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Chapter 468 – Cultivators From the Three Sects

The three sects' cultivators had appeared so quickly. This immediately left the imperial capital greatly shaken. Everyone knew that another great battle was about to erupt!

The little Stone was extremely powerful, twisting the fate of heaven and earth with his own power previously and chasing away the three sects' cultivators. As a result, this time, there would be no kindness to show between the two parties. A tremendous storm was brewing.

What exceeded everyone's expectations was that after they entered the city, they didn't immediately stir up trouble. Instead, they settled down in an extremely peaceful and calm manner.

In addition, the generals of the imperial capital received orders not to attack either, because Shi Hao knew the ones who came were not ordinary. As such, the powerful individuals in the military were not allowed to move rashly.

When power exceeded certain limits and trescended this world, powerful cultivators would no longer worry about anything else. As soon as they took action, blood would flow like rivers and countless would die.

It was clear that the cultivators that came from the three sects were trying to understand the situation. There were too many things to be doubtful of in the last great battle. The result was just too utterly shocking. How could a single person be so powerful?

These people crossed over regions to arrive, and they were all true experts. They were going to personally investigate the truth and find out what was going on.

Two days later, Zhang Six reappeared. He stood outside the imperial palace, his body golden in color; this was the result of the Vajra Unbreakable Body being cultivated to the highest level. He asked someone to meet with Shi Hao.

However, a general inside the imperial city directly gave him a cold reply. The human emperor's status was so venerable, so how could just anyone simply request for a meeting like this? This was an unreasonable request.

It was to the point where large numbers of sergeants began to gather, and several powerful generals moved to arrest him.

Zhang Six was speechless. The little Stone's might had already been revealed, and right now, he couldn't even treat Shi Hao as a single cultivator anymore. The might of the human emperor was displayed to its fullest, and he couldn't even meet him as an emissary.

The new emperor was within the imperial palace, overseeing the country. Even when the most powerful inheritor of the three sects came, he still wasn't given the slightest bit of face. He was treated just like a commoner.

"Is that so? He came?" Shi Hao received this report, and the general that reported nodded to express his certainty. Then, he reached out with a large hand that was condensed from draconic energy to suppress Zhang Six.

Zhang Six was extremely powerful, after all. If he was far from the imperial palace, he would be on a level comparable to Shi Hao. His spiritual senses were extraordinary, and as soon as he felt that things were off, he quickly backed off.

He left behind a letter before backing off just like that.

Shi Hao didn't act out or chase after him. He carefully read the letter, and then with a move of his finger, it turned into dust.

The three sects were at odds with each other and not in complete agreement. The Western Sect sent their most powerful inheritor to send a message. They wanted to make a deal with him, and they also expressed their standpoint of being fully supportive of him.

"Don't they just want to borrow my strength?" Shi Hao laughed coldly. The letter mentioned that they just needed the support of Stone Country's power in the future to help the Western Sect find a few things in this land.

Shi Hao sent someone to investigate how many cultivators there were from the three sects and what type of characters were overseeing things. Soon after, he received information back.

The number of people that entered the city couldn't be considered few. However, this was just the power on the surface. There were powerful individuals overseeing things outside of Stone Capital. They did not enter the city and were currently observing this ancient city.

"I wanted to completely suppress and kill them, but it turns out that the ones that came weren't even the big fish. Let's wait a bit then." Shi Hao said to himself.

When some of these guards heard this, they all broke out in shivers and cold sweat. However, afterwards, they all raised their spirits. Inwardly, they were extremely fearful towards the three sects, but when they saw the new emperor act like this, they felt as if it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Your Majesty, these people have made contact with some of the princes and princesses." Peng Nine brought over this bit of news.

Shi Hao remained silent without saying anything.

Peng Nine sighed. How great was the previous emperor? He didn't surrender even against the great calamity, while these descendants didn't hesitate to collude with these foreign great sects in order to usurp the throne.

Of course, there were also a few princes and princesses who remained unyielding and resolute. They never paid attention to these sects, nor did they participate in the power struggle for the title of emperor.

