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Chapter 461 – Digging Hole

Shi Hao's injuries were quite serious. There were a few gashes along his chest, and blood trickled downwards. He circulated the bone text to quickly stop the blood and seal the wounds.

Even though the supreme being bone had tentatively recovered, he still hadn't fully comprehended it. There were still profound mysteries that he hadn't fully grasped, and as a result, it was still difficult for him to control this terrifying divine law force.

Only after a long time had passed did Shi Hao exhale. Spiritual essence flowed about, gathering towards his body to repair his wounds.

He never thought that even though he didn't suffer any injuries while fighting the great battle against the three sects' disciples and forcefully swept through everyone, he would actually bleed here and be wounded quite severely.

Fairy Yue Chan's strength exceeded their expectations. She didn't reveal all of her methods in the imperial capital, and she also left behind so many fallback plans here. That great formation could easily wipe out the experts of this world.

If he had been even slightly careless, he might have died here in battle. Thinking back, Shi Hao felt a slight chill. After sweeping through the experts of the three sects, he then suffered such a disaster.

However, soon after, the corners of his lips curled up. There was joy, as well as cold intent. The Heaven Mending Sect's holy fairy was captured by him. If this was announced to the world, it would definitely create a huge sensation.

Regardless, this was definitely explosive news that would make all eight regions tremble. Eyes from everywhere would be focused on this area, and a huge tempest was about to stir.

Yue Chan was called a fairy. This was an unimaginable type of glory. How many people in this world could be called this type of title and were deserving of such recognition?

Her name was spread widely to all types of sects. In the eyes of the younger generation, she was holy and perfect. In the eyes of the older generation, her talents were extraordinary and rarely matched.

Within the Heaven Mending Sect, it was hard to find a second person like her. Moreover, her own strength was great enough. In times when supreme experts are hidden, she is one of the eight regions' most powerful individuals.

This kind of heaven warping talent of a fairy was captured. The storm that would be created as a result would most likely be even more astonishing than how Shi Hao imagined. He rubbed his nose and stood up, temporarily casting this thought aside.

He began to focus all of his energy on recovering, circulating all types of divine light and symbols. Every inch of his blood and flesh shone, absorbing the essence of the world and continuously circulating it through his flesh and wounds.

The sky had already darkened. The light of stars scattered downwards, and the silver white sheen of the stars descended. It was continuously absorbed through Shi Hao's orifices, allowing his entire body to turn into a silver cocoon.

He used all his strength to circulate and devour the heavenly essence from all directions. His injuries quickly recovered. The injury caused by something as heaven defying as the supreme being bone normally would not recover in a short period of time, but it was already showing signs of recovery.

Silver radiance poured down like a waterfall, cleansing his body and refining his injuries. Finally, his body became full of life force again.

During this process, Shi Hao drank a bit of little devil wine and ate some spiritual medicines. His injuries finally recovered for the most part, recovering its exuberant blood essence and divine force.

It had long become late into the night. Shi Hao stopped this process, because there was no need to continue. It wouldn't take long for the remaining injuries to heal.

After all, his physique was extraordinary, and his flesh was incredibly powerful, so his self recovery was great too. It would eliminate bad blood, reconstruct his flesh and bones and perform other healing tasks!

Shi Hao walked alone through these scorched black ruins within the darkness of night. His eyes lit up. He carefully observed the shape of the mountains and rivers here, and a cold smile appeared at the corners of his lips.

This fairy Yue Chan truly was formidable, leaving behind something so terrifying and almost killing him. He really did escape from this disaster by the skin of his teeth.

"I should show a proper response for those that take action towards me!"

Even though fairy Yue Chan was captured, Heaven Mending Sect still had other experts. There were hiding supreme experts and maybe individuals that were even more powerful. They might not appear right now, but after a short period of time, they might cross over regions and arrive.

If he detained fairy Yue Chan, the Heaven Mending Sect would definitely go crazy. They would search for their heavenly woman and become suspicious of every possibility.

Yue Chan's talents were astonishing, and she is even someone from the higher realms. Her sect would definitely act meticulously and search for her here.

