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Chapter 460 – Capturing the Fairy

The corners of Fairy Yue Chan's mouth originally contained a faint smiling expression. Her charming face was sparkling and translucent, for she thought that the battle had concluded. She never thought that this type of unforeseen event would take place, freezing the smile on her face.

It was just too sudden. The mountains and lakes were all turned into ruined earth, completely scorched black. Who could have expected that Shi Hao would appear again, grabbing her delicate waist.


She reacted extremely quickly. Her eyes shone brilliantly, and a river of stars descended with dazzling silver light. It was incomparably bright and resplendent, and all of it struck down on the large hand.

Shi Hao had no idea what type of precious technique this was. He had never seen it before. His arm felt a great wave of pain. If not for the fact that his body was powerful enough, anyone else's hand would have directly exploded.

In that instant, Shi Hao's palm shone. Golden patterns with black streaks emerged as the Kun Peng technique was displayed. The large hand wrapped around her small waist, and he felt a soft sensation.

However, a powerful force immediately surged. The other party's smooth and sparkling abdomen became like a dragon, struggling fiercely and almost breaking free.

All of this took place in a flash. The two individuals struggled intensely.

The large hand latched firmly onto her waist without letting go, sending fairy Yue Chan into the golden passageway to suppress her, making it hard for her to escape. She was placed in an inferior state and into an extremely dangerous situation.

Shi Hao made his move, because even though he caught fairy Yue Chan, he still felt unsteady. The other party was a powerful expert. Her body was sparkling and snow white, but it was extremely powerful and hard to break.

For now at least, he had a feeling that fairy Yue Chan's body was even more powerful than the Western Sect's Zhang Six', and it became especially terrifying after she used the True Dragon's precious technique.

At this moment, her sparkling body shone with sparkling luster. She was like a beautiful dragon woman as she struggled about, trying to break free from Shi Hao's grasp.


Shi Hao didn't show any mercy. His fingertips surged with endless multicolored light. He used his most powerful force to shatter that small waist. Otherwise, she would most likely struggle free and produce an uncertain situation.

After a sigh, fairy Yue Chan's beautiful eyes shone and became a bit indistinct. She didn't show any fear or cry out. She only returned to a peaceful state.

"En?" Shi Hao's eyebrows jumped up. He had clearly grabbed the fairy's body and grabbed the soft and sparkling skin, so how could it be like this?

Heaven Mending Technique!

Soon after, he understood. The other party used this type of great divine ability, producing a chance to 'reverse' everything. The entire space became stable, and this place flowed with light and overflowing color.

Time seemed to be flowing in reverse. The void was twisting about. Fairy Yue Chan struggled about, and her small waist twisted about like an eel. Her wonderful long and slender body moved about, and just like an illusion, she broke free from Shi Hao's grasp.

At this moment, Shi Hao developed a strange feeling. The space seemed empty; why was this? The Heaven Mending Technique was too strange, it affected him and prevented him from capturing Yue Chan.

He couldn't help but sigh. This precious technique was too mysterious and worthy of being known as one of the Heaven Mending Technique's divine abilities. It was incomparable and truly reached a heaven defying state.

Even in this type of situation where Shi Hao had control over everything and was about to suppress fairy Yue Chan, the result was still reversed, allowing her to break free.

In addition, with the appearance of this precious technique, there were no traces to be found. It was just too profound and mysterious, and who knew how many times greater than the technique Shi Yi displayed back then. It was hard to understand.

It wasn't that the dual-pupiled individual's talent was lacking, but rather that his cultivation realm in the end was still too low and he didn't cultivate the Heaven Mending Technique for that long. On the other hand, fairy Yue Chan was different. Being at the king realm now, as well as studying the Heaven Mending Technique since her youth, she had long reached a level of perfection.

As a result, when she utilized it, not even Shi Hao had the chance to react, allowing her to slip through his fingers like a slippery fish.