"I gave them a chance. I don't want to take action either, but if they make the decision themselves, then they have no one to blame but themselves," Shi Hao said calmly.

The old guard Peng Nine sighed. He opened his mouth, but he didn't know what was proper to say. It truly was a tricky problem. There were some princes and princesses that truly acted excessively. Not only did they loot the treasury and seize the secret texts of the law temple, they once again tried to destabilize Shi Hao's status of emperor.

In the evening, a middle-aged male arrived outside the imperial city. Announcing his name, he asked in a low-profile manner to meet with Shi Hao. This individual claimed to be from the Immortal Mountain.

"It truly is weird. I thought that those from the three sects would immediately try to fight against me, yet all of them seem to have their own agendas, trying to privately meet with me," Shi Hao said to himself.

"I believe it is because Your Majesty is powerful enough, being able to suppress the nobles of all sides and truly controlling Stone Country. They wish to find a powerful human emperor as well, one that could truly bring about the strength of a country and assist them in accomplishing their mission," Peng Nine said.

"Then they've miscalculated." Shi Hao laughed coldly.

When the middle-aged man from the Immortal Mountain entered the central heavenly palace and saw Shi Hao who was seated up on high, he sighed inwardly. The rumored little Stone truly displayed great strength, exuding his imperial dao aura.

"Emperor, in fact, you and our Immortal Mountain have some familiar relations. Immortal Mountain's blood flows through your body." The middle-aged man said this as soon as he spoke. He was quite direct.

Shi Hao appeared to be rather cold and detached as he sat up on high and looked downwards at him. The entire heavenly palace was golden in color, and draconic energy curled up within. The aura was astonishing, and there was a great pressure being exerted.

The middle-aged male's identity wasn't ordinary. He was a powerful noble named Qin Ling. However, when he entered this place and saw this youth that was much younger than himself, he felt great fear.

He said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, there truly is blood relation between you and my clan. From a certain point of view, we should be on intimate terms, because we are relatives."

Shi Hao continued to remain silent. He simply looked at this middle-aged man. There was a formless aura of dignity around Shi Hao that made this noble feel more and more frightened. He began to feel fear and agitation that something bad may happen.

Qin Ling even felt as if it was a bit inconceivable himself. The little Stone was just too terrifying, right? How could it be like this? Just by sitting there unmoving and silent, the new emperor already made him feel a suffocating pressure.

The middle-aged man's heart was trembling. He hurriedly spoke once again, hoping to change the little Stone's indifference and lighten the pressure he was facing. "Your father and mother are both currently in the Immortal Mountain."

Finally, when he saw the little Stone's expression, he noticed it wasn't as cold and unyielding as before.

"Being able to give birth to the little Stone, this is something that the Immortal Mountain's ancestors have shown great praise for." Qin Ling purposely slowed down the topic that he had just brought up and timely offered praise.

"Impudent! You dare to act so rudely in front of the emperor?" Peng Nine berated. To address him as the little Stone was an act of tarnishing the human emperor's reputation.

Qin Ling felt wronged. He came from the Immortal Mountain, and his identity wasn't ordinary. No matter where he went, he would always be the center of attention and be on the receiving end of flattery. However, when he came here, not only did he receive the little Stone's terrifying pressure that felt like the weight of a mountain on his head, he was also berated by an old guard. It truly left him feeling vexed.

Shi Hao waved his hand for Peng Nine to withdraw. In a mild voice, he asked, "If my father and mother are at the Immortal Mountain, why did they not return to the wasteland region to look for me?"

Even though his outer appearance was calm, great waves were stirring within him. This was a matter that had always gnawed at his mind. Why hadn't his parents returned to visit him after all this time?

If it was in the past, then so be it. However now, his name had shaken throughout the wasteland region, and after the battle of the two Stones, he believed that everyone in the eight regions should have become familiar with the name little Stone.