"Little pagoda, help me lay down a killing formation that can kill powerful experts. If her sect's supreme experts or even more powerful individuals come, then it will kill them all here." Shi Hao said.

"The karma is too great. Prepare some more heavenly treasures." The little pagoda said in a calm and easy-going manner.

"Do you really have to take advantage of me even now? I'm just asking you to lay a formation. It's not like I'm telling you to take action." Shi Hao scowled.

"Normally, I will not meddle with the affairs of mortals," the little pagoda replied.

"You…" Shi Hao knew that this fellow was extremely greedy. After thinking for a bit, he decided not to use it. Making a business deal with it would result in too much of a loss.

He decided to immediately return to the imperial palace, because who knows if the divine treasury would have some divine formation. He could then lay it here and use it to kill all of the mysterious supreme experts that came.

"Big bro, ask me, I can help too." Right at that time, the divine striking stone in his hair spoke, its voice carrying a luring tone.

"Even you want to extort me?" Shi Hao was so annoyed he began to laugh. Why did he end up encountering things that were all like this? They were all hung in his hair, shining brilliantly one after another, yet all of them were black and greedy.

"I don't dare. Big bro, you misunderstand." The divine striking stone seemed to be rather modest. It called him big bro and seemed rather embarrassed. "I only have a single condition, and that is that you place me by that jade seal. I will tell you a formation that will definitely be able to deal with those enemies."

When Shi Hao heard what was said, he felt that it wasn't too bad. Even if he placed it next to the precious imprint, this fellow shouldn't be able to do anything major. However, he still shot the divine striking stone a look of disdain and said, "When I first saw you, you said you were some enlightened individual, but you were just a stupid stone. Are you becoming more and more spiritual now?"

"People will always change, and stones will become more and more round. I am currently changing my way of life in a meaningful direction." It was clearly spewing nonsense.

Shi Hao didn't try to pry any further, because he knew that this fellow was definitely not simple. It might actually be some ancient divine striking stone that was extremely rich and famous that only hid within the Hundred Shattering Mountains, only deciding to follow him into the world now.

Soon after, the divine striking stone passed down a formation diagram. Shi Hao took some time to carefully look it over, and he couldn't help but be shocked. This fellow's belly was truly impressive. This was definitely a terrifying killing formation.

The more he studied it, the greater his eyelids jumped. This formation will probably even be able to defeat a great ancient figure, right?

However, he noticed that the materials needed were too numerous as well, to the point where it even needed some divine materials. Digging a hole here to deal with the Heaven Mending Sect's people seemed like a bit of a waste.

"You don't need to lay down the complete formation, just a portion is enough. The more people that come, the more we will suppress." The divine striking stone said in a rather complacent manner.

Shi Hao nodded. Extremely precious materials can't be used here, because right now, the imperial palace needed them badly as well. It seemed like he had to open his pocket and await the three sects' expert's counterattack.

"There is a problem. If an ordinary person tries to search here, I don't want the great formation to activate. I want it only to activate when a supreme expert or an even stronger cultivator comes. Otherwise, it would be too much of a waste," Shi Hao said.

"Big bro, you are truly fierce. When you kill, you aim for the big ones. I admire that greatly." The divine striking stone seemed rather excited when he heard what Shi Hao said. He nodded and said, "The formation I lay definitely won't be a problem, and it can even take one's intention into consideration. The more important the individual is from the Heaven Mending Sect, the more careful they would be here. When the great power erupts then, it would be even more violent."

The little pagoda was disgusted when it heard this, and in a disgusted tone, it said, "Your mischievous stone can be considered quite a precious material. I feel like it would be a good choice for me to just devour it."

"Big bro, I accidently made you my enemy. I'm not trying to rob you of your business, it is just this one time." The divine striking stone immediately began to frantically cry out, calling the little pagoda its big bro.

Shi Hao made his way through the skies. He was like a golden falling star as he flew brilliantly through the night sky. The various vicious birds and ferocious beasts in the mountain forest all trembled in fear, because this type of energy was too powerful.

