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Chapter 470 – A Divination to Decide Life and Death

The middle-aged daoist nun turned around to flee, quickly escaping into the distance. The other party's power exceeded her expectations, and if she continued fighting, she would most likely fall here.

"Didn't you come to denounce me? Why are you fleeing in such an anxious manner?" Shi Hao's voice resounded through the skies.

For a supreme expert, fleeing was already an extremely shameful thing. This even happened after suffering defeat at the hand of a youngster that was barely over ten years old, which made her feel even more ashamed. Now, she was once again ridiculed by him, making her truly wish to turn around and risk it all.

However, her life was the most important. Since she already lost, if she turned back to fight again, she would definitely have to pay a painful price.

Fortunately, she had her missing arm in hand. By pressing it against her injury and applying some spiritual medicine, it should be restored without any problems.


Golden sword radiance hacked over, tearing through the heavens. It was incredibly penetrating and blinding, and under the eyes of everyone in the imperial capital, it looked like an incomparably dazzling streak of lightning.

However, in the eyes of the middle-aged daoist nun, it was just like the chains of a death god. It was on the verge of capturing her. She opened her mouth, and after spitting out a mouthful of blood, she ignited all of her essence energy and increased her speed.

When she first came, she was incomparably arrogant, calling him little Stone and carrying a high and aloof attitude as she looked down on all of Stone Country. However now, she was in such a miserable state, making many people sigh. Life really was full of changes.

The middle-aged daoist nun's shoulder flowed with blood. She had changed directions several times, and she finally escaped this sword with difficulty. However, the youth behind her was too vicious. He began to release sword attacks again and again, sending sword energy piercing into the skies. Golden multicolored light blossomed, dazzling this world. It was as if an enormous and terrifying lotus flower blossomed and covered this world.

This sword radiance flew over streak after streak. Even though she increased her speed and continuously changed directions, it was still difficult for her to avoid everything. One of them rumbled and rushed towards her like a true dragon.

Resplendent golden light blossomed boundlessly, rushing towards her back, making the fine hairs on her body stand up. It was already too late to shift towards another direction, because the other areas were submerged in sword radiance as well.

Dark light flickered. She brought out the tortoise shell again. It flowed with numerous symbols to protect her body. This was left behind by a divine old turtle and was incomparably hard. It was a peerless defensive item, one of the most important treasures of the Heaven Mending Sect.

However, after the sword radiance descended, the tortoise shell's radiance quickly dimmed. Many more cracks appeared, and it seemed like it was about to be destroyed.


When another streak of sword energy descended, a sharp and clear sound rang out. The tortoise shell's aura was astonishing, and it actually began to burn with light.


The treasure exploded, turning into hundreds of fragments before flying in all directions. It was eliminated from this world just like that.

The middle-aged daoist nun released a loud scream, feeling incomparably regretful. This was her most precious magical artifact, yet it still couldn't defend against that golden magical sword. It left her greatly frightened.

She opened her mouth and spat out blood. Even though the tortoise shell blocked the sword energy, the fragments from the explosion still injured her, mangling her back so badly that bone could be seen.

Everyone in the imperial capital was stupefied as they watched. This was a supreme expert! However, she was still seriously injured by Shi Hao and almost killed. What kind of power was this?

If Shi Hao's previous action of entering the imperial capital alone not too long ago and chasing away the three sects' great cultivators was a great feat, then this was another miracle.

This made people go mad. He was just fifteen years of age, yet he already possessed such extraordinary accomplishments. What would happen in the future? It was difficult to imagine. He might truly surpass the ancient and shock the present world.

Only a small group of people knew that what Shi Hao relied on was the imperial draconic energy. However, even though this was the case, it was still extraordinary. This type of power wasn't something anyone could use. Not every human emperor possessed these types of methods.

The cultivators from the three sects found it difficult to calm down. This little Stone was too terrifying! He was going to become a great enemy. Once he was allowed to grow up, there wouldn't be many people who could keep him in check.

"Let's see if you dare to come back again." In the skies, Shi Hao chased her until the edge of the enormous city before stopping himself. The middle-aged daoist nun was quite close to being killed.

It was clear that at the edge of the enormous city, his imperial draconic energy became weaker, and his strength was quickly declining. If he continued to give chase, it would be difficult for him to match the strength of a supreme expert.

However, he still thrusted his sword out again. A golden rainbow pierced through the heavens. It was so dazzling that it made others sigh in admiration. The middle-aged daoist nun released a loud scream, and it seemed as if she had been penetrated through. A bloody hole appeared on her body that surged with blood.

