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Chapter 452 – Those That Oppose

When Shi Hao's foot descended, golden chains shot out one after another. It was extremely astonishing, causing many people's eyes to widen in shock. They were all greatly shaken inside.

Only those with extremely profound cultivations, whose bodies were close to the dao could produce this type of scene when using their techniques. This youth was only how old? Not even supreme experts could display something like this, right?

This was the result of harmonizing with the world. Golden chains blossomed, multicolored clouds drifted about, and golden mists accompanied him as he moved. They appeared one after another, leaving everyone at a loss for words.

A sweet scent emerged, one that made one's mind tremble in response!

"Not good!"

Everyone from the Rain Clan backed up. The Kun king, Lan king, and the others quickly moved out of the way. Even though his flesh approached the dao, his killing intent was still similarly shocking.


The instant Shi Hao raised his hand, the Rain Clan's representative's effort to avoid the attack was already too late. The scarlet sword energy hacked out like a streak of bloody light, slicing him into several pieces.

As blood blossomed, the representative cried out miserably. He collapsed into a pool of blood, his face full of fear and remaining grievance.

Everything happened too quickly. The strength of the little Stone exceeded their imagination. It was just a single encounter, yet so many king level figures were slaughtered. No one could even stop him.

The space in this place trembled, and a dazzling golden light appeared. The Heaven Mending Sect's youth took action. His eyebrows were locked together. He struck out with the golden sword mace, a holy  artifact. White mists surged as it displayed its terrifying power.

At the same time, Western Sect's short-haired youngster also took action. The alms bowl in his hands shone, releasing purple clouds. The alms bowl was like a bottomless black hole as it sucked in everything.

Bloody light was released from Shi Hao's palm. A small scarlet gourd appeared. Then, it quickly enlarged before smashing forward with a hong sound. He was actually going to use a single holy artifact to deal with two!

He already released it from his grip. The blood gourd released sword light, blocking those two powerful holy artifacts. Precious light flickered out as the three engaged each other.

A sweet scent wafted through the air. Shi Hao charged forward, and each step he took gave birth to lotuses. These were golden dao chains, the product of harmonizing with the great dao. This was difficult for even supreme experts to produce.

Rumor had it that once one obtained an even higher cultivation realm, this would no longer be just a scene. Instead, it would turn into battle strength. At that time, they would continuously blossom, turning the entire space silent.


Shi Hao pointed out with his finger. Ten stars joined together, running through a divine sun. These were bright and resplendent spheres of lightning. Ten of them were linked up together, and they crashed into an even larger sphere of electricity, creating a ferocious explosion.


Everyone shouted loudly. The power of this lightning was too great, so much so that not even king level figures could defend themselves. The Kun king opened his mouth and spat out a jade plate. This was a magical artifact passed down by their ancestors. It had been refined for many years, so it resonated with his heart and mind.

However, it was blasted to pieces. The ten stars around the sun released lightning radiance. The purple streaks were incomparable, blasting apart the jade plate into into broken pieces.

The little Stone was unmatched. Those at the same cultivation realm couldn't stop him at all. His opponent's most powerful magical artifact was destroyed instantly, leaving him deeply shaken. He almost fell right there.

This strike inflicted severe injuries on the Kun king. His entire body was scorched black, and he continuously jerked in convulsion.

Everyone became alarmed when they saw this. How were they supposed to struggle back? The little Stone was just a single person, but he was like a tiger among sheep. Who dared to fight back?

"Cease your violence!" The Heaven Mending Sect's youth released a light shout. After activating his holy artifact, he rushed at Shi Hao to block his unmatched might.

As if it came straight out of a fantasy, an enormous dragon pounced over. It reached out with an enormous claw that possessed immense power. This was the Extending Dragon Hand, a damaged technique from the true dragon's precious technique.

Shi Hao trembled a bit inwardly. The precious techniques of the true dragon, divine phoenix, and precious techniques related to them, even if damaged, had to be respected. At times, they could display extremely terrifying force.

In fact, even if they were considered damaged, they could still release terrifying force, because the only detriment was damaging oneself as well.


Shi Hao turned his hand. This was a mixed precious technique. A large hand covered the heavens, as if it belonged to an unrivalled divine monarch grabbing towards a small world. Endless sword energy was gathered inside, clashing and surging within.

The Heaven Mending Sect Youth's expression changed. He was surrounded underneath. If not for the Extending Dragon Hand being so outstanding as it travelled through the air, he might have been directly buried by the sword energy.

