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Chapter 469 – Supreme Expert Battle

"Little Stone, are you talking to this great one?" Outside the imperial palace walls, the middle-aged daoist nun's white clothes fluttered about. Her appearance was extraordinary, but right now, there was a cold expression on her face. In her hands was a horsetail whisk.

The facial expressions of the generals on top of the thick and massive city walls all changed. After the battle of two Stones, the little Stone became a title of great praise. However, this middle-aged daoist nun was extremely overbearing, and she referred to him in such a way despite the fact that Shi Hao had become the human emperor. This was definitely a type of contempt.

The name little Stone right now was just like a nickname for children, and before she had even called him a child. The daoist nun carried a type of arrogance, as if she was high above everyone here and looking down upon them.

"Daoist nun, are you provoking me?" Shi Hao's voice sounded from within the imperial palace. The tremendous voice carried a wave of dignity, as well as a bit of cold intent.

"Little Stone, why don't you come out to greet me?" The middle-aged daoist nun said.

"Daoist nun, cease your rudeness. Do not speak randomly in front of the emperor!" A general berated.

To refer to the new emperor in such a manner was definitely a type of contempt. Many generals couldn't tolerate this. This was the emperor of a country and he couldn't be disrespected like this by outsiders.

"Oh, isn't the entire world referring to you like this? You are a rather outstanding youth, so I also acknowledge your accomplishments." The middle-aged daoist nun said with a calm expression while standing in front of the city walls.

"You… audacious!" A general shouted. He ordered for everyone to raise the enormous black bows in their hands. A unique arrow with special feathers and a red arrow head that swirled with light was added to the bow. It shone with special brilliant symbols.

This was the Soul Shattering Arrow that was specially used to deal with powerful cultivators. It could blast through vicious beasts and kill nobles. There weren't many of these arrows, but once they were released, heaven and earth would lose color.

"An esteemed guest makes an appearance, yet you all neglect my presence and point arrows at me. Are you forcing me to act out in self-defense?" The daoist nun spoke coldly.

From where she stood, strand after strand of white mists appeared, surrounding her body. There was an extremely powerful type of fluctuation around her. Her supreme expert aura was displayed to its fullest, and in just a moment, the world began to tremble violently in response.

The people on the city walls were all shocked. They felt an overwhelming pressure. This was the energy of a supreme expert that was spreading outwards. The difference in cultivation realms between them was too great to cross. The military's soldiers all felt powerless within their hearts.

The middle-aged daoist nun released a silver ripple that began to quickly spread outwards. It was like an enormous wave, completely submerging all of those on the city walls with a deafening sound.

"Impudent!" A short shout was released, and a heavenly sword moved through the air. It intercepted the silver ripple and caused it to scatter into the void.

Inside the imperial palace, Shi Hao walked over step by step on top of the city's streets that were made of white marble. He wore a set of golden battle clothes. On his back was the country protecting divine halberd, and in his hand was a divine magical sword. His eyes were like torches as they exerted an intimidating aura.

Under zhi ya sounds, the enormous scarlet doors were opened. Shi Hao walked out and stared at the middle-aged daoist nun.

"Little Stone, I am here to represent the Heaven Mending Sect. Even though you are the emperor of a country, you should still invite me to enter the imperial palace to show me respect. Do you know how to receive a guest?" The middle-aged nun said.

"If I let you come, would you dare?" Shi Hao looked at her with a look of contempt.

The middle-aged daoist nun was a supreme expert who had cultivated for most of her life. Her power could overrun the world and allow her to go wherever she pleased. What kind of powerful individuals hadn't she seen before? Yet today, a youth was actually treating her in such a way, making her gaze immediately become a bit colder.

The little Stone's name had long spread outside this region. She naturally heard about him before, especially about his illustrious reputation after he became an expert, how the world trembled under his power, and how he displayed exceptional divine might. However, she continued to maintain her arrogance, because the other party was too young, while she had already been a supreme expert for over a hundred years.

