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Chapter 476 – Peerless Pair

The witch roared with laughter, her beautiful body swaying back and forth as she did so. Half of her voluptuous white chest was revealed. They were perfectly round and flickered with sparkling radiance, giving her a truly alluring appearance.

Her black hair scattered down her pure white neck, and her intelligent eyes blossomed with radiance. Her tender and beautiful complexion was full of joy as her tall and slender body moved about. She continuously moved around Yue Chan and continuously looked her all over.

This type of attitude she had naturally produced a gorgeous and flirtatious appearance. It was extremely pleasing to the eye, drawing forth the desires of others. Towards her outstanding and charming temperament, others could only be helplessly drawn in and become amazed.

Fairy Yue Chan was similarly outstanding and known to be a truly stunning woman. As her clothes fluttered around her jade-like body, there was a type of exceptional intelligence to her. Her black gemstone like eyes, snow-white and sparkling skin, as well as her perfect appearance made her look like a fairy that had descended into the world of mortals.

She was on her guard. The witch that had appeared was truly troublesome. She felt a type of embarrassment as well as a headache.

In reality, as her greatest opponent, the person she didn't want to meet the most right now was the witch. As a captive, she had become the prisoner of a man, and this was actually seen by her opponent. There was nothing more embarrassing than this.

"Hehe…" The witch didn't mind her appearance at all and laughed incessantly. She had never felt so carefree before. She hurried over just to see this scene.

"Aiyaya, older sis, your small pretty waist really is great, isn't it a bit too sexy?" The witch continuously took action, not willing to let go of her chance to take liberties with her.

Fairy Yue Chan moved out of the way, but with her cultivation sealed, there was no way she could move faster than the witch. Her face was completely red, sharply contrasting with her typically lofty and pure temperament.

"Witch, please conduct yourself with dignity."

"Older sis, why are you so serious? We haven't seen each other in so long! Little sis here missed you. Can't I even greet you with enthusiasm?" The witch was extremely happy, and her eyes were flowing with brilliance.

"Ya, older sis' chest is becoming more and more full. Is this an effect of getting married? However, this is a good change!" Her white teeth were completely revealed. Her hair sparkled, and her eyes revealed a peculiar expression as she reached out her hand to grope outwards.

This time, fairy Yue Chan cried out. No matter how calm she tried to stay or how pure she tried to appear, she was still a young lady. After being molested like this by the other party, she truly couldn't tolerate it anymore.

Right now, fairy Yue Chan's charming face was flushed red. She warned the witch not to act recklessly, but that only brought about an even more heart stirring assault from the witch.

With a pa sound, the witch slapped her full bottom, releasing a sharp and clear sound. This truly left Yue Chan completely embarrassed. Her face was red from shame, because there was a male not too far away.

This noise, as well as that hateful hand on her full bottom, made her feel so ashamed she didn't want to show her face. She was the sacred fairy of the Heaven Mending Sect, so when had she suffered something like this before?

This truly somewhat toppled her previous reputation of a beauty that looked down on the eight regions. Her heart became unstable, and she found it hard to control herself. She truly wanted to fight a decisive battle against the witch for three days and three nights straight!

Shi Hao watched from the side, his eyes swiftly moving about. He had a complicated expression, but in the end, he smiled. This was truly… a delightful sight!

Seeing the two peerless beauties act like this, he began to think some mature thoughts. He couldn't help but reveal a smile from the corner of his lips as he enjoyed this scene from the side. However, he didn't say anything.

"Yi, hold on, older sis, why aren't you acting like a married woman?" Suddenly, the witch spoke. She obviously understood this a long time ago and only now purposely brought this topic up.

"Little Stone, how could you leave a fairy like this on the side and turn a blind eye to her? This is just too cruel!" The witch gave Shi Hao a look, her bright and beautiful smile extremely moving.

"Isn't it because I'm waiting for you? My chambers of imperial concubines have always been open wide to you. If you don't come, then no one can become the empress." Shi Hao laughed mischievously and spoke.

"Sigh, what a pity. I already have someone I like, so you don't have to save that position for me. I feel like Yue Chan really isn't bad. You are so cruel, forcing her to stay in the lady's chamber alone. You have to understand that problems will arise when a fairy becomes lonesome!"

As expected, this was the witch that did and spoke whatever she wanted. Shi Hao wasn't feeling too awkward, also taking liberties with her as he spoke. As for fairy Yue Chan, she remained extremely passive. After all, she was a captive, and no matter what she said, it wouldn't change this reality.

