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Chapter 466 – Rain Clan's Decimation

Rain King Manor was vast and majestic. The courtyard walls were tall and covered densely in symbols. This was an enormous manor that was previously renowned and splendid.

However, after experiencing both the Great Demonic God and Shi Hao's destruction, the reputation of the Rain Clan took a devastating decline. They became a complete laughing stock for a period of time.

They carried extreme hatred towards Shi Hao's bloodline. Regardless of whether it was from the hatred towards the matter with the dual-pupils or the conflicts they had originally with the little Stone, it had all accumulated to a point where it was impossible to dissolve.

This wasn't the first time Shi Hao came to this place, but the feeling was completely different. Today, he wore a set of golden battle clothes with draconic energy curling about him. On his back was a halberd, and in his hand was a divine magical sword; he possessed incomparable might.

Behind him were large numbers of troops. These soldiers in black armor were completely silent as they flickered with cold luster. The spears in their hands were pointed forward the entire time.

The human emperor's decree had long been sent in. The inside of the Rain Manor was extremely quiet without the slightest bit of noise leaking out. Everyone entered into the courtyard.

"Those that schemed against the country will be executed. However, it is not the entire clan that is guilty. Apart from the main culprits, those that lower their weapons can avoid the capital offense." A general shouted towards the manor.

It was still completely quiet. Everyone in the Rain Clan seemed to be conspiring something. They seemed to be discussing something and struggling to come up with a decision.


A beam of light shone. Someone offered a sacrifice, and borrowing the power of an altar, a path was opened in the void, allowing them to escape.

"Your actions are futile!" A valiant looking general shouted. It was because a great city protecting formation had already been laid in stone capital. Meanwhile, the imperial family's altar had long been activated. It affected the entire city, preventing all feudal vassals from fleeing through the altars inside their clans.

As expected, the streak of light was quickly extinguished. The space began to violently tremble.

"Little Stone, your temperament is vicious. After destroying my Rain Clan, there will inevitably be retribution!" Finally, a hateful voice sounded, cursing loudly.

Shi Hao remained indifferent, not responding to this statement.

Behind him, a powerful general roared. "Does your Rain Clan have no shame, to even say things like that? You've all colluded with the foreign great sects to topple Stone Country's inheritance, yet you still dare to consider yourselves victims? Moreover, the new emperor was benevolent, not deciding to wipe out your entire clan, and only executing the main culprits. However, you and the others still speak such venomous slander. You should all be executed!"

"Are you all trying to wipe out an entire clan?" A noble hurried over and even more directly berated.

Rain Manor was in an uproar. It was clear that not everyone wanted to be destroyed together with the leaders. There were naturally many who wanted to live.

"Whenever the new emperor succeeds the throne, they would always grant amnesty towards the people to show their benevolence, yet you act in such a bold and undisguised way, bringing all of your troops here. You are clearly a tyrant! One who will die die miserably in the calamity and chaos!" Someone within the Rain Clan cursed maliciously.

"Not knowing the difference between life or death! With no way out, you still dare to speak so maliciously. It seems like the Rain Clan is out of luck and is going to be wiped out." A noble coldly said.

"Time is up. Prepare to attack." Shi Hao, who had remained silent this entire time, now spoke.


The soldiers behind him quickly pressed forward, and all of them raised their weapons. Killing intent immediately soared into the heavens.


Shi Hao stood in his original position without moving. After shouting this simple word, all of the generals and soldiers shouted loudly as well. They brandished the swords, spears, and other weapons as they hacked forward.

Numerous beams of light gathered like divine rainbows as they blasted towards the Rain King Manor. This entire place was devoured by a sea of blinding light, creating an utterly terrifying scene.

Those that could follow the emperor's side were all naturally powerful. When these people gathered together, the military force they produced was naturally frightening. It was total annihilation as the manor fell apart like rotten weeds.

After just a brief encounter, the arch over the gateway as well as the courtyard's walls collapsed. Even though there were mysterious formations guarding this place, it was still useless. Everything was destroyed, and smoke rushed into the skies.


