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Chapter 459 – Destroying Divine Formation

Draconic roars echoed through this place. Great energy surged from Shi Hao. Several tens of heavenly dragons soared, shaking the sky. Then, they all erupted with power and swooped forward.

At this moment, the people were all full of despair. They brought out their magical artifacts and precious techniques to carry out their final resistance, unwilling to have their lives end like this.

However, this didn't change the end result by much. The true dragons went on a rampage, passing through those precious artifacts and scattering those divine symbols, crushing these cultivators.

Pu, pu…

Twenty or so people were pierced and turned into piles of blood and bone. Their group was crushed, leaving them feeling utter fear and despair. They were almost out of Stone Capital, yet in the end, they were caught by the little Stone.

They had already reached the city wall, and some of them even soared into the air. They leapt above the dark and ice cold wall to use their secret techniques and pass through the city protecting barrier and leave.

Unfortunately, they were still missing the final step, leaving them in despair. They looked on helplessly as the little stone used his ruthless and unstoppable methods to deal with them.

Was this really all the people of the Heaven Mending Sect? In the end, the little Stone caught up to them without letting go and then slaughtered them all.

"Where are you going?!"

Shi Hao shouted. Imperial draconic energy surged, and tens of giant dragons rose to the air, rushing together at a white-clad woman trying to climb the wall to eliminate her.

Yue Chan glanced back, and it was as if a starry river exploded. An expanse of symbols shot out from her beautiful pupils, and white mists accompanied her expression. There was an annihilating power.

"Yi?" Shi Hao was astonished. This woman wasn't simple. She had never used this type of divine ability before. Her beautiful pupils released streams of stars.

That area was covered in an expanse of white, stopping the dozens of enormous dragons. In addition, stellar light swirled to refine them.

However, she didn't continue to zealously fight. She ferociously sliced open the barrier around this city, and her entire body soared upwards, breaking free from this enormous city that had existed since the ancient times.

There were many soldiers on the walls, and as it turned out, the War King and the others had made their way over too. When they saw this scene, they all sighed. The great formation protecting the city could stop normal cultivators, but it definitely couldn't stop this woman.

Shi Hao naturally wouldn't stop here. His arms shook, and golden multicolored light filled the air like divine feathers. He released the Kun Peng technique and turned into a stream of light, breaking through the barrier of light and leaving the city walls.

When they left, the imperial city erupted with activity. This battle was too astonishing! The new emperor used his own power to overturn the world, slaughtering the three sects. They were all running for their lives; it was truly hard to believe.

How great and powerful were the great sects from outside this region? They were ancient and immortal, while the imperial family of the wasteland regions had already changed several times. Normally speaking, the latter would almost never be equal to the former.

However, the young human emperor displayed a domineering attitude that did not match his age, tearing apart everything like rotten weeds. He annihilated his enemies, slaughtering the great sects until they were thoroughly defeated.

"Kun King, Lan king, Su king… they were all wiped out by the three sects. They all focused their powers on the new emperor, yet not a single one was alive now!

The imperial palace battle had just concluded. These news spread, stirring up a great storm and created such a heavy atmosphere that it felt like it was hard to breathe. This was enough to intimidate the individuals that were weaker willed and on the fence as well.

After this incredible military feat, no one dared to act blindly. Meanwhile, the kings that were originally going to surrender to those from outside this region also kept quiet out of fear.

"You want to leave? No can do. The emperor has ordered the walls to be closed. You all are to be restricted within the mansion and cannot leave."

The War King and a few other powerful experts personally oversaw this place to prevent disorder within the city. Right now, the new emperor had left the city in pursuit, which might cause some people to develop other thoughts and create trouble.

After all, there were even a few generals that looked to those outside the region, and right now, they hadn't been captured yet.

At this moment, there was a flood of commotion. Many soldiers had moved out. They wore black armor that shone with dark light and held battle spears, metal swords, and other weapons. Killing intent surged.

The entire city was under martial law, and it was seething with killing intent. Figures filled the city gates, and any street with an exit had armored soldiers. There were powerful individuals everywhere.

The entire giant city experienced a tense atmosphere. It was extremely solemn and dignified, and battle intent flowed about.

This was definitely a change in circumstances, one that would inevitably be recorded in history. The little Stone succeeded the throne, slaughtering in all directions, and hunted down the experts from the three sects. This will greatly shock people from all directions.