Yue Chan fell back and stood in a safe region. Even though her expression calmed down a lot, she still lightly exhaled. The previous situation was just too dangerous. She was a moment away from being suppressed by Shi Hao. Despite this being the case, her lower abdomen released a sparking snow white radiance. There was a palm imprint there that shattered her snow white clothes. If not for the Heaven Mending technique, she definitely would have been destroyed.

The bronze piece on the ground retracted its radiance, and the golden passageway disappeared. Meanwhile, Shi Hao had already leapt upwards.

This was the precious interspatial case, something that archaic deities liked to store their most precious items in. It was naturally incredibly stable and rarely seen.

Normally, people didn't know the secret incantation, so they had no way of opening it.

This time, if not for the precious interspatial case, Shi Hao would have been in extreme danger. He might have been pierced by the endless lightning. After all, these were the Destroying Divine Formation's lightning symbols, and they could destroy all experts under the heavens.

If not for this divine remnant, the result of this battle would have been extremely terrible.

Shi Hao looked at this white-clad woman. She was pure and beautiful, seemingly completely harmless yet actually extremely dangerous. He had been extremely close to being captured by the great formation.

"You've thought quite a bit ahead, setting up this kind of formation before entering the imperial capital despite possessing such an an advantageous position."

Shi Hao spoke. This woman's plans and scheming were deep. Her appearance was perfect like a fairy, yet she also possessed this type of methods. He almost died right here.

"Missed the opportunity." Fairy Yue Chan sighed. Her fine jade-like skin flowed with light, and her snow white belly was laid bare, but she did not mind. She carried a type of regret as she looked at the youth in front of her.

Shi Hao was upset. The other party was regretful that she wasn't able to kill him, while he was furious that he was one step away from capturing the fairy alive.

Now that they separated, he didn't immediately try to capture her. After all, they were both experts at the same level. If one side wanted to flee, the other party might not necessarily be able to keep them here.

Moreover, the other party possessed the Earth Withdrawal divine ability, which represented the highest speed under the heavens.

"Even though it will be a bit troublesome, I swear that I will capture you today!" Shi Hao stated.

Fairy Yue Chan adjusted her mood. The corner of lips revealed a faint smile, revealing what might be arrogance or mockery. It was a bit different from her usual dignified and pure appearance.

It was clear that even though she was controlling her state of mind, there was still a bit of anger. After all, her waist had been grabbed just now, and her belly was naked and almost pierced through.

She was the fairy of the Heaven Mending Sect and known as a holy woman. No matter how extraordinary she was, faced with this type of situation, her mind was still experiencing some disturbances.

"Little Stone, if you can't capture me today, a price will have to be paid later." Fairy Yue Chan mocked.

"Once you lose your composure, you actually speak words like these. Seems like you are going to be defeated." Shi Hao smiled and said.

"Is that so? Come and give it a try then." Fairy Yue Chan's fine black hair danced about, flowing down like a waterfall. She spun her body and soared into the air, scattering down endless radiance.

She took the initiative to attack. An expanse of sword energy interweaved, and a jade sword appeared in her hands. It shone with incomparable brilliance.

At the same time, her eyes shone resplendently. Silver streams once again fell, shining from her eyes. They possessed an extremely terrifying and great pressure.

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He felt fairy Yue Chan's aura become much more powerful. He truly couldn't completely see through it. She seemed much more powerful than she was in the imperial palace.

"Her words have become careless, and it was on purpose. Could it be that she wants to mislead me into thinking that her mood is unstable and then take advantage of this?" Shi Hao's mind shook.


Immediately after, he erupted with power. In the face of absolute power, everything else was pointless. He had confidence in his ability to face any opponent head on. Countless sword radiances surged.

This was the profound mystery of the stalk of grass!

Keng qiang sounds rang through the air. Shi Hao and Yue Chan fought intensely to the point where the sun and moon seemed to lose luster. In the blink of an eye, they exchanged over a hundred moves.

Fairy Yue Chan's aura surged, and behind her, an incomparably ferocious true dragon emerged. It made her look like an empress that looks down on the world together with a true dragon.

At this moment, her outstanding temperament was fully displayed, making her seem more and more extraordinary.