Sounds of fighting rose again. A group of generals led their soldiers across the ruins like tigers and wolves. They once again brandished their weapons, and like a flood, they poured in to suppress the Rain Clan.

The flourishing battle intent gathered like a scorching sun as it poured forward together. Following a world-shaking sound, four of the Rain Clan Manor's courtyards were blasted to pieces.

Rubble flew into the sky and smoke sprung everywhere. The massive Rain King Manor's once magnificent palace hall and other buildings exploded. The great earth began to split apart. In front of the powerful army, even formations were useless.

Towards this scene, Shi Hao remained indifferent. He didn't even take action and simply watched the manor. There were a few powerful guards at his side who didn't move either, staying by his side to protect him.

In reality, how many people could injure him? This was especially true while inside the imperial capital. With draconic energy surrounding him, nothing could even get past them. The so-called protection was just to create a more dignified appearance.

"Little Stone, how much longer do you think you can act violently for? The foreign great sects will descend soon, and at that time, I want to see just how you will defend yourself! You will inevitably die!" Resentful and hateful curses sounded from within the Rain Clan Manor.

Meanwhile, a torrential rain filled this world. This was the divine ability used by the Rain Clan's experts. They used their secret techniques to defend themselves against the generals outside.

Then, accompanied with lightning, layers upon layers of heavy rain emerged, and a wave of terrifying aura was released. Some of these raindrops were sparkling and translucent like flying daggers. They poured down densely and attacked everyone.

"Heng, just some small trick." A noble took action and stood in front of the soldiers. With a wave of his large sleeve, all of the rain daggers were blasted apart with a hong sound. They scattered down onto the ground like normal rain droplets.

However, things didn't end here. An enormous lotus flower blossomed from within the Rain Clan, and it looked especially resplendent within the lightning. It was incomparably brilliant and dazzling.

It released a wave of shocking fluctuations. The aura was terrifying, affecting everyone's minds. At this moment, everyone nearby became horrified, and even those generals became a bit fearful.

Rain Dao's Nine Heavens!

This wasn't the first time Shi Hao encountered something like this. Back then, he had faced this himself. Using the power of the black figure — Imperishable Golden Body, he destroyed this divine ability while at the noble king realm.

Of course, this was an extremely terrifying divine ability. In the end, the Rain Deity was almost revived. His figure was summoned, and it was incredibly terrifying.

At this moment, everyone in the Rain Clan took action, because this was their sect's large scale divine ability. Many people needed to lend their assistance, and the more people there were, the greater its power would become. Otherwise, how would it have obtained the name Rain Dao' Nine Heavens?

Normally, even when nobles saw this type, this type of divine ability was extremely frightening. It was rather strange and exceedingly powerful.

"Attack! Don't allow it to transform into the eight or ninth heaven and allow it to summon the Rain Deity!" A general shouted.

Everyone raised their weapons and roared out. Fighting intent rose as they attacked. Within the rumbling sounds and dazzling radiance, the lotus flower was shattered. Precious light rushed into the heavens and symbols filled the air.

However, much of the radiance quickly fell in reverse. The magical force once again condensed, allowing the lotus to bloom again. Its power increased by a large amount, making it even stronger.

This continued several times. This enormous lotus was now almost as tall as the sky. After being extinguished, it underwent rebirth. It produced a terrifying aura.

Everyone within the Rain Clan activated it. This time, it was even more powerful than the one Shi Hao faced previously. Just now, during the several confrontations, there were already a few soldiers who were wounded.

"I don't have time to waste on you all." Shi Hao spoke. His voice was cold, and it struck down like thunder. It was extremely domineering.

Who else had the authority to show a noble family like the Rain Clan such contempt? The little Stone clearly had this privilege. As the human emperor, wiping out a clan like this wasn't too difficult.

He didn't make more troops advance and instead went up himself. With a qiang sound, he pulled out a golden sword, the divine magical artifact, and swept outwards.

With a hong sound, the entire world resonated in response. Golden radiance blossomed in all directions, completely submerging the Rain Clan manor. The scene was absolutely terrifying!