"To be able to become the emperor of a country at such a young age is truly not easy. Even though your words contain confidence, do not forget that the world is large and that there are countless capable people out there. You should show some respect, especially when facing those of the older generation," said the middle-aged daoist nun.

"And I need you to teach me this?" Shi Hao's words were brief.

The middle-aged daoist nun's expression changed. From the start, this youth never spoke much. This was a type of arrogance from his very being. He actually treated her with such disdain while speaking.

"Youngster, you are too unbridled! I am a supreme expert, so not even the emperor of a country can act so rudely, let alone one like you whose position can fall apart at any moment. How dare you act so arrogant?!" The middle-aged daoist nun berated.

"Not capable of self-reflection, and you dare to treat me with such disrespect. If you want to die, then I'll help you. If not, then get lost!" Shi Hao coldly spoke.

Forget about the generals on the city walls that were stupefied, even the middle-aged daoist nun's face became pale. This was too direct, not giving her any face. He directly lashed out at her.

When it was all said and done, this young human emperor was still extremely calm, not treating her like something important at all. This type of attitude naturally made her furious.


Shi Hao actually took the initiative to take action. The sword in his hand flowed with light, shining like clear water and falling stars, but at the same time, it also possessed an exceptional berserk quality as it hacked down on the middle-aged daoist nun.

"Just a Formation Arrangement Realm junior, yet you dare to act so wantonly!" The middle-aged daoist nun shouted.

She reached out her hand and pointed out. A streak of silver light emerged, immediately facing that streak of sword energy. A great star seemed to explode between the two. Heaven and earth became chaotic, and a crazy shockwave surged.

Fortunately, endless draconic energy surged from the sides, locking this place down. Otherwise, the imperial capital would have definitely exploded. After all, any casual attack from a supreme expert would be enough to move mountains and drain seas.

The middle-aged daoist nun was clearly shocked. A fifteen year old youth actually blocked her attack, what kind of power was this? She trembled inwardly. This didn't make sense.

You have to understand that she was a supreme expert held in high esteem. How could the power of mortals contend against her?

At this moment, Shi Hao already walked over, leaving the imperial palace. His entire body was surrounded in thick draconic aura. Strand after strand of thick heavenly dragons surrounded him. It was extremely shocking.


The middle-aged daoist nun's finger was like a blade, and at the end of her finger, a silver streak of light flew outwards. It formed the shape of a blade and quickly enlarged to several hundred zhang in length before sweeping out with the intent of total annihilation.

The golden sword in Shi Hao's hand swept out. The light it produced was absolutely dazzling, like a blooming sun. It collided with the silver blade radiance, and another intense shockwave emerged, causing the entire world to tremble in response.

The silver blade energy was cut open and scattered into the void.

"Imperial draconic energy! The middle-aged daoist nun said softly. Her eyes flickered with light, revealing her deep shock. How many days had it been? The little Stone was this ridiculous, condensing the fate energy of a country and grasping this type of mysterious force.

Otherwise, no matter how shocking he was, it would still be impossible for him to fight against a supreme expert. Never in history had a fifteen year old youth possessed the strength to face off against a supreme expert.

"So what if you have the imperial dao draconic energy? You have just begun to grasp it. You are still using an external power in the end. Watch how I suppress you!" The middle-aged daoist nun was extremely domineering.

Her hand shone, and brandished the horsetail whisk. A streak of silver light erupted. Three thousand silver threads quickly rushed out, descending from all directions like ropes to tie up that youth.

Weng. Shi Hao's sword moved. The golden magical sword softly trembled and released a rumbling sound. Then, all around him strands of auspicious multicolored energy blossomed. Sword energy flew out and surged forward like rainbows.

Deafening kengqiang sounds rang out. All of the threads were sliced apart by the sword energy. A fierce collision broke out between the two, and world-shocking radiance erupted. The sky was covered in light, and the entire imperial city began to sway.

The only thing to be glad about was that there were formations here. They were all opened, and imperial draconic energy surged, trapping all directions and blocking these fluctuations. Otherwise, the result would be too terrible to imagine.