Outside of the city, Shi Hao continued to give chase. His body was surrounded by dense mists of light. When his arms moved, the space around him would rumble with noise. His speed was just too fast, like a great golden star as he crossed plains, mountains, and rivers.

This chase had already taken them more than eight hundred Li from the imperial capital. High ridges and peaks, towering ancient trees, and great rivers flew by their sides.

"Earth Withdrawal great technique!" Shi Hao's eyes flowed with astonishing radiance. No wonder it was difficult for him to immediately catch fairy Yue Chan. The other party comprehended a divine movement technique.

This great divine ability was founded by a human race ancestor, and it was known to be able to turn the other end of the world into near proximity. When a step was taken, the river of stars would flow in reverse. If one was sufficiently powerful, they could directly enter the starry sky.

Shrinking the earth into inches weren't just empty words. One could shrink thousands to tens of thousands of li into an inch. It was on an equal level with the Kun Peng technique, and as long as one understood it, one could move freely through this world.

Even if one encountered a great enemy, they could still escape. This was great life saving technique that would make all the cultivators of this world jealous.

At the same time, it was also an offensive skill. When one's speed increased, one's actions would be as fast as lightning, allowing for free advances or retreat. During a battle, it would greatly increase one's strength.

Unfortunately, ordinary people simply had no way of learning it. Within the Heaven Mending Sect, this was also one of the sect guarding divine abilities. Only a few important figures could study the canonical text.

In front, a large and clear lake rose with strands of spiritual energy. In addition, more and more ancient trees appeared, and auspicious beasts roamed about. It was clearly a great place for cultivation.

Fairy Yue Chan stopped. She had ran three thousand li in one go, making sweat appear on her spotlessly white face. After entering the wasteland region, she had never experienced something like this.

Shi Hao also stopped, blocking in front of her. He was less than ten steps from her. He slowly raised his hand and formed a fist imprint in preparation of delivering the final blow.

Fairy Yue Chan shook her head. Even though she had been fleeing this entire time, she didn't seem nervous. Her eyes were clear like water, and her bright red lips were lightly spread. Her voice was somewhat enchanting and extremely pleasant to listen to. "You aren't able to keep me here."

"You are too self-confident!" Shi Hao laughed coldly. However, he still frowned, because he sensed something.

"After leaving the imperial capital, the draconic energy around you has become thinner, so you cannot maintain the invincible state from before. After all, you acceded the throne just now, so your foundation is only limited to Stone Capital," fairy Yue Chan said calmly. Her fine black hair scattered down, and her smooth skin was like satin. A pair of intelligent eyes flowed with multicolored light.

Shi Hao's eyebrows jumped slightly. He naturally felt that the further he went from the imperial capital, the weaker the strands of imperial energy became.

The reason this woman wanted to flee this entire time was to break free from the fate energy's suppression. She wanted to enter a new place where she was not restricted to avoid this disaster.

Shi Hao sneered. Even though he left the imperial capital, he still had the precious imprint in his bosom, so he could similarly derive the imperial precious energy to support his body and provide the invulnerability effect.

However, he didn't want to rely on this precious jade ruler's seal's energy. He had his own divine abilities, and they could similarly suppress all king level experts in his way.

Shi Hao possessed great power, and from the past all the way until now, he firmly believed that he wouldn't fall in battle. Perhaps in the face of the enemy, this was a type of arrogance, but he still continued to think this way, because he had confidence that he could overcome all enemies.

This unrivalled 'might' was extremely important for cultivators. The little Stone always swept through all enemies in his way, destroying even the undefeated dual-pupil legend. Today, he even defeated the experts of the three sects, pushing this 'might' to its peak!

Fairy Yue Chan felt this pressure. Her long and slender body shifted, avoiding the radiance. Her entire body was glowing. He glowing white skin seemed to become like fine jade as she displayed a unique type of technique.

Shi Hao was astonished, because a wave of draconic energy also emerged from her body. As she moved in the air, her hair scattered about, and she appeared extremely captivating.

He naturally wouldn't think that fairy Yue Chan was trying to entice him. A fairy like her was arrogant and self-confident, so how could she lower herself to do something like that.

Sure enough, as soon as it started, fairy Yue Chan erupted with an astonishing wave power and displayed an extremely strong precious technique. She transformed, and her slender body was like a white jade dragon.

She was still in humanoid form, yet she resembled a true dragon. As her body suspended in midair, she looked a bit strange. However, that oppressive power was still extremely shocking.