"You… just wait, I will take your head and use it to refine my black shield!" Blood flowed from the mouth of the middle-aged daoist nun as she displayed her hatred. Her eyes were cold and fierce, and the arrogance and calmness from before completely disappeared.

"Why doesn't this emperor help you cast a divination? Not long from now, you will never be able to return to the Heaven Mending Sect," Shi Hao said.

The middle-aged daoist nun's face turned pale. She fiercely swung her shoulder to turn and leave, not wanting to stay here a second later. This youth was going to make her explode in anger.

A wave of quietness swept through the imperial capital. This type of accomplishment was just like a legend. He was just fifteen years of age, yet he was able to defeat a supreme expert. No matter what generation it was, his name would tremble everything under the heavens and leave all shaken.

A moment later, clamoring filled Stone Capital and the noise shook the sky. The entire city became chaotic with commotion.

Right now, the two words 'human emperor' were being read aloud by many. The draconic energy within Stone Country Capital increased by a substantial amount, and Shi Hao could clearly sense strand after strand of essence energy entering the imperial palace through the void.

He was wrapped up by a wave of dense energy. The precious imprint in his bosom sparkled even more brilliantly.

Shi Hao gently flicked the golden sword, producing a clanging sound. It possessed exceptional sharpness and was one of the treasury's most powerful magical artifacts. As a result, it was able to slice apart the opponent's divine tortoise shell.

"Congratulations to the human emperor. Your great feats are miraculous!" Peng Nine happily shouted.

"The human emperor's divine might is without equal!" A group of generals also shouted loudly. Then, many soldiers began to shout, and the voices echoed through the city.

Shi Hao nodded. Then, with a flash, he disappeared into the central heavenly temple. Sitting on the throne, he began to carefully think things over. He said to himself, "As expected, there were supreme experts who came. However, there shouldn't be that many that came, right?"

He was fully aware that even though the Heaven Mending Sect was related to the higher realms, they still didn't dare to act too rashly during such turbulent times. After all, there wasn't just one or two in the higher realms who were toying with this world.

It was quite possible that there were those that also targeted places like the Heaven Mending Sect, such as factions that were hostile against them.

"What a pity. That daoist nun was so close to being cut down." The imperial guard leader Peng Nine regretfully said.

Then, the War King and the others also entered. When they saw Shi Hao erupt in divine might, even though they were inspired, they also felt some worry. Now that the three sects' cultivators had arrived, there was definitely more than a single supreme expert. At that time, it would definitely be a bloody war. Would Shi Hao alone be enough?

"There's no need to worry." Shi Hao appeared rather calm. He made the other generals and their subordinates withdraw, leaving behind only the War King and Peng Nine.

"There might be a good show to watch," Shi Hao smiled, revealing his extremely white teeth. His dignified expression was gone, and instead, he smiled extremely brilliantly. Only now did he seem like a youngster again.

The War King and Peng Nine were stupefied. What was the young emperor planning?

Shi Hao brought them next to the palace's ancestral altar. When it was activated, it immediately looked like a water mirror, producing some sceneries.

"Yi, Your Majesty left behind a monitoring formation quite far away, and what is happening can be seen here through the ancestral altar." The two individuals were astonished.

Outside Stone Capital, the middle-aged daoist nun descended within a mountain range. When she raised her hand and pressed forward, mountain peaks collapsed and turned into ashes like paper.

She was truly beyond furious. She was pursued in such a way and forced to flee in the wastelands by a youth in front of the eyes of so many people. She had never felt such humiliation in a hundred years, leaving her incomparably furious.

There was a portion of the three sects' experts that entered the city, but there were still many that remained outside. The especially powerful ones were all hidden within the mountain range.

After returning to the Heaven Mending Sect's base, the daoist nun wrapped up her injuries and drank a cup of tea before closing her eyes to meditate. Only after a long time had passed did she release a breath of air.

She was finally able to calm down. She asked the disciples of her clan, "Are there any clues of Yue Chan?"

"Reporting to ancestral master. We have searched and discovered a place that should be the location where junior Yue Chan disappeared. That place has already turned into a piece of ruined land, and there is a type of divine energy fluctuating."

There were male and female young disciples that came in to give the report. They all possessed outstanding aptitudes. Otherwise, how could they enter the Heaven Mending Sect?

"Yue Chan's innate talent is incomparable, and she came from the higher realms as well. We cannot lose her, or else no one would be able to bear the responsibility." The middle-aged daoist nun frowned. Then, she stood up and said, "I will personally take a look. Maybe I'll discover something."

The lake was dried up and had long split into four parts. The mountain peaks had collapsed as well. This place was in tatters.

This place seemed to have been struck by lightning, leaving behind scorched ground. In addition, there were many giant rocks, as if they had fallen from the heavens.