"You old hag only amount to this much, yet you dare to act so arrogantly here?" Shi Hao asked.

The middle-aged daoist nun was also considered good looking. She was practically invincible in this world, and when she was young, she dazzled an entire region. As a disciple of the Heaven Mending Sect, regardless of where she went, she would always receive the courtesy of others. This was how she lived her entire life, as she was an extraordinary individual.

But today, she was treated with such cold words by a youth. This youth didn't take her seriously at all, making her feel great fury. Even though she had already cultivated for over a hundred years, she still found it hard to calm herself down.

"Junior, I am here to discipline you and teach you how to respect your elders!" She shouted.

In just a split second, two shocking heavenly rainbows rushed into the clouds. They were going to fight in the sky.

Frantic and ill winds roared as they stirred about. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled. All types of brilliant and varied scenes could be seen up above. The two experts took action, triggering this terrifying scene.

Everyone in the imperial capital became overwhelmed with shock. Their hearts were speeding and their eyes were dazzled as they watched. Even their minds felt like they were going to collapse from the pressure. Was this what it meant to be a supreme expert? This type of energy was too terrifying! Any random move could easily shatter mountains or shift seas.

What was even more shocking was that this new emperor was extremely powerful. His age was only a bit more than ten, yet he could deal with a powerful individual from the Heaven Mending Sect. It was simply inconceivable.

In the world of cultivation, this type of innate talent could truly frighten a person to death. He was actually able to fight at close quarters against a supreme expert at the age of fifteen, leaving the crowd stupefied. This was especially true for the three sects' cultivators. Not a single one of them wasn't horrified.


A streak of sword light flashed past. Three thousand silver threads fluttered about. The horsetail whisk was sliced apart, and it was clear that the middle-aged daoist nun suffered a loss. She was at a disadvantage, leaving many people greatly shaken.

"What is going on? The little Stone is this powerful? He shouldn’t have entered the Supreme Expert Realm yet!"

"It's the imperial draconic energy. Look, around him, there are numerous heavenly dragons curling about. They are flowing unendingly from the imperial palace for him to use."

The faces of the three sects' cultivators became unpleasant. They all looked towards the sky.

"Where is Yue Chan?" The middle-aged daoist nun finally couldn't hold back any longer. She never thought that she would have to remain on the defensive when fighting against Shi Hao and be in an inferior state.

The main reason for her visit to the imperial palace was to ask about fairy Yue Chan's whereabouts. Originally, she wanted to take the initiative to show some intimidation, yet in the end, it became an impasse. She was completely unable to move the little Stone.

"Humble yourself and beg this emperor!" Shi Hao sneered.

"You… Unbridled!" The middle-aged daoist nun's eyes were ice cold as she shouted loudly.


Suddenly, heaven and earth became chaotic. The magical sword in Shi Hao's hands shone, and divine fluctuations began to proliferate. This type of aura suppressed all of the trembling within the city and made them suddenly feel the urge to kneel down.

The middle-aged daoist nun shouted softly. A black tortoise shell emerged from her hands. It released dark light that blazed furiously. It also possessed that type of massive aura that was sacred and dignified.


A loud sound rang out. Cracks appeared on the black tortoise shell. After it was hacked upon by the golden magical sword, it violently shook. Then, it madly absorbed the world's spiritual essence and continuously flew backwards.

"My black shield!" The middle-aged daoist nun cried out loudly. Her eyes were full of pain. This was the most precious magical artifact she obtained from the Heaven Mending Sect and was known to be sturdy and immortal. It was left behind by a divine old tortoise, yet cracks actually appeared on it.


Shi Hao's gaze was intimidating. He brandished the golden magical sword. Sword light filled this world, and the rainbow radiance swept out in all directions.


One of the middle-aged daoist nun's arms fell. Bloody light rushed high into the skies. She released a loud shout, and her eyes were full of shock. She was actually injured by this youth.

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