"Why don't you stay behind as well and not leave? From today forth, you can be a part of the chambers of imperial concubines. We can then live a free and unfettered long life," Shi Hao said.

Finally, the witch's expression changed, and she began to feel a bit weak. She knew that even the five supreme experts were killed here. If Shi Hao truly wanted to keep her here, it would become extremely problematic.

"You can't be so heartless. I have a realm shattering divine symbol. If it is wasted here, then wouldn't the Heaven Mending Sect and the others clap their hands with joy?" She said.

"Realm shattering divine symbol… it sounds like something good! Can I trade with you? How about I give you three divine materials?" Shi Hao was inwardly moved.

How could the witch be willing to trade it away? If she lost the realm shattering divine symbol, she truly feared that Shi Hao might become greedy and trap her here. It didn't matter how many divine materials she had if she couldn't leave.

She mentioned the realm shattering divine symbol as a reminder, and also a way to make both sides remain on good terms.

Seeing her shake her head, Shi Hao felt truly regretful and said, "It truly hurts to find that you don't have any trust in me!"

After testing out each other, the two began to talk about the true topic, about how the wasteland region was going to be thrown into disorder. She brought some important information, or it was at least important for Shi Hao. The Sky Severing Sect was also an eternal inheritance, and even though they didn't take action, they only temporarily didn't take action.

Right now, Fire Nation, Wood Country, Golden Wolf Ancient Country, and the various powerful ancient countries in the ocean region were all in disorder. They have been thoroughly divided, and behind them were the shadows of foreign great sects.

When Shi Hao looked at her eyes, his expression changed somewhat. Was the Sky Severing Sect also serving the higher realms' great figures? His impression of it immediately became a bit worse.

"We do have a connection to the higher realms, but we are hostile towards the Heaven Mending Sect. Our teachings are different, and our inheritances oppose each other. Our sect is focused on opposing them, not on dealing with creatures of the lower realm." The witch calmly said.

The higher realms were having a contest, and there were complex conflicts going on between the great figures. For example, the Heaven Mending Sect and Sky Severing Sect were definitely powers that opposed each other with equal harshness. The hostility between them was difficult to dissolve and they could not walk together.

"To sum things up, our sect came down into the lower realms for the sake of defying them," the witch informed Shi Hao.

This made Shi Hao's expression a bit better. Otherwise, it was quite possible that he received another enemy. The situation right now was extremely complicated, and having an ally might not be a bad thing.

Of course, he couldn't completely trust the witch's words. She was quite an eccentric character, and it was hard to determine what was true and what was false in her words.

Right now, among the several great ancient countries in the wasteland region, only Stone Country was unified under Shi Hao's control. The other countries have all been divided up.

"What is going on with Fire Nation Imperial Capital?" Shi Hao was quite worried about Huo Ling'er. He wanted to know if the fire emperor decided in the end to borrow the celestial race's inheritance to enter the higher realms.

"I am not aware what is happening there. You are quite a player! With the pitiful pretty Yue Chan here, you are actually thinking about someone else," the witch teased. She didn't cover anything up and spoke as things were.

A great ancient battlefield was sealed there that contained something incredible. In the great calamity, it actually directly faced off against the power of the higher realms, leaving many great sects shaken.

"What, they struck back against the higher realms?" Shi Hao was shaken.

"There might be a connection with the supreme divine treasury, or also the supreme olden palace," the witch said.

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. Towards the supreme divine treasury, his thoughts were complex, and he didn't know just how many times he heard its name. Based on what the Willow Deity said, it might be a deadly trap.

Why did he hear about it again, this time under Fire Nation Capital? Moreover, it seemed to be true, or else how could such domineering power have appeared, to even clash against the higher realms?

"Your little sweetheart might have fled and left this realm. That Fire Nation Capital has already been ruined beyond recognition," the witch said.

"You said that the supreme divine treasury might be related to the supreme palace. Are they in the same place?" Shi Hao asked.

As for the supreme palace, he clearly remembered that there was only one inheritor in each successive generation, and they would inevitably become a supreme expert. This was also a mysterious ancient sect outside this region, so how could it be in the wasteland region?

"It is rumored that the relationship between the two might be inseparably close, and they originate from the same moving land. It is not confined to a single region." The witch revealed this secret.

Shi Hao carefully thought about her explanation. He also learned that two days ago, someone personally witnessed an enormous claw reaching out from the ruins outside Stone Country Capital and scattering the clouds above.

