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Chapter 471 – Coming events cast their shadows before them

The imperial palace was quite massive. Palace halls towered one after another in a dignified and majestic manner. There were tens of divine formations laid out that were interconnected. As soon as they were activated, it would definitely shock the world and cause the supernatural to weep.

A faint smile rested on the corners of Shi Hao's lips as he patiently waited. However, in the end, no one barged in. The three sects' cultivators were all acting cautiously.

"Reporting to Your Majesty. Someone has made contact with the eighth prince, eleventh princess, and others." A golden guard entered the central heavenly palace to make this report. The spacious and glorious main hall resounded with his voice.

Shi Hao's face remained tranquil. He was quiet and didn't say anything.

"You may withdraw." Peng Nine said.

This was an inside report, information sent from men working in secret. Only when the problems became extremely grave would this type of force be used.

Shi Hao carefully read the secret letter that was brought over. Then, he handed it to Peng Nine and the War King. Their faces were expressionless, making the atmosphere in the main hall become a bit tense.

"The old emperor lived honestly and powerfully, but there are some sons and daughters who are truly disappointing. For the sake of taking the throne for themselves, they truly dare to do anything…" The War King's eyebrows locked together.

"It is just a few sons and daughters. The others are still fine." Shi Hao spoke up.

"Emperor, what are your plans?" The old guard Peng Nine asked.

"If they don't cross that line, then I won't target them. If they act too excessively, then the law will be carried out mercilessly." Shi Hao calmly spoke.

There were many stalks of spiritual medicines planted in the imperial palace, many precious techniques stored in the law temple, and even countless rare items in the treasury. However, they had all been visited by these imperial children, and many things were taken out by them.

Shi Hao didn't look into these matters too much, because in the end, they were still the children of the previous emperor. However, if these people went too far, then he wouldn't show them any more kindness.

Near a garden that was close to the city walls, a group of cultivators from the Immortal Mountain was holding a secret discussion. Qin Ling appeared to be stirred up and incomparably furious as he loudly lashed out about something.

"He is too excessive! I went there to persuade him with kind words, yet he treated me with such coldness. Even that old guard dared to berate me. The little Stone was looking at me from such a high position. What does he treat me as?"

When he went to the imperial palace to serve as an emissary, he was under great pressure the entire time. He was crushed by Shi Hao's imposing aura, and his mind and spirit received severe torment. Even now, he was still afflicted with lingering fear.

Qin Ling was naturally unsatisfied. As he discussed with the powerful individuals from his clan, he was extremely angry. So what if he was the human emperor? They represented the eternal Immortal Mountain!

"Calm yourself." An elder sitting on top of a praying mat spoke. When he opened his eyes, two streaks of lightning streaked through the air.

Within the courtyard, a small bridge that was situated within a pavilion flowed with water. The scenery was extremely graceful and exquisite.

Another middle-aged individual spoke, saying, "Within him flows half of our Immortal Mountain's bloodline. How great of an opportunity is this?! We can bring him back to pay his respects to the ancestors and return to the sect. This way, it would be a victory without conflict, and we can also control his Stone Country. Then, we can improve our control over the wasteland region and search for what we need."

"It's useless." Qin Ling shook his head. He had already calmed down, no longer being as emotional. With an extremely impartial assessment, he said, "Even if he were to fall under our control, he would remain happy and carefree like in the Void God Realm, but as soon as we touch upon things where his principles lie, he will act domineeringly without any room for leeway, let alone allowing us to control a country."

The middle-aged man frowned. "If this type of genius doesn't enter our Immortal Mountain, how much of a pity would that be? Wu, right, I had heard that there is a married couple on the mountains that seem to be his parents. What exactly is going on? Why has it become such a great secret within the clan?"

"There are some matters you shouldn't ask about. Even I don't understand it too clearly. The sect master has his plans, and when the second tribulation descends, that couple will most likely enter the higher realms." The elder sitting on the praying mat spoke. He was a supreme expert with extremely high status.