He didn't stay here long, because there was no way he would have so many materials for laying formations on him. Right now, the sky was still extremely dark, but it was starting to reach dawn.

Early in the morning when a streak of golden red clouds appeared and scattered their radiance over Stone Country, Shi Hao had appeared at the end of the horizon. He had rushed back.

That night, the entire imperial capital's atmosphere was tense. The pressure was extremely heavy, making it hard for the men of all great powers to sleep that night. They all awaited news.

The little Stone was incomparably powerful, sweeping through the people of the three sects alone. It was such a glorious feat that it shocked the world. However, he killed his way out of the city on his own without returning this whole time. An entire night had passed, making the city's atmosphere sink deeper and deeper.

"That's… the new emperor!" On the city gate, a general with good eyes saw the little Stone appear over the horizon and couldn't help but call out in alarm.

After he released this cry, a wave of clamoring immediately sounded. Information spread in all directions, creating a huge commotion.

The little Stone had returned!

The great powers in the city sighed deeply, feeling even more pressure.

The others cheered, releasing heartfelt joy, causing the city to clamor with noise. The noise shook the skies.

At the very least, the soldiers that earnestly protected the city were excited. They raised their spears, swords, and other weapons into the air and loudly shouted the two words human emperor.

Many people came to welcome the new emperor into the city, especially the War King and others who were stirred up.

The sun rose from the east, releasing dazzling red clouds that scattered down on Shi Hao's body. As he walked over from the horizon, his entire body was surrounded by the multicolored light and covered in a layer of light golden radiance. He appeared especially divine and sacred.

In the eyes of everyone within the city, this young human emperor's aura was extraordinary. While bathed in the red clouds of morning, he was like a golden deity that descended into the world. His appearance was incredibly heroic.

"Long live the emperor!" When Shi Hao entered the city, many people cried out loudly and kneeled down in respect. Waves of draconic energy rose and gathered towards Shi Hao, surrounding him.

A type of realization came to him. Was this the fruit of the human emperor position? The fate energy added to his body, and from this, he felt like when he entered the imperial capital, he became invincible and invulnerable.

"Emperor…" The War King welcomed him in an excited manner. Yesterday's battle had left them incredibly shaken and gratified. He was just a youth, yet just by raising his hand, he covered the sky and defeated the three sect's cultivators. How many people were comparable to him since the ancient times?

"Fairy Yue Chan she…" A king carefully asked, because Shi Hao left to pursue her. Right now, the new emperor returned alone while flourishing with vitality. This seemingly indicated something.

"Wu!" Shi Hao expressed his surprise. Right now, he still couldn't talk about it, because the outside world was overly suspicious. He casually asked, "Were my arrangements carried out?"

"Yes, they were carried out. Those family's cultivators were all sealed within their mansions. We personally oversaw it, making sure that they couldn't escape!" A noble replied.

"Part of the imperial palace's treasury was attacked and destroyed, but there are parts left behind. They were also sealed up." The War King walked up to give his report.

"Good!" Shi Hao nodded. He instructed every king level noble to continue to remain on their guard. Then, he let the War King lead the way into the imperial palace treasury.

In fact, Shi Hao was quite excited. There might be extremely powerful precious techniques, as well as an entire country's worth of sect guarding divine abilities and unrivalled magical artifacts!

"Help me fetch a few materials." Shi Hao transmitted secretly, instructing the War King and listing what he needed.

Not long after, he received a parcel. His figure became indistinct, hiding into the void. Before leaving, he told the War King that if others asked to just tell them that he entered the treasury.

Then, he left like wind or lightning from Stone Capital, once again returning to the ruined earth several thousand li out before carefully laying the formation.

"If this doesn't bury the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme experts and others, then it would truly be letting me down. This really would be a waste of my time." Shi Hao said to himself.

Half a day later, he erased the traces that shouldn't be here. He left behind a few clues that pointed towards the 'truth'. Then, he erupted into blazing light like that of the Golden Peng and returned to the imperial capital.

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