens, causing even the sun, moon, and stars to tremble in response. 

"The Kun Peng possesses such great resentment! Could it be that its death back then was related to these individuals?" The little pagoda said to itself. 

Shi Hao was also a bit stupefied. Could it be the Kun Peng that did this? That shouldn't be the case! It had already died in the archaic era, and its will couldn't have brought about all of this, right? Right now, it was most likely just a will of regret that had been awakened, a will that was likely to fall apart soon. 

Shi Hao originally thought that it was the Sky Severing Sect's doing, but now that seemed unlikely. 

"Could it be her?" Shi Hao thought of someone, the woman who folded those paper boats. He still remembered how she used her own blood to write those bleak and melancholic words. 

"I am the only one left…"

Shi Hao became a bit scared, and all types of complicated thoughts turned in his head. He couldn't make a good guess at all. He knew too little. 


The world was boundless, and the ruins collapsed. Primal chaos surged, and this place became a hazy area. It was difficult to see anything clearly. 

"Let's observe another area." The little pagoda controlled the ancestral altar and brought about that valley outside the Medicine Capital. 

As soon as the image changed, another blinding light emerged, beautiful and astonishing. The valley was covered in a boundless expanse. There was currently a great battle taking place, and formations were being broken. 

"Ninth Killing Formation!" The little pagoda's heart jumped, feeling a wave of horror. These formations could kill even groups of deities in the higher realms, yet they emerged one after the other in two different places. It was utterly terrifying.

However, this killing formation was quite a bit inferior to the Third Killing Formation. 

"Such a bitter struggle. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Are they trying to offer themselves as sacrifices for that first spiritual root?" The little pagoda adjusted the ancestral altar to make the image more clear. 

A great decisive battle was currently happening there. Primal chaos pervaded the air and symbols were everywhere, as if they were the stars of the universe. Every inch of space was covered in divine symbols and circling with unrivalled might. 

Shi Hao sighed. The hundred or so formations he saw back then had long collapsed, and the valley magnified in size. It had stretched to a range of several hundreds of thousands of li in size. 

This was a shocking type of method, one that used formations to constrain such a vast amount of land to nurture a spiritual root. Today, these divine formations were broken, and the great earth was restored to its original state. 

However, there was a unique killing formation at the center that released chaotic energy. It should be the Ninth Killing Formation the little pagoda was talking about!

There were several humanoid figures fighting at close quarters. Every strike they released could shatter several hundred thousand li of earth, containing enough power to hack down the stars. However, this boundless and immeasurable force was being restrained by the killing formation. 


One individual fell, dying under the killing formation. However, as a result, it exploded and revealed its original body. It was not of the human race. With a loud bang, a small hole was blasted open in the formation. 

However, the light and blood that was released from its explosion did not scatter. It quickly flowed in reverse, entering that piece of earth. Then, the spiritual root at the center released light, as if it was absorbing the endless divine force and essence energy. 

"So ruthless. This was a murderous trap that awaited those who came to steal the spiritual root. The intruders would then be killed and used as sacrifice for this first spiritual root, allowing it to restore its former spirituality," said the Willow Deity with a sigh. 

A taboo existence actually became the first spiritual root's nourishment. This truly was a bit lamentable. 

"The range is several hundred thousand li. It was originally the location of the wasteland region's divinity and could produce a few true deities, yet in the end, all of the divine essence was absorbed by the first spiritual root," said the little pagoda. It revealed a heavy expression. 

The individual who could possess the higher realms' first spiritual root and plant it here was without a doubt one who possessed extreme power, a person that was terrifying to a somewhat horrifying level. That person was confident and didn't fear that someone else would take it away, even laying down a killing trap to kill the taboo existences. 

However, the formation was already broken. The two individuals fighting over the first spiritual root rushed outwards, one before the other. One of them had taken action, plucking the spiritual root from the ground before flying outwards. 