Hearing her description, Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. That was quite likely the enormous terrifying beast he saw in the great wastelands outside Stone Village, as well as the enormous turtle killing trap the Willow Deity spoke about before.

His mind was starting to waver. Could the supreme divine treasury really move together? In that case, was someone going to activate it? Was it really going to trick those from the higher realms and kill the great figures above?!

The world was rotating, and the killing trap was about to be activated. Shi Hao had a vague feeling that something major was truly going to happen in the wasteland region. A shocking transformation was going to take place!

"The reason I came to seek you is to invite you to enter the supreme palace together. There might even be an unrivalled inheritance, you know?" The witch giggled.

Shi Hao directly shook his head. If his suspicions were correct, forget about him, even if deities entered, they wouldn't be able to fill up that hole.

"I want to wait a bit. I will make a decision after a while."

"Yi, your plans are the same as mine. Could it be that you know something?" The witch was astonished, feeling as if she caught on to something. She smiled sweetly in an exceedingly fascinating and charming manner.

Shi Hao's mind jumped. This witch also understood some secrets. Was that a test? However, how could she know about such a thing? Unless there was a figure like the Willow Deity behind her?

Shi Hao immediately thought of many things, and he shivered, breaking out in cold sweat. He thought back to when the witch said that the sect only came to the lower realm to oppose the Heaven Mending Sect and did not care about the other creatures in the lower realm and thought of a possibility. Could it be that the one that set up the killing trap in the ancient times was the Sky Severing Sect's master?

After making this inference, he felt that the witch still shouldn't be aware of it even if this was true. There was no way unless her identity was extremely shocking, and she also came from the higher realms, having a relationship with some terrifying characters.

"You shouldn't be the little girl of some great figure in the higher realms, someone who only came to the lower realms to gain experience, right?" Shi Hao's eyes were deep as he calmly looked at her.

"Youngster, you think too much. The one I like is in the higher realms, that's all." The witch was completely calm, and it was hard to determine whether her words were true or false. In addition, she changed the topic, saying, "I can tell you clearly that fairy Yue Chan truly is a noble girl in the higher realms, and her status is far greater than you can imagine. If it was leaked out, it would shake the world."

Shi Hao's expression remained undisturbed. He didn't say anything.

The witch began to laugh, using her spotlessly white hand to prop up Yue Chan's chin and harassed her like a crass woman, saying, "Older sis is truly bright and beautiful. Even I can't help but feel charmed when I see you."

Then, she turned around to tease and ask Shi Hao why he didn't have a secret inner room yet. She had an appearance as if she wished to see the whole world in chaos. She truly wished for fairy Yue Chan to suffer misfortune.

"I am preparing to properly instruct her first." Shi Hao's skin was still extremely thick. When this question was asked, his face did not blush or swell and had a look as if he had already planned things out.

"Why don't you just let me help instruct her? Look, not even bringing over tea, this isn't a good fairy. She's too arrogant." The witch didn't leave and talked about all types of matters to carry out a cooperation.

She had her speculations on what the higher realms wanted to look for, and also talked about how important the inheritance of the supreme palace was, how it had to be obtained. In addition, she talked about how there was a divine object in this realm that could allow one to become a true deity. There was some other inside information that was mentioned as well.

Two days later, when she was discussing with Shi Hao about various things, the delicate, graceful, and otherworldly fairy Yue Chan was already bringing tea over.

This was all through the contributions of the witch, as she possessed way more intimidation. Fairy Yue Chan felt a great fear, truly scared of her acting crazily.

The witch was rather pleased with herself and said, "This is only the beginning. Later on, help me massage my shoulders."

Shi Hao shot her a look of disdain and said, "Are you a man dressed as a woman? Why are you fighting with me over my maid? Even if she gives a shoulder massage, it should be for me!"

"Aren't I helping you educate her properly?" The witch was all smiles as if she didn't seem to mind at all.

"No need, I'll do it myself. Yue Chan, stand behind me and don't go." Shi Hao muttered in discontent.

Fairy Yue Chan grinded her teeth in anger, and her pupils sparked with radiance. During these two days, even though she appeared sacred and calm, inside, she had long experienced overwhelming emotions. She truly wanted to fight against the witch to the death.

If she had a choice, she would rather massage Shi Hao's shoulder than lower her head and compromise with the witch. When she saw the witch, the roots of her teeth even began to itch.

Her movements were light and elegant, her jade-like curvy body swaying about beautifully as she arrived behind Shi Hao and opposed the witch.

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