In addition, this hadn't concluded yet. Scarlet multicolored light surged behind her, and a divine phoenix actually appeared behind her. Its wings were brightly colored and surging with multicolored light. Fiery light surged.

"This is…" Shi Hao was astonished.

He knew that regardless of whether it was the true dragon or the divine phoenix's precious technique, they were both damaged. However, whenever a technique of the vicious ten appeared, it would always be terrifying to the extreme.

However, he also knew how terrifying these precious technique would be once they were merged together.

As a result, there was always a rumor that once the dragon and phoenix combined, the power would be incomparable. Its might would truly be matchless.

Shi Hao didn't hesitate. A Kun Peng appeared emerged, and following his cry, terrifying energy surged. It was extremely powerful.

At the same time, the sky was full of green multicolored light. Stalk after stalk of grass took root in midair. They all released loud beams of sword energy that terrified one to their souls.


At this moment, a world-shocking life and death battle erupted. Fairy Yue Chan couldn't hold anything back. She used everything she had and no longer chose complete precious techniques. Instead, she used this type of powerful combination which would shock even gods and immortals.

This battle turned the entire sky dim. The sun and moon became dim, and all types of strange sounds could be heard. This continued for an hour.

It was extremely shocking. At the very least, even though Shi Hao had swept through all of his enemies after entering this world, this battle was extremely difficult. His entire body was covered in sweat.

"Your imperial draconic energy is no longer effective. It seems like I am the one who will capture you." Fairy Yue Chan ridiculed.

Shi Hao didn't use the precious imprint. Blades of grass covered the sky, and within them, a streak of light shone from a stalk of grass and seemed to hack straight for the space between her brows. Despite this being the case, several drops of blood appeared between the brows.

This battle was incredibly fierce, lasting for a whole hour. Both sides were exhausted, because this wasn't a normal type of battle. They both used their greatest methods and revealed everything they had.

"Let's see how you are going to escape!" Shi Hao sneered. He reached out with a large hand, and this time, it was a powerful suppressing move.

"Summon stars!" A faint smile appeared on the corners of fairy Yue Chan's lips.

In the next moment, he became stupefied. He only saw the sky become completely packed with large amounts of meteors. They flew down and burned with fiery light to suppress him.

Was this girl going to defy the heavens?" Shi Hao was astonished. This was a sky connecting method! Summon stars… how could she do such a thing?!


Suddenly, Shi Hao understood something and couldn't help but curse.

Symbols flickered here. When the Destroying Divine Formation was exhausted, the remnants changed and formed another formation. It called to the nearby mountains, and they smashed over together.

The formation that fairy Yue Chan laid down unexpectedly experienced changes. The Destroying Divine Formation remnants still had the ability to produce power, and it formed a different killing formation.

Even though the power wasn't as great as it was in the past, Shi Hao was still quite exhausted now. These types of boundless 'meteorites' smashed over. They were terrifying enough to frighten any cultivator badly.


At this moment, he no longer concealed anything. His chest illuminated, and the supreme being bone illuminated. He used all of the power he had to distort space. Heaven and earth began to rumble with noise.

Like a giant shaking a tree, the world began to tremble. The 'meteorites' in the sky actually shattered, producing an expanse of brilliance.

Fairy Yue Chan's expression changed. After the supreme bone revived after being gouged out, it became terrifying to the extreme. The force it contained was difficult to imagine!

She didn't even take much time to think before producing ten types of precious techniques in the blink of an eye, filling this place!

This was an incredibly shocking great battle. They seemed to possess eternal life within the divine light, creating the world's most dazzling scenery. The great battle was incomparably ferocious.

However it was to no avail. Fairy Yue Chan displayed all types of precious techniques, and the Heaven Mending Technique was used again and again. In the end, it still didn't change the end result.

She was still captured in the end. Shi Hao's chest illuminated with light, freezing her in place and grabbing her into his arms. Then, he sealed her directly into the interspatial precious case, not allowing her to escape.


Shi Hao coughed out blood. When the supreme being bone underwent rebirth, its power even shocked himself. However, it truly exhausted him too much. While damaging another, he also damaged himself.

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