Dang… A great bell rang in a long and drawn out manner, shaking heaven and earth. A dao bell flew over from beyond the heavens and descended. It was ancient and mysterious. Profound mysteries of the great dao flowed about it endlessly. 

The sound of the bell shook the wasteland region, as if it could oppose time to resonate with the archaic and ancient times, possessing the strength of these eras. 

"Damn it! It finally appeared again." The little pagoda cursed. 

Even the Willow Deity revealed an extremely grave expression. 

The wave of sound this great bell released rippled outwards. It appeared to be rather soft and gentle, but it affected the stability of space itself as it struck towards those two humanoid creatures. 

With a hong sound, the valley collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of mountains and rivers turned into ashes. Only a stalk of spiritual root and two giants stood there; everything else had been destroyed. 

"This bell is so terrifying!" Shi Hao was horrified. 

"If something didn't happen to me, you think it would be allowed to act like this?" The little pagoda was rather discontent. 

"It isn't the dao bell that is acting fiercely, but rather the one controlling it," said the Willow Deity. 

It was clear that the dao bell's owner was also the original owner of the first spiritual root, and was at this time revealed. This person wanted to kill another one of these giants and use it to nourish the first spiritual root. 

The two individuals were naturally furious. They displayed their great divine ability to resist the bell's fluctuations and slaughter into the heavens. 


Blood splashed out from one of these individuals' shoulders. The soundwave of the bell tore through his defense, almost blasting half his body apart. The dao bell possessed its user's power as well, so it was currently terrifyingly powerful. 

Weng. Above the heavens, radiance erupted again. A chaotic disk that was extremely damaged released strand after strand of mist. It quickly rushed over to smash into the dao bell. 

"Did these fellows go crazy? To fight to the death like this, aren't they worried that this realm might collapse?" The little pagoda's expression changed. Could it be that the sky was really going to be opened and the world restarted?

"It is because they are already at the end of their lifespans and extremely anxious. Right now, they need the first spiritual root or the Transcendence piece. Otherwise, they will disappear sooner or later," said the Willow Deity. 

Following a dang sound, the chaotic disk and great bell faced off in the skies. Heaven and earth were greatly disrupted, and the two individuals below staggered in retreat. Meanwhile, the dao bell and chaotic disk continuously quaked and flew backwards. 

"Yi! Damn, even that fellow came. It was actually controlled by some bastard!" The little pagoda continuously cursed. 

In the sky, a damaged pagoda emerged. It swooped towards the great earth to seize the first spiritual root. An indistinct figure could be seen residing inside the pagoda. 


The dao bell flew back, and the two giants that were fighting over the spiritual root in the beginning also attacked, causing a chaotic battle to erupt over the first spiritual root.

This place was extremely hazy. Chaotic energy erupted, turning this place into a land of destruction. The great battle was incomparably intense. 

"If nothing unexpected happens, it will be seized by the owner of the dao bell. He isn't worried about losing the spiritual root." The Willow Deity said with a sigh. 

As expected, the final result was that the spiritual root flew towards the dao bell on its own, because there was a divine chain around its body. It recognized its owner and returned, dragging the spiritual root towards the heavens. 

The others were naturally unwilling to accept this and all took action. 


At this time, a flower bloomed. Dao rhythm rumbled through the air, separating itself from its source and directly blasting through the air and fleeing beyond the ninth heaven.

This outcome exceeded everyone's expectations. His body was forcefully exposed, one hand grabbing the great bell. After locking down that spiritual root, his other hand reached outwards, extending tens of thousands of li towards the horizon. 

However, this action was fated to encounter hiderance, and it was hard for it to reap any benefits. The others all focused their attacks on him, taking action fiercely.


Suddenly, fluctuations emerged in the nine heavens. A woman had already sat there for a while, waiting. Simple and ancient gray clothes covered her body, but she possessed a magnificent style that was unmatched. Her immortal appearance was unequalled. 