"The willpower of a youth isn't that strong. If you just push him a bit, it will succeed." Another elder took a sip of his tea, and after thinking for a bit, he slowly spoke. He was also a supreme expert. "I have heard previously that there are some geniuses from the higher realms that are going to descend. At that time, we could allow the little Stone to meet with some noble women and see the extravagance of the higher realms. Regardless of whether it is the people there or the precious techniques, they will all make him excited. At that time, he might change his mind and request our Immortal Mountain for entry into the higher realms."

"Those great figures are going to send their descendants to inspect the eight region entrapment?" The eyebrows of the elder sitting on the praying mat jumped.

The elder on the other side nodded. When the others saw this, they all felt fearful. The matter of the higher realms' geniuses and noble women inspecting this lower realm would definitely be a huge matter.

Further talks on this topic ended, because it was related to too much. Normally people didn't dare to talk about it, so avoiding it was for the best.

"The Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect might decide to enter the imperial city and carry out their intimidation. What will our Immortal Mountain do?" A moment later, the middle-aged man asked the two supreme experts for instructions.

"Even though half of the little Stone's bloodline is that of the Immortal Mountain's, the youth's accomplishments have made him too brash, so he ought to face a bit of suffering and receive a beating. When the time comes, we will take action again and save his life. At that time, he will be much more obedient." A supreme expert spoke.

The elder on the praying mat nodded and said, "In the imperial palace, he still has some methods. With the imperial draconic energy around him, it is enough to deal with a supreme expert. However, the Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect will definitely reveal enough power, so there is no way for him to defend against it all. We should go as well and release more pressure as supreme experts. He is quite smart, so he should make the correct choice."

"Even though he has my clan's bloodline, the youth is too insolent and needs a beating. After he experiences some suffering, we will interfere. That way, he will understand how to cherish things." The middle-aged individual nodded.

Inside of another garden, the Western Sect's cultivators were comparatively quieter. It was to the point where the people there all didn't seem to say much.

"Are the two supreme experts going to pay the imperial palace a visit?" Someone asked.

"Yes." The reply was extremely concise without any excessive words.

"This ought to be the way. How many changes in the imperial courts has our Western Sect seen over the years? Yet all of them were annihilated during the endless passage of time. It is just a Stone Country whose history is like a splash of water in the flow of time. Basically insignificant." A youngster spoke.

Inside the Western Sect, everyone had short hair that wasn't longer than an inch in length. They were all cultivators that emphasized body refinement.

The lively ones were mostly youngsters, and when someone spoke, the others also expressed their opinions of discontentment.

The grand Western Sect had existed through the passage of time and looked down on the eight regions. Not long ago, they were actually forced out from the imperial capital by a single youth. This was completely humiliating.

"I feel like we should ask a few more old ancestors to descend to tear apart this capital city and kick him out from the imperial palace. Otherwise, how could we dissolve the current humiliation?"

"Indeed, we ought to suppress him with power and overturn him with a single slap, defeating him in front of the eyes of the world!"

A few youngsters spoke. Their words did not contain good intentions, clearly taking the earlier great defeat to heart. They wanted to completely restore their dignity and suppress the little Stone.

The cultivators of the Heaven Mending Sect were in discussion as well. Among them, an elder frowned, because the middle-aged daoist nun had already left for a long time without returning. She might even miss the period of 'palace entry'.

A golden war chariot sped along, leaving behind dazzling light on the streets. Eight vicious beasts pulled it along, and their trampling made the ground tremble and release rumbling sounds.

Those walking on the streets all moved out of the way in alarm. This golden chariot possessed a madness as it rushed towards the imperial palace. A demonic aura surged.

"That's the eighth prince's gilded chariot! Is he going to enter the imperial palace? What awe-inspiring might!"

Recently, words have travelled about quickly, and there were quite a few rumors. This prince had also leaked information intentionally, stating that there was an issue with the little Stone succeeding the throne, and that he was a fake emperor.