Chi, chi…

Sword energy streaked about in an unending manner. The large hand descended, covering the true dragon. Within the raging sword energy, the dragon's body was cut apart into ten chunks.

Heaven Mending Sect's genius was overwhelmed with horror and quickly backed up.

Shi Hao reached out his hand, and a Golden Peng flew out from his finger. It quickly enlarged and chased after him. It was like a ghost, travelling at a speed that was just too fast.

The Heaven Mending Sect's youth's expression became serious. His entire body trembled violently. He stopped his footsteps, and his hands quickly formed an imprint while his lips chanted an incantation. With a hong sound, his entire body was surrounded by golden light.

"Forbid the entry of ten thousand techniques, dao bell protect the body."

Someone said this softly, recognizing this as one of the Heaven Mending Sect's outstanding precious techniques. This was an act of resonating with heaven and earth, condensing symbols from the void to form a dao bell.

The disciples that were able to use this precious technique were incredibly outstanding, because they had already broken through the shackles of the bone text. They took the first step outwards and already began to evolve techniques.

This youth was extremely outstanding. He wasn't comparable to fairy Yue Chan, but his status in the Heaven Mending Sect should be extremely high. Otherwise, how could he possess such a method?"


The sound of a bell rang out. The golden sky Peng smashed into the dao bell. Divine sounds shook the world, and the entire imperial palace began to shake with incomparable ferocity.

"You have some skill." Shi Hao nodded. If it was an ordinary king, after suffering a strike from the Kun Peng, they would have long exploded. How would they be able to survive?

After his strength greatly increased, his eyes no longer rested in the realm of mortals and instead on the creatures of the higher realms.

The youth was a genius from the Heaven Mending Sect, but despite this fact, he still felt extremely unwell after taking that strike. His face became pale, and he continuously trembled. Then, the dao bell began to shatter with a ka cha sound.

Shi Hao's large sleeves swayed, about to directly capture him.

The youth clenched his teeth. His body became dim, turning into a wisp of smoke that turned into a silver snake before quickly fleeing.

"Flying snake?" Shi Hao was astonished. This type of technique was extraordinary. The paths that a few cultivators chose were different. After reaching a certain cultivation realm, they could imitate a certain vicious beast or divine bird and transform themselves.


Even though the flying snake fled, it was still caught by the great sleeve. Its flesh became badly mangled, and a miserable cry sounded from the distance. It fell down onto a palace hall, seemingly losing all of its fighting strength.

The exchange of moves was extremely quick and decisive, leaving all who watched staring blankly. No one dared to make fun of the Heaven Mending Sect's genius. Even in defeat, his performance in the battle was respectable.

After all, the little Stone was too terrifying. His attacks were invincible, and the shockwaves that were released made all king level figures tremble. Not even supreme experts could match this power.

He was becoming more and more powerful. Everyone began to feel a chilliness inside them. If he continued to grow like this, who would be able to keep him in check?

Shi Hao didn't go out to kill the silver snake. Instead, he walked forward to kill the Lan king, Kun king, and the others. At the same time, the short-haired youngster from the Western Sect took action.


Shi Hao's long sleeves waved, and the remaining people from the Rain Clan were caught within the attack. Pu pu sounds rang out, and more than ten people directly turned into a bloody mist. They couldn't take on even a single blow from Shi Hao.

He purposely attacked without holding back. This was an extremely great type of intimidation, one that made the kings of Stone Country Imperial Capital understand that not even the great sects outside this region could protect them.

The Kun king whose body was scorched black and the pale faced Lan king both retreated in a fright. Their hearts were full of fear. They were both kings, yet the difference was so great.

"Dao brother, your killing heart is too severe. As time continues, you might form a heart demon." The short-haired youth spoke. When his eyes opened and closed, there was a special type of dao aura. At the same time, his body erupted with an earthen radiance.

Shi Hao smiled. This individual's body refining technique was outstanding. This was a valiant figure. The power contained in his flesh was like an erupting volcano as he closed the distance between the two.

Few people dared to act like this, using their body refining technique to contest against his. The short-haired youngster's body shone, and the earthen body retreated, revealing a golden body. His physique began to increase as well.

Eventually, the Western Sect's youth's entire body became golden. He became a zhang in height revealing an appearance that was solemn and dignified. There was a terrifying might that crushed downwards.

Shi Hao wasn't the only one that was startled. Everyone else was astonished as well.

This was the Western Sect's great divine ability. This type of Vajra Unbreakable Body's perfect state was the transformation into the Zhang Six Golden Body. It wasn't a bit taller or a bit shorter. This was the most powerful form.