Her eyes shone, establishing a terrifying passage, evolving the chaotic world and modelling heaven and earth. She locked down the fleeing flower and caught it into her hands. 

Dual-pupiled individual, the ancient undefeated legend! That outstanding female had appeared!

Shi Hao was stupefied. She was actually so brazen, daring to compete against the giants of the higher realms, stealing food from the mouths of tigers! It was truly unexpected. 

Shi Hao knew that she was powerful, but he didn't think that she could fight against the higher realm giants in such a desperate battle. This was a bit ridiculous and exceeded his predictions. 

"The girl is still too young. She is not mature enough and will most likely fall," said the little pagoda. 

"No!" The Willow Deity shook its head. 

The dual-pupiled woman's body shone, and her entire being shattered the void, directly disappearing from this world. That area was thrown into a state of disorder. 

"You can't leave!" Someone shouted loudly. 

A purple large hand reached out, shattering the void in response to grab the dual-pupil woman.

Apart from this, there were people who activated divine abilities to drag the dual-pupil woman back. There were even others that chanted sutras and curses to link up and cross realms, directly appearing at her side. 

The circumstances were dire, but right at this moment, a brilliant luster sparkled. A small black paper boat fluttered over, crossing through the void. It stopped here, obstructing that large hand and scattering these divine abilities as well as the curses. 

"It's her… it's her!" Shi Hao released a strange cry. 

The woman that folded the boats had appeared. It was just a small boat, yet it stopped all of those powerful individuals. There was a type of 'great power' that reigned supreme above all else. 


The world erupted, and this entire place became chaotic. Everyone took action, some attacking the dao bell, others pursuing the dual-pupil woman. A great chaotic war broke out. 

"Let's go, we should take action!" The willow deity vanished with a flash, disappearing from the imperial palace. 

The little pagoda grimaced. Turning into a streak of light, it pierced through the void and followed. 

The two travelled together, and with no one to support the ancestral altar, that image immediately vanished, for only a level of existence at that level could operate it. Otherwise, it was difficult for the altar to monitor an area so far away. 

Shi Hao was gnawing his teeth like a beggar, but no matter how worried he was, it was pointless. It was impossible for him to follow them. He couldn't even watch the battle now. 

How could it be like this… 

Shi Hao felt helpless. He paced back and forth, trying all types of methods. In the end, however, he still could not make that image reappear. 

He stood on a high platform in the imperial palace and gazed into the distance, hoping to gain some clues from the world's chaos. 

"Ah, there are other great figures!" Shi Hao's scalp felt numb. He truly did end up sensing something. In the distant skies, there were heaven moving divine lights that surrounded the boundless Stone Country territory. 

He saw an old man with dishevelled hair that sped along, his mouth muttering, "Where is it? Where is the thing I am searching for?"

His head was covered in gray hair, and his eye-sockets were empty, as if he was a walking corpse. He directly flew past the imperial palace. That type of tremendous aura was truly shocking. 

Great mountains blocked his path, but he crossed them with a single leap. When his sleeves touched the mountain peak, the entire mountain range turned into ruined ashes. 

"What kind of person is this?" Shi Hao's mind was jumping frantically. 

Half an hour later, an old woman appeared. In her hands was a deep basket, and she was saying to herself, "You all can fight over divine objects. Meanwhile, I will pick the earth's great medicines."

She spoke as she flew along. She reached out her hand and caught a spider before throwing it into the medicine basket. 

Shi Hao was greatly alarmed. That spider was clearly a supreme expert from the Demonic Spirit Lake, one that had escaped the great disaster last time through some unknown methods. However, it was now caught just like that.

Shi Hao's body became a bit cold. A supreme expert was to be used to as a medicinal ingredient? In addition, the two eccentrics both flew over Stone Country's imperial palace, so they were likely treating this place like a medicine garden. It was just that they didn't discover any mature 'medicinal plants' yet. 

"This cage has been plucked clean. I should head for the other seven cages." The old woman said to herself before breaking through this realm and leaving. 

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