The power of this single sword shocked the entire imperial capital. Everyone could see it, and there wasn't a single individual who wasn't terrified. The little Stone was powerful beyond their imaginations. Together with the imperial family's magical sword, he was simply unrivalled.

The golden sword radiance linked up heaven and earth. The enormous lotus was cut down on the spot, and it began to wilt in an irreversible manner, never blooming anew again.

This sword was too powerful. It beheaded large numbers of the Rain Clan's people, drawing forth bloody light. A group of experts encountered a disaster.

"Attack!" Shi Hao retracted his sword. He only spoke this word, but as the draconic energy curled up around him, it gave him an astonishingly majestic appearance.

Around him, a few generals and large numbers of soldiers rushed forward. Their killing intent surged like starry streams. Everything in front of the palace was torn apart like rotten vines.

Shouts of war rang through the air, but it didn't last for a long time.

The Rain Clan was indeed formidable, but how could it compare to an entire country? This time, Shi Hao only brought a portion of the generals with him and only two nobles came afterward, but the Rain Clan already couldn't defend themselves.

Not long after, this place turned into ruins, practically razed to the ground.

At the center of everything was a temple. This was the area where the Rain Deity was worshipped. It now served as the shelter where everyone hid.

"Junior, you bully others too intolerably!" Within the temple, an elder who had lost both his legs stared cruelly. He hatefully stared at the majestic emperor that remained unmoving.

"It's the Rain King!" Someone cried out.

He had disappeared for a long time. Back then, his legs had been broken by the Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen, stopping this powerful noble who was already on the verge of entering the supreme being realm from advancing. He had been looking for a way to recover his body this entire time.


The Rain King brought out a decree from the altar. He bit down on his tongue and spat out, activating it like this.

The Rain Deity's decree reemerged, and tens of thousands streaks of light were released. Frantic wind stirred about and lightning interweaved, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

"Are you out of skills?" Shi Hao laughed coldly.

With a qiang sound, he pulled out the golden sword again. It hacked out with a chi sound, immediately making the long ruined decree that was full of cracks shatter into pieces and explode in the air.

"Ah…" Everyone in the Rain Clan shouted loudly.

Suddenly, a wave of terrifying aura was released. It was extremely abrupt. A streak of dark light quickly hacked towards Shi Hao like lightning.

The Rain King moved a stone statue from the ancient temple and activated it. It seemed to have revived and obtained a spirit. The stone statue rushed into the sky to suppress Shi Hao.

"That's the Rain Deity's stone statue. It… was actually a divine magical artifact?!" Someone cried out.

Everyone's expressions changed. Even the nobles' minds were jumping.

Shi Hao remained calm. He sheathed the sword in an unhurried manner and reached for the halberd on his back. He then fiercely flung it out. It was entirely black, but after divine force was inserted, it quickly turned golden and nearly tore apart the sky.


The halberd was like a rainbow and incomparably powerful. It carried heaven overflowing divine light and rushed outwards, directly piercing through the stone figure and sending it flying into the ancient temple.

With a pu sound, the halberd pierced through the stone statue and continued to fly into the ancient temple. It then immediately nailed the Rain King into the ground, causing him to explode on the spot. The stone statue also exploded, turning into pieces.

At the same time, the entire ancient temple loudly collapsed, splitting apart inch by inch. In the end, it turned into a pile of fragments.

Surrounding the ancient temple, all of the Rain Clansmen cried out loudly. They quickly retreated, not believing everything that was happening. The clan's temple and sculpture were destroyed just like that?

"Impossible!" There were people who found it hard to accept this reality.

With a wave of Shi Hao's hand, the halberd withdrew, returning to his back again. In a cold voice, he said, "Just the decree and stone statue of some race's deity, yet you want to compare it to the Stone Clan's country guarding divine halberd. It can't even receive a single blow!"

He turned around and left. There was no reason to stay here any longer.

There were still two nobles here, as well as a few powerful generals and a large number of soldiers. How could they let the others from the Rain Clan go?

That day, the Rain Clan was completely executed. Those that continued to put up a resistance were killed, and only the women and children were allowed to live.

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