Reaching the Formation Arrangement Realm at such an age and even possessing the Zhang Golden Body could be considered an extremely astonishing feat. He was definitely one of the sect's few geniuses.


The large golden hand descended, smashing into Shi Hao's fist. A muffled sound was released, causing the entire sky to continuously rumble and shake ferociously.

If not for the central temple having a great formation to protect it, it would have definitely shattered under this collision.

Meanwhile, the other king-level figures all backed up with pale faces. This was just a collision of the flesh, yet it already made their souls tremble. This was an incredibly terrifying sight.

The two individuals moved at extreme speeds. They revealed their body refining techniques. Both legs kicked outwards, and palms flew as they continuously exchanged attacks.

With a pu sound, Western Sect's short-haired youngster spat out a mouthful of blood and flew outwards. After several dozen collisions, he was finally defeated. The golden light vanished from his body, and he was sent flying.

"Not simple!" This was Shi Hao's evaluation. Under the same cultivation realm, those that dared to exchange several attacks with him with their physical body and did not die immediately could be counted on one hand.

Shi Hao walked out, each step releasing a golden chain. The sweet fragrance wafted outwards in waves, as if his body was created by the heavens. Accompanied by the golden divine chains, his entire body was indistinct and spiritual like an exiled immortal.


His attacks were decisive and clean. With a wave of his large sleeves, a large group of cultivators was turned into ashes.

The Kun king and Lan king's faces were as white as snow. The people they brought over all died. Fear clouded their faces as they begged for help from the Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect.

"They can barely protect themselves, yet you two are still begging them for help?" Shi Hao said coldly. His palms released a streak of lightning, and with a honglong sound, it surrounded them and turned them into ashes.

Everyone present was in absolute silence. What was unmatched power? The little Stone gave a perfect display of this. In the same cultivation realm, who dared to fight against him? No matter where he went, it would be hard for him to find his match.


A rumbling sound transmitted from the void. Three holy artifacts collided, and among them, two no longer struggled and fell down. They were going to bring their masters to escape.

It was because once their owner's divine awareness became weak, it affected them as well. They were going to escape through the air.

Shi Hao released a cold snort. The scarlet gourd shook, releasing a streak of sword energy that swept through the skies, severing the connection between those two holy artifacts and their previous owners.

He took on the power of the Kun Peng, and using a speed that was fast to the extreme, he charged over and reached out his large hand. The heavily wounded Western Sect youngster and the Heaven Mending Sect genius that turned into a silver snake were similarly subdued.

Right now, it was deadly silent. The Western Sect and Heaven Mending Sect's people were all captured, and the remaining people trembled incessantly. How were they supposed to resist now?

What left Shi Hao a bit regretful was that when the two holy artifacts fled and rushed outside the imperial palace, he saw with a glance that someone should have intercepted them, yet didn't bother to do anything.

Scarlet multicolored light swirled. He used the scarlet gourd to capture the two geniuses from the great sects outside this region, sealing them within.

The kings all felt their scalps go numb. When they saw Shi Hao turn around, they all acted extremely unnaturally. The kings that looked towards the great sects outside this region all backed up.

"I understand my mistake." Someone spoke up.

Shi Hao laughed coldly. He raised his right hand, and a Kun Peng flew out. With a hong sound, it covered the world. Three individuals exploded on the spot.

The three kings died immediately, leaving behind bloody clumps on the ground.

"Your mouth admits your wrongs, but your eyes reveal cruelty. What is the point in keeping you alive?" He said softly. Those that heard him were horrified.

"We will definitely withdraw!" There was still another group that turned to the great sects outside this region. Right now, they were truly terrified, and their hearts were full of remorse.

As for the other kings, those that did not collude with the outside region were still rather calm. They remained silent here while watching calmly.

Shi Hao turned around and walked towards the central heavenly palace, because he felt something calling out to hm. This should be the item that the Stone Emperor left behind, and it was resonating with him.

The kings here all showed their respect. No one dared to stop him as they watched him walk towards the golden heavenly palace.

Several figures appeared from the rear. Heavenly Mending Sect's fairy Yue Chan, a youth dressed in linen from the Western Sect, and the Immortal Mountain youth stood together. The entire world seemed to have become a bit different.

Before entering the heavenly palace, Shi Hao turned around and gave them a cold glimpse. Killing intent surged, and sacred multicolored light flickered about. After looking at those three individuals, he headed into the golden heavenly palace.

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