"Due to some special reasons, they currently cannot leave the Immortal Mountain. However, if the emperor should wish for it, Your Majesty can come to visit them in the Immortal Mountain." Qin Ling did his best to reveal a gentle smile, making himself appear more credible. He was scared of provoking the little Stone.

"Has the Immortal Mountain imprisoned my parents?!" Shi Hao's voice became ice cold, and his pupils were like daggers as they swept out towards him. The aura that was exerted was truly intimidating.

Qin Ling trembled in fear. Was this still a king level expert? How could he be so terrifying? All of the fine hairs on his body stood erect from head to toe. He felt a type of irresistible helplessness, and his body was about to tremble lightly.

"That is not the case! I promise that they were definitely not imprisoned and that we were just protecting them. It was rumored that they are going to enter the higher realms sooner or later." Qin Ling hurriedly explained in fear of the little Stone acting out of anger.

When Shi Hao heard this, he entered a state of silence.

"Your Majesty, if you wish to see your parents, you can meet them in the Immortal Mountain. Right, right now, you already have a younger brother, and he is similarly outstanding." Qin Ling spoke.

An explosion broke out by Shi Hao's ear. He already had a younger brother? He remained motionless for a long period of time while looking down.

"Is my grandfather inside the Immortal Mountain as wel?" Shi Hao suddenly asked.

"This… I do not know.' Qin Ling seemed rather confused.

"What do you know? Speak!" Shi Hao's voice became heavy.

"Before I came, an old ancestor told me about these things. As for everything else, I truly do not know. If the emperor wishes to understand more, he can come to my Immortal Mountain." Qin Ling began to wipe at his sweat.

"If you don't even know anything, what is the point in having you come here?!" Shi Hao shouted.

In that instant, Qin Ling became absent-minded. He almost collapsed in this great palace, and his entire being became stupid.

An hour later, his entire body staggered out out from the imperial city while covered in sweat. His face was pale, and he felt incomparable lingering fear. He almost forgot what he said after he was interrogated. He only remembered feeling that the youth was even more frightening than a vicious beast from the great wastelands, which left him in his current terrified and sorry state.

That night, Shi Hao sat within the central heavenly palace for an entire night without moving. Only when the sun rose from the east the next morning did he recover.

Someone reported that another person entered from outside the imperial city. It was a beautiful daoist nun that was extremely powerful that wanted to meet with Shi Hao this time. The face of the imperial bodyguard that came to give this report was pale.

When Shi Hao heard this, he walked out from the central heavenly palace. This terrain of this place was the highest around, just like a small mountain. It could overlook all directions. He gazed through the void and concentrated on a place outside the imperial city.

"My Heaven Mending Sect's inheritance has been passed throughout the ages and has never fallen. It is far more powerful than this country, yet as a representative of my great sect, I cannot even meet with the Stone Emperor?" The middle-aged daoist nun spoke coldly. Her voice carried a type of contempt, not willing to speak any more with the general.

The fluctuations she released from her body were extremely terrifying, making the faces of the soldiers on the imperial palace walls turn white. It was extremely astonishing.

"We have made the report. His Majesty will see you, you may enter the palace." A general spoke. He felt rather nervous inwardly, because he already suspected that this might be a supreme expert!

"With my status, together with the fact that I came to represent the Heaven Mending Sect, even if it it was the stone country's previous emperors, he would have to come out and welcome me. Make that child come out to meet me." The middle-aged daoist nun spoke coldly.

This was a commanding tone of voice, one that didn't put the imperial palace's people in her eyes at all. There was a type of self conceit, and even more a type of contempt.

The generals all remained behind, naturally all loyal. When they heard this, they were all furious. Among them, one of them said, "Your Heaven Mending Sect came to my Stone Country to stir up trouble, and now, you come to show your arrogance again. Do you think my Stone Country has no one here?"

His words were extremely fierce, as if he didn't feel the slightest bit of fear.

"You dare to treat me so rudely?!" The middle-aged daoist nun coldly said.

"You dare to act so rudely here?!" Shi Hao's voice clearly sounded, spreading out from the imperial palace like a strike of thunder.

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