A purple carriage sped past in a stable and low-profile manner. It sparked another wave of discussion, but it was favorable commentary.

This was the fifteenth prince who ordinarily was open-minded and never put on airs. The impression the imperial capital's people had of him was quite excellent.

"Yi, fifteenth prince is also entering the palace. What is going on?" The people were confused.

Inside the central heavenly palace, Shi Hao sat there quietly. After waiting for a long time, none of the three sects' experts came, and a few princes and princesses arrived one after another.

Shi Hao remained indifferent, and Peng Nine sighed. Through the monitoring formation, he could sense that these individuals' motives weren't pure.

The eighth prince entered the imperial palace and continuously used a secret method to observe the underground formation to get to the bottom of things. Even though his actions were discreet, how could they escape Shi Hao's notice?

"The three sects' cultivators are quite prudent and careful…" Peng Nine said softly. They unexpectedly didn't invade forcefully and chose to send their representative princes and princesses to observe the situation first.

"These people, sigh!" The War King sighed. Despite everything, he could still be considered a distant uncle of these people.

"Allow them to look as carefully as they want!" Shi Hao said. When these individuals entered the palace, he already anticipated things were as such. Holding the precious imprint, he altered the world and changed everything.

The eighth prince smiled. As he walked about, he saw many symbols. The formations that were destroyed during the great calamity hadn't been completely repaired, and everything was as he predicted.

After entering the heavenly temple, he became extremely arrogant. He stood there without kneeling and said, "I won't recognize you as the new emperor. This is the foundation my father the emperor left behind, and that decree was forged!"

Shi hao stared down at him coldly from his throne, not saying anything.

"Esteemed nephew, why are you doing this." The War King looked at him while speaking.

"Since a fake emperor seized my Stone Country's great position, I naturally wouldn't accept it. Why can't I say these things?" The eighth prince coldly opposed.

"Do you truly think that I won't kill you?!" Seated up on top, Shi Hao calmly looked down on him. His voice wasn't great, it still made the eighth prince break out in a cold shiver. He couldn't help but back up.

"As soon as you succeed the throne, you immediately want to massacre the late emperor's descendants? How will the people in this world look upon you? I'm sure they will think of you as vicious and heartless!" said the eighth prince. This was also partly where his confidence lay.

Of course, the main reason was because he had the support of the foreign great sects backing him.

"For the previous emperor, having this type of child is truly a humiliation. Not only did you not think of protecting the country's land, you've submitted yourself to foreign powers, daring to act as a puppet and opening up the doors for them. I'm sure the previous emperor has his feelings about your actions!"

"You…" The eighth prince was so terrified he began to take steps backwards. From start to finish, when he looked at that youth, he felt a fear from the depths of his soul.

"Get lost! Shut yourself up and think about your mistakes, or else you can't blame me for being merciless!" Shi Hao released a short shout, shocking the eighth prince so much his fine hairs stood on end and his scalp went numb. His lips trembled, but he wasn't able to say anything. He turned around and left.

At this moment, there was a great fear within him. He truly felt as if there was danger to his life, fearing that Shi Hao would kill him with a raise of his hand.

"Won't amount to much." Behind him, Shi Hao's voice sounded, but the prince didn't dare to return a single sentence.

Then, the eleventh princess, fifteenth prince, seventeenth prince and a few others entered the central heavenly palace one after another to have an audience with the emperor. However, they all appeared to be respectful on the surface, admitting Shi Hao to have succeeded the country's inheritance.

However, they all secretly sized up various places within the imperial palace and carefully looked about to see what was happening with the formations. They all received satisfactory answers.

When these individuals left one after another, the War King and Peng Nine immediately left to deal with the situation. They told the other guards to be careful and quietly avoid the incoming turbulent situation.

Shi Hao kept watch within the central heavenly palace and said to himself, "The three sects moved the princes and princesses to come and search around. Are they going to start their plan to kill me? I'm waiting! However many that come, is however many I'll kill!"

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