"True Dragon precious technique!" Shi Hao was given a fright. Those fluctuations were too intense, and it was just like how the legends described it. It was a power that showed disdain for this world.


Fairy Yue Chan rushed over like a beautiful snake woman. The corners of her clothes fluttered about, and her hair flew behind her, revealing her charming face. Her hands formed a dragon imprint and slammed at Shi Hao.

This was too fast!

A white light rushed over. Fairy Yue Chan's temperament right now was different from before. It was one where beauty, strength, and power coexisted as the pure white True Dragon swooped down.


Shi Hao also utilized the Kun Peng technique. His body was like a golden Peng bird with wings that struck the ninth heaven. He reached out his arms, allowing his speed to reach its peak. A pair of golden Peng claws appeared, grabbing towards the pure white beautiful dragon woman.

Following a violent collision, both sides flew out in reverse, and both of them were shocked. Only after a long time had passed did Shi Hao nod his head. He could ascertain that the True Dragon technique had problems, or else fairy Yue Chan wouldn't have to imitate the True Dragon's form. This technique was flawed.

However, the might of this precious technique was astonishing. If an ordinary person were in her place, under Shi Hao's full power Kun Peng technique, they would suffer fatal damage and might even explode.

Fairy Yue Chan's chest rose and fell. The attack just now had exhausted her quite a bit. She revealed a look of shock. The little Stone didn't use the imperial draconic energy, yet he was still so hard to deal with. He truly was a formidable opponent.

Soon after, she calmed down. Her snow white clothes drifted about, and her intelligent eyes on her perfect face flickered with a bit of killing intent.

"En?" Shi Hao shivered inwardly, feeling that something was wrong. He was clearly the one that held the advantage, so why did he feel so agitated inwardly, as if it was extremely dangerous?

He lowered his head and saw that just before these two collided, there was a six light star symbol that shone. It was created by the intense clash he had with Yue Chan.

"Destroying Divine Formation, activate!" Yue Chan shouted softly. Since the other party detected it, then there was no point in covering it up any longer.

Shi Hao's hairs stood up and he quickly retreated. He finally understood why fairy Yue Chan displayed the True Dragon precious technique and appeared so exhausted. The main reason was for establishing this formation.

When did she lay this out? It should have been here a while ago. This woman wasn't simple. Before the three sects attacked forcefully to disturb Stone Country Capital, she still didn't act carelessly and left behind a safeguard.

Shi Hao quickly withdrew, but it was still too late. This spiritual lake and the surrounding mountains and rivers all swayed. The enormous formation radiated with light.

The radiance from the mountain peak and great lakes rushed through the heavens, actually involving even the clouds in the sky!


A thick streak of lightning hacked down onto Shi Hao. The thick streak of silver lightning was utterly horrifying and impossible to defend against.

Shi Hao brought out an ancient magical artifact, but it was immediately destroyed. The silver radiance flickered, and the lightning began to devour the magical artifact's fragments to assimilate them into the formation.

"Too late. Even if you want to leave, you won't have time!" Fairy Yue Chan stood there watching from afar, carrying a faint smile on her face.

Shi Hao used his techniques. His body became indistinct, disappearing from his original location. The formation's name was destroying divine, which already stated the problem at hand. Its power was too ridiculous, and he would most likely die if he met it head on.

"A trick? Regardless, you can't leave the great formation." Fairy Yue Chan calmly spoke. Her eyes contained an intelligent expression as she used all of her strength to activate the formation.

At this moment, lightning interweaved and divine light hacked about, submerging this place.

For two whole hours, this place was ruined by thunderstorms. It was too powerful, enough to hack a supreme expert to death.

Destroying Divine Formation had once shaken the entire world. With the materials fairy Yue Chan had on her, she obviously couldn't lay out the whole thing. She simply laid the Destroying Divine Formation's lightning symbols. However, despite this being the case, it could still kill the most powerful experts under the sky.

For two hours, silver lightning madly hacked about, blasting this place to pieces.

Only after a long time had passed did fairy Yue Chan walk into this scorched earth. She frowned, because she couldn't sense Shi Hao's aura. She said to herself, "Even if a group of supreme experts came, they would all be killed and turned to ashes. He should have died."

"En, a piece of bronze…" Fairy Yue Chan was shocked. There was an item left behind after the great attack.


Suddenly, this entire bronze piece shone. A golden passage appeared, leading directly to her!


A large hand stretched out and quickly enlarged, grabbing her small waist and pulling her in.

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