The middle-aged daoist nun personally hurried over. When she saw this scene, she was greatly moved. "The remains of the Destroying Divine Formation's lightning formation. This was arranged by Yue Chan. There is still divine force fluctuating about. As expected, it really is terrifying."

Soon after, she was puzzled again. Even if the little Stone was exceptionally talented, it would be difficult even for him to escape death in this type of dangerous situation. Why was it that he was alive and fairy Yue Chan disappeared?

She was full of suspicions. Leading several disciples, she carefully searched around. She released a powerful divine will to reconstruct the scenes of the past.

"Yi, it's a bit strange. What is over there?" The middle-aged daoist nun was moved inwardly after sensing something.

Inside the imperial palace, Shi Hao smiled extremely resplendently. His sparkling teeth flowed with white luster as he said, "The emperor has already casted a divination. As expected, it is about to come true."

The War King and Peng Nine looked at each other in dismay. They seemed a bit puzzled.

"There is a good show to watch!" Shi Hao smiled extremely happily.

Suddenly, large amounts of radiance rose from the scorched earth. It was extremely terrifying, immediately submerging that area. The middle-aged daoist nun cried out loudly and did everything she could to resist. She used all of her supreme expert energy to attack back.

However, despite the fact that she struggled with all of her power, it was hard for her to break free. She was surrounded by a concentrated net of light, and all types of symbols descended to refine her alive.

As for the disciples, they had long turned into dust, swept clean by the great formation's divine light. They were immediately shattered, both their bodies and souls annihilated.

"Damned little bastard, this is his trick! He purposely trapped this old one!" The middle-aged daoist nun was going crazy from anger. She finally realized why the little Stone made that 'divination' before they parted.

It was just too shameful! The youth expected her to come here and long laid down a killing trap, waiting for her to find it herself.

When she understood all of this, both anger and nervousness attacked at the middle-aged daoist nun's heart. She was incredibly sullen, because this damn formation was too unbearable. She actually ran into this trap on her own.

This really was… seeking one's own death! She personally went to search for her place of death.


Concentrated symbols descended, and the web of light gathered. Her flesh collapsed, and when her primordial spirit tried to flee, it was swept by a streak of divine light and turned into ashes, causing her to perish on the spot.

Next to the ancestral altar inside the imperial palace, the War King and Peng Nine were dumbstruck. This middle-aged daoist nun actually died just like that, in such a sullen manner. She definitely died with remaining grievance.

Only after a long time did the two snap back to reality. They looked at each other and laughed loudly, feeling extremely joyous.

"It's not finished yet. Let's make a trip." Shi Hao laughed and said.

The two were confused. Seeing Shi Hao's appearance, they felt as if he was laughing a bit lowly. They felt as if they commited a great offense. How could they use such a word to describe the human emperor?

In reality, Shi Hao's smile truly wasn't all that kind and honest. There was that bit of 'lowliness'.

With the support of the ancestral altar, they opened a void passage and hurried to the scene of the crime.

Shi Hao carefully tidied things up. He carefully arranged things in order and removed all corresponding traces. Then, he fixed up the great formation a bit, making it even more perfect.

"The last time it was used was truly a bit of a waste. I was hoping to make one or two more divinations," Shi Hao laughed and said.

The War King and Peng Nine were speechless. They finally understood why His Majesty's smile was somewhat lowly. He was truly without principles, actually doing things like this.

This was a formation purposely made to deal with supreme experts. When he laid it back then, Shi Hao already took such meticulous considerations. When normal people made contact with it, it wouldn't produce any response.

A short while later, they disappeared.

When he returned to the imperial palace, Shi Hao laughed loudly a few times. Of course, he didn't expect the formation to continuously kill supreme experts, but sooner or later, misfortune would fall upon others.

"Your Majesty, the cultivators of the three sects outside have begun to move abnormally. There are supreme experts that have released their auras. It is not just one either, and they are about to enter Stone Capital." Someone came to give a report.

Within the central heavenly palace, the atmosphere immediately became dignified.

"No matter. You may leave." Shi Hao nodded.

The War King and Peng Nine's expressions weren't that great to look at. If the three sects were going to carry out a large scale invasion, then the situation would be extremely bad.

"What are you two scared of? We should be happy instead." Shi Hao laughed loudly in an extremely joyous manner. He pointed towards the enormous imperial palace and said, "The great formation had long been repaired and even changed, and it is now just waiting for them to run inside. I truly wish for them to send a few more supreme experts. Just killing two or three is somewhat boring."

The War King and Peng Nine looked at each other. They truly didn't know what to say, but afterwards, they also couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

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